Otile Brown Responds To Willy Paul’s Claim Of Being Better Than Him

Otile Brown is sporting a new tattoo and making headlines in the Kenyan music scene.

Pozze recently released his album “Beyond Gifted” and claims it achieved 20 million streams on the first day, making it the most successful album in Kenya. This sparked a debate with other musicians, including Otile.

Pozze hailed himself as the biggest artist in the 254; and maintained that his album would continue doing way much better than that of Otile Brown.

“The album of the year is already at 2.2 million streams on boomplayKenya alone. Ingine naskia iko na 1.9 na 3 months uko waah, anyway continue streaming my well-written English album”

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Otile Responds

Otile responded by sharing a radio interview where he declared himself the “King” of Kenyan music. He emphasized that his music is not just about financial gain, but about social impact.

“Kubali I am the best you have, for real, for real. Ukatae, ukubali …sasa nani atawapatia hizi vibes? Na kuna watu ambae wamekaa hapo wanawaza kwamba ohh Otile tunataka aondoke kwa sababu they want to convince themselves that I aint a special case. umeelewa? Coz they ain’t ever seen somebody who is on his vibe like me. ” he bragged.

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Otile believes his music resonates with all ages and educates listeners. “You see how much I impact society,” he stated. “I’m the artist a mother can listen to with her children. That’s why I’m so loved. I don’t have fans, I have an army.”

Who do you think is better between the two?

Otile declares the publication of his debut gospel single.

After experiencing a mixed reaction from fans at the Raha Fest concert, artist Otile Brown has revealed his upcoming release of his first gospel song.

Taking to his Instagram, Otile shared a snippet of him performing the song and announced its debut on Friday, April 5.

Discussing the inspiration behind the composition titled ‘Hafanani’ (He is Unlike), Otile expressed his desire to sing about God, marking a departure from his usual themes.

“#Hafanani drops tomorrow… first gospel song. Let me sing to the Lord, I sang about many things but never sang to Him 😔 witness with my voice tomorrow,” Otile shared.

In some excerpts of the song, the artist can be heard singing about his fearlessness in the face of adversity, trusting in God’s presence.

Here are a few lines from his verses:

“I am defeated, yet I am not afraid even in accidents, as long as You are with me, I am fearless even in accidents because my God, He is unlike any human…”

This release follows shortly after his album launch featuring 15 tracks, including the popular ‘One Call,’ which gained traction among Kenyans, particularly in the wake of TikToker Brian Chira’s passing.

Otile Brown Releases First Gospel Song “Hafanani” After Criticism Over Raha Fest Performance

Following a mixed reception at the recent Raha Fest concert, Kenyan artist Otile Brown has surprised fans with the announcement of his first gospel song.

Titled “Hafanani” (He is Unlike), the song is set for release on Friday, April 5th. Otile shared a preview on his Instagram page, expressing his desire to sing praise to God.

“Many things have inspired my songs,” Otile wrote. “This time, it’s the Lord. Witness my voice tomorrow as I sing to Him for the first time.”

The short clip features snippets of the song’s lyrics, including a powerful message of faith. Otile sings about facing challenges without fear because of his unwavering belief in God’s presence.

“Even in accidents, even in death, I am not afraid,” the lyrics proclaim. “As long as You are with me, my God, You are unlike any human…”

This announcement comes just weeks after the release of Otile’s 15-track album, which included the popular song “One Call.” The song gained significant traction following the death of Kenyan TikTok star Brian Chira.

Otile’s foray into gospel music is a bold move, and fans eagerly await the release of “Hafanani” on Friday.

Otile Brown Dissapointed With Fans After Release Of His Album

Kenyan musician Otile Brown, recently opened up about his latest album, “Grace.” In a March 26th interview with a local media outlet, Brown discussed factors that might have impacted the album’s performance.

High Hopes, Evolving Industry

Brown acknowledged his initial optimism for “Grace,” but also recognized the changing landscape of the music industry. He pointed to a rise in online personalities like bloggers, vloggers, and TikTok stars, contrasting it with the focus on music itself when he debuted.

