Happy Birthday South C’s Finest Rapper and Lyricist, E-Sir…


It’s a short cryptic name. It’s like a fig.  A fig is a tiny seed, but grows to gigantic proportions. From humble, feeble beginnings to a towering, overshadowing stature in total indifference to numerous challenges and pitfalls along the journey.

Perhaps, in nature a fig seed would best animate the life of Kenya’s most celebrated fallen Hip Hop artist, Issah Mmari Wangui, fondly known as E-Sir.

Today, in better circumstances, E-Sir would be marking 19 years in the Hip Hop industry. However, that bubbly candle was snuffed out in a grisly road accident on a chilly Sunday morning – 16th March, 2003 aged just 21.

Just why E-Sir fondly remains in the hearts and minds of Hip Hop fans? His was a soul born before his time – a dynamic fusion of unique talent, entrepreneurial mindset and a burning desire to be the best in the industry.

A casual online search of the republic’s most iconic musicians has E-Sir cheekily tacked in between regional musical entities – Daudi Kabaka, Les Wanyika, Them Mushrooms, et al – all with eventful careers spanning decades. E-Sir’s case is different.

In two short years, 2001 – 2003, E-sir had grown from ‘South C’s Finest’ – winning freestyle rap sessions on street corners – to a star with a huge national following.

E-Sir had an easy-flowing lyrical flow, often in flawless Swahili and became one of the pioneers of Kapuka. Signed to the label Ogopa DJs, E-Sir’s peers on the Kapuka Beat includes Nameless, Redsan, Mr. Lenny, Vinnie Banton, amongst others.

In 2003, local Hip Hop faced a daunting task to penetrate the market, as Western Hip hop had a fanatical following. Remember The East vs. West beef? Yeah, that’s what E-Sir and fellow stars had to over shadow…..

And, Oh Boy! They did it in style!

E-Sir’s ageless hits include Bamba ft. Big Pin and K-Rupt (Deceased), Mos Mos ft. Brenda, Saree, and the soulful Hamnitishi ft. Talia – which, loved ones believe has a deeper message that foresaw his imminent demise. Up to date, E-sir’s greatest hit, Bumba Train alongside close friend nameless still enjoys massive airplay on radio.

E-Sir’s musical dream still lives on with his younger brother, Habib still in the industry.

Long Live E-Sir.

Talia Oyando breaks down during Bruce Odhiambo requiem mass: I remember when I lost my job, he fed me every single day

Homeboyz Radio presenter Talia Oyando gave a moving tribute during Bruce Odhiambo requiem mass yesterday at Nairobi Baptist Church in an event that was star studded.

On Thursday family, friends and well-wishers gathered at the Nairobi Baptist Church for a memorial service for the fallen music producer.


Talia gave a moving speech of how Bruce supported him after she lost her job.

“I remember when I lost my job, he fed me every single day, every day,” Talia said in tears. 

“He knew I was so proud to ask for help, we were neighbors. When I did not have money, he gave me money and told me as a joke, ebu just go buy that. I want to tell you thank you, for calling me all the time just to make sure I was okay.”

She added:

“Save a place for me as you sing with the angels. I have lost a true friend, rest in peace Bruce Odhiambo, rest in peace father.”

The late Bruce Odhiambo was a personal friend to president Uhuru Kenyatta and his family. First Lady Margaret Kenyatta attended Bruce’s requiem mass and eulogized the deceased as a trailblazer with an unmatched zeal to support local talent and artistes.

Talia Oyando’s thunder thighs cause trouble on social media and Nameless can’t keep it to himself

TV presenter Talia Oyando caused tongues to wag when she took to social media to flaunt yellow mellow thighs in a tight skirt.

Talia looked all seductive as she sat on a seat dressed in a white shirt and a tight black skirt which offered panoramic view of her wondrous thighs.

Mafisi respond

Mafisi were drooling like crazy after Talia Oyando shared the titillating photos on social media. Nameless commented on Talia’s post to let her know she was really causing trouble.

“Haiyaaaa?? Ebu come we talk outside the tent hapa nyuma…” Nameless joked.



Talia Oyando slams fan after warning to stop working out with her son

Talia Oyando was having a good time working out with her son but a social media user ended up spoiling the mother-son bonding.

The Citizen TV reggae presenter shared a video working out with her son but a social media user ended up criticizing her, saying that she was hurting the young boy.


But Oyando was having none of that negativity. She blasted the fan and any other person who thought she was on the wrong.

Here are the screenshots

“I know you are dancing with the angels but I miss you” Big Ted shares great memories with his late friend Big Kev

Kevin Ombajo popularly known Big Kev died on July 29th after a long battle with brain cancer. Big Kev’s longtime friend Big Ted is still affected by his buddy’s death.

Big Kev underwent 13 surgeries during his seven year long battle with the benign brain tumor. The late TruBlaq Entertainment CEO was first diagnosed with the recurring tumor in 2010.

Big Kev traveled to various countries including Israel and India to seek treatment. He passed on while in hospital in Kenya and was buried on August 5th at his home in Gem, Siaya County.

Friends and relatives carry Big Kev’s casket during his burial

I still miss you

Big Kev’s crony Big Ted is still affected by his friend’s death. The State House director of brand strategy and events shared an old video of Big Kev and him dancing at a party as he reminisced about good times with the deceased.

“OLOO I.know you are dancing with.the.angels but I.miss you sana… #JustMissingMyBro #AllWhiteHeavenThings
#livelovelaughlearn2017,” Big Ted captioned the video.

Talia Oyango and Kriss Darlin also commented on Big Ted’s video. The two expressed the pain they were still feeling for the lose of Big Kev.

“I always come back to this video. Hugs Ted. Rest easy Kev.” wrote Talia Oyando. 

This is the German Machine Citizen TV’s Talia Oyando cruises around in(photo)

Who would have thought dancing alongside teenagers for a whole two hours every week on some reggae tunes paid so well?

Well, it does and Talia Oyando is a true testament.

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The TV presenter/radio presenter is obviously doing good, busy cruising around in a BMW while sipping on some madafu to beat off the recently witnessed the Nairobi heat.

How do we know? Because she made the announcement by giving us hints just like most celebrities in Kenya.

On instagram that is with this post:

It’s too damn hot… Plus work out was a problem

A post shared by Tallia Oyando ?? (@talliaoyando) on

We are yet to establish which make of the BMW though.