Pendo’s mzungu fiancé speaks up days after she was spotted passionately kissing ex-lover Luwi Capello 

Controversial socialite Pendo has been in the news lately after her Norwegian fiance called off their engagement.

Pendo’s fiance, Joseph Kner, dumped the socialite just weeks after he proposed claiming she was cheap and only loved his money.

On New Years Eve 2018 at a party, the socialite surprised many after publicly exchanging passionate kisses and cuddling with ex Luwi Capello.

Don’t care

The two were seemingly drunk and decided to usher the new year together.

It seems Kner doesn’t care either way and recently revealed on social media that he has already moved on. During a question and answer session with fans, Kner said that he called off the engagement unlike what Pendo has been preaching.

“What happened between you and Pendo?” a fan asked to which Joseph replied with “I closed the pipeline.”

Another fan also wanted to know if he’s single but Kner hinted he has another woman now.

“When can we get awesome guys like you?” asked the fan.

He replied with “My woman got the last one.”


She’s nothing but a cheap one! Pendo confirms her Mzungu fiance dumped just weeks after proposing 

Socialite Stacey Brown aka Pendo was recently in the news after her Caucasian fiance proposed. Then, she was in the news again shortly after when rumors started to swirl that the two had to call off the proposal and are no longer together.

The ex-Nairobi Diaries actress has now come out to confirm that Joseph Kner dumped her.


Speaking on Instagram’s Q&A, Pendo answered several questions regarding her short relationship with Kner whom they met online.

“I have seen Bridgo tagging your fiance everywhere with some other chick. Are you guys still together?” a fan asked. 

“Kila nyani na starehe zake. Vilinishinda navitakia nini?” she told the fan

Pendo also spoke about her ex talking ill of her on Facebook. Apparently, the Mzungu has been claiming Pendo is a cheap woman who was just after his money. Responding to the allegations, Pendo said: “Mambo ya kawaida hayo yasikustress.”

Regarding her engagement, the controversial socialite was quick to call it “unimportant.”

Pendo had been keeping the relationship under wraps after her relationship with ‘Nairobi Diaries’ co-star Luwi Capello went down the drain also.

Here are the chats


Kwisha! Nairobi Diaries finally makes a return looking waaay ratchet than the other seasons (Trailer)

It’s has take long but drama-packed K24 TV hit series Nairobi Diaries has made a comeback.

The show, which has been has been off air since its eighth season ended several months ago, is set to make a return soon and recently hyped fans by releasing their first trailer on social media.

Familiar faces dominate the new series but more details on who has been added will be released later. The cast include Ghetto Princess Pendo, Bridget Achieng’, Mishi Dora, Aliiptisam, Colonel Mustafa and others such as Trap King Chrome, Ella.

Word about the show being canceled because of poor pay dominated the blogs in the recent past forcing a few of the cast members to publicly shoot down the rumor.


On Instagram, Nairobi Diaries posted the first promo saying: “Justice has to be served cold to our’s just ice and this promo is just the tip of the iceberg..more promos coming through. This time round ???..old is new and old is gold……#comingsoon #growth & maturity..”

Watch the trailer below:



“Ngojea round 3 yangu” Singer Pendo threats to teach Noti Flow a lesson

It’s been a while since Nairobi Diaries actress Pendo was caught in a fight. In fact she publicly announced that she was done fighting. Judging from the past episodes, the lady has not beaten anyone.

However this is about to change as the lady promises to fight Noti Flow. The two ladies have been having issues for months now and surprisingly they only fought once.

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In a post shared by Aliiptisam after beating up Noti Flow, Pendo is seen promising to give the rap queen a 3rd beat down that might go down on the reunion.

Pendo promises Noti Flow a fight

Not quite sure why Pendo suddenly feels like she needs to settle her score with Noti Flow, but one things is for sure; the reunion might need extra bouncers this time around.