Baba mtoto ni Eric, Itumbi ama Sam Ogina? Jackie Maribe addresses relationships

Media celebrity Jacque Maribe has disclosed her relationship with journalist Sam Ogina and Chief Administrative Secretary for ICT Dennis Itumbi.

In a social media post, the mother of one stressed that she has never been romantically involved with either of the two.

Maribe also responded to allegations that she had refused Eric Omondi, the claimed father of her child, the chance to have a DNA test done on their son.

Maribe implied that she had been helpful throughout the entire paternity test controversy.

She continued by venting her anger at individuals including Ogina in the drama.

“Road trip to heal the mind and gratitude for sane friends. Also, let me clear the air here publicly. Leave my friends alone. How and why is my friend Sam Ogina being dragged into unnecessary drama? We have never dated. Just like you said I dated Dennis Itumbi. Leave me alone.”

The former Citizen TV host made it clear that she had never been romantically involved with either of them.

In an Instagram story from January, Maribe introduced Itumbi as her father’s son-in-law, seemingly in joke.

She had sent her father a picture of Itumbi with a caption on it.

“Mr Maribe and his son-in-law, no matter what anyone says, we remain family.”

This sparked questions regarding her romantic status.

On the other side, Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi had earlier claimed that he met Jacque when she was already involved with Ogina.

Later, Maribe told him about the pregnancy that resulted in the birth of her child, the subject of his dispute with the former television star.


Eric Omondi reveals why he remains unapologetic for exposing Jacque Maribe and Sam Ogina’s affair

Eric Omondi’s nudes are already making rounds on Twitter all because he chose to expose Sam Ogina and Jacque Maribe’s affair on social media.

Well, we can’t blame him – dude only wanted to make it known that Maribe’s son could either be his or Sam Ogina’s; since they were both cultivating the same farm almost during the same period… If you know, you know.

Eric Omondi and Sam Ogina who both dated Jacque Maribe

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However looking at the 16,694 comments left under his popular post, there are those who have applauded him for speaking his truth, while others like Boniface Mwangi who have condemned him for shaming the mother of ‘his child.’

As seen in a comment dropped by Boniface Mwangi, the activities told off Eric by saying;

This isn’t cool @ericomondi. You have shamed your baby mama and your son. It’s been public knowledge that you’re the baby daddy and you even admitted as such. So this whole story tore bringing might be true but the public didn’t need to know that much. It’s an honor to be a dad and Jacquemaribe chose  you as her son’s father. Now your son, since as far as he knows you’re the daddy will be ridiculed shamed because you have somewhat denied him publicly. Not cool bro.


Well, we can’t deny that what Boniface Mwangi spoke like a wise man, however Eric Omondi remains unapologetic since Maribe and her sister decided to play dirty by branding him a deadbeat dad.

Responding to Boniface’s comment, an emotional Eric Omondi wrote;

Bro do you even know what’s going on ama unacomment tu????????????. You appear to have no idea what’s happening. Go to Jacquemaribe post first before you comment here.

Omondi vs Boniface

Well, with him not apologizing nor pulling down the IG post, we now have his nudes shared by Sam Ogina…..but come on….was it really necessary? I mean, come on!

KoT having a field day with hilarious memes of Sam Ogina’s drama featuring Eric Omondi

It must have been a tough night for Sam Ogina and his wife, Njeri following Eric Omondi’s exposè about his affair with Jacque Maribe back in 2012.

According to Eric Omondi, for 7 years he has asked Jacque Maribe to conduct a DNA test to prove whether or not he is the father of her son.

But for some reason, the lady always dodges this and now we might just have a reason why she says no. Well, a third party has been introduced to the mix – as Eric claims that Jacque slept with him while dating Sam Ogina.

KoT wilding on Sam Ogina

Well, I just saw someone comment ‘Siri play Nairobi by Bensoul’ cause clearly Nairobi is one big bedroom; and it’s not about to stop anytime soon.

Anyway with the Sam Ogina story trending on social media, below are a few memes shared by KoT; and must admit that November just started on a high note….I hope December is taking notes.

Payback: Citizen TV’s Sam Ogina threatens to share Eric Omondi dirty photos online

They say revenge is a dish best served cold and looks like political journalist Sam Ogina is now willing to stoop to Eric Omondi’s level; just to hit back at the comedian for embarrassing him online.

Tbt: Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe

As y’all already know the beef started right after Eric Omondi dragged in Sam Ogina into his scandal with Jacque Maribe last night.

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According to Eric Omondi’s detailed post, he claims back when he had a one night stand with Jacque Maribe; she was still in a a romantic relationship with the Citizen TV political journalist, Sam Ogina.

This was probably just another way of saying Maribe’s son could also be Sam Ogina’s son since Maribe has slept with both men. However according to Sam Ogina, at the time he was dating his current wife, Njeri.  So Mlisema Kanairo ni big bedroom?

Sam Ogina hits back

Having come across Eric Omondi’s post where he wrote;

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So we met at Radio Africa in 2012. I was working at Radio Jambo and Jacque was working at Kiss TV. So one Random night after a Radio Africa Staff Party and after afew bottles of whiskey and wine glasses Jacque and I happened. It was really a one night thing because she was dating KTN’s Sam Ogina at the time. WE USED PROTECTION!!! After two Months Jacque tells me she’s Pregnant!!! I immediately ask her how since we used Protection???

Sam Ogina on the other hand replied through his Twitter handle giving Eric Omondi and deleting his post and issuing an apology; if not, he releases nudes he used to send his wife back in the day. Alaaaa.

Sam Ogina to Eric Omondi

Wait, so Eric Omondi slept with Jacque Maribe knowing she was Sam Ogina’s girl; then Sam Ogina married knowing Eric Omondi was eyeing her?
There’s something these people are not telling us.