DJ Shiti Confident He Will Feature In Nick Cannon’s ‘Wild & Out After He Followed Him On Instagram

Comedian DJ Shiti is exuberant after he was followed by American comedian Nick Cannon on Instagram.

Shiti took to his socials to inform his fans about being followed by the jester.

“Nick Cannon, welcome to East Africa my brother. Hollywood Hollywood, here I come. They call me DJ Shitiani all the way from Mumias Western Kenya, living in Nairobi city. My next comedy chapter is about to commence,” he wrote.

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This comes just days after Nick Cannon announced that his popular show ‘Wild & Out was coming to Africa.

“Africa, are you ready?! We bringing Wild ‘N’ Out to the Motherland!! I’m looking for the funniest and most talented people on the Continent! Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Botswana, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, Somalia, Capetown and Johannesburg, What Country has the best comedians? We are about to find out! Tag them, comment and Repost! We casting now!!!” He revealed

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While auditions are still undergoing, Shiti might be among those who might feature in the show. But do you think he will be the perfect fit?

DJ Shiti Condemns Mtumishi’s Public Criticism of Mother

DJ Shiti, a popular Kenyan entertainer, has publicly condemned comedian Mtumishi for airing his grievances against his mother in a public forum.

During an interview on the Chipukeezy Show, Shiti expressed his disapproval of Mtumishi’s actions, calling them “foolish” and inappropriate.

“I don’t know why Mtumishi went to church and used a microphone to call out his mother. It’s not right to air dirty laundry in public, especially on television,” Shiti stated.

He emphasized that many people face difficult situations silently and that Mtumishi’s actions were disrespectful and unjustified. He further asserted that the issues Mtumishi raised were trivial compared to the hardships endured by others.

“The things he complained about are very stupid. If you go on TV and start shading your mother, people have been treated badly out here. The things he was talking about are not worth shading his parent,” Shiti said.

Mtumishi recently made shocking claims about his mother during a church service, alleging that she practiced witchcraft for years and used these practices to disrupt their family. He also revealed that she involved him in these activities against their father, causing him emotional distress.

Mtumishi stated that his mother breached his trust and that he feels unable to fully mourn her if she were to pass away. He also revealed that he hasn’t spoken to her for the past two years.

DJ Shiti’s comments highlight the importance of respecting family privacy and avoiding public criticism, especially when addressing sensitive topics. His disapproval of Mtumishi’s actions serves as a reminder to handle family issues with respect and discretion.

DJ Shiti talks about being broke and homeless

Comedian DJ Shiti has denied recent claims that he has been evicted by his landlord. In an interview with Plug TV, the former Real House Helps of Kawangware actor said that he allowed himself to reach that stage because he knows what he came to Nairobi to do.

“We know what brought us here in Nairobi,” he said. “We came to Nairobi to search and that’s the last thing that can reach DJ Shiti. I can’t accept it to come to that.”

DJ Shiti said that he is a very organized person and that he has learned from the best in the industry. He is confident that he will be able to overcome this challenge and continue to pursue his dreams.

The comedian’s denial comes after reports that he had been evicted from his home in Nairobi. The reports sparked a wave of support for DJ Shiti on social media, with many people expressing their admiration for his resilience and determination.

DJ Shiti is a well-known comedian and actor in Kenya. He is best known for his role in the popular reality TV show Real House Helps of Kawangware. He is also a successful businessman and has his own line of merchandise.

DJ Shiti’s denial of the eviction claims is a welcome relief to his fans. It is clear that he is a strong and determined individual who is not easily defeated. He is an inspiration to many people and his story is a reminder that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

DJ Shiti’s Somali baby mama gives up on their daughter, hands her over to the comedian

It’s not everyday you hear about a mother giving up on their own child; or giving out the kid to the dad simply because they can’t do it anymore. Well, there have been some reported cases but never did we imagine that a celebrity parent would themselves in such a situation.

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Anyway we now understand that comedian Shiti was recently handed his daughter by Somali baby mama who says she is doing it for the sake of her sanity. Apparently she hit depression after falling out with the comedian and judging from her state – Fash says it’s better for her daughter to be raised by the dad.

