The little drama boy: Bahati’s lost objective in the gospel music industry

This year has had its fair share of drama be it from politics through to the music industry.

The gospel music industry in Kenya as we always say is just a circus, especially around the contemporary music scene.

It’s just the other day when Kenyans on social media were praising Kevin Kioko alias Bahati for “supporting” talent when he took Denno.

They did a collabo together that we all fell in love with. Well, that was just about it.

Remember in early 2019, the EMB records boss had a major set back when all his artists inclusive of Mr.Seed, David Wonder among others left his label.

Reasons? They all had different stories of experiences with Bahati’s label.

Bahati’s Peter Blessing

Now this year, his newly late 2019 signee Peter Blessings and Producer Paulo have been on the receiving end.

Bahati and Peter

A few weeks ago it emerged that Peter Blessings was arrested on the order of  Bahati for breach of contract. This came after Peter Blessings had asked to leave the label and start off on his own more like “hustle” independently.

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Bahati got the “Nasubiri Bado” hitmaker for defying a supposed 20 years contract. I mean why get bound by such?

At the same time, his one-time producer Paulo was also arrested for theft and inciting Peter Blessings to exit the Bahati owned label.

Publicity or loss of relevance?

On the other hand, as we castigate him for his actions remember he has been vocal about his music business. Maybe these two are serving as an example of what happens when you breach a contract.

Whether there is truth on not at least that is clear.

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However, one would question the honesty behind his ‘signing” of new artists in his label only to be harassed later on.

My two cents is Bahati should try and focus on the gospel music he is supposed to be doing. It’s unnecessary to feed the public with drama to remain relevant in the scene.

Ok, his music too has not been topping the charts so well maybe he should restrategize be it music or business.

Why? The exits from his label are louder than his music!!

Bahati’s Peter Blessing blesses us with ‘Bado Nasubiri”

For the better part of the year, Bahati has been on the receiving end. This was after all his artists under EMB records exited from the label.

Reasons? Some remain unknown to date. However with the shake up in the label,Bahati has unveiled a new artist under his record namely Peter Blessing.

Peter hails from Taita Taveta County and truth be told the boy posses beautiful vocals and rhythm. We will get to know Peter Blessing as time goes by.

 Nasubiri bado

For now we break down the new Jam by Peter Blessing titled “Bado Nasubiri”.

Bado Nasubiri is Swahili for I am still waiting.

This is a gospel song that Portrays the hardships  one has to go through in life before making it in life.

Further it brings out the need of trusting in God for that life pushes towards you no matter the challenges.

There is a point where he says, Maisha haya ya kizungu nzungu Ni wapi tena? Sina pa kutorokea(mmh mmh) Kwenye giza sioni nuru Ni nini chanzo? Nabaki nikijiongelea…..

He is wholeheartedly seeking God’s intervention in his life’s frustration. Sometimes life becomes a very hard tussle and giving up seems to be the only option.

However, from this song their is the urge to keep hoping and believing and  clearly that is what everybody needs in life.

Well, I must say Peter Blessing  has outdone himself in this jam we hope for more. More talent, more music and more growth,


The song carries a strong message that most first children of most families go through. Essentially, in most places, it is believed that every first child of the family acts as a co-parent.

On the other hand societal pressures of helping out in the family is well depicted in this music video.

Despite the hardships that life has been put before the  character in the song for him a”Nasubiri Bado” .

In his faith and trust, he believes that God will be his only source of breakthrough. I know this is what most of  us pray for on a daily basis.


The song was produced under Bahati’s EMB records.  It was shot  and directed by super director X-Antonio. I must stay this guy is pure talent. Furthermore with such talent I believe Bahati is back on track when it comes to supporting upcoming talent.

In the meantime for rating purposes I will go with 7/10.

Watch and tell us what you think.