New photos of baby Mueni Bahati confirm how much she looks like her dad’s late mum

Baby Mueni was kept a secret for almost two years by her parent; but we understand that Bahati who was/is a gospel artist thought it would best to have the news hidden from social media. 4 years down the line and we have photos of baby Mueni back when she was only a few months old.

The photos shared by Yvette Obura; were the first baby photos of Mueni to ever surface on social media. Judging from how adorable baby Mueni looks in the photos; we can only conclude that she got her fine looks from her mother and Bahati too!

Thanks to an interview done by Bahati a while back we also learn that his first born daughter looks like his late mum’s photocopy. What many however don’t understand is why Bahati kept his daughter a secret for so long – only for him to take pride in her years later.

Never seen before photos

Whether Bahati is involved in the young girl’s life or not;Yvette proudly celebrated herself on mothers day for raising her daughter in the best possible way. In the past we have seen her share stories of how much she struggled bringing up her baby to a point of sleeping on the cold floor.

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But just like any other mother, Yvette managed to pull through and is now focused on building her businesses. Away from Yvette revealed that she was dedicating this years Mother’s Day to her baby girl. She went on to caption one of the photos saying;

Dedicating this beautiful day to @mueni_bahati

Mueni Bahati

Although details of Bahati and Yvette Obura’s relationship remain on the low; the two are never shy to admit that they are co parenting for the sake of their daughter! However, with the bad blood between Yvette and Diana Marua no one can tell whether they will be able pull the blended family tactic!

Check out the only photo of Bahati’s mum below:

Bahati’s mum

And now baby Mueni;

Baby Mueni