She made this known through an Instagram post where she wrote;

I had no intention whatsoever to ever give up on my daughter but whatever I have been through, I have decided to give the father his kid…this is very tough but a necessity. I just hope that she grows into an amazing human and may forever know that this decision is out of my love for her.

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Blames her actions on depression

Just before dropping the bomb on her IG story, Fash Hussein shared a post written depression which would probably explain her decision to leave her daughter with DJ Shiti.

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Although this comes as a big surprise, I want to believe that fathers can also be amazing primary caregivers – meaning the girl will just be fine.

DJ Shiti seeks ‘God’s guidance’ after ugly drama involving ex wife

Comedian Shiti has clearly been having issues with his baby mama, a lady he says is his wife come rain or sunshine. Okay, maybe not now that she’s already aired their family’s dirt on social media.

DJ Shiti

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Although we all agree that this was a result of anger and disappointment – Fash Hussein outdid herself by sharing Mpesa statement to show how much Shiti sends for their daughter’s upkeep. Ksh 150. Shocked huh?

Anyway with the ongoing drama, Shiti now says says he has no choice but to leave it all to God. Actually he started his post by narrating his painful past, how he hustled his way to the top – moving from one city to another – to sleeping on street sidewalks and still never gave up.

Comedian DJ Shiti

Good things are not meant for particular people but anyone who is determined. There were times I had no place to sleep, I could spend the night in the cold streets, travel to different places hoping to find a better life. Bura, Mombasa, Webuye, Kisumu etc but no one wanted to associate with a poor person!!

This too shall pass

Despite all these hardships, the comedian says he pressed harder to get to where he is today; and although he is yet to achieve his heart’s desires – he proud of the person he has since become.

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Am not yet where I wanna be but at least am no longer a burden to anyone like I used to.

To anyone going through the same challenges, especially those with stubborn exes Shiti had this to say;

So whatever you are going through out there know that Almighty God is in control.

Alaaar! DJ Shiti’s baby mama reveals the amount of money comedian sends as child-support

For the past few days DJ Shiti and his ‘wife’ Fash Hussein have been entertaining their fans with their family drama and I would be lying if I said we don’t enjoy watching all this from the sidelines.

I mean, if not for these two would I be here telling you how ugly their breakup and baby upkeep issues?

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Comedian DJ Shiti accused of neglecting daughter

Anyway a few days we reported that Fash Hussein is now claiming her baby daddy DJ Shiti is a deadbeat father to their child, Mariam. The revelation was however made a few months after  the couple parted ways following a misunderstanding – and now that they’re not together why not say it like it is, right? Digital love.

Fash on why DJ Shiti is a deadbeat

Well for a minute we all assumed the reason Fash Hussein is exposing DJ Shiti is due to their ugly breakup tuseme tu ukweli but turns out that she had her own ‘valid’ reasons.

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DJ Shiti

Well, with Shiti denying claims of being a deadbeat dad – his baby mama has now shared a screenshot showing the amount of money the comedian sends for his daughter’s upkeep.

From the Mpesa screenshot, Shiti whose real names are apparently only sent Ksh 150 for baby…wait what? Na hii economy alafu ikupate na Fuliza..machooos but don’t get it twisted I’m just reporting not taking sides…Lakini Shiti!

To caption her post Fash wrote;

Tangu lini was 150 inalea mtoto???mchawi ni Wewe!!!! Jiheshimu.

Judging from how the baby issue is ongoing – all I can say is stay tuned because this pull and push will keep recurring for a while.

Dj Shiti Narrates Hardships Before Fame, Including Sleeping In Koinange With Sex Workers

Steven Oduor Dede, better known to many as DJ Shiti, has been through it all in his journey to fame. The stand-up comedian and actor, is known for his rib-cracking jokes on the screens. But his success story is not a walk in the park.

I am my family's last hope” DJ Shiti reveals - Ghafla! Kenya
Dj Shiti back in the day-Google

Basically, people knew after he came to the limelight but they have never known much about his background and struggles to get in the entertainment industry.

