Nimo apologizes for her reaction to Mr. Seed’s views on polygamy

Nimo Gachuri remains grateful for her husband’s good health following his recovery from a road accident.

In an interview with, Nimo and Mr. Seed discussed the ups and downs of their marriage through a series of questions.


Mr Seed’s View On “Wasting Time” In Relationships Sparks Outrage & Debate (Video)

“What makes me thankful is that you are very firm in fighting for us,” Nimo, a mother of one, expressed.

Back in January, she had called out Mr. Seed for his comment about polygamy after he mentioned in a podcast that men are naturally polygamous. Her angry response on her IG stories led to a tense moment in their marriage.

One question read, “What are your honest views about polygamy?” She responded, “Mmeuliza juu ya ile scandal? Nyinyi!!” prompting her to open up.

“It wasn’t even a scandal, babe. It was just an opinion. Do you know I feel like I overreacted,” she admitted.


Mr Seed Takes Back Polygamy Comments After Wife’s Rebuke, Offers Public Apology

Nimo explained to Mr. Seed that she initially only heard a snippet of the interview and, after a friend’s suggestion, watched the entire segment. “I watched the whole thing, honestly! I feel like I overreacted.”

Mr. Seed asked for an apology, which she gladly offered. “I’m sorry, especially knowing how bloggers edit clips,” she said, and he indicated he understood her reaction.

“I understood. Didn’t we talk about this beforehand? So you overreacted the next day after seeing the pseudo comments from people with one follower and zero following. There were two comments that made you react the way you did,” he noted, indicating it was a general view.

Nimo sought reassurance, asking, “Babe, haven’t we been together? For how long?” They have been together for eight years. “Lakini mimi hata sina nguvu, wewe mwenyewe unanipeanga… sasa niongeze mwingine mniuwe?” Mr. Seed rejected the polygamy notion, making her add, “Tusaidiane.”

Seed laughed and continued with another question.

Mr Seed and wife, Nimo Gachuiri in mourning

Gospel artists Mr Seed and his wife Nimo Gachuiri are currently mourning the loss of their great grandma.

Nimo Gachuiri announced the sad news through her Instagram page where she celebrated the happy life – lived and loved by her great grandmother who finally finished running her race in life.

Nimo loses her great grandma

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The mother of one shared the sad news through her Instagram page just a few hours after her husband dropped his latest project. Anyway, Nimo did not mention how old her great grandmother was but it is obvious to see that she had lived life to the fullest.

Blessed to have attended her Nimo’s wedding

In a post seen a while back, singer Nimo could not help but share her excitement for having her great grandmother attended her wedding with Mr Seed.

The mother of 1 went on to add that this was a blessing saying;

Mr Seed and Nimo Gachuiri

My great grandmother was so happy ???????? alisema Leo tunaolewa na wewe! Such a blessing nana’ #

Mr Seed and Nimo Gachuiri

So far Nimo and Mr Seed have been able to work on their marriage thanks to the great advice they both receive from their parents!

A while back Mr Seed was exposed by Weezdom for cheating on his wife with an Instagram lady ! Word has it that since Mr Seed left EMB records; his former best friend and boss Bahati has been trying to pull him down to a point where Weezdom had to reveal that Mr Seed was cheating on his wife.


This almost left Mr Seed as a bachelor since Nimo allegedly moved out with their son and went back home to her parents place. However looking at how they continue to compliment each other, their is no doubt that the two now understand marriage from a different angle!

Hopekid part 2! Mr Seed allegedly in trouble for cheating on his beautiful wife with a fan 

Gospel music industry is yet again facing another scandal that is sex related.

According to Mpasho, singer Mr Seed cheated on his wife Nimo with a fan and they have been trying to hide it. Seed and Nimo, who have just been blessed with their first child, don’t live together.

Mr Seed stays in Roysambu while Nimo stays with her parents.

Gospel singer Ndume has been caught pants down trying to cover up Mr Seed’s action and in a phone conversation that has leaked.


In the conversation, the lady claims that Mr Seed has been bragging that he killed her nunu.

Ndume told the female fan, “Mr seed is a brand and you know he has a wife and a kid. So if this escalates to that level [it won’t be a good thing] and it is not like you did not know.”  

“Yes, I went to his house but I did not think it would get to that point.” said the female fan. 

“Eventually, it happened and that is not the problem, the problem is if it happens again it is not my business. Don’t tell anyone because they are not there. At the end of the day if I decide to hook up with you it should be between you and me. The problem is you went and told other people. Now I hear the story has gone so far as to get to akina Weezdom.” added Ndume. 

Ndume ends up begging the lady not to share the story with anyone else because it will affect him too.

“If anything happens to Seed, it happens to me, I also have to be selfish about my brand, as much as it is small, that is where I make my money from.[if anyone asks] just tell them it is none of your business. With time people forget.”

When reached for a comment, Seed denied knowing the fan.

Mr Seed and wife, Nimo recount their first picnic date, when they could hardly afford a decent meal let alone pay up rent

Youthful gospel artist, Mr Seed and wife, Nimo Gachuiri reminisce their first date, having been totally broke.

Nobody said nor gave an assurance that marriage is a life of milk and honey.

Rather a bed of roses where one could easily miss a step and stumble on the thorns instead of the flower.

Additionally, this can easily be cut short once a couple fails to embrace resilience and perseverance to face life challenges.


Mr Seed and his wife open up about days when being broke was the order of the day for them.

Up on one of their vlog, the duo recount their first picnic date with a new one, a day when being broke is not their thing anymore.

The two decide to revisit the day where it all went down , at Karura Forest along with their now 3-months old baby boy.

During the tour, Mr seed discloses that they visited the popular hiking spot 5 years ago.

Having boarded a matatu to the place, new love birds just sharing some snacks.

It even got more messy when they were forced to go back home, clothes all soaked up in rain before seeking refuge in the gospel singer´s house.

Twists and turns

However, like fate hadn´t done enough destruction for the two, as his then-girlfriend, Nimo picked up the keys to open the door, Mr Landlord had already done his job.

Right before her were 2 padlocks.

Like who would be dumb enough to lock up their house with 2 padlocks?

This is when it strikes you that Mr Landlord was around.

Mr Seed had apparently not paid the month´s rent because he was looming in financial crisis.

Unfortunately, this was not something Nimo could relate with because in her entire life, rent was always paid up on time.

And now here is the guy she hopes to spend her old days with, but cannot even pay for a month´s rent.

She was just taken aback.

Her hubby, Mr Seed reveals how embarrassing it was for him, to disappoint the girl he loved so much and especially, on their first date.

A day when it is either a Miss or a Hit!


Fortunate enough, it is a lesson and also a past that has seen the couple ever since, break through life barriers together and are now proud parents to a baby boy.