Terence Creative is a cuck

Terence Creative was more than happy to let us know that he knew all along when his wife was grinding on Bahati’s groin. And if that sounds like a strange way to start an article then it should also seem like a strange thing for a husband to say with regards to his wife.

Terence Creative needs to love his wife away from social media

The guy was interviewed and what he said was,

“Bahati anachemsha maji lakini mimi ndio ninaoga”.

Terence Creative and wife Milly Chebby

And no, I’m not joking, he literally said that and he meant it given his energy. Perhaps he said so because he’s a comedian but that is the sort of joke only failed men (males who’ve failed at being men) can relate to and get some chuckles in. You know, cuckolds.

Terence Creative Gushes Over Wife Milly Chebby, Warns Social Media Bullies Against Trash-Talking Her

Back to Terence Creative, the man thought it was funny to be around while his wife was grinding on Bahati because he probably thinks he has to atone for cheating on her with Anita Soina. Oh, you think we forgot about that?

Popular comedian, Terence Creative aka Kamami

The reason he probably has to say he is okay with his wife making a mockery of him is that he thinks he has to allow her to balance out his marital account. The thinking of a simp: because I failed in honouring my promise to you, feel free to pay me in kind.

EXCLUSIVE: Terence Creative reportedly battered by wife Milly Chebby

And this reminds me of the rumour that he was being battered by his wife. Remember that story Ghafla broke exclusively?

For you to understand what a cuckold is, allow me to quote my good friend Google:



  1. a man whose wife is sexually unfaithful, often regarded as an object of derision.
    “jokes in literature about elderly cuckolds and misers are rife”
  1. (of a man) make (another man) a cuckold by having a sexual relationship with his wife.

    “in the novel Humberto cuckolds his employer”

I can already hear you make the justification that Milly Chebby was just grinding on Bahati’s crotch, it is a stretch to equate this to seggs but on that one, I will direct you to your father to go and debate with. And Terence Creative is a schmuck who is 3 degrees separate from cuckoldry.

Repeat after me, monogamy is about sexual exclusivity. That means a married woman should not be posting thirst traps. It means she shouldn’t get flirty or touchy-feely with her friends. Hell, she shouldn’t even have male friends. Milly Chebby knows she has something over on Terence which is why he is being creative with the excuses he’s making for her disrespectful behaviour.

Notice we didn’t see Terence Creative grinding on Diana Marua… Why do you think that is?

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Terrence Creative needs to love his wife away from social media

Terrence Creative recently took to his Instagram account to celebrate his wife, Milly Chebby and while doing so, he decided to take shots at her perceived haters who routinely body shame her.

EXCLUSIVE: Terrence Creative reportedly battered by wife Milly Chebby

I for one did not understand why he chose to cheapen his sentiments by also focusing on his wife’s naysayers and detractors who actually have a great point (although their delivery is garbage) about her weight and body image.

Terrence Creative, Milly Chebby
Terence Creative and wife Milly Chebby

You see, Terrence Creative has attempted to virtue signal and show us how noble a creature he is by saying he finds his wife sexy with her weight and all but that only highlights the fact that he is well aware her shape is an issue. Her size is an issue. And he further dug himself into his bullshit by inviting those same haters to share their opinions.

Terence Creative Gushes Over Wife Milly Chebby, Warns Social Media Bullies Against Trash-Talking Her

I mean, sure he was celebrated by all the other fat feminists who no man wants to try and settle down with but really, he lost more than he gained and you do not need to be on “big brain time” to understand why.

Terrence Creative, Milly Chebby
It’s interesting that when Terence Creative cheated on Milly Chebby he went for someone slimmer than her

Milly Chebby is fat. And that is not someone trying to shame her, that is simply a factual statement of facts. Terrence Creative too is fat. When she celebrates him, she never talks about the body shamers. She makes her message about him.

Why Milly Chebby really reconciled with Terence Creative

This clown, on the other hand, invited opinions and while many were too scared to address the fact that she is fat on that post, the trolls are still going to come back and he has given them ammo.