Grass to Grace

When DJ Shiti first landed in Nairobi, there was no money to pay for a house. He often slept in Koinange Street and the commercial sex workers would buy him food and also house him.

Comedian DJ Shiti joins the Millionaires Club as he clocks 1 million  followers on Instagram | Pulselive Kenya

He would also do some stealing under the bed while the girls are going on with their ‘work’. Shiti revealed that he would even go without food for a whole day. The comedian revealed how tough it was to get a chance on stage. He said that judges often rejected him with claims that his comedy won’t amaze fans. The comedian never gave up. He instead started going for acting auditions but they never picked him.

Dj Shiti And His Girlfriend Welcome A Newborn Bouncing Baby Girl - Jabula  News

He says that he was almost giving up but by good luck, auditors in “Househelps Of Kawangware Picked Him. That was his breakthrough point and he started getting random invites to perform in Churchill after noticing his talent.

Shiti claims that after all the hardships, it’s now difficult for him to accept any gig which is of low value; owing to the fact that he has thrived to be where he is now.

I Was So Desperate That I Asked A Gospel Singer To Help Me Out In Comedy- DJ Shiti

You probably know him as one of the best comedians in the country, but do you really know his success story? Steven Oduor Dede, better known as DJ Shiti is one of the self-made celebrities through his comedy. Even though his net worth is not yet clear, he’s without a doubt enjoying the fruits of his hardwork.

Sharing his photo from years back, the comedian reveals how desperate he was to get in the comedy industry. He even went ahead and approached gospel artist Holy Dave to help him out. He also noted that desperation leads most upcoming artists to the wrong people. Just because they are celebrities, they try to use them to get connections. On his page, he wrote,

I remember visiting my brother  @holydavemuthengi at his office in Valley arcade in the Name of tusaidiane kiUsanii
Yet he is a gospel artist and am a comedian…. He didn’t know how to help
So tukapiga story mob sana the whole day na juu nilikua njaa nikararua njugu na cadburys cocoa yooote za wageni hukuja ofisini.

By the way I normally understand upcoming artists any time they approach me for support Yani so long as mtu ako kwa tv unaonanga atakuokolea …
Sometimes ni political analyst but unamsumbua kwa dm …
Ati please Mutahi Ngunyi nisaidie nifikie @henrydesagu ama @terencecreative @captainotoyo tafadhali Niko na Talent.”

The latter is understandable. We all need a helping hand after all. As Kenyan artists, supporting each other should be the number one goal.

“I also slept at Koinange street for 2 months,” DJ Shiti pens moving letter to rescued TPF star David Ogola

David Ogola aka D Major has been re-introduced as a former Tusker Project Fame star whose life crumbled soon after, forcing him to seek refuge on the streets that have been his home for a couple of months.

Fortunately, Kenyans of good will were able to trace his whereabouts, highlight his plight and rescue him from the cold streets of Mirema drive, Roysambu.

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One Margaret, picked him up, got him cleaned up and his hair redone, before liaising with TPF alumnus, Alvan Gatitu who are currently attending to Davids needs.

David was also able to reunite with his step-sister who had been looking for him since 2015 and finally got to see eye-to-eye in a beautiful reunion yesterday.

David reunites with family

The team helped David seek medical services, with plans underway to help the music star get access to suitable, professional counselling and psychological services.

????️ We are fundraising for “DAVID OGOLA”! Please join me in this cause to ensure it succeeds. PayBill: 891300 Account: 43926,” Alvan Gatitu shared.

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DJ Shitis heartfelt message

Popular Kenyan comedian, DJ Shiti responded to the former TPF star’s heartbreaking story, while sharing a similar story of him back in the day.

Comedian DJ Shiti born Steven Oduor Dede

In a short letter on his Instagram page, Shiti pens;

“My Brother David Major, it shall be well..

Because his scenario was no different.

“Mimi mwenyewe nilipitia street, nililala street Koinange 2months naelewa…” DJ Shiti opened up.

