“She won’t let me see my girls” Terence Creative on coparenting with baby mama

Terence Creative says he got his first child at the age of 21; but back then he did not know nor understand the value of family.

From what we have heard is that before the fame and money; he was not only a bad husband; but a horrible partner to the mother of his two eldest daughters. So far he has been accused of physical violence and negligence that his ex wife can’t seem to get over.

Unlike Milly Chebby who has had a soft life with the comedian; ex wife Eunice Waneta says she went through hell with the comedian back in the day. During an interview Eunice opened up saying;

Terence Creative

I officially became a single mother @ 23yrs. [Physically] abused, on my right eye I had a black eye, reason for it was unknown to me. I was broken and had no hope of this life, the only reason I was living was what I was holding on my right and left hand, my babies. With no food to feed them, it was still a secret to my family and friends …how do you even start telling people your life is breaking?

Karma hitting back?

Well now that the girls are all grown up and continue to live with their mum; Terence says his baby mama has denied him the right to access them.

The comedian held a pity party for himself in a detailed post shared during a QnA where he revealed the baby mama drama. According to Terence, his ex not only changed her home address; but also transferred the girls to different schools making it hard for him to access them.


Terence Creative

Not quite sure why the two continue to have a push and pull relationship; but something about how he treated his baby mama back in the day is the reason she may not want anything to do with him.

Karma working overtime?