Chagua na Uvumilie! Lulu Hassan shares how she met husband while he was broke and with nothing 

Citizen TV power couple Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla have come a long way to the sassy couples everybody looks up to nowadays.

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla

Hassan recently opened up regarding her relationship, saying love made her trust her man.

“I was already a popular face on TV. I was blinded by love and didn’t despise him because of his financial constraints. But what is more surprising is that when the time for him to pay dowry came, he only gave a prayer mat and a Quran. That’s what he could afford at that time because he was earning a mere Ksh 5,000 per month,”


Lulu Hassan went on to add that though her man was broke, she didn’t despise him. And from this, he watched his man rise in the ranks to become a top news anchor in Kenya.

“After years of persistent and hard – work, the broke man has risen up the ranks to become one of the most celebrated Swahili presenters in the media industry. Today we are working in the same media station hosting the same program. The unconditional love me and Rashid Abdalla,” 


“Do not despise someone because of his financial status. Do not judge him based on where he is, his current condition and where he comes from. You may never know what tomorrow holds for him. My sister reading this piece, please do not turn away this skinny looking boy who want to settle down with you because of his current status. He might be in a place you will be proud of him one day.”


Read Rashid Abdalla´s humbling message after talking of five kids to wife, Lulu Hassan

Citizen TV journalist, Rashid Abdalla wrote down a moving message, seeking God in his life:

Mola nijalie kutolima pantosha nisivune pankwisha.

Mungu usinifanye kama mwanga wa mbalamwezi thamani yake si ya kudumu.

The media personality did not forget to include those who might not like him, in his prayer.

Mungu walinde na wabariki wale wote wasionipenda kwani uwepo wao ndio kipimo cha bidii zangu.

Mola nipe busara ya kushindana na jasho lango.

Mola wajalie wapika majungu kufahamu kwamba mimi si mkamilifu nina kasoro zangu tu kama binadamu wote wengine hivyo wasipoteze mda wao kwa ajili yangu.

Rashid also sought God´s graces and mercies upon those whom have walked with him, through his lifetime, to date.

Mola wafungulie njia wote walionishika mkono hadi leo.

The most highly regarded Swahili couple on local media today, is none other that Rashid Abdalla & wife, Lulu Hassan, who co-host ´Nipashe Wikendi´ on Citizen TV.

Citizen TV´s Lulu Hassan and husband, Rashid Abdalla

The couple are parents of three lovely kids and live as an example to many.