Tanasha Donna and Omah Lay spotted together on another date

Cool kid cum singer Tanasha Donna is rumored to be the new girl Nigerian superstar Omah Lay is parading around; and if this is true – then Tanasha may have bagged the right man to build her career with.

The two alleged love birds have now been linked to each other for months; and the last time they were spotted together – is when Omah Lay was performing in South Sudan.

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Tanasha with the curves

More reports indicate Tanasha shared the same ride and hotel as Omah Lay; leaving many assuming that the two have a romantic relationship on the low.

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Omah Lay allegedly dumps girlfriend

Their latest photos have however surfaced hours after Omah Lay was said to have unfollowed his Nigerian girlfriend after she cheated. Alaar! So does that mean, he Omah Lay saw it and looked for a replacement

Nigerian singer allegedly dumps girlfriend

With the ex girlfriend cheating with a tycoon; Omah Lay on the other hand upgraded his taste by picking Tanasha Donna. Although many will say that Tanasha is serving justice with her looks; I want to believe that she is an intelligent woman who will also build herself.

As for now, all we know is that Tanasha could be warming Omah Lay (and we want her to); cause again, he is the perfect replacement for Diamond Platnumz!

Tanasha with rumored bae, Omah Lay
Omah Lay with Tanasha
New couple in town