Bahati redeems himself as he teams up with Akothee for “Nakupa Moyo “

Now after going on spree with Gengetone artists, now Bahati drops another song dubbed “Nakupa Moyo”. In this he enlists the self declared president of single mothers Akothee.

Bahati  has been on the receiving end lately in the manner in which he was doing his music.He has even been bashed for “mocking God”in the name of making music.

In what seems like a way to redeem himself Bahati has dropped ‘Nakupa Moyo”.

A song of thanksgiving to God for being faithful in the journey of life. I think I missed this side of Bahati’s music too.

The kind of music that would make you feel the conviction.

On the other hand we can’t just ignore how diverse Akothee is. She is a woman that posses talent, ambition and is clearly a motivation to many when it come to dealing with life’s hurdles.

Though controversial her following would give you a totally different perspective of the mother of five.

Gospel artist, Bahati

Nakupa Moyo

Nakupa Moyo means I give you my heart. The two teamed up for this amazing worship like  song where Akothee starts off  reminisces of her past life.

She is grateful to God for getting her through the darkness of life. She sings of when she was working hard to make money and she is thankful that God did not forsake  her.

As you watch the video you notice the the conviction in Akothee’s voice and yes I wouldn’t mind having this on my playlist every morning.

I however, must confess the luo vibe put in by Akothee got me hooked and yes this song might have just redeemed Bahati.

Further, Bahati comes in pouring his heart out on how he is thankful for all he got.He is thankful for his job, family that the only thing he can offer to God is a thankful heart to God.

The lyrics are also simple and easy to understand.


As we jam to the scenic worship song, we must appreciate that it was done under the EMB records by producer Paulo and Teddy B.

The visuals were done and directed by Young Wallace. They could not have done it any better.For one hate them or love them this song is beautiful.

In the meantime watch and tell us what you think. For rating I will go with 9/10.

Dj Seven and Ibranation drop “Solo” another love sensation from Tanzania

Earlier today Ibranation, the Tanzanian artist released a new audio song “Solo.” “Solo” which is now up on you tube is a collaboration between Ibranation and DJ Seven.

Dj Seven seems to be creating a personal musical niche in the East African market. Well, this might just work for him.

This comes after a recent release of “Kilio” song with fellow Tanzanian Ruby.

The confusion comes in when Ibranation sings the entire song without listeners hearing any other different voice apart from those doing the background vocals.

The very promising artist has been in the music industry for slightly over 2 years now. Among his songs are Nilipize, Nieleze, Unitoke, Kubali and Tabibu. He also has a number of collabos and an endless string of cover songs up on you tube. His hard work is clearly evident, and his fans show contentment and support to his work.


The song is a typical bongo flava featuring a man in love and a looming heart break. Quite predictable I must say. However, we cannot dismiss the fact that this is a man crying for love. It doesn’t come easy.

Jua ni wewe umenipa mawazo

Nakuwaza wewe 24 hours

Mbona nilichokosea nilisha kuomba msamaha

Ila unapoteza na kunitonesha donda

Well, maybe the song is meant for Ibranation’s lover. Has he been dating?

Dating or not it seems like it just hit a rock and the relationship is taking a turn since Ibranation’s sins have not been forgiven.

Siwezi kubaki solo,

Siwezikubaki single

As the chorus suggests, Ibranation fears being single. But he is not the only one. He speaks for a good number of people out there who enjoy having someone besides them.

As we await this song’s video fans are hoping that it will tap more into their emotions and give the song some additional flavour. The audio does very little on tapping into emotions.

Maybe from the video we will also get to understand why it is DJ Seven ft Ibranation. And just like that we are falling in love again thanks to this beautiful jam.

Rating 6/10

Eddy Kenzo’s new tune “Congs Mama” reminds us of the love of a mother(Audio)

Eddy Kenzo, who has been in the face of a mega relationship scandal this year has dropped a new song titled ‘Congs Mama”.

The Ugandan artist has been subject of several discussions on the social media.

This  after his long-time girlfriend cum baby mama left him and moved on with a  certain doctor.


Congs mama

congs mama

Clearly the Sitya Loss hitmaker has however found a channel for all the emotional baggage that came alongside the recent events: music.

Eddy got busy in the studio and his latest song, Congs Mama is the result of that.

The tune is a sure indicator of Eddy’s artistic prowess . Similarly, tt is a blend of Luganda and English with Spanish instruments in the background.

In addition, the diverse sensation will serve as bait for Spanish fan base to add on to the ever growing African fans.

The song is beautifully arranged and easy to listen to.

