More Praise for the “African woman” as Arrowwboy and Mayorkun bring us new banger

More praise keeps trickling in for the African woman. From the days of 2face Idibia to date. The latest being in Arrow bwoy and Mayorkun’s latest hit “African Woman”. A Kenyan -Nigerian collabo hardly goes wrong.

Mayorkun who released another collabo with Tanzania’s Rayvanny barely a week ago seems to have been busy recently. It’s clear that Mayorkun is also interested in the East African audience.

The two fast rising artists released African Woman  and has been wonderfully received by the fans so far


The video is full of bold vibrant colors. Set in a posh, plush neighborhood.

The vixens full of popping melanin and oozing effortlessly with beauty.

arrowbwoy and Mayorkun

Further,the African Ankara themed dress code in the video goes along way in driving the point of the beauty of the African ladies.

The video fully compliments the theme of the song as it brings out the African touch and finesse intended in the song.

Remarkably missing however is the trademark energetic African dance moves or the phenomenal gyrating hip movements by African women.

A little more action to go along with the praises would have been even more ideal.


The afro-beat tune is purely a praise of the African women. In his part, Arrow boy does the first stanza and the chorus in Swahili while Nigeria’s Mayorkun does the second stanza in English and bits of his  native language.

But of course we going to give you what we understand.
Waonyeshe kikwetu kwetu
Basi twende….” It is also encouraging a show-off by the dance African woman.
Ana sauti inamtoa nyoka pangoni
Tena fundi pale chumbani
Ana macho inaita kama kama jioni.”
Who wouldn’t want a lady with eyes as invitingly beautiful as the sunset?Men of course.

I mean these two gentlemen have finished campaigning for us African ladies.

In conclusion this  is an ideal club banger as well as any kind of celebration that calls for praise of the beauty of the African woman.
Rating 7/10. Enjoy.

Arrow Bwoy has teamed up with Nigeria’s Mayorkun on ‘African Woman’ and it’s a banger (Audio)

Kenyan singer Ali Yusuf, better known as Arrow Bwoy and famed for his Digi Digi hit, has released the audio for his collabo with Nigerian singer Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel, alias Mayorkun.

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The song titled African Woman, which is off his recently released album dubbed Hatua, heaps praise on the African woman for her intelligence, beauty, bedroom prowess among other things.

According to Arrow Bwoy, women from this continent are rare gems because they are not only homemakers but they can also love you with all their hearts.


In one of the verses, he says, “I’ve never seen a woman like an African girl ooo, I say she cooks, she cleans, she makes money eyeaaaah, she got a love in abundance, tamu kama nanasi, so strong kama Mandela, ana sauti inamtoa nyoka, tena ni fundi pale chumbani, ana macho inaita kama jioni ooooo yeeeeah.”

Arrow Bwoy really came through on this jam. I was not expecting anything less anyway. We can argue until the cows come home but the fact is that he is the most melodious of our time.

Mayorkun also nailed it. Apart from the parts where he’s singing his heart out in Swahili, there is something about a pidgin and Kenyan Bongo that makes it irresistible. You’ll hit the replay button without even knowing it.

The beat for this jam is also dope. Although some people may say it’s subtle, I feel it works for this song because let’s be honest, you don’t expect to shaku to this jam but that does not mean that you can’t.

Listen to African Woman below and tell us what you think.