Shakila contends that women are more prone to cheating than men

Shakilla Tiffany recently took to social media to express her views on which gender she believes tends to engage in more infidelity within relationships.

The Kenyan-South African socialite shared a screenshot on her Snapchat account, indicating her opinion that women are more inclined to stray in relationships compared to men due to simpler circumstances.


Shakilla Throws Shade At Khalif Kairo’s Girlfriend (Screenshot)

According to the 21-year-old, infidelity poses more challenges for men. “It’s not even possible that men cheat more than women,” she wrote, suggesting that cheating is financially demanding for males. “A man needs to have money to cheat,” she continued.

Shakilla further argued that women have an easier time being unfaithful as they require fewer resources. “Lol cheating is an expensive sport indeed. A woman needs nothing. Not even makeup to cheat. All she needs to do is part thighs and a man will guide* in,” she added.


Shakilla leads ashawo plea to government following Rita Waeni murder

Last year, Shakilla made a discreet move to South Africa without disclosing her reasons for leaving Kenya. Despite her relocation, she remains active on social media, sharing insights into her dating life and experiences abroad. Her move puts her among a growing list of Kenyan celebrities who have chosen to reside overseas, including Msupa S, Vivian, Ruth Matete, Janet Otieno, and Nonini.

”A Woman Only Needs To Be Alive To Cheat, A Man Needs Money”- Shakilla Says

Kenyan socialite Shakilla has stirred conversation with her take on infidelity. She suggests that in today’s world, financial power plays a bigger role in cheating than gender.

Shakilla, who has been sharing controversial sentiments on intimacy, has now divulged what it takes for women to cheat.

Shakilla argues that the saying “chase the bag first” holds weight because money can attract anyone, potentially leading to marital discord. She believes men aren’t inherently more likely to cheat; it’s about having the resources to pursue someone else.

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Here’s the crux of her argument: with money, young people, particularly women, can be swayed. Shakilla suggests these individuals crave a quick and easy path to fulfilling their desires, making them susceptible to someone with financial means.

“It’s not even possible that men cheat more than women. A person needs to have money in order to cheat. A woman only needs to be alive.” Shakilla’s statement read:

However, Shakilla’s statement overlooks emotional reasons for infidelity and simplifies motivations, particularly for women. It’s important to consider a broader range of factors that contribute to cheating in relationships.

Shakilla Throws Shade At Khalif Kairo’s Girlfriend (Screenshot)

Khalif Kairo is recently making headlines for his boss moves that have roped in his girlfriend Cera Imani. Being the young enterpreneur that he is, Khalif continues to give netizens more reasons to follow up on his life.

To begin with, Khalif was accused of being a member of the money-laundering business, not forgetting to mention he was also accused of being a drug dealer.

According to a section of online fans, Khalif accumulated his wealth using unscrupuluous means, including the above mentioned. He currently owns Kai & Karo car dealership- a company for selling & buying cars.

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Khalif Defends Cera

With that being said, Khalif’s girlfriend has also been conglomerated in the conversation surrounding him. Photos of Cera in the past have circulated on X(Twitter), with an aim of tarnishing her name.

Prophets of ‘mtaachana tu’ have been on the frontline trying to separate the couple using such strategies, but Khalif has been protective to his girlfriend.

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Shakilla Responds

Khalif recently decided to make things a little spicy after offering a Volkswagen to anyone who would compose a poem praising his girlfriend. The comment section was shorlty flocked with numerous poems, some by the same people who criticized his girlfriend.

Shakilla took to the comment section to throw shade at Cera, writing ;

”She may have more mileage than the car”

Shakilla is just among the numerous online fans who have trolled Cera despite the lady eschewing response from online bullies.

Shakilla shares her insider tip following the receipt of a sumptuous Sh428k birthday gift.

Tiffany Shakilla had a lavish celebration for her 21st birthday. The Kenyan socialite, now residing in South Africa, shared glimpses of how her mysterious partner orchestrated the birthday festivities, garnering attention for the extravagant gifts.