“To be honest, it wasn’t what I expected,” Brown said. “I had high hopes, but there’s a lot going on in the industry these days. There are more distractions – not like when I released my first album years ago. Back then, it was all about the music and the artist. Now, there are bloggers, vloggers, even TikTok stars, everywhere.”

Before the release of his album, Otile Brown said he would stop doing music if his then upcoming album would flop.

The musician now claims that Tik-Tok has turned artists into influencers.

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Either way, Otile Brown has been in the industry for several years now; and his immense talent has been conspicuous over the same period.

He has produced good music with both local and International artists; with his song ‘Dusuma’ being one of his greatest hits in East Africa.

Otile Brown Responds To Rumors Of Clout Chasing Chira’s Funeral

Kenyan singer Otile Brown has addressed speculation that his performance at TikTok star Brian Chira’s funeral was a publicity stunt.

Brown delivered a heartfelt performance at the ceremony on Tuesday, March 26th, which moved many attendees. Following the event, rumors surfaced online questioning his motives.

In a recent interview, Brown clarified that he sang at the funeral solely due to overwhelming fan requests. Fans expressed that Chira was a big fan of Brown’s song “One Call.”

Honoring a fan’s memory was Brown’s primary motivation. “What does promoting my album have to do with this?” Brown said. “Those who know me understand I’m simply showing love. I never met Brian personally, but fans brought him to my attention during a live stream.”

Brown continued, “Upon learning more, I discovered he was a huge fan. Look at the comments on ‘One Call’ on YouTube – it’s all about him! People are showing their love, not me. Those who know me know I don’t chase clout. This was purely an act of respect.”

Brown emphasized that his song’s popularity wouldn’t have been affected by his presence at the funeral. He concluded by challenging his critics: “Would you have preferred I not attend?”

Following reports of clout chasing after Chira’s death, Otile Brown responds angrily

Award-winning Kenyan singer Otile Brown has dismissed accusations of trying to gain attention from the tragic passing of TikToker Brian Chira.

“What relevance does my album have to the deceased? If you know me, you know I only spread love. Personally, I didn’t even know him. It was the fans who brought him to my attention during a live session with a Tanzanian blogger, urging me to sing the song,” Otile clarified.

He emphasized that his decision to perform at Chira’s burial was based on discovering that Chira’s favorite song was “One Call.”

“After some investigation, I realized he was a huge fan of my music. If you check the comments on ‘One Call’ on YouTube, you’ll see they’re all about him. It’s not about me; it’s the fans showing their love,” Otile explained.

Known for his reserved nature, Otile reiterated that his gesture of performing was simply a display of appreciation.

“Those who know me understand that I don’t typically show support publicly, but in this case, I was just expressing gratitude,” he stated.

Furthermore, Otile pointed out that regardless of his attendance at the burial, “One Call” continued to gain popularity.

“The song is still thriving, with around 200k views per day. So, whether I had shown up or not, the song’s success remains intact. It’s amusing that people would think otherwise. What exactly are they expecting?” Otile questioned.

On March 26, 2024, Otile Brown performed “One Call” at Chira’s burial ceremony.

Otile Brown Performs At Brian Chira’s Funeral

Renowned musician Otile Brown has fulfilled his promise of performing at Brian Chira’s funeral ceremony.

Photos of the musician’s arrival excited fans even though it was a funeral service.

Otile’s ‘One Call’ Hit Song

After Chira’s untimely demise, fans flocked Otile’s YouTube page to listen to the song as some requested him to perform it during Chira’s burial.

What Chira is doing to #OneCall is just crazy. His light is bright and the love is felt. Sending you love and prayers…rest well king,”.

“Would love to perform the song at the burial and help make it memorable for him to if that is possible. If possible, to the people attending please learn the lyrics so we sing and celebrate him,” Otile Brown shared.

Otile’s hit song ‘Once call’ was one of Brian Chira’s favourite; and performing it infront of his fans was a pleasure worth embracing.