DJ Shiti

However, Shiti believes all hope is not lost for the fallen music star, insisting that once D Major is back in good shape, he needs to stage some of the good tunes he performed at TPF.

“Utasimama tena bro!!! Utaskia fiti urudi utuimbie ‘Eye of the Tiger’ na Beligine kama time za TPF.

Promising to visit David in hospital because the mark he left at TPF will live to be remembered.

“Ntakuja kukuona hosi, ulikuwa favorite wetu sana kwa Tusker Project Fame enzi hizo huko Nakuru,” Shiti admits.

His posts have since sparked mixed reactions.

Internet erupts after DJ Shiti makes major announcement (Video)

Popular Kenyan MC and comedian, DJ Shiti has clearly been making money moves lately.

Known for his natural comic theatrics and long career in the entertainment industry, the former Real Househelps of Kawangware film star has risen a notch higher, to feature his own TV series on one of Kenya’s big media shareholder, KTN.

DJ Shiti with Kenya’s Lil Wayne

Breaking the news on his YouTube channel, Shiti shared a teaser of his upcoming show, one that features a bit of thrill and drama, shot on the Kenyan motherland and he urges, “If you wake up early morning and work hard, you will succeed, sitting down is never a solution.”

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This is after getting attacked by two well built gentlemen in daylight robbery that turns into flames, before he jumps out of bed, only to realize it is a dream.

According to him, he had dreamt about unveiling his own show for a long while and it was the high time, he got it up and running. Set to feature on KTN Home, we can only wait to see what Shiti has in store for us.

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But judging from his teaser, it seems he will be letting fans a bit into his private life with his own reality TV show, something that majority of Kenyan celebrities have now embraced. Finishing off with his famous saying, “Usipoona, utaambia watu nini?”

One of Kenya’s funniest MC, DJ Shiti

No title, no timing, no set date. Let’s bid our time.

Elated fans expressed just how impressed they were with the comedian whose hard work, commitment and consistent focus has seen his graph rise within a matter of years.

hii itawa moto sana????????????


Hapo sawa, Shiti! Nimengoja hii kuliku simu ya solar. I kent birivit!


????????????????????????????????????ati wacha niamkee???? shiti we ni mjingaa????????


mazee,,Cant miss this!! Likes za Shitti zidrop


Finally a Kenyan stuff i can sit down and watch


a aaaah usipoona, utaambia watu nini… Shaka! Cant wait for it????????????????


Congrats bro, bidii yako haijakuangusha bro

EXCLUSIVE: Magix Enga finally reveals why he was forced to kick out Rudra Kartel

Over the last two weeks, we’ve have witnessed a war of words between Magix Enga, who is arguably one of the most  sought-after producers in the region, and an upcoming artist by the name Rudra Kartel.

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It all started when Rudra uploaded a video where he claimed that the renowned producer was forcing him to sign to his record label – Magix Empire – yet he tore the contract.

Magix Enga and Rudra Kartel

Further, he alleged that Magix Enga told him that he will never be a star if he exits the stable and went went ahead to block his new projects.

Ghafla reached out to the producer to find out the truth of the matter and he explained that he tried to advice Rudra to make his own songs instead of mimicking Vybz Kartel but he could hear none of it.

Magix Enga went on to add that the Money hit maker was just looking for fame using his name yet he was just trying to help him get out of the ghetto since he recognized his talent.

Magix Enga with Rudra Kartel

Interestingly, Rudra was introduced to him by DJ Shiti and when they met he could not stop crying and saying that he wanted to help his family have a better life.

Magix Enga told this writer that someone had lied to the singer that he would get Ksh. 1 for each view so he decided to confront him asking for Ksh. 100,000 for the views his song had garnered.

Asked whether he would sign Rudra back to his label, Magix said he would never because he needs to learn that since people have been lying to him that he has made it after releasing only one song.

Listen to the interview below.

DJ Shiti reveals his first stage name and why he was forced to change it!

Before DJ Shiti there was ‘Magazine’ a funny man from Nakuru who came to Nairobi in search of greener pastures; only to realize life in the city is harder than he expected!

