Maina Kageni’s reaction after Diamond mentioned him in his new song

Radio presenter Maina Kageni was more than ecstatic after Diamond Platnumz mentioned him in his new song.

Maina took to social media to share a snippet of the song, saying it’s always an honor when such an artist as Diamond Platnumz mention you in any of his songs.


Maina, who is known for his morning breakfast show along side Mwalimu Kingangi, revealed that Diamond asked for his advice.

“I shall be addressing the public shortly. When a global megastar intentionally asks you for advice by dropping your name in his latest hit!!!!!!! Aaaakiyao …whuaaat??? …and yes, my brother @diamondplatnumz sent this to me. Humbled …yet that swahili is on another level, aye?” posted Maina.

The song, called “Emergency”, addresses the day to day hardship kind hearted people go through when their kindness is taken for granted. 

Bob Collymore: Maina Kageni promised to visit me in hospital but never showed up 

“Safaricom are eating my bundles” jokes aside.  Bob Collymore, the CEO of Safaricom, on Wednesday jokingly taunted Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni for failing to visit him while in hospital abroad.

Collymore, who recently revealed on Citizen TV that he had cancer, joked that Maina never showed for support.

“Tell Maina if he is watching this, thanks for not visiting me. In December Maina said I am going to come and visit you, bro. He never turned up,” Bob told Jeff Koinange when Maina sent a tweet during the show.

He went on to say that even after coming back to the country, Maina was supposed to call him but never did.

“He told me that he was going to call me tomorrow morning that is yesterday. So I  skipped the gym but the guy never did. So when you call, Maina, I am not answering so do not bother,” Collymore said.

Six months

During the interview, Collymore opened on being diagnosed with cancer.

“I was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors told me at the time that I had probably had it for about six months. He said I was fine but noted that the treatment would he harsh and would take six to nine months.

“Being diagnosed with cancer was not a big deal. I thought this was going to be tough I called my team and told them to put systems in place for when I would be away,” he said.


Maina kageni, Adelle Onyango land new job 

Radio Africa Group top radio presenters Adelle Onyango and Maina Kageni have landed yet another top job after being picked as the Johnnie Walker Brand Ambassadors for the ongoing  Experience Formula 1 with Johnnie Walker Promotion.

Experience best of both worlds

In a ceremony, the two were announced by KBL MD and will join other Diageo Global Influencers in Monaco – a Grand Prix race described as the Jewel in the Formula 1 Crown circuit.

“Today’s consumers are increasingly sophisticated and are seeking new experiences. Therefore, such partnerships are welcome since they will enable our consumers to associate with the brand in an unconventional way,”  Jane Karuku said. 

Both the presenters took to social media to share their new hustles leaving fans in awe.

You look like a Kikuyu secular singer! Maina Kageni’s bright suit leaves social media heartbroken

Classic 105 FM presenter Maina Kageni should just stick to his slim fitting shirts, tshirts and jeans, at least that’s what Kenyans on social media have unanimously concluded.

Kageni, during Diamond Platnumz’ album launch which was at the National Theater, came out wearing a blood-red suit and kenyans weren’t impressed.  At all.

Time to upgrade

The suit, which seemed baggy and totally out of style, had many begging him to stick to his usual style of a slim fit jeans and maybe a tshirt or a shirt.

Everyone seemed disappointed.

Diamond Platnumz, Omarion and Maina Kageni in the red suit

But it’s not the first time Maina has disappointed Kenyans with his fashion mishaps. Kenyans have complained before that for a man who’s being paid such a huge amount to speak on radio, he should invest more on fashion. This was after he was spotted several times in the same shirt.

Here are what people had to say:

  • mnthunguMaina please keep to your jeans and slim fit shirts, hizi suit wachia wengine
  • ckavinyaMaina, hio suit usiwahivaa Tena!
  • florah.mutioMaina, that suit nooooo???
  • hafyhafyfHiyo suit hell no???
  • mwaliz19Jeez that was yesterday I thought its was # tbt……


“Why are you wasting money building in gichagi?” Says Maina Kageni as he goes on to reveal why he would never spend a night in his rural home

Ever wondered why we rarely see Maina Kageni posting photos while chilling at his rural home? Well, this is because he doesn’t see the need of spending time there. Maybe just to see his family for a couple of hours then return to his cozy house somewhere in Nairobi.

The classic 105 presenter, made it known that he does not sleep over when he travels to his rural home and for this reason he does not understand why people always feel the need to build big houses upcountry. To him this is wasting money and not a source of investment.

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Maina Kageni

Speaking on air the radio presenter was confident to say that even as a young boy he only traveled to spend the day then return to Nairobi that same day. He went on to say,

“Why is it important to build in mashambani, and why are you wasting money building there and do you honestly intend to go back and live in mashambani when you retire?”

He added to say

“I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve never spent the night in gichagi.”

Well, Maina Kageni is clearly not the type to build a home in his rural home because he has no plans of abandoning the good life in Nairobi for Ushago where there is no fun.

But do you agree with him?