True love prevails for the Kabus, couple steps out together for the first time after reconciling (Photos)

About a week ago Sarah Kabu happened to disclose unknown details about her marriage to Simon Kabu, saying their relationship was toxic and full of drama.

Of course this came as a big surprise considering how much they were admired by their fans – who for a minute assumed they’re perfect. But as the story goes – not all that glitters is gold.

Ms Sarah Kabu

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Anyway barely a month after their family drama emerged online – the Kabus are already fixing their relationship on social media to avoid long term effects. From what we have seen so far is that things are working for the two and of course – what’s meant to be will be!

First vacation after breakup

Although this is not the first time they’re having marital issues – it’s however the time they’ve gone public about it. Messy.

This is because in the heat of moment Sarah Kabu got to exposè her husband in ways we never imagined. Fans learnt about his cheating ways, his baby mamas and the fact that she owns the Bonfire adventures – which has the baby mamas thinking they have a right to.

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Anyway enough of that. Well, barely a week after breaking up and reconsiling, the Kabu’s  are already entertaining fans with stunning photos taken from recent vacation; and from where I stand, I believe it’s only fair to say Kabu finally has his house in order!

While a few feel reconciling wasn’t the best idea for Sarah Kabu (considering her melt down) there are those who believe a little time and space is exactly what their relationship needed – that is judging from how happy they now appear to be.