Xtian Dela claps back after Shakilla’s interview with Kamene Goro

Xtian Dela has found himself in the middle of Shakilla and Kamene Goro’s interview; where he was painted as the bad guy.

However responding to this, Xtian Dela has strongly refuted the claims suggesting that he may have been using Shakilla’s to build his own brand. According to Xtian, it was very wrong for Kamene Goro to twist her questions as if there was a negative motive behind the interview.

Through his Instagram page, the popular blogger shared his side of the story; and as expected, he seems to have been ready to battle this out with both Kamene and Jalang’o. The young man wrote;

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It’s WRONG to force Shakilla to say that I used her! It’s WRONG to force Shakilla to say something she doesn’t want to. I didn’t force Shakilla to say she slept with all those celebs! There’s video evidence of EVERYTHING, even a blind person can rewatch it and see how it went down. You tried to force her to say that i told her to mention celebs but it backfired, she didn’t!

I didn’t force Shakilla to come Santorini. I didn’t invite her, she came by herself to enjoy herself at the biggest club in kenya!! You can’t i “USED’ her her to promote Santorini when in the first place i didn’t her nor didn’t invite her nor did the management contract her  to promote the place. She said it but it had to be  twisted to look like I called, took her round the club; took advantage of her and didn’t pay her.

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Challenges Kamene

In the next paragraph, Xtian Dela went on to challenge both Kamene Goro and Jalang’o; that is if they may have any issue with him. However judging from the fact that Xtian and Edgar Obare are friends – then it means there could be some beef judging from the fact that Jalang’o and the tea master are not friends!

Anyway below is a screenshot of the post shared by Xtian Dela defending himself shortly after Shakilla’s live recording on Jalang’o TV.