The memorial service & tribute ceremony were held at Rainbow Resort in Ruiru to celebrate Brian’s life.

Brian’s grandmother requested he be buried in a graduation gown because he excelled in school.

Though he hadn’t graduated from Kabarak University, Brian was described as a bright student by his high school classmates at Nkubu High School.

His burial took place today, Tuesday, March 26th, 2024 in Githunguri.

It’s a touching story of how Brian’s academic achievements were honored by his family.


Why did Otile Brown select Mumbi Maina to be his manager?

Otile Brown’s manager, Mumbi Maina, recently disclosed that she and the artist have been friends for over four years. Speaking with Massawe Jappani, Mumbi praised Otile for his humility.

“He is humble, cool, calm, and collected. I have known him for five or five years; we began discussing the possibility of me managing him last December (2023). We connected online, and he was the one who discovered me,” Mumbi shared.

When asked why she was chosen as his manager, Mumbi emphasized the importance of trustworthiness and intelligence.

“There are certain qualities I look for; are you trustworthy, are you woke? We have been friends, and what I appreciate about her is her intelligence,” Otile elaborated.

Regarding rumors about their relationship, Otile clarified that they are not dating, stating that if they were, they wouldn’t hide it.

In January 2024, Otile Brown officially introduced Mumbi Maina as his new manager on social media, expressing his excitement about working together.

“Thrilled to welcome our newest team captain @_mumbimaina. Excited to have her leadership on board as we embark on exciting ventures together. Here’s to collaboration, growth, and achieving new heights 🚀 #newmanager,” Otile Brown announced.

Otile had parted ways with his former manager, Joseph Noriega, in June 2023 after a six-year partnership. Despite the split, Otile expressed gratitude to Noriega for his role in shaping his career.

“Working with Noriega has been an incredible experience. His passion and support have shaped me as an artist, and I will forever cherish our partnership. Noriega, bless up king, love always. Grateful for the journey, memories made, and success achieved along the way,” Otile stated.

Assuring his fans that his music journey would continue uninterrupted, Otile affirmed his commitment to creating exceptional music with the same passion and dedication.

“While Joseph Noriega will be missed, Otile Brown remains committed to his musical journey with the same passion and dedication. Fans can rest assured that Otile Brown’s vision and exceptional music will continue,” concluded the statement.

Influencers are now artists because to TikTok – Otile Brown

Award-winning singer Otile Brown has voiced his concerns about the impact of TikTok on musicians, suggesting that the platform is turning artists into influencers.

The “Baby Love” singer emphasized that artists shouldn’t be overly present on TikTok, primarily focused on dancing.

“TitTok has turned artists into influencers. As an artist, you should not be out that much dancing on social media. It might make your song grow but it takes something from you. As an artist, you should be rare,” Otile Brown explained.

He expressed his belief that excessive exposure on social media could diminish the allure of an artist, ultimately affecting their live performances.

“People won’t see the need to come to your shows because you are already exposed,” he added.

Otile attributed his success to his music, which he described as “educative” and focused on making a positive impact on society.

“It’s not about me being a King, it is about impacting society. I have an army; I do not have fans. I have songs kids can listen to with their parents. I have people who can go to war for me,” he concluded.

Otile Brown will play during the funeral service for Brian Chira

Singer Otile Brown has expressed his readiness to perform at the upcoming burial ceremony of the late Brian Chira, scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, 2024.

In a recent update shared by Mpasho, Otile acknowledged the impact of Chira’s passing on his song “One Call,” which features Ruby from Tanzania. The track has gained increased popularity since Chira’s death, with fans flocking to Otile’s YouTube page and other streaming platforms to listen to it.

Expressing his sentiments, Otile stated, “What Chira is doing to #OneCall is just crazy. His light is bright and the love is felt. Sending you love and prayers…rest well king.”

He further expressed his desire to perform the song at Chira’s burial to make the occasion memorable. Otile encouraged attendees to learn the lyrics so they could sing and celebrate Chira’s life together.