Shakilla Threatens To Sue Vincent Mboya

Turning 21 on April 20, she marked the occasion with a weekend outing, followed by a post-celebration luncheon. Before the festivities, she was captured approaching a room where gifts were neatly arranged on a bed.

Dressed in a sleek black slip dress and adorned with a silver tiara, she eagerly pointed out the gifts awaiting her. Shakilla captioned the moment “Pressure Tiwa.”


Shakilla leads ashawo plea to government following Rita Waeni murder

Among the notable gifts was a handbag valued at R61400, equivalent to approximately 428,727 Kenyan shillings. Additionally, seven other gift boxes adorned the bed, their contents left undisclosed.

While showcasing the luxurious acquisition, she encouraged women to pursue relationships with high-value partners. “Ladies, aim for successful men. They’ll provide and pamper you,” a voiceover echoed as she displayed the receipt.

Expressing gratitude for the heartfelt birthday wishes from followers, Shakilla reflected on personal growth and lessons learned throughout her journey.

Shakilla Threatens To Sue Vincent Mboya

Shakilla arrived from South Africa with an unexpected welcoming after she was involved in a nasty fight with content creator Vincent Mboya right away.

The Kenyan socialite, who had been living in South Africa for some months, broke up with her partner from Mzansi and came back to her native country.

Shakila stated that she didn’t plan to be unmarried for very long and invited potential males to try their luck.

Vincent Mboya took the opportunity to shoot his shot at Shakilla.

“Dear Shakila I see you are single guess who’s single too? Am young rich and famous. Kindly lemme know where you at I come for you ASAP. Am currently flying out of Canada for some business meetings but I can passby where you at when am done, I spoil you sakamoniously!” Reads part of Vincent Mboya’s message to Shakilla.

Shakilla Responds

In response to Vincent Mboya’s proposal, Shakilla warned men such as him from showing advances. She said that Mboya would act as an example to the rest.

“Mboya will be an example to the rest. You can’t be putting stanking mouth in everyone’s business to revive your dead career,” she added.

She continued to threaten him that she’ll take legal action against him.

“When that defamation lawsuit hits you, don’t tell your fans to held you fundraise your s**,” Shakilla warned Mboya.

Shakilla is however, open to dating again, as she believes her ex-boyfriend didn’t deserve her.


Mboya Vincent Shows Interest In Shakilla After She Announced Break-Up With South African Boyfriend

Kenyan socialite Shakilla is single again, according to her recent Instagram stories. She declared her relationship status with a lighthearted message asking not to be linked to anyone.

This announcement has stirred interest, with YouTuber Vincent Mboya publicly shooting his shot. Mboya, currently in Canada, offered to whisk Shakilla away after his business meetings.

“Dear Shakila I see you single guess who’s single too —? Am young rich and famous. Kindly lemme know where you at I come for you ASAP. Am currently flying out of Canada for some business meetings but I can pass by where you at when am done, I spoil you sakamoniously! It’s been a while since I ate Street food and I don’t mind going back,” Mboya wrote.

Shakilla’s past statements regarding relationships have been colorful. In a 2023 interview, she playfully avoided disclosing her “body count,” though admitting it was high. She also expressed past interest in comedian Eric Omondi.

Shakilla has been vocal about her preference for dating outside of Kenya, citing generosity and bedroom prowess as reasons for not pursuing Kenyan men. These comments previously sparked controversy online.

“A Kenyan man can never give you money. They would rather pay for something. They also don’t look good,” she said.

“Kenyan guys don’t last in bed. They take minutes while I am talking about hours for Nigerian men.”

Shakilla is yet to announce her next move. But one thing’s for sure, she’ll be out of the streets in no time.

Shakilla leads ashawo plea to government following Rita Waeni murder

The unfolding details of the murder of Rita Mueni, the 20-year-old found dismembered at a Roysambu Airbnb, have deeply shaken Kenyans.

Socialite Shakilla, known for her outspokenness about dating Nigerian men, has called on the Government to swiftly take action to ensure the safety of Kenyans.

Expressing her dismay, Shakilla shared a screenshot of a newspaper headline revealing the arrest of a Nigerian man attempting to flee to Abuja. She captioned it with a solemn “Dam*” and a sad face emoji.


The socialite has been vocal about the deaths at Airbnbs, including that of Starlet Wahu and Rita Waeni.

“With what is going on in Kenya, specifically in the Airbnb business, the Govt should really rethink the visa rule!!” she urged, adding, “The cases are just going to get higher. I mean, these foreigners are going to stay in the BnBs!!! The girls in the streets ain’t safe.”

Shakilla, self-proclaimed as 20 years old and dubbed the Queen of the Streets, has emphasized her preference for dating Nigerian men due to their financial and romantic attributes.

The family of Rita Waeni revealed that the murder suspects demanded a sh500k ransom for her release. A family spokesperson shared that Rita’s father received a message from her phone number demanding the ransom within 24 hours.

Shakilla mocks Vera Shikwekwe after Brown Mauzo dumped her

Shakilla, a Kenyan socialite, has expressed her happiness over the breakup of Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika.

Mauzo and Sidika announced their divorce on August 30, 2023, after three years of marriage. They have a son together, Ice Brown, who was born in February 2023.

Shakilla has been involved in a feud with Sidika for several months. She has accused Sidika of being a bad mother and of faking her relationship with Mauzo.

In a recent Instagram post, Shakilla said that she was “overjoyed” by the news of the divorce. She also said that she believes the divorce was a publicity stunt by Mauzo and Sidika.

Mauzo has not commented on Shakilla’s remarks.

It is unclear what caused the breakdown of Mauzo and Sidika’s marriage. However, it is clear that the divorce has been a difficult time for both of them.

Sidika has said that she is “heartbroken” by the split. She has also said that she is “focusing on her son” and “moving on with her life.”

Mauzo has said that he is “sad” about the divorce. He has also said that he is “committed to being a good father” to Ice Brown.

The divorce of Mauzo and Sidika has been a major talking point in Kenya. It has also been the subject of much speculation and gossip.

It is likely that the full story of the divorce will never be known. However, one thing is for sure: it is a sad end to a once-happy marriage.

Churchill Comedian attacks Shakilla for saying women expire at 28

Nasra Yusuf, a former Churchill show comic, expressed her disgust with a widely circulated statement made by socialite Shakilla.

Shakilla claimed in an interview that all women pass away at the age of 28, therefore they should be careful with how they spend their 20s.

“Ladies expire faster than men, so if you get an opportunity build yourself a house or even your parents. When a woman reaches 28 or 30 she is done; no matter what you do you are done. The husbands will always look for young people like us so use it well,”

The comment infuriated Nasra, who chose to confront Shakilla, demanding that she be more precise about the group of women who reach menopause between the ages of 28 and 30.

“Nimeskia mahali ati “a ‘woman by 28 and 30 you’re done no matter what you’re doing. Weuh..ati by hii age mtumie opportunities mnapata kujijenga.

I think this only applies to ‘women who use their femininity and their bodies to make it in life. Because if you’re using your femininity it’s true that by 30,hauwezi keep up na mtu wa 19, 20 kuget mwanaume”

She continued by citing several examples of strong women who, despite their advanced age, are still in charge of various industries.

“Beyonce is 41, is she done, Rihanna Is 35, is she done, Oprah Winfrey is 69, is she done? They may not be as energetic as they were before but they’re certainly not done.

Let’s stop misleading women and giving them unnecessary pressure!

Mimi hao nimelist hapo wakikuja Leo waseme as a woman by 30 you’re done, swear I will listen to them and I will consider myself a failure.

But not people that have nothing more to offer than sex appeal,

Shakilla denies leaking her own rosecoco-preneur video leasking

Kenyan socialite Shakilla has denied any responsibility for the recent video that surfaced online. The video, which appears to show Shakilla in a compromising position, has caused a stir among netizens.

In a statement on her Instagram stories, Shakilla said that the video was taken over two years ago with a third party’s phone. She said that she has not spoken to the third party in over a year and that she is not responsible for the video’s circulation.