The lyrics

The song is dedicated to Eddy Kenzo’s late mother.

The only female person that has been constant in his life despite not being around anymore and for giving birth to a strong man who is able to face all that comes his way.

In his you-tube channel Kenzo states that this song is meant to mend his heart and that he chose not to be sad but to rather celebrate life.

Further, he adds that for we are better than we were yesterday and get stronger by day.

It’s quite an emotional song though I have to admit Kenzo sounds good even in his pain.

The song is a good dedication to all the strong ladies in our lives. Those that are always there for us, praying for us and steering us towards the right paths in life.

As we await the video its our hope that this song will give Kenzo’s heart that his heart so much needs.Rating 9/10

More Praise for the “African woman” as Arrowwboy and Mayorkun bring us new banger

More praise keeps trickling in for the African woman. From the days of 2face Idibia to date. The latest being in Arrow bwoy and Mayorkun’s latest hit “African Woman”. A Kenyan -Nigerian collabo hardly goes wrong.

Mayorkun who released another collabo with Tanzania’s Rayvanny barely a week ago seems to have been busy recently. It’s clear that Mayorkun is also interested in the East African audience.

The two fast rising artists released African Woman  and has been wonderfully received by the fans so far


The video is full of bold vibrant colors. Set in a posh, plush neighborhood.

The vixens full of popping melanin and oozing effortlessly with beauty.

arrowbwoy and Mayorkun

Further,the African Ankara themed dress code in the video goes along way in driving the point of the beauty of the African ladies.

The video fully compliments the theme of the song as it brings out the African touch and finesse intended in the song.

Remarkably missing however is the trademark energetic African dance moves or the phenomenal gyrating hip movements by African women.

A little more action to go along with the praises would have been even more ideal.


The afro-beat tune is purely a praise of the African women. In his part, Arrow boy does the first stanza and the chorus in Swahili while Nigeria’s Mayorkun does the second stanza in English and bits of his  native language.

But of course we going to give you what we understand.
Waonyeshe kikwetu kwetu
Basi twende….” It is also encouraging a show-off by the dance African woman.
Ana sauti inamtoa nyoka pangoni
Tena fundi pale chumbani
Ana macho inaita kama kama jioni.”
Who wouldn’t want a lady with eyes as invitingly beautiful as the sunset?Men of course.

I mean these two gentlemen have finished campaigning for us African ladies.

In conclusion this  is an ideal club banger as well as any kind of celebration that calls for praise of the beauty of the African woman.
Rating 7/10. Enjoy.

Rayvanny Features Mayorkun of Nigeria in new jam ‘GimmiDat” and its a banger

Days after releasing the contested song ‘Chuchuma”,WCB Wasafi Records singer, Rayvanny has released a new single entitled  ‘Gimmi Dat”. On this jam ‘Gimi Dat’, the “Tetema” hit maker collaborates with Nigerian singer and DMW star, Mayorkun.

With, rumors of having a heated beef with Kenya’s Willy Paul. Rayvanny chose his battle  wisely which was to do more music with no response to the alleged beef.

However many would think that in his lyrics he is firing at Pozze  chini ya maji.

Anyhow, about the beef we are yet to confirm.Meanwhile lets do some lyrical break down of  ‘Gimme dat”


In what seems like just but basic lyrics writing, Rayvanny starts of with lyrics that to many fans he was afiring back at Willy Paul.

He says,

“Wanakutukana nini, wakati  level zako  hawafuati, mbwa wa Uswahilini,tena koko hawang’ati, unamarashi mwilini wao shombo la samaki……”


Nonetheless it is a wait and see thing and as i said before we are on the look out for the juice.

At the same time, the lyrics are telling off the nay sayers of the love between him and his woman. He tells them off saying ,…tunawachoma kama nungu nungu….” In the end telling the girl he would put a ring on it. Yeah, I know its a dream for many girls but well here we are.

Moreover, he goes on to describe the kind of love he feels for her then comes in the chorus that is all about whining the waist and cooling it down.Mmmmmmh men!! Before Mayorkun comes in with his amazing voice to back up on the chorus and bridge.

Just incase you miss dancing this song is just about it.


For song that praise the woman they duo did a good job.The song is a is a Wasafi records production and audio done by Abba, shot by a Mr. C. As he put it below the video’s caption, Keep On Enjoying Good Music From Vannyboy.

For rating I will go with 7/10. Watch and tell us what you think.

Ochunglo family fashion “Mbinginji imekulwa na ndogi” to their Banger taste

Ochungulo family are at it again with a new hit; one that is currently 6th on trending with steadily rising views and counting.