Terrence Creative
Anita was bashed for sexual affair with family man, Terence Creative

He needs to keep some of the facets of his life offline. That means that he needs to keep the areas of his life that matter to him on a deeper level offline. If you love your wife, celebrate her in your daily life. Whenever couples take to social media to tell us how much they love each other, often that is an indicator they are going through the death of said relationship.

Milly Chebby and Terrence Creative prove they are still together after cheating allegations 

Love Milly Chebby Bwana Terrence Creative but stop inviting us to your celebration of love. You not only cheapen it but you also invite opinions right into your bedroom for a few cheap thrills and likes.

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How to cheat and not humiliate your wife

This is a guide for idiots like Samidoh, Terrence Creative, Professor Hamo, Mr Seed, Jalang’o, Mwakideu and the rest would be well advised to pay attention to. You see, over the last number of weeks and months, we have been inundated by reports of Kenyan celebrities cheating on their wives and getting caught because they are actually a dense lot.

Samidoh’s failure: Karen Nyamu is what you get when your husband is weak

The one thing these men I mentioned have in common with their affairs is the fact that they humiliated their wives. Kabi was Jesus did not cheat on his wife but he humiliated her. For some reason, rather than bite the bit and deal with the situation he created, he dragged his wife into his nonsense and made her the subject of hate once his ruse was exposed.

Celebrated media personality, Jalang’o

But the thing is, none of them, not Professor Hamo, not Jalang’o and definitely not Kabi was Jesus nor Mwakideu would have had to deal with the public humiliation their wives were exposed to had they had mentors cut from the old testament cloth.

Learning from female celebs: Don’t date her if she’s heavily active on social media

First off, let us shed the bullshit notion that men don’t cheat. From there, let us understand and agree that men with as many options as these Kenyan celebrities do will definitely step out on their marriage once or twice. But that doesn’t mean they do not love their wives nor that they are terrible husbands and fathers.

Alex Mwakideu
Alex Mwakideu

Secondly, we should also accept that given the context we are discussing, the men in question are high-value men. They have money and status and while most of them do not have looks, that is a distant third in third world situations that the prevalent one in Kenya.

“Sitoi hii mimba” Mr Seed’s ex side chick reveals why she will not abort months old pregnancy

Ok, now let us get into how a married man or men can get away with infidelity but we must appreciate that there are ways to cheat on your wife and not get caught up like Terrence Creative, Professor Hamo, Jalang’o or Mwakideu and this is actually what would be best for all parties involved rather than them trying to maintain their hypocritical facade.

Professor Hamo
Professor Hamo

First, all your actions must follow one rule, and that cardinal rule is that you must never humiliate your wife. That should form the basis of your intent and actions. Do not rub your affairs in your spouses face. The idea here is for you to be discreet because what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Do not tell your WhatsApp group or friends or pose for pictures that your clande has taken.

Mr Seed saga: Baby trapping a man does not work

Also, you do not allow your affair partner to disrespect your partner. They need to understand that their position isn’t to challenge for the queen’s spot. And to accomplish this, you have to be very clear as to whether or not you want to keep her as a second wife or if your affair partner is merely a plaything. Imagine if Samidoh and a host of other celebrities understood this and made their stance on the matter clear.

Somali lady ‘dating’ Mr Seed

Do not make a woman uglier than your wife your clande. I do not know why this is something Kenyan celebs do not understand. Never ever pick a woman who will make your wife wonder why her. You want to be able to argue and reason with your wife (in the event you’re caught) that you had no choice because your partner is hot. It might seem counterintuitive but what happens is when you’re busted, it sparks competition anxiety in your wife. That was not the case when Professor Hamo, Jalang’o or Mwakideu were busted but it is arguably the case for Mr Seed and Samidoh.

Karen Nyamu with former helper, Samidoh

As for the how,

Get a kabambe
This should be the first rule out of common sense. You never use your personal phone to sweet talk and sext. That is an amateur mistake. You need to know that your phone is always subject to scrutiny. So what you do is get a trap phone that you keep hidden in your car.
Don’t alter your behaviour
Stop changing things like your cologne, stop switching your schedule and stop altering your behaviour. you simply act like everything is normal. And that is easy to do when you’re in control of the relationship.