Recently, Otile paid tribute to Chira upon learning that the TikToker loved his song “One Call.” Reflecting on the loss, Otile wrote, “Rest easy young King. This life thing can get crazy sometimes. I can only try to understand till we meet again,” expressing gratitude for the love shown towards “One Call.”

Chira’s burial is scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, 2024, in Githunguri, where he will be laid to rest in a graduation gown as per his grandmother’s request.

Why, following Brian Chira’s passing, Kenyans flocked to Otile Brown’s YouTube page

New details about the late Brian Chira have emerged two days after his tragic passing. Chira was involved in a fatal road accident early Saturday, March 16th.

Many Kenyans have been visiting Otile Brown’s YouTube channel, where they are tagging the musician and informing him that Chira reportedly loved the song “One Call,” which is a collaboration with singer Ruby and was released in February 2023. The song revolves around the theme of lovers being able to rely on each other by reaching out in times of need.

In response, Otile Brown has acknowledged his fans’ comments and paid tribute to Chira in a heartfelt message. “Rest easy, young King. This life can get crazy sometimes. I can only try to understand until we meet again,” he wrote. He also expressed gratitude for the love shown to their song “#onecall,” which currently has over 4 million views on YouTube.

According to the last person who spoke to the content creator, Chira had reportedly begged for help. The witness, speaking to YouTuber Presenter Ali, stated that Chira appeared intoxicated and had been ejected from a popular club after a altercation. The witness offered to take him home, but Chira disembarked from the boda boda along the way and ran across the road. Tragically, he was struck by a lorry around 3 am on Saturday in the Gacharage area on the Ndenderu-Ruaka Road in Kiambu County. His body was subsequently taken to the City Mortuary.

Willy Paul retaliates against Otile Brown for disparaging Kenyan musicians

Singer Willy Paul has responded to fellow artist Otile Brown’s recent remarks about the state of Kenyan musicians’ international recognition.

At a press conference and brand meetup unveiling BoomFest 2024 on March 14, Willy Paul, known affectionately as Pozze, wasted no time addressing Otile Brown’s comments. He asserted that he refuses to carry the burden of others’ struggles.

“Don’t bring me your problems. I am too international. Please don’t project your issues onto me. If doors have closed for him to go international, he shouldn’t blame all of us,” Pozze stated firmly.

Expanding on his position, he declared, “No one should point fingers at others. Kenyans have immense potential. We will conquer the world.”

This response follows Otile Brown’s recent challenge to East African artists, urging them to step up their efforts to compete globally.

In an honest interview with Oga Obinna on YouTube, Otile Brown emphasized that there isn’t currently a single East African artist recognized on the international stage.

“We have to fight for this international title because right now the industry is stagnant. Let’s not deceive ourselves; in East Africa, there’s no international artist. We’re all stagnant; there’s no international artist,” Otile Brown asserted.

He further highlighted the remarkable success of Nigerian singer Ruger and noted the absence of a comparable figure in East Africa.

“Let’s face reality. We have a lot of work to do. Let’s not pretend that we need to repackage ourselves and make noise. Some artists just recently gained prominence, they’re not in my league, people like Ruger and others. A newcomer who recently emerged, yet no artist in East Africa can rival Ruger on the international stage,” he emphasized.

BoomFest 2024 will feature performances by several Kenyan artists, including Nameless, Ssaru, Fathermoh, Buruklyn Boyz, V-Be, Arrow Bwoy, Nadia Mukami, Willy Paul, Boutross, and DJ Lyta.

Former Otile manager Noriega says he got a Lexus 570 because he was petty

Noriega Don, the former manager of singer Otile Brown, is renowned for his impeccable fashion sense, often seen making bold style statements in public appearances.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, Noriega emphasized his appreciation for style and fashion, underlining his commitment to dressing to impress.

In 2023, as the CEO of RKC label, he acquired a Lexus, prompting discussions about his significant investment in the luxury vehicle.

Noriega clarified that his decision to purchase the Lexus was not solely driven by financial considerations but also by a desire for personal refinement and self-presentation.

