NTV Savagely Claps Back At Moses Kuria

Nation TV’s Kiswahili word of the day on Monday, June 19, was “mpyaro.” The word means someone who speaks vulgarly. Nation TV used the word in a sentence, saying, “Moses ni mpyaro.” This means “Moses is a foul-mouthed person.”

The tweet quickly went viral, with Kenyans on social media hilariously reacting to the word choice. Some people joked that Moses was a character from the Bible, while others said that he must be a politician. Still others said that they knew someone named Moses who fit the description perfectly.

The tweet also sparked a debate about the use of vulgar language in Kenya. Some people said that it is a sign of disrespect, while others said that it is simply a way of expressing oneself.

Ultimately, the tweet was a reminder of the diversity of languages and cultures in Kenya. It also showed how social media can be used to spark conversations about important issues.

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans on social media:

“Moses ni mpyaro? That’s harsh!”

“I know a Moses who is definitely a mpyaro.”

“I think it’s wrong to use vulgar language. It’s disrespectful.”

“Vulgar language is just a way of expressing oneself. It’s not always disrespectful.”

The tweet was a lighthearted way to learn a new Swahili word and to start a conversation about language and culture.

¨Kindly run a slideshow of the latest memes instead¨ fans rubbish Bahati´s new reality show before it even gets aired

´Being Bahati´ show on NTV was one that sparked mixed reactions from fans, majority in dislike, others in love but Bahati unveils his new ´Bahati Reality´ show that has received worse reception.

Soon after it´s season finale, fans felt quite relieved with a heavy burden taken off their backs but hardly did we know.

This was news revealed by the local major broadcaster for his show, NTV, disclosing:

The show´s season premiere is expected to kick off this Saturday, 18th of May as from 7:30 pm.


However, before it even gets aired, fans believe it is just a waste of time and resources both from NTV, Bahati himself as well as to the audience at large.

They actually rubbish it off with comments suggesting:

Si mrudie tu news


We are tired of Bahati. Get other meaningful shows to air. rubbish


That’s great. Coincides with the day I stop watching NTV.


We r together.. ..ntv should find a meaningful program.. Am not watching

This con artist has renewed the and now he thinks this one is different.????
Tell him to find something else important to do other than show us this old granny
That’s why I stick to Netflix and YouTube..
Please better you do replays of “living in the trap house”
What is the objective of this show.. How do benefit.. Wat message does this show help the jobless youth
I’m sure many are ashamed that you rejected Nairobi Diaries only to welcome the story of the con and his old wife.
It’s called standards, and lacks it.
Do you lack anything else to air that show is rubbish
Are you guys serious airing this show?
Kindly run a slideshow of the latest memes instead of this set-book-drama like show.
“For this one I promise to sit on my TV and watch my sofa…”

First birthday as a mother! NTV’s Smriti Vidyarthi given surprise birthday treat (photos) 

NTV news anchor Smriti Vidyarthi was given a surprise birthday party by fellow employees at the NTV studios on January 2.

Vidyarthi took to social media to share the photos of the small party and thanked her workmates who treated her to a mouth-watering cake.


It’s also the first birthday since the news anchor gave birth last year. Vidyarthi managed to keep the pregnancy news under wraps last year until her baby shower.

The Wild Talk show host welcomed her first child named Ariyana.

My first birthday as a mother. I’m filled with gratitude. I’ll find the strength just for you. #January2nd,” she said.


NTV news anchor: I was forced to work as a sweeper at Govt corporation because of my late father’s Kshs1.8M debt

NTV Kiswahili news anchor Dan Mule has shared his painful journey to where he currently is saying that it has not been easy at all.

Speaking to Daily Nation in a candid interview, Mule revealed that he used to work as a sweeper at the state-owned National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) after his father died and left shillings 1.8 million debt behind.

“When I was in Form Two, my father passed away. It was a trying time especially because we were a close-knit family, but by God’s grace we pulled through. I scored a B+ mean grade in KCSE which secured me an admission at Kenyatta University. Back then, government- sponsored students had to wait for two years before joining the university. It was during that wait that auctioneers came to our home with documents showing that my late dad owed them Sh1.8million,” he said. 

Goose chase

Mule went on to explain that he took up the job, while he was just 18 years in an attempt to settle the huge debt. This also sent him into a wild goose chase as he struggled to make a living and repay the money.

“My next stop was Pyrethrum board and here I was tasked with passing magnets through the pyrethrum to rid it of any metal scrapes before it was packed. But these jobs only lasted a week. Every week, hundreds of labourers would mill outside one company and once the supervisors selected the people they needed, the rest would go to the next company for another selection, and the last company would pick out its workers by 10:00am,” he said. 

