¨The line was crossed, regrettably¨ NTV journalist apologizes after insensitive act regarding the Ethiopian Airplane crash.

NTV journalist recently found himself in trouble.

This was after making a joke that Kenyans did not take lightly, in regards to the Ethiopian plane crash.

The fatal accident took away the lives of 157 passengers and flight crew members on board, all of 32 different nationalities.

This is one of the top stories that has made the headlines since the beginning of the week.

A story and event, that has captured the attention of a global audience.

Local and international stations broadcast this story unceasingly.

However, things did not take the right turn after NTV local journalist got carried away by the moment.

NTV did the airing of the broadcast using animated graphics.

NTV journalist, Dan Mwangi, seemed to ward off the smoke from the impact of the plane crash as he was concluding the bulletin.

Soon after, Dan got trolled on Twitter.

NTV journalist, Dan Mwangi

¨I would never intentionally trivialise death, or even injury; it is simply not my person, heart or intention.¨ the NTV journalist expressed.

¨I offer my unreserved apology to all the families, friends, and all others who I – unintentionally – offended¨ he concluded.

This was after Kenyans took to Twitter to question his act especially towards such grievous incident.

¨I think what disgusted me most other than the graphics was the little dramatisation you pulled at the end as you walked away!¨

¨You are so insensitive! You should resign. What a gaffe!¨ Catherine Njue expressed, unimpressed.

¨Journalism should never become entertainment, apologies are good but the damage you did to your reputation maybe permanent.¨ David Githu echoed on Twitter.

Well, there we have it!

First birthday as a mother! NTV’s Smriti Vidyarthi given surprise birthday treat (photos) 

NTV news anchor Smriti Vidyarthi was given a surprise birthday party by fellow employees at the NTV studios on January 2.

Vidyarthi took to social media to share the photos of the small party and thanked her workmates who treated her to a mouth-watering cake.


It’s also the first birthday since the news anchor gave birth last year. Vidyarthi managed to keep the pregnancy news under wraps last year until her baby shower.

The Wild Talk show host welcomed her first child named Ariyana.

My first birthday as a mother. I’m filled with gratitude. I’ll find the strength just for you. #January2nd,” she said.


NTV news anchors save lorry driver involved in nasty road accident (Photos)

Popular NTV news anchor Trevor Ombija was crowned hero of the day on Monday after dashing and helping a lorry driver who was stuck following an accident at Ehedwe, Mbale, Vihiga County.

The accident happened while NTV camera crew was on its way back to Nairobi from Kakamega County.

Trevor Ombija

News anchor Doreen Majala shared the news on her social media pages since she was among the crew.

“Pongezi mwenzangu @TrevorOmbija kwa ujasiri wa kumtoa dereva wa trela hii eneo la ajali. @dannmule @zeynabIsmail na kikosi cha @ntvkenya INGOEDITION kwa ujasiri. Nimeshuhudia nikaishiwa nguvu miguuni. Nawatakia afueni dereva na kondakta” Tweeted Doreen Majala.

“Nimeshuhudia ajali iliyofanyika Ehedwe, Mbale kaunti ya Vihiga mwendo wa 8.33 asubuhi. Kikosi cha @ntvkenya INGOEDITION tulikuwa safarini kuelekea Nairobi. Ni Trela ya mchele aina ya Mercedes KCM 841N kutoka Mombasa kuelekea Kakamega. Dereva na kondakta wanapokea matibabu” Added Majala.


Kenyans, however, rushed to the scene to steal bags of rice that the lorry had been ferrying.

NTV’s The Beat to stop airing on NTV after a clean 14 years 

After 14 years of playing local music on Nation Media’s NTV, music show The Beat is finally coming to and end.

The show, which was started by veteran DJ Pinye, took to social media to share that it has terminated it’s contract with the station and might be getting a new home.

“To everyone who has watched us over the last 14 years, supported us, criticized us, sent a shout out, we are happy to have been in this long journey together. The show comes to an end on NTV and we moving to shape the Kenyan music industry keep it locked on our new YouTube channel and social media handles for updates”, read the post.


It’s not clear where Pinye might be taking the show next. Many however, believe he might be headed to Citizen TV, which lately has poached a huge number of Nation’s employees.

Pick a side! NTV and Citizen introduce new Swahili news anchors lineup on the same day (video) 

Journalists in different media houses have been shifting lately as power struggles between top media companies has intensified.

Citizen TV has been poaching a bunch of presenters lately from other TV stations but also has lost a few of their top guys in the process.

Citizen TV and NTV have now released their official news lineup both on the same day leaving Kenyans arguing on which side they belong.

NTV Line up

Line ups

Ex-NTV news anchors Nimrod Tabu, Jamila Mohamed, Lulu Hassan’s hubby Rashid Abdhalla, former KTN Swahili news anchor Mwashirima Kapombe Swaleh Mdoe, Mwanahamisi Hamadi and the ever glowing Lulu Hassan made up the line up for Citizen TV.