“It’s not always about the money, you know. And besides, you can’t skimp on certain things. You have to set yourself apart,” Noriega explained.

Upon hearing the news, Oga Obinna expressed admiration, assuming that the Lexus was a celebratory acquisition for the record label.

However, Noriega dispelled this notion, expressing mixed feelings about the purchase and suggesting that it was influenced by other factors, including a touch of pettiness.

“I feel like the reason for buying the Lexus was somewhat petty,” Noriega admitted.

Intrigued by this revelation, Oga Obinna questioned whether purchasing a Lexus out of pettiness was a common practice.

Noriega elaborated, mentioning various influences behind his decision, including inspiration from President Ruto’s choice of vehicle and personal considerations related to his ex-partner’s marriage.

Despite these personal motivations, Noriega highlighted the practical aspect of acquiring the Lexus for business purposes, emphasizing its role in enhancing his professional image and garnering respect in his industry.

He concluded by emphasizing the upward trajectory of his business, indicating that the purchase aligned with the expansion and scaling of his enterprise.

Otile Brown: My career took off after dating Vera

Kenyan R&B sensation Otile Brown recently discussed the pivotal role that his relationship with Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika played in advancing his music career.

During a recent interview with Oga Obinna, Otile Brown expressed his appreciation for Vera, acknowledging her significant contribution to his success. The ‘Baby Love’ artist emphasized that Vera’s presence during their relationship had a profound impact, helping elevate his career.

“I’ve always given her flowers. It’s only right. I was big but not all the way. Being that she was a popping socialite at the time, it kinda fueled,” revealed Otile.

While crediting Sidika for her role in their relationship and praising her qualities, Otile Brown stopped short of confirming his emotions, stating, “I think she is an amazing person.”

He went on to share an anecdote about Vera Sidika initiating their relationship and her persistence leading to a visit to her home in Kitisuru. Otile described the encounter as “amazing” and highlighted Sidika’s straightforward approach.

“I think she is an amazing person. I feel like I am in this stage in life where I feel sometimes we make life so difficult for no reason. Give people props at the end of the day,” he said.

Otile Brown Credits Vera Sidika For Boosting His Musical Career

In a recent interview, Kenyan musician Otile Brown acknowledged the significant role his former relationship with socialite Vera Sidika played in his musical success. He expressed gratitude to Sidika, recognizing her positive impact on his career during their time together.

Brown, known for his hit song “Baby Love,” highlighted Sidika’s established social presence at the time and how it “kinda fueled” his own career growth. He acknowledged that while he was already gaining recognition, her involvement provided an additional boost.

Interestingly, Brown also revealed that Sidika initiated their relationship. While praising her qualities and describing a specific encounter at her house as “amazing,” he refrained from explicitly confirming his past feelings, stating simply, “I think she is an amazing person.”

Brown’s openness regarding Sidika’s role in his career trajectory offers a unique perspective on their past relationship and sheds light on the complex interplay between personal and professional lives in the entertainment industry.

Otile Brown Reveals Vera Sidika Constantly Texted Him To Initiate Their Relationship

In a recent interview, musician Otile Brown disclosed that socialite Vera Sidika was the one who initiated their relationship. Brown claims Sidika persistently contacted him, attempting to connect.

While Brown acknowledged Sidika’s role in their relationship and praised her qualities, he declined to confirm his own feelings, stating, “I think she is an amazing person.”

He recounted a specific instance where Sidika’s persistence led to a visit to her home in Kitisuru. He described the encounter as “amazing,” highlighting Sidika’s direct approach.

“I did not meet her. She was constantly looking for me. She used to really buzz me a lot. It is all love. I think she is an amazing person. I feel like I am in this stage in life where I feel sometimes we make life so difficult for no reason. Give people props at the end of the day. She is the one who used to buzz me. Actually, Nori is the one who told me to listen to her,” he said.

Brown’s revelation sheds light on the dynamic between the two celebrities, showcasing Sidika’s initiative in their relationship.

However, their relationship did not last as expected. Vera is currently with Brown Mauzo’s 2 children. They’re currently co-parenting after their break-up.