“Mbingiji imekulwa na ndongi” is  now a banger  just days after  an audio of a kid saying the same statement  in a Meru accent went viral. Talk of utilizing opportunities.

Even from caption below the song, they say that the little kid’s  accent and voice is wonderful.

To the team they thought she deserves recognition at her young age so that her future is reserved in Kenya’s archives.

Clearly  Ochungulo Family makes music out of anything

This comes just a month after the gengetone groupie deleted their song  “Kong’o” from youtube.  Reason?  We don’t know.

“Mbinginji imekulwa na ndogi”

“Mbingiji imekulwa na ndongi” transalates to the dog ate the gum-I know, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

But who cares?!! A nice song was made out of it.The chorus is simply made up of the little boys statement.

Further the song  itself is made of  pure creativity revolving around the simple phrase hence coming up with a club hit.


As expected there is no line that will auger well with the Kenyan holier than thou souls.  And well, this song is all about having fun but also carries all sorts of vulgarity.

But well that is not the point for a club banger the song is just about those things that our regulators say they should stay in clubs.

Need I explain more?

Alehandro “the love doctor” leaves a sensational touch in the second stanza.

The song also fits in the signature Kenyan music that’s currently rising in the face of Ethic, the sailors among others.

As we wait for the video to this song we shall keep dancing to this tune appreciating the boy’s effort.

And for rating purposes I give them a 6/10. Listen and give us your thoughts.

Bwana Mkunaji ameamua!’Chuchuma” is the new track by Willy Paul

It was just the other day when Willy Paul claimed that Tanzania’s Rayvanny had stolen his song. Well, to date we really don’t know who the legit owner of the song is.

However with all that in mind, the ever controversial once  gospel artist in the Kenyan Music industry Willy Paul is now back on the music scene.  This  time he brings us a new jam with the contentious title “Chuchuma” .


“Chuchuma” in this concept basically means drop it. From the look at the video the search for a lady with god behinds worked for him. The shaking that happens in this video might get you ignoring the the songs lyrics .

But not me.

Willy Paul

Basically it is a feel good song in praise of women that can whine their waists. At the same time Willy goes on to larsh out at Wasafi’s Rayvanny still accusing him of stealing his song.

From the Instagram posts he even calls him “Zakayo,funnyboy”.

In all his appraissals he has mentioned Vera Sidika, Wema Sepetu of Tanzania and of course Huddah Monroe. Clearly  Bwana Mkunaji is into “Big things”.

For the lyrical break down there isn’t much to talk about but just a man putting out his frustration on someone that pissed him off. The rest of it as I said earlier is just all about shaking bums.


In terms of production, well Saldido entertainment could not do any better. The audio was done by Teddy B and the song of course was written by thean himself ,Willy Paul.

As we give hit a tap on the shoulder for praisingbtge African woman, we get little skeptical on the larger message.

Further on the color and video mixing was well done and choice of models also worked for the song.

At the end Willy’s intent was to reach the “funny boy”- who we clearly know.

We will wait to see if he responds to this claims.

In the meantime below is the song enjoy.

For rating I will with 7/10.

Aslay decides its time to ‘Bembea’ in new jam as he features Ali Kiba

Tanzania as always have a way to sway their vibe down our hearts . This time Rockstart Entertainments boss Ali Kiba has featured in  fellow artist Aslay’s  Song dubbed ‘Bembea”

The song  starts with an Indian-Arabic blend of sounds coupled with Kibas’s signature ‘YO!’ Aslay takes up the first part of the song with the Swahili lyrics rolling off his tongue with ease backed up by his captivating voice while Kiba picks up the last part of the song at the same pace and carries it to the end. The transition is smooth and the two voices well blended.


The lyrics delivered at a slow pace gives the listener enough time to listen.  Aslay states his contentment in the love he is receiving and how he can go lifeless in the event that he misses out on that love.

naridhika ridhika, naridhika na huba lako, Nakuahidi ntakufa nikija kulikosa hilo penzi lako’

Further on , Kiba emphasizes the need to be able to keep the love,regardless of the negativity surrounding it.

The duo are well known to reach the hearts of many ladies and this song is just about it.

Ali Kiba And Aslay

The song is an embodiment that carries all that is their about love and its secrets.The urge to always be there for each other despite the hustle in life.

“Beiby, tuifiche hiyo siri Tusionyeshe dhahiri Huwanga wanasubiri Waone utavyonimwaga”

This to ask the love of his life  to keep their love a secret especially from those that posses negative energy.