“I am not going back and forth or answering any questions about this video as I am not responsible for posting or having any engagements with the 3rd party involved,” Shakilla said.

Shakilla’s denial has not stopped the speculation surrounding the video. Some people believe that Shakilla is lying about her involvement, while others believe that the video was leaked by the third party.

The resurfacing of the video has sparked a conversation about the potential consequences of capturing and sharing sensitive content in the digital age. It is a reminder that once something is posted online, it can be difficult to control who sees it.

As the public awaits further details, the incident serves as a cautionary tale for both public figures and individuals about the importance of being aware of the risks involved in sharing sensitive content online.

Shakilla Denies Sharing Viral Cosy Video With Tanzanian Musician Lava Lava (Screenshot)

A selfie video of Kenyan socialite Shakilla in bed with Tanzanian musician Lavalava, who appears to be asleep, has sparked a flurry of hilarious and intriguing comments from netizens.

The video, which was shared on social media on Tuesday shows Shakilla in bed with Lava Lava, who is asleep. Shakilla is recording the moment, and the video has caused a stir on social media.

The video quickly went viral, with many netizens taking to the comments section to share their thoughts on the unexpected encounter.

Some people have criticized Shakilla for recording the video, while others have defended her, saying that she was simply documenting her life. Shakilla has denied leaking the video, and she has said that she is investigating how it was released.

The video has sparked a debate about privacy and consent, and it has also raised questions about the role of social media in our lives. It remains to be seen how this incident will affect Shakilla’s career, but it is clear that it has already had a significant impact on her life.

Shakilla has however, denied the accusations of being responsible of sharing the video; adding that it’s more than 2 years old.

Shakilla and Lavalava’s intimate video sparks hilarious reactions on social media

A selfie video of Kenyan socialite Shakilla in bed with Tanzanian musician Lavalava, who appears to be asleep, has sparked a flurry of hilarious and intriguing comments from netizens.

The video, which was shared on social media on Tuesday, shows Shakilla posing for the camera while Lavalava is lying next to her, seemingly asleep. The video quickly went viral, with many netizens taking to the comments section to share their thoughts on the unexpected encounter.

Some netizens were amused by the video, with many making light-hearted jokes about the situation. One user commented, “Fear the sleep after the match,” while another said, “Shakilla is the one collecting celebrity chains.”

Other netizens were more critical of the video, with some suggesting that Shakilla and Lavalava were being disrespectful by sharing such intimate footage online. One user commented, “This is just wrong. They should have known better than to post this video.”

Despite the mixed reactions, the video has certainly captured the attention of netizens, and it is likely to continue to be a topic of discussion for some time to come.

Controversial socialite Shakilla sends a cryptic message to Nigerian singer Omah Lay

Controversial socialite Shakilla has sent a cryptic message to Nigerian singer Omah Lay after he reshared a video of her playing his song on Instagram.

The video showed Shakilla dancing to Lay’s song “Attention,” and she captioned it with a purple heart emoji and a closed/locked golden padlock with a key beside it.

The purple heart emoji is often used to represent support, close bond, and admiration. The closed/locked golden padlock with a key beside it is an emoji symbol for secrecy or something held secure. It can refer to the act of keeping something or someone safe and secure.

Omah Lay

Some fans have interpreted Shakilla’s message as a sign that she is interested in Lay. Others have speculated that she is simply trying to be playful and mysterious.

Whatever the meaning of her message, Shakilla’s post has certainly generated a lot of buzz on social media. It will be interesting to see how Lay responds.

Shakilla and Sandra Mbuvi Document Night Out on Social Media

Socialite Shakilla and her friend Sandra Mbuvi, also known as Thicky Sandra, recently went out on a night out and documented their adventures on social media.

Shakilla, who often refers to herself as the “Queen of the Streets,” shared a photo of herself in a leopard-print dress with the caption, “In my street girl era ????.”