NTV on the other hand has Salim Swaleh, Doreen Gatwiri, Nuru Abdulaziz as well as Kaltun Jama on their Swahili desk.

Watch the two videos below:




Former Citizen TV news anchor fired for allegedly taking bribes finally speaks after joining NTV 

Former Citizen TV Swahili news anchor Salim Swaleh has been topping headlines for weeks now after he was allegedly fired from the station for being corrupt.

Not fired

Two weeks later, Salim joined NTV, a station that has being losing employees at an alarming rate but the negative talk has followed him there. He has been forced to speak, claiming that he was not fired but he just resigned.

“Yes, it is true I left Citizen TV a week ago. I resigned for personal reasons not because of what I am reading online. My salary and the little I get from my businesses is enough money for me. I am professional journalist who has worked with international media entities,” Swaleh said in an interview with a local station.

The journalist is expected to take the role of senior news anchor, news producer and African affairs expert and researcher.


NTV Kwisha! Yet another NTV presenter quits, headed to Citizen

It has not been a good year for Nation Media Group as presenter after the other have handed their resignation letters. The media company has been losing journalists at an alarming rate as they continue rake in huge loses.

Nimorod Taabu is the latest news anchor to ditch the company after he allegedly handed his resignation recently.

Next stop

Word has it that he’s headed to Citizen TV to replace Kanze Dena who was poached by the government.

NMG has seen a mass exodus of their top journalists in a span of three months after Managing Editor.




‘Bitter’ NTV reporter slams journalists who moved to Citizen TV

Almost a dozen journalists left Nation Media group for Royal media services, something that has left some angry.

Ken Mijungu is one of those angry guys and was recently on social media to slam guys who left NTV.

Nothing new

I thought it was an earthquake yaani not even a tremor, as ntvkenya is showing the World Cupcitizentvkenya couldn’t afford a game to counter just some aped shows with recycled faces with a whole thinktank having shifted base tucheze,” the reporter-cum-news anchor tweeted.

Some journalists who have left the station include Editor Linus Kaikai and Larry Madowo.

Yet another NTV presenter ‘stolen’ by Citizen TV, makes debut (photos)

The great exodus from once popular TV station, NTV, seems won’t stop any time soon. The once unshakable giant has been losing employees to other companies in an alarming rate as they watch helplessly.

Royal Media the new home

Most of these presenter have been moving to Royal Media and the latest presenter to switch sides is Kimani Mbugua. The entertainment news anchor took to social media to share his debut on Citizen TV with a photo.

Kim has now joined Citizen TV’

Almost 20 days ago, he bid goodbye to NTV with a message saying:

“Leaving @ntvkenya after three awesome years at the Nation Media Group, this home will be missed together with all who made this young boy’s dreams possible. Sasa naenda ivi nakam.”


Popular journalist accused of rapping college girl after taking her for an outing

TV personality Tony Timase was forced to head over to Kilimani police station to record a statement about a date he recently had with a college girl.

According to the Star Newspaper, the young girl claims that Timase might have drugged her since she doesn’t remember anything that happened after the date.

Timase reported the incident as an extortion attempt.

“I was introduced to Tony by a client identified as Jenny. She told me he would help me flourish. I work at a beauty shop along Kiambu Road, and I wanted someone to help me push my business. Tony picked me at Jacaranda along Thika Road on Saturday evening at around 8pm and told me where he was taking me was a surprise. We got to a hotel at around 9pm, and I don’t know what happened thereafter. I found myself at a stage full of boda bodas. I called another friend of mine, who later helped me,” claims the lady.

Extortion plan?

Screenshots from the lady show that the two were together that day.

“Jana who took me home. And did we do anything odd? haha.”

The veteran journalist responds: “Sweets si you took a cab. Sina gari saa hii. When it’s fixed I will be dropping you always. I actually wanted to keep you till morning.”

“This is the craziest allegation I’ve ever heard. It’s not true. I don’t know a person by that name. On Saturday night, I was watching UCL finals pitting Liverpool against Real Madrid with my friend. After that, I went to Kengeles pub near Nyayo Stadium with my friend and my girlfriend,” said Timase after he was called by The Star.

“Stop trying to deny. You have admitted you were with her yesterday,” the lady’s boyfriend interjected, accusing him of rapping his girlfriend.

Timase replied: “I was not with your wife or any other day. I don’t know who Jenny is, and when I was in the game, never did I ask for help to hit on a chick. I always did it myself.”

The boyfriend said: “You know man I used to respect you sana ukiwa kwa TV but this is how you are? Taking advantage of others just because you’re popular? I’m sure you wouldn’t let it slide if I slept with your woman, that’s if you have one. And so you had to drug her too to sleep with her or what? Because she was pretty much drugged when she came home.”

Seasons of blessings!! Yet another top news anchor is pregnant, shares photos of baby shower

First it was Lilian Muli. Then Janet Mbugua. And now Smriti Vidyarthi has joined the party.

The NTV news anchor has announced that she’s pregnant joining the flurry of news anchor that have announced they are heavy with a baby in the belly.

