Kwisha! Popular TV show Nairobi Diaries is back

After a long wait, a very long wait, hit TV show Nairobi Diaries is back.

The reality TV show had gone on an extended hiatus with rumours of disagreements between the station that airs it, K24 and the producer and creator of the show but it seems they have managed to work out their differences and now the show will be starting this Tuesday.

Long break

Pendo took to social media to share the poster which also has Mishi Dorah, meaning the two will be really going at each other this time round in the fourth season.

It’s not yet clear who will be in the show for now but all we know is that it will be starting this Tuesday. The show had taken a break for almost 9 months.

Maina Kageni’s reaction after Diamond mentioned him in his new song

Radio presenter Maina Kageni was more than ecstatic after Diamond Platnumz mentioned him in his new song.

Maina took to social media to share a snippet of the song, saying it’s always an honor when such an artist as Diamond Platnumz mention you in any of his songs.


Maina, who is known for his morning breakfast show along side Mwalimu Kingangi, revealed that Diamond asked for his advice.

“I shall be addressing the public shortly. When a global megastar intentionally asks you for advice by dropping your name in his latest hit!!!!!!! Aaaakiyao …whuaaat??? …and yes, my brother @diamondplatnumz sent this to me. Humbled …yet that swahili is on another level, aye?” posted Maina.

The song, called “Emergency”, addresses the day to day hardship kind hearted people go through when their kindness is taken for granted. 

Jaguar only won that election because he cried – Maina Kamanda 

Nominated MP Maina Kamanda is still insisting that he should have been the Starehe legislator and that singer Jaguar never won “fairly”.

According to the politician, Charles Njagua Kanyi, alias Jaguar, only won the Starehe seat after crying at the Jubilee Party headquarters in Pangani in April 2017.

Initial results had shown that Kamanda had garnered 10,374 votes compared to Jaguar’s 8,391 votes in the April 2017 Jubilee Party primaries but after the singer appealed, tribunal committee awarded him the Party’s certificate.


According to Kamanda, Jaguar managed to win the primaries because he cried making many sympathies with him. He was speaking during the national integration and healing convention in Nairobi on Wednesday, August 22 when he revisited the issue.


You look like a Kikuyu secular singer! Maina Kageni’s bright suit leaves social media heartbroken

Classic 105 FM presenter Maina Kageni should just stick to his slim fitting shirts, tshirts and jeans, at least that’s what Kenyans on social media have unanimously concluded.

Kageni, during Diamond Platnumz’ album launch which was at the National Theater, came out wearing a blood-red suit and kenyans weren’t impressed.  At all.

Time to upgrade

The suit, which seemed baggy and totally out of style, had many begging him to stick to his usual style of a slim fit jeans and maybe a tshirt or a shirt.

Everyone seemed disappointed.

Diamond Platnumz, Omarion and Maina Kageni in the red suit

But it’s not the first time Maina has disappointed Kenyans with his fashion mishaps. Kenyans have complained before that for a man who’s being paid such a huge amount to speak on radio, he should invest more on fashion. This was after he was spotted several times in the same shirt.

Here are what people had to say:

  • mnthunguMaina please keep to your jeans and slim fit shirts, hizi suit wachia wengine
  • ckavinyaMaina, hio suit usiwahivaa Tena!
  • florah.mutioMaina, that suit nooooo???
  • hafyhafyfHiyo suit hell no???
  • mwaliz19Jeez that was yesterday I thought its was # tbt……


Social media goes wild after Maina Kageni announces he is vying for the Nairobi Women representative seat

Maina Kageni has given everyone a reason to talk about him after announcing that he will be running for the Nairobi women representative seat this coming election.

From what we all know is that the Women representative seat is only set aside for the the female candidates and article 97 of the Constitution of Kenya also confirms this.

However, Maina Kageni yesterday made it official that he will be competing with Shebesh and Esther Passaris for this seat. Just to show how serious he is Maina Kageni backed up his announced with clearance photos from the IEBC as he went ahead to say,

“For more than 10 years I have sat on air and addressed issues that regard women in Kenya, it started as a joke that I need to run for women Representative. Initially, I didn’t take them seriously but I realized the demand was real, after much thought, consideration and consultation with Nairobi’s women, electorate, I have decided that this is the time to make a move,”

Well, sounds shocking but this is something that the radio presenter can totally pull off judging from the number of women he has managed to win through his Classic 105 show.

Anyway, Kenyans on social media could not let this moment pass without making fun of the fella. Below are a few reactions from social fans!

Maina Kageni explains why he decided to vie for Nairobi Women Representative seat (Video)

Classic FM presenter Maina Kageni is facing off with ODM’s Esther Passaris and Jubilee’s Rachel Shebesh in the race for Nairobi Women Representative seat.

Contrary to popular imagination that Women Rep seat is a preserve for women only, Maina announced his candidature and provided evidence to show that he had been cleared by registrar of political parties and IEBC to vie for Nairobi Women Rep as an independent candidate.

Maina’s chose a wig as his symbol, he asked Nairobi voters to look for the wig symbol when they go to vote come August 8th.

The Classic FM presenter explained that he chose to vie for Nairobi Women Rep seat because his audience on radio pushed him to vie for that particular seat.

“My fellow Kenyans I wanna thank you so so much for the faith you had in me, for more than 10 years  I have sat on air and addressed issues that regard women in Kenya. And it started as a joke and people kept saying “you need to run for women representative” and initially I didn’t take them seriously but I realized the demand was real. So after much thought, after much consideration and consultation with Nairobi’s women, with the electorates and with supporters of Classic 105, I decided that this is the time to make a move. If we stay where we are we will never make a difference. And so I initially began the process of being able to be sure that am gonna be on the ballot. And the first place I went to was the registrar of political parties who dully issued this certificate to me as an independent candidate,” Maina Kageni said in part.

Watch the video below: