Pendo’s mzungu fiancé speaks up days after she was spotted passionately kissing ex-lover Luwi Capello 

Controversial socialite Pendo has been in the news lately after her Norwegian fiance called off their engagement.

Pendo’s fiance, Joseph Kner, dumped the socialite just weeks after he proposed claiming she was cheap and only loved his money.

On New Years Eve 2018 at a party, the socialite surprised many after publicly exchanging passionate kisses and cuddling with ex Luwi Capello.

Don’t care

The two were seemingly drunk and decided to usher the new year together.

It seems Kner doesn’t care either way and recently revealed on social media that he has already moved on. During a question and answer session with fans, Kner said that he called off the engagement unlike what Pendo has been preaching.

“What happened between you and Pendo?” a fan asked to which Joseph replied with “I closed the pipeline.”

Another fan also wanted to know if he’s single but Kner hinted he has another woman now.

“When can we get awesome guys like you?” asked the fan.

He replied with “My woman got the last one.”


Pendo arrested over Ksh 75,000 hotel bill after mzungu fiancé left her stranded? She responds

A few weeks ago Pendo aka Ghettoprincess got engaged to a certain Mzungu by the name of Joseph Kner. She revealed this via her Instagram page where she rushed to show off her engagement ring followed by photos from the engagement dinner.

As expected many were quick to assume that she was following into Michelle Yola’s footsteps who relocated to France with her Caucasian baby daddy. Anyway unlike Yola’s bae, seems that Pendo’s fiancé is known by several socialites or rather ladies in the country.

Mzungu fiancé disappears on Pendo

Away from that, we have learnt that Pendo was recently left stranded by her man at a hotel in Westlands where they had been staying for a few days. Apparently he left her a bill of Ksh 75,000 which led to her arrest as she couldn’t pay up the hotel bill.

A close source to the couple told Mpasho;

She and her mzungu went to that hotel last week, sasa mzungu amemhepa, amemuacha na bill ya karibu 80,000. Yesterday, she was checked out by that hotel but at 8:00 PM, she hadn’t paid, akaitiwa makarao. As we speak, she is at Parklands police station. she spend around 8 nights in that hotel.

Pendo responds

Through her Instagram page the singer cum reality TV star laughed off the story on her Instagram page as she shared the post below;