She announced on Instagram saying she taking a break from TV because of the pregnancy.

“With one of my favourite peeps @mark_masai Tune in for my last broadcast for a few months…time to take a breather. I’ll be back before you know it! @ntvkenya,” she said in her post.

She shared photos online to announce the pregnancy. She has been married three years now.

Rubadri leaves NTV for Citizen TV, Set to hold for a pregnant Lilian Muli

Days after Larry Madowo resigned and got another job from BBC, fans begged him not to leave behind his co-anchor Victoria Rubidiri. It seems their prayers have been answered though not fully.

Victoria Rubadiri has now ditched NTV and is headed for Citizen TV where she’ll be replacing a pregnant Lilian Muli, sources say. Rubadiri becomes the latest journalist to ditch the ailing Nation Media after eight other leading journalists left recently.

Citizen wins big

Some of those who have moved to Citizen TV include Pamela Asigi, former NTV’s editor, was appointed Managing Editor, English desk, whereas Jamila Mohammed, former NTV’s Swahili news anchor will now be Citizen TV’s Managing Editor, Swahili desk.

Yet another top NTV news anchor ditches the station, headed to Citizen TV to replace Swaleh Mdoe

Just days after Nation Media Group boss Linus Kaikai handed his resignation letter, another employee in management is following him at Royal media Services.

According to sources, Jamila Mohammed is officially the latest top management employee to call it quits at NTV, following a stream of other journalists who have ditched the station.

One of the oldest employees at Nation

The popular Swahili news anchor  joined the station in 2002 and she was one of the longest serving journalist in the media company. Her former boss Kaikai left barely a fortnight before her leaving many asking what’s really going on at Nation.

Jamila was appointed Managing Editor of QTV Kenya in 2015 and was also currently the Manager of Programming and Content Development at NTV Kenya before her exit.

She’s set to replace Swaleh Mdoe at Citizen TV as managing editor for Swahili services for both the TV and radio( Radio Citizen). Mdoe, who is swimming in huge debt that has made him make to the headlines,  has been demoted because of poor work ethics according to inside sources.

Journalist Evelyn Simaloi narrates her emotional journey after learning she had HIV, how it led to her rape

Journalist Evelyn Simaloi, in a recent interview, shared her emotional journey as a person living with HIV after contracting the disease in 1999. Simaloi narrated how she got infected by her friends ex-boyfriend who she fell for but didn’t mention to her that she was infected.

Infected by her friend’s ex-lover

In the interview which was published by The Nairobian, she said that she only learnt she had HIV/AIDS after applying for a job which needed blood tests and they came back positive. She also said that both the man and her friend knew they had the disease but failed to mention to her.


Here is her story:

“A man I was living with infected me. I was introduced to him by my best friend who was dating him. I did not have anywhere to go, so she took me there to work (for him) as a house help.

“I was desperate and I needed money. A few months later, he started showing interest in me and I could not say no. Before I knew it, he had broken up with my best friend.

“She told me that I would regret it, but I dismissed it as just jealousy. In retrospect, however, I suspect she must have known about his status since their baby died two weeks after birth,” Said Simaloi.

She added:


“I had applied for a job at a restaurant and they required my health records. I was confident because I thought they were testing for pregnancy or drugs.

“Two weeks later, when the tests came back, I was told I was positive. Actually, the doctor just told me that I had aids and that I only had five years to live. Those days, medication was very expensive. 

“He admitted to having infected me because he was in love with me. He claimed that he was afraid i would leave him. I left him and went to live with his cousin who introduced me to hood rats. Everyone kept hitting on me and I became angry and bitter with men.

“I would insult them and move on because i did not want to disclose my status. Unfortunately, that’s how I ended up being raped. One evening, I was very high and he offered to escort me home. On the way, he overpowered and raped me.”




Rubadiri sad her country of origin Malawi missed the popular Black Panther premier 

NTV news anchor, Victoria Rubadiri, is feeling remorseful for her country of origin because they never got a chance to watch the highly anticipated Black Panther movie which premiered on Valentine’s Day.

The journalist, during NTV’s entertainment segment, said it was sad that Malawi, in 2018, had no cinemas and were forced drive miles all the way to Zambia to watch the premier.

Many have no idea that Rubadiri has Malawian roots. Popular poet and scholar James David Rubadiri was her grandfather though Rubadiri is a Kenyan of many mix of races and tribes.

Black Panther poster

A mix of everything

To define her ethinicity, Rubadiri once said:

“My mother is a mix of Maasai and Kalenjin, my grandfather was half Kalenjin and half Scottish and my grandmother, Kikuyu, Maasai, and Seychelloise. Put that together and you could say I am a little bit of everything.”

Black Panther was a huge movie and went on to break box-office numbers. Kenyans were excited after Lupita Nyong’o was among the lead casts. Namibia also got represented after Connie Temweka Gabisile Chiume, who is a South African citizen, made an appearance playing mining elder of Wakanda country