Terence Creative denies being a deadbeat dad, blames ex wife for ruining their relationship with his kids

Terence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby enjoy parading their daughter on social media; and for some reason fans feel that the comedian neglects the other children he had with his ex wife.

This conversation was however sparked thanks to a comment made by Milly Chebby who was interacting with one of her fans. The fan went on to ask whether Terence had been denied access to his children; or was it her (Milly) keeping the comedian away from the kids to which Milly responded saying;

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Haki sijui it’s more of moving on

And with this response, Milly Chebby seemed to have angered yet another fan (Fabulously Chic); who couldn’t believe how carefree Milly sounded when responding to the other fan. Responding to Milly Chebby the lady identified as Fabulously Chic wrote;

Couple, Terence Creative and Milly Chebby

It’s more of moving on? So casually? Wow!!!Saying this and children are involved? Children that are growing? So insensitive Aki. But it’s only taken lightly until you find yourself on the receiving end. Running up and up trying to get support and all.

Terence responds

Since the issue at hand was about Terence’s kids, the comedian stepped in to defend his wife; who was already losing the fight in the comment section, thanks to her response. According to Terence’s response it appears that he blames his wife for denying him access to his daughters.

Waneta exposes Terence Creative

The comedian said;

 @fabulously_chic you don’t know the pain of not having your kids for over 6 years for selfish reasons; the fact that we quiet doesn’t mean we okay, one day God shall reveal the real truth coz am tired too.

Well, both Terence and his ex wife have been blaming each other when it comes to matters concerning their kids; and although many would like to find out the truth it’s best to leave this issue as it is!