Well this is a story about the current DJ Shiti who has been using his story to inspire the young people in the society.

Speaking during an interview with Jalang’o on Bonganajalas; Shiti for the first time revealed a few unknown things about himself including the fact that he was once known as Magazine.

Magazine meets DJ Shiti

Shiti talks about Magazine

When asked why he chose the name magazine at the beginning of his career; DJ Shiti opened up revealing that this name was creative to since a magazine always consists of a lot of information publish all together.

For him this was an easy name since he had also been carrying several talents in him; thus masking magazine a more reasonable name.

However, he later came to change Magazine to DJ Shiti – a name that left him making headlines on most tabloids! According to him sometimes a person is forced to take different directions just to achieve the same goal and this what he did.

DJ Shiti
DJ Shiti

Supporting his family

While many comedians continue to complain about payments; DJ Shiti has been handling his side hustles that have seen him make a few coins here and there.

However much life has been tough on him, DJ Shiti says he has never thought of quitting since his entire family looks up to him.

We all know that after arriving in Nairobi he had no place to sleep since his cousin refused to host him; however his friends at Koinange ended up showing sympathy and rented him a place to stay.

Prince Tsyder alias Tony with DJ Shiti as part of the crew in TRHK local film

Speaking about this shiti revealed;

“I made friends among the commercial sex workers at Koinange street. They loved how I spoke and nicknamed me Mr. Motivator. They, however, usually probed me to tell them where I stay, and after a few inquiries, I bowed into their demands and told them the truth. They took me to a house along River Road, where they usually undertook their commercial businesses. I lived there for some time“

The comedian also added that his brothers children and those of his sister also depend on him financially; and just like in most African families, Shiti is responsible for his younger siblings school free!

“I am my family’s last hope” DJ Shiti reveals

DJ Shiti has never shied away from revealing how tough it was for him before making it big in the entertainment industry!

Just like most young men with a vision of a better future, DJ Shiti left his rural home in search of green pastures in Nairobi.

DJ Shiti
DJ Shiti (Photo courtesy)

However, what he did not know is that life is actually harder in the city; compared to the one he was used to while living back at his parents home.

Starting life at Koinange

In his previous interviews, DJ Shiti revealed that when he arrived in Nairobi – he had no where to go after his cousin and a few of his relatives refused to host him.

He was then left with no choice but to live on the street. Speaking about this experience DJ Shiti opened up saying;

“I made friends among the commercial sex workers at Koinange street. They loved how I spoke and nicknamed me Mr. Motivator. They, however, usually probed me to tell them where I stay, and after a few inquiries, I bowed into their demands and told them the truth,”

He went on to add saying the ladies took it upon themselves to help him despite not knowing him.

“They took me to a house along River Road, where they usually undertook their commercial businesses. I lived there for some time.”

Shiti opens up to Jalang’o

Speaking with on Jalang’os new YouTube show #Bonganajalas; Shiti for the first time revealed why he never thought of quitting despite the many challenges!

Shitty with Khaligraph Jones

The comedian confessed saying that he is his family’s current hope since his brothers already started having kids at a young age; and like in most Kenyan families – they all depend on Shiti!

As heard in the interview, Shiti reveals that he has about 10 people (just to round up) looking up to him for financial support; and of course one can now understand why he works so hard.

Watch the video below courtesy of Jalang’os IG page.

Kenyan comedians should stay away from music!

If you are keen enough, I’m sure you’ve noticed that almost every Kenyan comedian has crossed over to music. It’s almost as if that was the endgame for all of them. Wasn’t it though?

It started with Eric Omondi, soon enough the likes of Fred Omondi, DJ Shiti, Mulamwah, Eddie Butita, Mammito, soon joined in.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi

Sometimes I ask myself why they all decided to make this predictable move. Like, did they stop to think that we were already tired of their lame and tribal jokes. I guess not.

In as much as some of them are talented, (I give it to them, some can sing but  I won’t mention any names) why did they imagine that they would have any impact as musicians? What did they really want to achieve?