The music video directed by Hanscana features two main scenes. One in the serene coastal atmospehere(aqua blue ocean, green grass and trees, white sand, plush white beds and seats) that gives a calm relaxing effect.

The second indoor set up is open, with a good blend of cool colors. There isn’t any serious dancing which gives enough room and time to enjoy the tune which is close to a Mexican serenade staged by Alejandro outside Maria-Clara’s bedroom window. Yeah right!

Well the song was averagely doen as compared to the duo’s track record this was not their best collabo.We want more guys.

For rating I will go for a 5/10.Watch and tell us what you think.


Frenemies?Bahati and Weezdom team up for new jam “Block” (video)

Well well,if you  thought they were done as a team then they just disapproved that notion. EMB records boss Bahati and Weezdom buried the hatchet and now team up to bring this new jam “Block”.

Bits of their story is that they had a fall out few years back  because of the rivalry between Bahati and Willy Paul. Then it was alleged that Bahati deleted all music  done by Weezdom after he appeared in Willy Paul and Alaine’s music video “I do”.


By then Weezdom had been signed under Bahati’s label. Pettiness? If you think so then you need to see other details.

Also read:Weezdom the “Page Boy” of the Gospel Industry


Anyway, that aside.In these new jam the two bring in some exciting energy in this new jam dubbed “Block”.

Basically in these song the duo are trying to bring out one clear message.Block all negative energy that God doesn’t allow and instead focus on blessing bestowed on you.

That is the easiest way this song can be translated. Just that one line nothing else.


In my Opinion, this song was just done for the sake “Kiki”. I mean the lyrics in themselves are just all over. Forgive my insolence but this is just not well done.

Considering the two have been in the gospel industry long enough, Kenyans deserve more than this picki picki pong Zigi zigi zong kind of writing for gospel music.

Contemporary gospel musicians are really letting us down this  being an example.

For one I will give it Weezdom, his  verse was not badly down as he raps  about his thug life before he got saved. That gives it a point for this. Further he goes on to say that he regrets making rush decisions that almost drowned him.

He says, “Mi ni kaa kivuli vile God amenilock Ju devil akinisearch anapata nimemblock Kitambo nilikuwa na wasiwasi Nilitaka vitu zifanyike ka si kazi…….”


For Bahati’s role in the song, its more  playing the flower girl role. His lyrics are repetitive and rather boring to listen to.

If for anything the beat, color, dancers and costuming  is what saves this song.


This is an EMB production.The son was directed by the talented video director Young Wallace the CEO of Convex Media. The editors did a good job too.

Bottomline they have served us beautiful song to dance but its essence is a no-brainer.

For rating I will give it 5/10.Tell us what you think.

Gilad and Naiboi get all sentimental in new jam “Nisamehe”

Gilad is known for his RnB music that at surprisingly most Kenyans love. Over the years he has enjoyed proper receivership just like most Kenyan musicians.

This time he teams up with Naiboi to bring as a beautiful jam titled “Nisamehe”.

Don’t forget it was just the other day that Naiboi did another song titled Sondeka.That was with an intent to fix social I’ll in society.

Also read: Naiboi resurfaces with new jam “Sondeka”


Nisamehe, is typical love song.However its all about forgiveness for a love gone wrong. The man in the relationship is seeking forgiveness from his fiancee who he admits to have hurt.

Gilad starts of with,

“Mrembo wangu wee, nimekuumiza roho I know This time, lets take it slow Mrembo wangu wee, nimekuumiza roho its true This time, its me and you”

This, a clear depiction of today’s love scene in Kenya.Further for this they bring out a not so obvious characteristic of men. I mean men never admit their mistakes in relationships.

In fact its not easy for a typical African bread man to fight for love. However, Nisamehe is just one of such characters.

Naiboi struggles to fight for the love of his life as he says,” You know you make me better Without you sioni kitu better This time natwanga kupepeta My beiby, hakuna kuteleza, kuchelewa”

Ladies am sure this is any woman’s dream, a man that owns up to his mistakes.

Gilad in his part played a major  role  with his beautiful vocals at the song’s Bridge and Chorus.

In essence the message was easily and well put out, love wins in all situations.


The song was written by both Gilad and Naiboi. The audio was done by the very fast rising super producer  Magix enga who clearly played well in his part.

The video was directed by Mushking Fx production. For one we needed such kind of music to spread the love message.

For rating purposes I will go for 7/10.Watch and tell us what you think.

Stivo simple boy spreads the gospel as he features Scheneider Shanny in new jam.