Crucial lessons Kenyans can learn from Alex Mwakideu’s cheating scandal

Don’t send Mpesa
One of the easiest ways for men -especially married men- to get caught, is by sending Mpesa to their lovers. Now all she needs to do is to provide that trail to your partner and your goose is cooked.

Stop sending nudes
Do I really need to explain this?! Can you not see how much drama this particular stunt has caused DJ Mo? He cannot even go on the offensive to defend himself otherwise, he risks having his pecker leaked online.

Alex Mwakideu finally comes clean on rumours claiming he cheated on wife

At the end of the day, we need to understand that unlike DJ Mo, we aren’t trying to bring shame to ourselves and our families. The best option to take when the urge to stray bites is for you to simply not. But if the urge grows beyond your capacity to handle it, then surely, it is our responsibility to ensure we do not get caught.

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Why Milly Chebby really reconciled with Terence Creative

Milly Chebby is the betrayed spouse of Terrence the Creative, an internet comedian whose relationship was exposed online after he began cheating and was caught. To his credit, he decided to prioritize their marriage and the couple have worked things out.

Comedian Terence creative and wife, Milly Chebby expecting baby number 2!

She recently took to social media to celebrate the fact on his birthday and her post was a tear-jerking ode to the effort he has apparently put into transforming himself and their marriage given he used to reportedly go missing for weeks on end:

Milly Chebby, Terrence Creative
Terence Creative and Milly Chebby challenge

To a man I love and honour, as you celebrate your birthday today I am proud to say @terencecreative you’ve grown from a man to a man of honour manze I am so proud of who and what you have become babe,I have seen your growth from your casino days,the days you smoked none stop ,to the days you never returned home for weeks I can say so much about you and how God has transformed you and you an house name, as you celebrate a year older today may he that started a good work in you be able to accomplish it
@millanetai and love you so much

While to the casual observer this is a story of how love won the day out, to us, we can see that Milly Chebby really had no choice but to reconcile with her husband unless she wanted to end up like some of her bitter single friends who are staring at the possibility of growing old all alone.

Milly Chebby splashes thousands on luxury surprise gift for husband weeks after gifting her a washing machine (Video)

Terrence Creative was able to salvage his marriage not because he is an Adonis but because his wife is pragmatic. She took a long hard look at their situation and decided that what they had wasn’t worth throwing away because she could probably not do any better than him.

Milly Chebby
Terence Creatives wife, Milly Chebby

You see, we exist in an apathetic reality and the world doesn’t care whether or not he wronged her, it only cares for her sexual marketplace value and of that, her’s is low given she would be an out of shape obese single mother were they to split.

Milly Chebby is unfairly hated and attacked by Kenyans online

To the ever-triggered feminist, what I have just said is cruel but to those of us with culture and exposure to the concept of facing reality as ungarnished as it may come, we realize all I have done is stated the truth in all its vulgar nakedness.

Milly Chebby
Former Switch TV presenter, Milly Chebby

You see, while Terrence Creative is also an obese, out of shape man, he is tall and has social proof in abundance as he is a celebrity. What that means is that he will always have options. And we are discussing young, nubile, beautiful options like Anita Soina will avail themselves for him.

EXCLUSIVE: Terrence Creative reportedly battered by wife Milly Chebby

But what is in store for Milly Chebby were she to chose the single life?! I can guarantee you she wouldn’t receive anywhere near half that level of attention. She would receive some but not from high-value men. It would be from men who are aware that they cannot get women in their prime so they target the limping prey.

Terrence Creative’s paramour Anita Soina

Add to this the fact that their children are better suited when both parents are involved. And you can see that she made a sacrifice that was the smart play. She first ensured that he apologized and prostrated himself. I had to literally drag himself across hot coal before she took him back but that was the only smart play she had at hand.

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