I bet it all began when they realized that they had lost relevance as comedians, that people were not cheering them as they used to so jumping ship and music seemed like the best option.

In my opinion, if you have established your career in a certain line, you should try your best to perfect it not to cross over to another career and fail terribly at it.

Eddie Butita

I’m aware that some of them try to include a comical aspect in their songs to show us that they can still do both but I don’t think anyone really cares.

It’s a fact that most of comedians are just trying to remain relevant by maintaining active fan bases but should they torture our eardrums while at it?

Whichever way you see it, Kenyan comedians should get back to terrible jokes that we were all used to and stay away from release music because let’s be honest, the country has enough musicians!


Prostitutes helped me in this Nairobi- DJ Shiti whispers to Betty Kyalo 

Before comedian DJ Shiti made a name for himself, he was just another struggling creative starving in the streets of Nairobi scrambling to make a living.

Shitti recently appeared on Betty Kyalo’s show where he revisited his story of depending on prostitutes while still pushing hard to get an acting spot.

He never gave up and the prostitutes in town saw that Shiti was destined for greatness and they started supporting him.

“I was honest with them, I told them I usually go for rehearsals and afterwards chill in town because it was safer than home. They then took me to one of their houses along River Road,” he told Betty. 


Shitti said the prostitutes helped him until he got his footing and since then he has never forgotten them.

“Funny thing is we always motivated each other and they always told me I was going to make it,” he added. 

Watch the full episode below:

DJ Shiti starts new project to uplift prostitutes in Kenya

Comedian DJ Shiti has vowed to focus on changing the lives of commercial sex workers in Kenya.

Through his new project called ‘Okoa Mrembo’ the DJ will make sure the sex works can get better opportunities in life. He added that a reason why he’s helping them is because when he came to Nairobi, twilight girls helped him out and ensured he had a place to sleep.

“I have a project that is ‘Dubbed Okoa Mrembo Kwa Street’ targeted at prostitutes on the street. This is because they really helped me when I came to Nairobi and had nowhere to go. Every one ran away from home but these girls helped me and stood by me,” he said.

Leaving KTN

DJ Shiti
DJ Shiti (Photo courtesy)

Dj Shiti who is famed for his role in the TV drama Real Househelps of Kawangware added that the TV series is also planning a comeback after rebranding.

“We have rebranded the show, it’s coming back bigger and better. However it will not be aired on KTN as it was being aired before it will be aired on a different station. For now I cannot reveal why we left KTN though,” he said.

The lord works in mysterious ways! YY narrates how Abel Mutua discovered DJ Shiti at the burial of Mzee Ojwang 

DJ Shiti is now the face of popular TV series ‘Real Househelps of Kawangware’ (TRHK). The comedian has made major strides in the industry since he first landed a role on the comedy-drama TV series.

Before TRHK, DJ Shiti was just an ordinary comedian struggling to make ends meet. July 29th 2015 was the turning point in DJ Shiti’s life.

The comedian was among hundred of thespians who gathered at Langata cemetery for the burial of legendary actor Mzee Ojwang. It was during the burial that DJ Shit was discovered by Abel Mutua.

Started shooting next day

Comedian YY narrated how Abel discovered Shiti. He says that he was chilling with Abel Mutua at the burial when Butita told Abel to give DJ Shiti a shot at TRHK. YY and Butita vouched for Shiti convincing Abel that he wouldn’t regret if he gives Shiti a chance.

YY further reveals that Abel was so impressed by DJ Shiti after watching a clip on YouTube and he ultimately decided to cast him on TRHK the next day.


“@eddiebutita and I used to tell shiti By then called Magazene “Unajua ukiingia Real househelps of Kawangware Utavuruga sana”…So one day (3 years ago) we catching up with @eddiebutita and @abelmutua at Mzee Ojwang’s Burial May God rest his soul….we Tell Abel btw before we continue kuna Boy mnoma ukamweka TRHK ataweza sana,,,Butita arrogantly teases shiti “wewe tunakutetea hapa na umesimama mbali,si ukuje hapa uongee na Abel…shiti Comes, Abel akauliza iko wapi Proof that he’s Good for the Show… I pulled out the Show above that I had posted on My YouTube Channel…Abel listened Matanga ikiendelea(roho safi hiyo) in low volume and was Impressed… actually he was laughing so Hard…Then Butita Told shiti “Usiende Uko halafu uanze kuchelewa shoots.. Guess what? Shiti Started shoots the Next MORNING then Boom…..To cut this story short, Let me just say SHAKA! NITAAMBIA NINI WATU!,” YY narrated.


