Comedian Mtumishi Shares Reason For Splitting With Mchungaji

Kenyan comedian Gilbert Wanyonyi, known as Mtumishi, recently opened up about his career following the separation from his comedy partner, Mchungaji. Their successful collaboration on the “Churchill Show” made them audience favorites, but individual aspirations led them to pursue solo paths.

In an interview, Mtumishi highlighted the importance of personal growth and artistic evolution.

“Growth comes and you have to accept growth, years come and my race is not his and his is not mine but if you need the two of us you can have the two of us,” Mtumishi explained, highlighting the amicable nature of their separation.

He expressed respect for their amicable separation and excitement for his journey ahead. Now hosting “The Amazing Show,” he aims to nurture new talent.

The two entertained netizens in the country with their creative and hilarious skits for years.

Way back in 2020, Mtumishi opened up about his past criminal life. Speaking during a TV interview, the outspoken comedian stated that he was recruited into a criminal gang when he dropped out of high school over lack of fees.

“They said I either had to join the gang or die. We started carjacking vehicles in Nairobi. We would be given intelligence about certain cars or targets and we would execute the orders,” he revealed.

The reformed comedian is now focused on self-growth

DJ Shiti Condemns Mtumishi’s Public Criticism of Mother

DJ Shiti, a popular Kenyan entertainer, has publicly condemned comedian Mtumishi for airing his grievances against his mother in a public forum.

During an interview on the Chipukeezy Show, Shiti expressed his disapproval of Mtumishi’s actions, calling them “foolish” and inappropriate.

“I don’t know why Mtumishi went to church and used a microphone to call out his mother. It’s not right to air dirty laundry in public, especially on television,” Shiti stated.

He emphasized that many people face difficult situations silently and that Mtumishi’s actions were disrespectful and unjustified. He further asserted that the issues Mtumishi raised were trivial compared to the hardships endured by others.

“The things he complained about are very stupid. If you go on TV and start shading your mother, people have been treated badly out here. The things he was talking about are not worth shading his parent,” Shiti said.

Mtumishi recently made shocking claims about his mother during a church service, alleging that she practiced witchcraft for years and used these practices to disrupt their family. He also revealed that she involved him in these activities against their father, causing him emotional distress.

Mtumishi stated that his mother breached his trust and that he feels unable to fully mourn her if she were to pass away. He also revealed that he hasn’t spoken to her for the past two years.

DJ Shiti’s comments highlight the importance of respecting family privacy and avoiding public criticism, especially when addressing sensitive topics. His disapproval of Mtumishi’s actions serves as a reminder to handle family issues with respect and discretion.

Comedian Mtumishi Seeks Reconciliation With Estranged ‘Mchawi’ Mother

In a heartwarming turn of events, comedian Mtumishi is making amends with his estranged mother after a period of strained relations. The attempt at reconciliation took place during a live radio show on Radio Jambo, where host Massawe Japanni facilitated a conversation between Mtumishi and his mother.

The initial attempt faced a setback as Mtumishi’s mother expressed her disapproval of their family issues being aired publicly. In a voice filled with emotion, she challenged Mtumishi’s previous accusations of her being a witch, demanding proof if such claims were true.

Mtumishi defended his actions, explaining that his public confession at the church altar was an outburst of pent-up emotions. He expressed regret for the public nature of his revelations and emphasized his desire to reconcile with his mother.

After some persuasion from Japanni, Mtumishi’s mother agreed to meet with her son to resolve their differences. Mtumishi apologized sincerely, expressing remorse for his past actions and a willingness to mend their relationship.

His mother, in response, challenged Mtumishi to arrange a proper meeting where they could address all their issues thoroughly. She expressed a desire to clear the air and restore a sense of harmony within the family.

This positive development highlights the power of communication and forgiveness in healing strained relationships. Mtumishi’s willingness to apologize and his mother’s openness to reconciliation demonstrate a commitment to rebuilding their family bond.

Churchill Show Comedian ‘Mtumishi’ Explains Why He Hates His Mum

Churchill Show comedian Gilbert Baraza, better known as Mtumishi, has opened up about his life struggles, including his strained relationship with his own mother.

The comedian shared how his mother did not support him when he chose comedy as his career. He said that she was upset when she saw him on the Churchill Show and told him to leave her house.

“My mother told me when she saw me on Churchill show that I should go away and that she should never see me there,” Mtumishi said.

He added that his mother did not believe he had appeared on TV because she did not support him. “She did not support me at any way. She used to say I was making noise in the house. She was told by neighbors that I would end up a mad person. They did not understand that I was talented. My mother disowned me and I don’t regret not visiting her.”

Mtumishi has not spoken to his mother in two years.

Despite his struggles, Mtumishi has found success as a comedian. He is a regular performer on the Churchill Show and has appeared on other popular Kenyan comedy shows.

Mtumishi’s story is an inspiration to others who are facing their own challenges in life. He shows that it is possible to overcome adversity and achieve your dreams.

“I used to shave the dead!” Comedian Mtumishi opens up about his hustle before the his breakthrough

Comedian Mtumishi did not start off at the top. Just like most comedians the fella worked his way to the top but after going through a few challenges here and there.

Speaking during an interview with the Nairobian, Mtumishi revealed that he was once a street-boy but life got hard and was forced to find a new job.

Mtumishi was then forced to look for a job at the mortuary where he became a barber for the dead. He opened up saying;

I worked as a barber in a mortuary. I used to shave the dead. It was a tough job, though it gave birth to my career. One day, I shaved a friend of mine and that experience really haunted me.

Higher calling

According to Mtumishi, shaving his late friend left him traumatized and decided to exploit his talent and this is how he ended up at the Churchill show.

I went back home and did a bit of soul searching. My dream was to be a comedian or actor and I knew, I was not going to die before achieving this. I decided that I will no longer seek employment but rather, exploit my talent.

Churchill Show’s Mtumishi vies for MCA seat in Nairobi County… But his campaign poster is a ‘joke’

Gilbert Wanyonyi popularly known as Mtumishi is among several celebrities that have decided to vie for various elective positions.

Mtumishi is famed for his duo act with his colleague Mchungaji, they used depict devoted Luhya preachers on Churchill Show.


Mtumishi is now seeking a career in politics, the comedian is vying to be a Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Kabiro ward, Nairobi County.

Even as he joins politics, Mtumishi has proved comedy still has a special place in his heart – he used the tag line “Asande Yesu, Asande Mwami” on his campaign posters.

In an interview on K24, Mtumbishi said that he didn’t want to be a normal politician but rather a servant has his name says.

“I would love to come in as a catalyst and not as politician but as a servant as my name says. I just want to sit down with people, sit down with youth and understand their problems and together come up with the solutions,” Mtumishi said.