Stivo simple boy is no longer new to many of his Kenyans fans now. He is now back  on the music scene with gospel song dubbed “I lift you  higher.”

In the song he has teamed  up with new artists Scheneider Shanny for this jam.

The man that started of after being ridiculed for his looks now is gaining popularity after he Landed an ambassadorial job at Nacada. This was after he performed “Vijana tuache mihadarati”.

A song that went viral to the extent of get him recognition among social media users.Trust Kenyans when it comes to make you an internet sensation.

I lift you higher

I lift you higher, is a gospel rap song that just talks of God’s love to humanity. The song starts off with Scheneider Shanny as she puts in her vocals that are beautifully done.

Further, Stivo simple boy raps through the song with,…..Hapa duniani tumekuja kusafiriNi kweli, si siri hiyo ni kweli kamili, Siku ikifika tutamwona mwenyezi ,Muumba mbingu na nchi, mpaka mbalamwezi……
Clearly, he has outdone himself in this song as many would say that he has done far much better than how he started of.

On the other hand, he has received a backlash from controversial gospel artist Ringtone.

Ringtone has  termed Stivo simple Boy as a non gospel artist and that he has no place in the gospel.

Anyhow, who is Ringtone to judge or rather classify people? I mean this man is becoming a pain especially in the entertainment scene!

The song I lift you higher has good content that he delivered in what I would term “okay”. He is the kind of artist that deserves a chance at the high table because of his diligence and hard work.

I believe with time he can be at a level that Kenyans will accept fully.


The song was produced by Phlexible and directed by Geoffrey Oyoo. The video quality is also up to standard.We hope for more.

For ratings I will go for 6/10.Below is the link to the song watch and tell us what you think.

Willy Paul features Ommy Dimpoz and Ali Kiba in “Nishikilie”

Willy Paul the man full of drama in the music scene is back this time on a positive note.He has teamed up with   Tanzanian Bongo music super stars Alikiba and Ommy Dimpoz to bring us Nishikilie.

Just recently Kenyans were ranting about how disappointed they are at Willy Paul. Why? This because of his previous song Lamba Nyonyo  that some found to be offensive and unprecedented.

Well, whether he knew what he was doing  or not that is his cross to carry.

Further, just before the drama was quelled, he decides to bring us a new jam. Well played  Willy!!!

Ommy Dimpoz and Willy Paul



Nishikilie is a beautiful love  song. A story about love that well depicted in the lyrics .Trust the trio in the delivery of this songs lyrics.

The story about two people sharing a special kind of love to the extent of the man asking his woman to ‘Nishikilie”.Nishikile translates to Hold me.

Willy Paul starts of the song saying, UUh Baby Nimekupenda kwa ndani, nikupeleke Mombasa kwa Joho Tukakule raha mama,,,,,,,tukacheze ya zigi zigi……….

This to show how much he loves his woman.He obviously intends to keep his love close.

Further  on Alikiba joins in at the Chorus, Basi nikumbatie, nishikilie, Deka  kifuani mwangu nishikilie….Ladies do you see what I see???? Too soon? ok.

The lyrical prowess in the song will clearly be the selling factor if this song.

As we go on Ommy Dimpoz comes in the song with his magical and soul soothing vocals with, Kama moyo Ungekuwa kitabu ningekupa ukasome, basi unipe majigi jigi twende wote mama….. 

Ali Kiba and Ommy Dimpoz


The production o this song was under  the partnership of Teddy B,  Saldido entertainment by Willy Paul and Rockstar Africa of Tanzania.

It was directed by Ivan of True D pictures.

If for anything the lingala/rhumba bit of the songs beats are so beautifully done giving us the reason to dance too Pozze’s song.

This is a that we will be grooving to for a while. Willy Paul we have one request don’t mess this up rather give us another beautiful dose!!!

For this I must say Willy Paul outdid himself when he sought for this collaboration this is the kind of music Kenyans are anticipating for everyday.

For rating I will go 8/10.Watch and tell us what you think.

Naiboi features Ben Pol in “Mmoja” Banger

For the past few months we haven’t seen Naiboi doing solo projects. Well the good thing is he is still doing good music. For now, Mashemeji wakishirikiana ndoa huwa imara. That just but a saying I just made up.

Celebrated Kenyan musician Naiboi has released the astonishing awaited bang titled “Mmoja” featuring award-winning superstar Ben Pol.


Mmoja is  song that represents love.Yes a love that a man yearns for.In this song the concept is different from the typical day to day love story of a man loving a  woman.