No artist from East Africa has achieved international recognition! Otile Brown affirms

Otile Brown emphatically stated that no artist from East Africa has attained international status, emphasizing the need for collective efforts to elevate the region’s music industry.

The R&B singer, songwriter, and guitarist underscored the challenges faced by East African artists, including those from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and 13 other countries, in achieving global recognition.

“In Africa, there is no international artist in here! Forget what you think; let nobody lie to you in East Africa; there is no international artist!” declared Otile Brown during a conversation with digital content creator and emerging musician Oga Obinna.

Obinna raised the question of Diamond Platnumz, pointing out the Tanzanian artist’s success in his home country and international collaborations. However, Otile Brown remained steadfast in his assessment.

“Let us keep it real if you all want to keep it real. We have a job to do! Let us not lie to ourselves and be like, ‘oohh packaging, oohh this and that,’ a lot of unnecessary noise,” emphasized Otile Brown.

He illustrated the need to break through the existing limitations in the industry, citing examples of rising stars like Ruger, a 24-year-old Afrobeats sensation. Otile Brown asserted that East African artists must embrace diverse music and strive to surpass the current ceiling to compete on the international stage.

“We have a job to do; we have all reached the ceiling, and that’s why we are struggling. We need to break the ceiling; that is the only way we will be able to rise up. Let us start embracing other music,” conveyed Otile Brown candidly to Obinna during their candid conversation.

Otile Brown’s former manager Noriega calls off the wedding and “honeymoons” alone

Joseph Noriega, former manager of Kenyan musician Otile Brown, canceled his wedding to his Belgian girlfriend just one month before the scheduled date. The planned Mombasa wedding did not take place, surprising many by the sudden turn of events.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Noriega shared that he has no regrets about not marrying his former partner, a nurse from Belgium. The family had traveled to Kenya for the wedding, but Noriega called it off about a month before.

“I was actually about to get married to a very beautiful girl from Belgium. She is a nurse by profession. The family wanted us to get married and end up together. I called off the wedding like a month to the wedding. The family had traveled to Kenya to witness the wedding. I think it was just not meant to be,” he explained.

Noriega mentioned that a trip to Dar-es-Salaam led him to meet someone who made him question everything he knew about love, causing him to reevaluate his feelings.

Despite being in a relationship with his Belgian girlfriend for about eight months to a year and being introduced to her family, Noriega expressed his disappointment in failing to proceed with the wedding. He valued his connections with parents and had a heartfelt conversation with his then-future father-in-law, who understood and respected his decision.

After the wedding cancellation, Noriega faced challenges in reconciling with his former partner as attempts to have a conversation were met with resistance. She blocked him everywhere, and plans for their honeymoon to Zanzibar had to be abandoned.

Otile Brown Explains How His Ex-Girlfriend Rejected Him Despite His Efforts

Musician Otile Brown recently spoke about his former relationship with Ethiopian model Nabayet, with whom he dated for four years.

Brown revealed on Instagram that he had previously attempted to rekindle their romance, even traveling to Ethiopia to express his feelings. However, he ultimately let go due to a perceived change in Nabayet and the challenges of a long-distance relationship.

Letting go was a difficult process for Brown, and he acknowledged the significant length of time he spent single afterward. He expressed a fear of not finding someone who could connect with him like Nabayet did.

Brown commented on a song he dedicated to Nabayet, “Dear Ex,” viewing it as a vulnerable expression of their story and a potential inspiration for others.

While speaking on television, Brown showered Nabayet with compliments, demonstrating his continued respect for her despite the relationship’s end.

“Nabbi is a beautiful woman and what I like about her is that she wants nothing from me, hataki kiki, hataki Otile Brown, anataka Jack ama Juma. Ni mwananke ambaye anashughuli zake, Kazi zake ambazo anafanya kubwa tu, she is responsible” said Otile.

This happened nearly right away following the breakdown of his romance with socialite Vera Sidika.