His inspirational story has motivated many, proving that truly we should never give up and that sky is the limit.

“Today, God has blessed me with many opportunities to help others both materially and morale support. I delight in giving guidance to children and young people generally.

“I am a lecturer at St Paul’s University and Daystar University. Besides teaching , I give hope to my students to keep pushing their dreams. I aspire to give incessantly and urge others to think beyond themselves. My mantra is: You will never have too little to give,” he says. 

Read the full story here. 

Pick a side! NTV and Citizen introduce new Swahili news anchors lineup on the same day (video) 

Journalists in different media houses have been shifting lately as power struggles between top media companies has intensified.

Citizen TV has been poaching a bunch of presenters lately from other TV stations but also has lost a few of their top guys in the process.

Citizen TV and NTV have now released their official news lineup both on the same day leaving Kenyans arguing on which side they belong.

NTV Line up

Line ups

Ex-NTV news anchors Nimrod Tabu, Jamila Mohamed, Lulu Hassan’s hubby Rashid Abdhalla, former KTN Swahili news anchor Mwashirima Kapombe Swaleh Mdoe, Mwanahamisi Hamadi and the ever glowing Lulu Hassan made up the line up for Citizen TV.

NTV on the other hand has Salim Swaleh, Doreen Gatwiri, Nuru Abdulaziz as well as Kaltun Jama on their Swahili desk.

Watch the two videos below:




Yet another NTV presenter ‘stolen’ by Citizen TV, makes debut (photos)

The great exodus from once popular TV station, NTV, seems won’t stop any time soon. The once unshakable giant has been losing employees to other companies in an alarming rate as they watch helplessly.

Royal Media the new home

Most of these presenter have been moving to Royal Media and the latest presenter to switch sides is Kimani Mbugua. The entertainment news anchor took to social media to share his debut on Citizen TV with a photo.

Kim has now joined Citizen TV’

Almost 20 days ago, he bid goodbye to NTV with a message saying:

“Leaving @ntvkenya after three awesome years at the Nation Media Group, this home will be missed together with all who made this young boy’s dreams possible. Sasa naenda ivi nakam.”


Rubadri leaves NTV for Citizen TV, Set to hold for a pregnant Lilian Muli

Days after Larry Madowo resigned and got another job from BBC, fans begged him not to leave behind his co-anchor Victoria Rubidiri. It seems their prayers have been answered though not fully.

Victoria Rubadiri has now ditched NTV and is headed for Citizen TV where she’ll be replacing a pregnant Lilian Muli, sources say. Rubadiri becomes the latest journalist to ditch the ailing Nation Media after eight other leading journalists left recently.

Citizen wins big

Some of those who have moved to Citizen TV include Pamela Asigi, former NTV’s editor, was appointed Managing Editor, English desk, whereas Jamila Mohammed, former NTV’s Swahili news anchor will now be Citizen TV’s Managing Editor, Swahili desk.

NTV’s Teen Republic host Tracy Wanjiru flaunts her sexy boyfriend online(photos) 

NTV’s presenter Tracy Wanjiru is one of the hottest lasses that Kenya has ever produced and that Team Mafasi have always tried to figure out how they can make a move.

She recently had some heartbreaking news for the Mafasi club after photos with her boyfriend who she has managed to keep in the dark for long enough now, finally hit online.

Wanjiru shared photos of her better half, Michael Kebede, at a recent event in town where they were getting cozy and showing their love to the public. She later took to Instagram to share some photos with him alongside with his co-host Martin Kimathi.

Doesn’t talk much about him

Wanjiru, who now also works at Capital FM as a host on the “Hits Not Homework” show, has managed to keep fans in the dark about her relationship.

Here are the photos:

Tracy and her boyfriend Michael Kebede

Wallace Kantai lands new job at the Central Bank of Kenya 6 months after quitting NTV

Wallace Kantai left NTV after falling out with the management. The former NTV business editor was a victim of the convergence model implemented by NMG last year.

Nation’s business media platforms – print, digital and TV were all converged into one and put under the Business Daily. The transition was hard for journalists from Daily Nation and NTV who expressed their displeasure with the move.

Wallace Kantai

Wallace Kantai decided to quit his job altogether following the move by NMG. His whereabouts remained unknown until on Friday November 3rd.

Wallace gets CBK job

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has appointed Wallace its head of communications. CBK announced Wallace’s appointment in a statement issued to the press.