The lyrics are put to sell the idea of the kind of woman a man wants for himself.

First Naiboi, starts off with the Chorus of “Shakoroboo , Shakoroboo Shakorobo Sha Sha”.Not sure what it means but I remember dancing to this during my childhood singing games.

Followed by the Bridge that drives the theme of the song, “Nishamtamani mmoja, nishamwonaga mmoja Nishamtakanga mmoja, now is it you?”. Ladies are you?

Mashemeji concept


Naiboi goes on to describe the specifications he wants in a woman, he describes her beauty  and the far he is willing to go for her.He says he is willing to spend on her , though still wonders if she is the one.

After that comes in our brother in law celebrated Tanzanian Musician Ben Pol, with his soulful vocals.As though assuring the girl of his love.He promises her the love she has never felt before to the end of time.

He cups it up with the chorus accompanied by the bridge that he asks the lady if she is the  one for him. Shemeji is a man of his own class I must say.


The concept was well executed in the music video.It was written by Michael Claver (@thenaiboi) and  Benard Michael Paul Mnyang’anga (BENPOL). Then  Produced by RIXX AND CEDO.

For rating I would go for 8/10.Kenyan music is just beautiful.Watch it and tell us what you think.


Susumila makes a comeback in new jam “Kila Mtu”

When I wrote about Susumila’s struggle in the music industry, this was just about it. Trying so hard to fit in the very fast changing industry is really dragging his music down the mud.

Also read: Susumila is fading away, who do we blame? Kenyans? 

Few weeks on Susumila is back on the music scene with a new jam dubbed “Kila Mtu”.

Kila Mtu

The song is a reflection of the Kenya’s  political temperatures.In the Song he highlights the plight of the common  mwananchi with the now leadership.

In the first line he says,Kila mtu atauchukua mzigo wake mwenyewe. This to mean that everyone has a responsibility at the end of the day and will be judged accordingly.

In his first, stanza he raps about the corruption state and tribalism that the country is wallowing in. Sadly the song paints a factual picture of the state of the nation.

Karibu Kenya, nchi ya kitu kidogo

Karibu Kenya, nchi ya wapenda hongo

Nchi ya wezi, wafujaji wa pesa

Nchi ya mtu wetu, nchi ya ukabila………………

He goes on to highlight the plight of the Kenyan Health sector that is being crippled by the day.The bad state of maternity hospitals a situation that is cupped by scandals in every year.

Further, he even calls out the government officials and their thievery.

“Wabunge, waizi Ma MCA, waizi Ma Senetor, waizi Ma Governor, waizi”
True to his word, the main stream media highlights these themes in the song on a daily basis that it is even depressing to watch the news.


For a come back Susumila outdid himself in this jam.Considering the success of his previous album that revolved  around such topics this could be a necessary angle for his music career.

Also considering how artists seems to be ignoring this state of the nation i feel that Susumila has done a good  job to campaign against the rogue government officials that are driven by greed and not servant leadership.

The song was directed by Ricky Bekko. Generally it was more of a patriotism song and for rating I will give it a 7/10 rating.

Watch and tell us what you think.

Nviiri the Story teller goes Biblical in Raunchy new Jam

Whoever told Nviiri the Story teller, of Sol Generation to get out the comfort zone was a genius. Initially he was just writing songs for Sauti Sol.

The Kenyan songwriter seems to be  having a good year after his breakthrough especially after standing out in the Sol Generation Jam Extravaganza.

Now we know the guy got game. Nviiri is back on the scene with a new  single dubbed ” Pombe Sigara”. 

Pombe Sigara

This is a feel good song that carries semblance to RnB. However we love the artistry that Nviiri posses.

It breaks down the kind of interest that he has in women to an extent he feels that its a curse. Really!!!

….ohh pombe sigara,Naweza wacha bila kung’ang’ana, lakini hawa wasichana vile nawapenda ni kama laana….

Will talk about the logic in the sentence later. Anyway the Story teller takes us through the lyrics with his vocals well put.

Being a story teller, the poetry in song is just on another level.To create relation, he invokes the Bible on how Samson was tempted by a woman to disclose the source of  his strength.

Further he goes on to tell about Solomon of the many Wives and concubines.

Team mafisi now found ‘mtetezi wa maslahi yao” in Nviiri.

The visuals in the song are also not bad to the eye.Though raunchy but the sauce adds the juice to the song.The production was done by Sol Greneration label.

The message

From their Youtube channel the message is on how everyone has addiction. Pombe Sigara is a song about a guy’s obsession with women and how easy it is for him to do without drugs as compared to women.