Following Otile Brown’s 2022 sighting in Ethiopia, fans began to speculate about a potential reunion; but it didn’t.

Otile Brown Embarks On New Chapter With Manager Mumbi Maina (Photo)

Kenyan R&B artist Otile Brown has entered a new phase in his career, welcoming Mumbi Maina as his manager. Taking to social media, Otile expressed excitement about their collaboration, calling Mumbi his “newest team captain.”

“Welcoming our newest team captain @_mumbimaina thrilled to have their leadership on board as we embark on exciting ventures together. Here’s to collaboration, growth, and achievement of new heights 🚀 #newmanager,” Otile Brown wrote on social media on Friday night as he unveiled Mumbi Maina as her new manager.

Their partnership builds on Otile’s previous success with Joseph Noriega, who managed him for six years. Otile acknowledged Noriega’s significant role in his career, saying:

“Working with Noriega has been an incredible experience. His passion and support have shaped me as an artist and I will forever cherish our partnership,” he said.

“Noriega bless up king, love always. Grateful for the journey, memories made, and success achieved along the way.

Looking ahead, Otile hinted at exciting ventures alongside Mumbi. He wrote: “Excited to have their leadership on board as we embark on exciting ventures together. Here’s to collaboration, growth, and achievement of new heights.”

Vera Sidika fires back at claims Otile Brown is the father of her son

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika is furious after netizens claimed that her son Ice Brown looks like her ex-boyfriend Otile Brown.

In an Instagram post, the mother of two questioned why people would compare her seven-month-old son to a man she broke up with several years ago.

“Why does anyone think the father of my children belongs to an ex-boyfriend from years ago?” she asked.

Vera said she had been ignoring the comments for a while, but that they had gotten worse. She also attached screenshots of some of the comments to her post.

“They’ve started it again with my son,” she added.

Vera, who is known for her outspokenness, has been praised by some fans for standing up to the trolls. Others have criticized her for giving the comments attention.

It is important to note that there is no evidence to suggest that Otile Brown is the father of Vera’s son.

Otile Brown Claims Tanzanian Artists Wear Fake Jewellery

Otile Brown has taken a jab at Tanzanian singers Diamond Platnumz and his protégé Mbosso, suggesting that they may have purchased fake jewelry.

Brown’s comments come just days after Platnumz and Mbosso each flaunted their new custom-made jewelry on social media. Platnumz’s pendant, which bears his name and face, is said to have cost millions of shillings. Mbosso, on the other hand, has warned his fellow celebrities to stop wearing fake chains, as they risk getting infected.

In a social media post, Brown asked why the two Bongo artistes didn’t buy their chains from certified stores, given their financial resources. He also accused them of misleading young people into thinking that life is easy.

“Got youngings thinking this ish is easy and now nobody wants to put in the work. Its not bad rocking fugazi, they say, fake it till you make it,” Brown wrote. “Tatizo ni, if you have made it but you’re rocking it and still running your mouth. We gonna check you for the love of the game.”

Brown’s comments have sparked a debate among fans, with some siding with him and others defending Platnumz and Mbosso. It remains to be seen whether the two Tanzanian singers will respond to Brown’s allegations

Otile Brown Threatens To Quit Music If His Upcoming Album Flops

Kenyan singer Otile Brown has threatened to quit music if his upcoming album does not become one of the top three albums in Africa. The “Jeraha” hitmaker made the announcement on his Instagram stories, saying that he has put a lot of work into the album and that he deserves to be recognized for his talent.

“I got too much game on my upcoming album, real life experience and ish ttrawwww…it has to make it to at least top 3 best album in Africa,’just to be fair’ or else I am quitting music,” he wrote.

Brown’s announcement has been met with mixed reactions from fans. Some have expressed their support for the singer, saying that he deserves to be successful. Others have questioned his decision to quit music if his album does not do well, saying that he should be more confident in his abilities.

“Never tricked a fan for love/support, that’s why I don’t do kiki … the love I share with my fans Is raw and genuine,” he stated.

Only time will tell if Brown’s album will be a success. However, his announcement has certainly generated a lot of buzz and anticipation among his fans.