The two friends were clearly having a great time, as they were seen dancing, laughing, and posing for photos. They also took the opportunity to give their fans a glimpse into their lives, sharing videos of themselves getting ready for the night out and driving to the party.

It was clear that Shakilla and Sandra were close friends, as they were constantly laughing and joking around. They also seemed to be very supportive of each other, as they were seen giving each other compliments and cheering each other on.

The two friends’ night out was a reminder that it’s important to have fun and enjoy life, even when you’re busy. It was also a reminder that friendship is important, and that having someone to share your experiences with can make them even more enjoyable.

Overall, it was a night that Shakilla and Sandra will never forget. They had a lot of fun, made some new friends, and created some lasting memories.

Shakilla humiliated by Vera Sidika’s ex

Socialite and call girl Shakilla just got humiliated by Vera Sidika’s ex-lover, Tanzanian fitness model Calisah.

Shakilla Now Charges $50 To Answer People’s DMs After Being Verified On Instagram

She recently came out to say that she was charging people 6000 feelings to receive a response to the DMs and the chicken model came out to show that this is hilarious because he’s in his dm’s begging for a response.

Calisah went on to reveal that it’s not just Shakilla who happens to be in his DMs, they are flooded with east African female celebrities begging for his attention.

Shakilla glorifying heaux life will haunt her

But of course the socialite refused to take this humiliation lying down and she came out to allege that his manhood was not impressive.

Shakilla decided to be Petty and childish about it thinking that she was doing something other than humiliating herself. It’s all that now that he’s exposed eyes when she realises how an impressive he was yet she was begging the man not only for his attention but going as far as telling him that she was self-pleasuring thinking about him.

Nah Shakilla, hold this “L” for not only going after Vera Sidika’s ex but being rejected and becoming salty about it. It just goes to show that there are levels to this game some men are willing to pay for the attention of a woman who is busily begging for the attention who could be bothered to even spit in her direction.

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Shakilla Now Charges $50 To Answer People’s DMs After Being Verified On Instagram

Socialite Shakilla is exuberant after she was verified on Instagram recently with over 300K followers. The lass celebrated the achievement and shared with her fans that she’s now verified.

On top of that, Shakilla has now decided to give her rate card for answering any message sent to her. You’d have to pay her $50 (Ksh 6595.00) for her to answer your DM.

DMs now answered at a low charge of $50,”She shared via her Instagram.

Shakilla’s Rise To Fame

At such an early age of 19years, Shakilla was already a celebrity. in Kenya. Her fame came all of a sudden soon after her videos went viral.

In the videos, Shakila openly told the Kenyan nation of her alleged sexual interaction with some of the most famous men in Kenya. This was a shocking revelation since she wasn’t ashamed when mentioning the long list of men.

Do you think her charge is worth it?

Shakilla glorifying heaux life will haunt her

Shakilla is living her best life and she’s not too shy to let you and your mother know that it is all thanks to her viscous innards. That’s right, she is not shy about you finding out that she uses her body to gain access to the places many only can dream of.

That really isn’t saying much given she was first introduced to us by her declaring that she was sleeping with a whole gang of Kenyan celebrities for money. That was back in 2020 during the height of Covid19 lockdowns and Xtiandela had invited her to his IG to talk about odd things.

Shakilla doing what she does best

Since then, Shakilla has been actively flying around the world with her most recent stop being Turkey. But while it’s all fun and games while she’s young and dumb, a day is coming when she will have to face the consequences of her.

Shakilla & Pritty Vishy are birds of a feather: Here are 4 points to prove this

What am I referring to? Well, there is the question of marriage if she ever wants to settle down and start a family, she will have a hard time unless she finds some degenerate old man who doesn’t care about her past. It’s possible but highly improbable.


Shakilla also will one day have kids of her own. And they will be forever cursed with having a mother who is a prostitute and there is record of her talking about the men she has been paid by. I can’t imagine just how much bullying those poor children will have to endure.

Shakilla is only now realising why society shuns promiscuous women

Or what if she were ever to get tired of the heauxing and decide to get a job? As unlikely as that is, her reputation makes it that much harder for her to be a professional. All in all, at some point, real life will start for the young lady and its at that point that she will rue her decisions.