If this is how comedian DJ Shiti will age, then he will make a handsome grandfather (Photo)

Comedian DJ Shiti is now among the top paid comedians in the country thanks to his talent that compares to no other. He has also become a favorite to many who admire his ‘luhya’ jokes and this can be seen by the number of followers he has on his social media pages.

Just recently he shared one of his edited photos that makes him appear like an aged man leaving fans trolling him for his ‘fine looks’. Well if he happens to reach the age of 70 years and above I bet this is how the comedian will look – meaning that he will make one fine grandfather.

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Though he seemed not to agree with the edits done on the photo,  deep down he must have been beating his chest as the photo makes him look way much better than some celebrities who have been using the same application to edit their photos.

Anyway checkout the old looking photo of Dj Shiti and be the judge.

DJ Shiti
DJ Shiti

DJ Shiti lands a new deal that will see him smile all the way to the bank

Comedian DJ Shiti popularly known for his role on The real househelps of Kawangware has landed yet another major deal with Star Times as revealed on his social media pages.

The fella made the major announcement confirming that he is now the new Star Times TV’s brand ambassador for 2017/2018. This comes after professa Harmo’s contract came to an end just recently – but he seems to be grateful since this opportunity opened many doors for him.

Dj Shiti

However, as for now DJ Shiti will be entertaining his fans through Star Times which will definitely also give him an opportunity to show case his talent like never before. Check out his announcement in the post shared below!

Is DJ Shiti planning on quitting TV show ‘Real House helps of Kawangare?’

Comedian Dj Shiti has not only been winning fans but he has also been growing his promising career. For a while now he has been entertaining his fans through the Real House Helps of Kawangare where he plays the role of the lead actor – after comedian Njugush left.

However during an interview with Pulse just recently, he was asked whether it was true that he was to leave the TV show as revealed by several tabloids a while back.

DJ Shiti
DJ Shiti with Awiti

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Well, he did not confirm nor deny but according to him – he was only supposed to appear on 5 episodes and after his contract ended the producers of the show convinced him to stay he said;

Well upon meeting Abel Mutua in 2014, who introduced me to Mr Waithaka Mukuria, the agreement we had was that I was to feature in strictly five episodes.But owing to great public demand Mr Waithaka was forced to recall me.

With his catchy and funny character I bet the show would have never gotten the same review as he played the important part now that Njugush was no longer working with ‘Real House helps of Kawangare.
Anyway it is good for his fans to know that he is not planning on leaving anytime soon, right?

DJ Shiti reveals how s*x commercial workers operating along the Koinange street helped him before the fame and money

There is always an inspiring story behind every successful person and this round DJ Shiti has shared his. Before the money and fame Real house-helps of Kawangare actor DJ Shiti was just another man chasing his dream of becoming a comedian.

Having struggled to get his name out while performing in Nakuru he happened to meet someone who connected him with Churchill and like a dream come true he was among the lucky persons who landed an audition for the comedy show which he passed.

DJ Shiti
DJ Shiti (Photo courtesy)

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However, at this time he had no friends or any accommodation in Nairobi since he was new. For this reason he was forced to sleep on the streets but luckily he got help from the ladies working along the Koinange street.

According to him they gave him some money and accommodation before he got on his feet. Speaking to Pulse he said;

In between the auditions I would often sleep out in the cold streets of Nairobi. The only people who came to my rescue were my ‘sisters’ known to do business within Koinange street who occasionally gave me money and temporary accommodation.

Well he is grateful to them and luckily for him his career keeps growing as he is now the lead actor on Real house-helps of Kawangare after Njugush quit the show.