Noriega reveals Otile highest earning Kenyan superstar

Otile Brown’s former manager, Donself Noriega, has said that the singer is still one of the most successful artists in Kenya, despite recent complaints about his earnings from MCSK.

Noriega, who managed Brown for six years, spoke to SPM Buzz and Plug TV about the singer’s current earnings. He said that he cannot speak about Brown’s specific earnings, but he did say that “numbers don’t lie.”

“If you go to YouTube, who is the most accomplished or decorated artiste when it comes to the views? Who has the more numbers? Because the more the numbers, the more the business,” Noriega said.

He added that Brown is also one of the most popular artists on Spotify and Boomplay.

“The more the numbers, the more the revenue. So I don’t want to say he is the top artiste, but I’ll tell you if you go and sit down and you do your research, whoever artiste has more numbers on their platforms, is the one making or generating more revenue,” Noriega said.

Noriega’s comments come after Brown recently complained about his earnings from MCSK. Brown said that he was only being paid KSh2,500 per song, which he felt was unfair.

MCSK has said that they are investigating Brown’s complaint.

In the meantime, Noriega’s comments suggest that Brown is still one of the most successful artists in Kenya, despite the recent controversy.

Otile Brown Weighs in on Tanzanian Music Domination

Otile Brown performed in Mombasa on Saturday, August 5, to a crowd of enthusiastic fans. The singer and his bodyguards fought their way through the crowd to get to the stage, as girls screamed their adoration towards him.

After his performance at Mama Ngina Waterfront, Otile also performed at Club Volume, where a hyped-up crowd showed him the adoration he deserves. The show was dubbed the most anticipated show for county 001.

Speaking at the Moi International Airport, where he was received like a hero, Otile weighed in on the fact that Tanzanian musicians are dominating Kenyan music viewership lists.

In an interview shared on Club Volume’s Instagram, the “Dusuma” singer did not hold back. “I am not surprised,” he said. “Tanzanian musicians are putting in the work. They are making good music, and they are promoting their music well.”

Otile also said that he believes that Kenyan musicians need to step up their game if they want to compete with Tanzanian musicians. “We need to start making better music, and we need to start promoting our music better,” he said.

Otile’s comments come at a time when Tanzanian musicians are enjoying a lot of success in Kenya. In recent months, several Tanzanian songs have topped the Kenyan music charts, and Tanzanian artists have been performing to sold-out crowds in Kenya.

Otile’s comments have sparked a debate on social media, with some people agreeing with him and others disagreeing. Some people believe that Tanzanian musicians are simply making better music than Kenyan musicians, while others believe that Kenyan musicians are not promoting their music well enough.

Only time will tell if Otile’s comments will motivate Kenyan musicians to step up their game. However, one thing is for sure: the competition between Kenyan and Tanzanian musicians is only going to get more intense in the years to come.

Gay socialite Maxwell Mwamburi seggshually harasses Otile

Socialite Maxwelll Mwamburi had a vivid dream about Dusuma singer Otile Brown. In the dream, Otile Brown confessed his long-term desire for Mwamburi.

Mwamburi said that he was confused by the dream, but he also believes that his dreams often come true. He said that he doesn’t know what the universe was trying to tell him, but he is definitely interested in Otile Brown.

This is not the first time that someone has declared a crush on Otile Brown. A few months ago, a Kenyan girl named Kach Girl almost shed tears after Otile picked her up for a dinner date. Kach Girl had done several tattoos to honor her favorite celebrity and had been trying to contact him for a long time. The dinner date left her emotional, proving that Otile is a caring celebrity.

However, Otile Brown is currently in mourning. He lost his unborn baby a week ago and has been grieving the loss.

It is unclear whether Otile Brown will pursue a relationship with Maxwelll Mwamburi or Kach Girl. However, it is clear that both of these people are very interested in him.this is a clear depiction of sexual harassment as a member of the LGBTQ brigade is pursuing a man who has clearly stated he is a straight African man with zero interest in men.