Even the shame she exposes her family to is something of note. I cannot imagine that Shakilla’s mother is happy raising a heaux. And when she hits the wall and is no longer attractive enough to get “flewed out“, she will have to look for something else to do. One can only hope she has the opportunities and business acumen Huddah does. Otherwise she will become another cautionary tale for younger heaux.

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Shakilla Is Utilizing Her Female Wits

Socialite Shakilla has once again caused a social media colloquy after she was spotted having an early Valentine’s gift from an un-identified man.

The lass flaunted her passport on social media and claimed that she was on an early flight to celebrate Valentines Day with a guy; whom she did not reveal his face.

Anything For Money

According to Shakilla, she insinuated that her early vacation was expedited by her actions; which was simply by sleeping with the man.

”Your serious boyfriend is flying me out for valentines ????”

Her passport further showed in black & white that she’s ‘playing her cards right’. She printed words that read;

”Your pu$*y gets you Ubers… My pu$*y gets me flights.”

From what we already know, Shakilla drilled her way to fame by simply using what her mama gave her. She became quite famous and she’s no longer giving a damn about what people think about her using her female wits to milk millions out of men.

Shakilla has been bold during her period of fame on what she does. Some like her for ‘being herself’ while others think she’s just doing too much at such a tender age. As for her, money matters.

B Classic’s Interest In Shakilla Will Only Bring Him Trouble

B Classic is trying to be Shakilla’s saviour after the damsel recently lamented that no one is interested in her. Through her Instagram, she wrote;

“So out of all my goddamn followers, no one wants to enter into a serious relationship with me?” Captioned Shakila as she added several crying emojis to her post.

She continued to ask if single life was forever her portion, “Was I meant to be in the streets for life?” The last of Shakila’s posts read.

B Classic To The Rescue

Ameomoka? Shakilla Goes International (Photos) - Kelebrity

Singer B Classic went ahead to show interest in Shakilla after learning that she’s desperate.

He however, gave Shakilla a few conditions if he’s to take her in.

“Shakila! Shakila! I have seen you want to leave the streets, see the thing is I am also in the market and I can take you in and I give you a good life”Started the musician.

“But are you willing to change? I’ll cater for everything…. As long as I see you becoming a church girl.


The numerous red flags that Shakilla exhibits to the public would definitely leave B Classic to the lurch. He should opt to go fore a better chick than Shakilla.

Shakilla knows deep down inside kenyans are not buying her Tory Lanez story

Shakilla wants you to know she is not a local socialite but an international one who made $3000 for just twerking while on an international call with one Tory Lanez.

Not quite sure where that came from….i mean we were already aware that she can shake her nyash and still remember what she did to the poor remote….but about the Tory Lanez payment story mmmmmh not so sure. I say this because Shakilla loves the attention and i am 100% sure she would have announced this years ago… why mention it now?

Well the only reason i can think of is none other than a clout chasing stunt….how else would you explain the sudden oh i got paid Ksh 300,000 just to dance post?

Shakilla doing the most

If you remember well, just the other day she was out here telling us she wants to feature in adult film (thats if she has not already started) and although we also dont know where that came from…..all we could see is a young lady fighting to remain relevant with a controversial post.

However at this point, tushajua Shakilla anapenda vipindi which is why Kenyans remain unbothered about her Tory story. I mean, inatuhusu aje and wait…if she got the money as she says, why is it that she had to feature on Eric Omondi’s reality shows….na yeye ni superstar? Shakilla anafaa kuzima hiyo kitu…period.

Shakilla makes come back by exposing thirsty DM from Andrew Kibe

There is something about the new age celebrities in that, no matter how hot or handsome you are – you cannot survive in the entertainment industry without good content to attract an audience. If not, you become more of a one hit wonder and just like that you’re forgotten….doubt me? Ebu ask Shakilla.


You see the last time we talked about her – word had it that she had beaten up one of her Nigerian boyfriends after he dumped her for someone knew. With that, its only fair to assume she lost a number of fans…i mean who wants follow a toxic person when life is already hard as it is.

