To marry his former partner Pritty Vishy, Stevo Simple Boy is demanding Sh 2 million.

Kibera artist Stevo Simple Boy has stated that his ex, Pritty Vishy, must compensate him if she wants his forgiveness or desires to rekindle their relationship.

In an interview with Kenya Online Media, the ‘Vijana Tuwache Mihadarati’ singer outlined his conditions, stating, “If she (Pritty Vishy) wants my forgiveness, she must pay me Sh 50,000. For us to have a child together, she must pay Sh 1 million. If she wants us to reconcile, it will cost Sh 500,000. And if she desires a wedding, she must pay Sh 2 million.”


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A few weeks earlier, Stevo had expressed his willingness to end his celibacy journey for his crush, Betty Kyallo. In an interview with Ali, Simple Boy disclosed that he had abstained from sexual activity for ten months following the end of his previous relationship.

When asked about the duration of his celibacy, Simple Boy replied, “It’s been ten months.”


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He further emphasized that he would only engage in sexual relations within the context of a serious relationship, expressing confidence that Betty would agree to be his girlfriend and eventually his wife.

“I am different from other men. Some say, ‘Oh, I can’t stay without a woman, I might indulge a bit.’ No, this is about endurance; have patience, and you will find your partner,” he remarked.

While Betty Kyallo has not yet responded to or rejected his romantic advances, Simple Boy mentioned that she promised to provide him with feedback at a later time.

Pritty Vishy attacks Stevo Simple Boy’s wife

Pritty Vishy seems to be having a meltdown ever since she split up with Stevo Simple Boy because for some reason she is unable to even move on after she revealed she had been cheating on him and this led to their breakup.

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At the time of their breakup, she would talk to everyone about the fact that she is doing better now that she is alone and she was finally liberated enough to around shopping for better options who she had some of y’all believing that.

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Pritty Vishy however, did not tell the entire truth. She has been gutted ever since she realised that no one wanted her for anything other than clout. And in the meantime, Stevo was growing from strength to strength.

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Now that he has announced that she has lost the man entirely, now that she has realised he wants nothing to do with her and is focused on starting a family, she cannot handle it. When Pritty Vishy isn’t attacking Stevo, she is crying on social media about him. And when that’s not the case, she is tearing at his new woman.

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It’s sad but it doesn’t seem like this will end.

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