Giving credit where  its due, Nviiri is the new guy to watch out for,the musician posses raw talent that has been caged for way too long. In short, Mr. Storyteller we want some more music, more juice to dance to and more artistry.

For rating i give our Kenyan boy 8/10.Below is the Video watch and tell us what you think.


Susumila is fading away, who do we blame? Kenyans?

Susumila -biologically known as Yusuf Kombo was born on April 30, 1983, in Mombasa county. He is from the streets of Bombolulu Bankhead Zone.

He is among the top most high ranking artist from the coastal part of Kenya.

This to the extent that he had gained the title to seat among veterans in the Kenyan Music industry for two decades.

Despite being from the coast he had gained popularity among his fans from all around Kenya.

However this year seems not to be working for him.For a man that has been consistent in music production and writing we can now say that his light is dimming by the day.

Track Record

He  released two albums “Ngangari” and “Haki Iko Wapi!” which proved successful for him.

Both albums sold well and produced some impressive hit singles.

However two songs from the albums , “Niko Ngangari” and “Nawaka,” were blatantly targeted at the mass market with their pop-rap tendencies and further increased the more loyal fan base.

The Kide Kide song  by fellow Coast artist Dazla Kiduche can be said was a catapult push to his career as he featured in it.

After that Susumila has gone down with less  music productions by the day.What could be happening to him?We need to know.

Why?This is because lately he has been doing music that basically hit the wall-for lack of a better word.His latest release being the pace setter to this argument.

The song is titled “Napambana”. Napambana is a song that depicts the tribulations  and struggles of  musicians.

Could this be his own story?Well we hope to find out soon.In the song he says ‘anapambana” and everything he does seem to be stalling. Trying all means to even just pay rent but things are tough.

He goes on to talk of how promoters and producers also play the role of bringing down artists that are just trying to fend for themselves.

Sadly, despite having an easy to relate to concept and message the views are very low.Compared to his previous track record Kenyans seem to be ignoring this legend.

We hope someone will find out what is happening before we forget Susumila in the Music Scene. Below is his new jam listen and tell us what you think.




Ali Kiba’s boys bring us new jam ‘Rhumba” and we love it

Eight months ago,King Kiba  launched his boys in the banger ‘mwambie sina”.  The team includes his Cheed,Killy X and k-2GA. From then  we knew we had a new team to fall in love  with.

Months later we have every reason to appreciate East African Music with these boys.

They have have teamed up with Ali’s brother  Abdu Kiba  to bring you “Rhumba”.

Lyrical Breakdown

Tanzanian artists know what music is all about when it comes to lyrics. Rhumba is a your everyday typical love song, but the artistry in it is what make it stand out.

I would not know what influenced the title to the song but the vibe gives it away.

The song starts off with Cheed’s verse, the soulful guy makes everything exiting.

Mtoto mwendo wa jongoo

Taratibu ukitembea

Na hili joto la bongo ooh

24 nitakupepea

Langu ua chanua aah Maji nitakumwagilia aah

Twacheza kidedea kidedea Mabusu mpaka twalala
In the verse the man is just showering his woman with all kinds of flattery.Telling her how beautiful she is. Once again ladies, its all about you. Mmmmhh!

Bridge and Chorus

Mi kwako koroma

koroma Koroma(zezeta)

Koroma koroma Koroma(umeniweza)…….

The bridge itself is is beautifully done and the Swahili too is top notch.Am sure you just like me are wondering what this word ‘zezeta’ means.Beacause  its not the first time to here of it.

Well Zezeta means Chizi.Yeah?

The Chorus carries the weight of the song’s title…..Baby tucheze rhumba kidogo…… Basically just asking the woman for a dance. It goes on repetitive mode like four or more times.

The chorus was majorly done by Abdu Kiba no wonder the blend of tune.


Killy X and k-2GA spice up the song following with their verses that are boggling. They say that they are now set for marriage.

To haters they can go to hell as for their love has thrived through all of life’s obstacles.

…..Wenye choko choko Na vijicho chongo Tuwafungie vioo…… mshasutwa sasa!!!

The man goes to appreciate his love saying,Umenionyesha upendo  Hata kinyongo sina Ni mkufunzi wa mengi Wastahiki tuzo heshima. Point home?


Every person deserves love, be it your mother, father or child.Love heals so much pain.The song brings out a story of two lovers but their message very clear and easy to relate to. Kudos Kings music!!

The song was produced under Kings music Records. For rating we go with 7/10.

Watch and tell us what you think.