Anyway the said socialite then disappeared for a while until this past weekend when she decided to unveil an old DM she once received from Kibe – who by the way….sorry to say had no shame hitting on a teenager (Shakilla was 18 at the time)…talking about a pantiles situation.

Shakilla back with the clout

Well having sent the DM in 2020, Shakilla recently made it seek like Kibe just hit her DM as she shared the screenahot online saying;

Yall are Simpson this the same guy talking trash about me on YouTube but wanna hit my DM

But like the swahili say – Njia ya muongo ni fupi and just like that….instead of fans attackinf Kibe they turned against Shakilla calling her out for picking a fight with the content creator over a weak moment he had back in 2020 when thanks to her tweaking videos.

Whats actually worse is that many are pretty sure Andrew Kibe isnt the only man that left a thirsty DM at the time; because if you remember well – Shakilla was parading her body on social media like her life depended on it….then 2 years later she reacts to a mess she created? They say respect is earned and however you carry yourself is how you be carried by everyone you associate with.

Anyway below are a few comments from fans reacting to Shakilla’s post.


Shakilla admits she failed as a daughter, says her mother deserves better

Barely before she even turned 18 years, Shakilla was already known as queen of the streets and thanks to Xtiandela, she actually got to prove why the name suits her. Remember that remote stunt? Yea, I still can’t get the image out of my mind.

But again, she was young, naive and wanted fame for herself – so why not wild? However almost 3 years later and looks like Shakilla is regretting her actions which seem to have disappointed her mom.

Shakilla doing what she does best

Okay, I really don’t know the kind of relationship she has with her mum; but all I know is that to have a daughter like her looks like a full time job to the woman that gave birth to her. Imagine how much she worries about her daughter roaming around like Satan not knowing the dangers she’s exposed to.

I bet she doesn’t even know what peace is…always having to worry whether one day she’ll receive that one phone call breaking some news about her daughter.

Shakilla’s conscious not giving her peace

Well, without anyone asking – the lass recently shared a post talking about being a disappointment to her mum; and yea – a section of her fans also seem to agree with that.

The post read;

Everytime i look into my mom’s eyes, I feel like she deserves a better kid than me.

But question is….what is she doing to mend her relationship with her mum?

Socialite Shakilla allegedly beats up ex boyfriend’s brother after she was dumped

Queen of the streets as she refers to herself, Shakilla just turned 20 years – however – unlike her other birthdays, this one came with too much and a heartache.

Well, rumor has it that she recently had a nasty fight with ex boyfriend’s brother after stealing her ex man’s passport. This is after got to the guy’s apartment and found he wasn’t present.

Xtian Dela and Shakilla


His absence apparently got Shakilla agitated and I’m guessing at this point – she must have known he was dodging her hence her move to steal the passport. According to the source that shared the information, Shakilla allegedly then started demanding for $5000 in order to return the passport – which then resulted to a fight.



Shakilla dissociates herself from rumor

Barely 24 hours after the exposè Shakilla on the other hand responded with a long post explaining her side of the story.

In one of the posts she started off by confessing about a ‘long day’ she’d had the previous night saying;

I had a long day yesterday ????‍♀️ damn it

Then went on to add a follow up post, where she confirmed to have been involved in ‘fight’ that may have been caught in camera. However she chooses to “disassociate” herself from the videos – incase they surfaced online.

Fought for love

According to Shakilla, whatever happened, happened but as of now she chooses to keep her brand clean from such scandals to avoid tarnishing her image later in life.

Whatever happened I believe time is what shall make it heal. It was bad for my BUSINESS and personal relations reputation.

The young lass went on to add that despite having been nicknamed Queen of the streets, she never wants to be involved in a street brawl.

Queen of the streets that’s what I’ve always been nicknamed but like a real street brawl naah this was the first. I feel really downgraded and like germs all over me.

And finally after leaving fans wondering what led to the fight, turns out that she was fighting for love. Yes, Shakilla says she fought for what belongs to her (boyfriend) and though it looks bad – she only did it because he matters to her.