Christian Bella and Hamisa Mobetto Partner in New jam Dubbed Boss

When Hamisa Mobetto featured in Diamond  and Rayvanny’s  jam Salome, I believe most of us would not have known much about her.

I mean Hamisa clearly has clinched her place in the entertainment industry in East Africa. Hamisa now does music!

Her music seems to be picking up despite the little backlash she received when she started off in music.

Now she joins Tanzania’s celebrated Musician Christian Bella in their new Jam titled  “Boss”.


The song revolves around two lovers.A man that is working on impressing his woman by all luxuries that life can offer.

He tell her that he is the boss and she should not live in fear because he is the boss.

Hupaswi kukaa kinyonge ,ukiwa na mi Jiachie,

jihisi upo peponi, Ita rafiki zako,

kina nani Waambie, mbuzi iko jikoni

Ng’ang’ana na mimi nyota usafirie……………….

In the first Stanza he just professes the kind of love he feels for his woman.He tell her he is willing to spend on her and her friends on whatever they want. Ladies, do you see what I see?mmmh!!

Sema unataka nini?

Gari, pesa, manyumba madini

Bella further goes on to flaunt his riches to his woman. Praising her cooking and he even asks her what she wants during a party.

…...Kwenye party leo, Sema champaigne wanataka wapi? Gucci, unataka LV Ama unataka kuvaa D&G……Wueeeh!!!Where do this kind of men reside?Eishh!

When you thought you had seen it all Christian Bella goes on to ask her what kind of vehicle she will use when going for the shopping.

…..Utatoka na Ferrari  Ama unataka Lamboghini……..Aheeeemm!!!

Dear guys don’t cringe its just a car.


After the long stanzas comes in the Chorus telling us who the boss is.It is very repetitive that you’d think that was the guiding factor for the song’s beats.

……Wanasema Boss, boss boss Boss, me ndio boss Wanasema Boss, boss boss Boss, me ndio boss…...Clearly!

Hamissa comes in towards the end of the song, expressing her confidence in her man.We hope she get’s one soon!Too soon?

She says she will not leave him for anything because that kind of love is not, local.Ouch!

…..Baby wangu wewe, hii level si  Local local(local local) Ndio maana vyako vitendo si Local local(local local)….

Then comes some Congolese shenanigans that I too didn’t understand but I believe was good for the song.

In a nutshell,Christian Bella and Hamisa Mobetto outdid themselves in this song.


The song was produced by BMM music group and directed by Sasha Vybz. The song was Shot in Dubai.

The simplistic use of Swahili in the song gives it a unique vibe.The beat of the song too gives the urge to dance to it.

For rating we give 6/10.Watch and tell us what you think.

New Banger, ‘The One’ by Diamond Platinumz is all about love

Award winning Tanzanian Bongo music star Diamond Platinumz is not new to the scene when it comes to music about love.

Okay, hush!hush! about the baby mama drama. Lets break down his latest hit titled ‘The one”.

The song is basically channeling love all over  and to whether it was a love expression to Diamond’s love Tinashe or not is a story for another day.

But of course online Communities or as they call them ”online-in-laws” already made assumptions and whatever you say, You are right!


He starts of with the Wasafi Signarure followed by  the producers name…..Ayo Lizer-you say it smoothlygot it ? No? Ni sawa pia ina wenyewe hiyo.

Diamond  and 'the One' model  in the video

Slowly going down to his first line,

“My heart can never tell me lies I know you love me and the love is true And I feel the same way, I can’t deny Baby Ondi ku hole I will die for you”

Diamond is his feelings to his love in equal measure.I mean this guy knows what to tell a woman and how to make them feel. This just incase you still wonder why he got too much drama.

Look at the following lyrics,”I swear usitishwe na ya vimbelembele Oooh wanaopiga kelelelele Ati kujifanya viherehere Kwa sisi hawatoweza”.

Yaani , he gives you security of word of mouth, eeh!  You enter the box literally without question.


People with ‘Vimbelembele and viherehere‘ too bad.Diamond platinumz has marked his territory fully. Hopefully its no longer about “Sikomi”.

At the same time Diamond platinumz is under fire , with allegations of stealing this song.Initially, the audio of it was done  together with Namibian singer King TeeDee.

The reason to why  King Tee Dee did not feature in the video is not clear.As we wait for the details , I think we should enjoy this production “tukijisheketua”.

This because for me  Diamond did justice to it fully. Be it dance, costuming, ambiance and so on everything was on point. For this i give it a 9/10 rating.

Below is the video enjoy!