But anyway, we fight for what we think belongs and matters to us.

Alaaaaar! At 20 years and already fighting for a man? Looks like Shakilla has a long journey ahead of her.

“Eric Omondi’s game is weak” Shakilla exposes comedian’s struggling bedroom skills

I don’t know how to say this but damn, whoever thought Eric Omondi was in bed with former teen socialite Shakilla? Wait, wasn’t she just 19 years just the other day?

Anyway turns out that Eric Omondi was not only trying to help Shakilla brand her image but was also in bed with her. I say this following the former socialites confession on Eric Omondi’s sex game – which she claims is weak asf.

Shakilla slaying on haters

In her own words Shakilla says the comedian’s bedroom skills are like ‘blow dry kisses and weak thrust.’ Alaaa.

Responding to a fan who was praising Eric Omondi’s D game on Edgar Obare page; Shakilla hit back with the facts as she wrote:

This one doesn’t what they’re saying….Eric’s game is down just blow dry kisses in the neck like 5 weak thrust and that’s it. If you try to ride him, ooh babe I love let’s do it in the morning…morning comes babe I have a meeting???????????? I’ll call you later.

Shakilla kisses and tells on Eric Omondi

According to Shakilla, she knows this because so far she has jumped into bed with Eric more than 3 times; and yes she doesn’t care talking about it. Mlisema kila mtu na turn yake?

Not so sure why the former Socialite decided to out her private business with Eric Omondi; but if you ask me, this could also be a strategy to get back to the like light cause in the end, Shakilla basically has nothing to loose. Right?

’Si hivyo’ Shakilla distances herself from Wizzo Tanonane days after they are spotted in same hotel room

Shakilla the queen of streets (former) was recently spotted spending time with Wizzo Tanonane at popular hotel.

Judging from the video shared by the guy, it appears that the two had a casual meeting at the same hotel room; but fans feel that something must have gone down – that is judging from Shakilla’s old reputation.

Shakilla slaying on haters

Some fans went on to applaud Wizzo Tanonane for the mali safi while others warned him against Shakilla who is known to ‘jump’ around. Not my words though.

Shakilla explains

Well, with the video already making rounds on social media, Shakilla has come out to explain herself; and yes, just like we expected – she claims they are nothing but friends.

The lady revealed this in the comment section where she wrote;

Nothing going on here – just a casual meetu???????????????? kwani ni kesho

A comment that ended up attracting negative responses from fans who didn’t hold back from bashing her.

Unfortunately some felt that she was distancing herself from Wizzo due to his gangster looks; but come on, aren’t most women attracted to the bad boy looks?

Below are a few comments from fans after Shakilla and Wizzo were spotted together; and something about this video screams new project…no?


We’ve Got To Hustle! Shakilla Reveals How Much She Charges People To Check Out Her Bum (Screenshot)

The queen of the streets Shakilla is using what her momma gave her wisely. The curvy 20 year old socialite has been giving men sleepless nights with her erotic photos on her Instagram. What she has done over the years has got many impressed that such a young lady can be able to achieve such. She already owns a house in one of the palatial areas in Nairobi. Even though her means of getting money are termed as subtle, Shakilla is always confident about what she’s doing.

However, weeks ago in a radio interview, she divulged her current source of income; which is OnlyFans (an adult online content-sharing platform, based in London, where creators can use it to offer videos, photos, and even chances to chat one-on-one for a price. It is popular in the adult entertainment industry).

Tight Hustle

Shakilla is yet to disclose how much she makes from sharing photos and videos of her bum bum. However, she did say how much a person can pay to get the link and check out her as*. On her Insta story, she replied to a fan who admired her a*s. She said;

”aaaww that’s really giving brute dm me for my onlyfans link and you gon see all the ass you want for only $20 dollars (Ksh 2,156).”

Well, this might just be one of Shakilla’s hustles, but you definitely can’t own a house with such charges. Anyway, let’s not judge! Everyone is hustling!