Learning from female celebs: Don’t date her if she’s heavily active on social media

When you look at female celebs like Anerlisa Muigai, Frida Kajala, This is Ess, Karen Nyamu or Amberay the one thing they have in common is that they are very open about their relationships.

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The second thing they have in common is failed relationships that were publicised and cast to all our social media timelines because they are the ones who opened up their relationships for the adoring public to witness and experience.


I would have added Yummy Mummy to that list of female celebs but to be fair, she quickly read the script and decided to leave her relationship off her social media brand content. So in the face of new evidence, I shall adjust my opinions accordingly.

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Anyway, these female celebs do not seem to learn from each other’s failures nor do they have any sort of introspection and as a result, we are always so well informed as to what it is that is going on in their relationships. We know when things are great and we know when the relationship has gone belly up without them ever having to confirm anything. This is usually because when there is a problem, they delete their man off their page. When they are sad because of “bae”, they share fake inspirational quotes.

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But as they say,

sicut superius et inferius.

Or you know, as we plebs would say it, “As above, so below”.

That means that when you are into a girl and you notice that just like Kenyan celebs, she is into posting everything on her social media account, that is a huge red flag as to why you shouldn’t date her. And we can really base the entire argument on what we know about Kenyan celebs and their failed marriages.

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#1. Not one influencer can claim that having their relationship out in the public strengthened it

The reason why this is not a thing, is because now you have to also weigh the opinions of your social media inlaws. We invite the burden of their expectations and also attempt to sell them an illusion. If you have more than a lukewarm IQ, then you know that relationships are not a walk in the park. They have a lot of ups and downs and every day you’re in one is a decision to maintain it.
You however lose the freedom to navigate the issues in your relationship and work out a solution in privacy. So imagine having an issue with your girlfriend who posts everything on social media and then her followers start telling her to move on and find a better guy… Why bother even getting into this position with her to begin with?

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#2. It opens new avenues for insecurities to seep in

If your girlfriend is either an influencer or she is always following what her favourite influencers are doing, then you’re familiar with the headache of having her compare herself and her life to what she sees online. These are also the girls in my class who get upset when bae likes another girl’s photos.


And woe on you if she follows these relationship influencers. She starts packing on the drama and pressure because This Is Ess was given a helicopter ride before she was proposed to. And lets face it, younger women are more impressionable than their older counterparts so you can imagine the headache you’d have to contend with. She wants to go out on a date to the same expensive place her friend was at and posted to her IG stories. So why bother? And that is on the more mild side of things.

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#3. It heightens competition anxiety

That was the last thing you want. Every time you post something and get a couple of likes, every time you like another girl’s post or when you ignore hers, she immediately assumes it is because you have a romantic interest in her. Or having to constantly assure your partner that you’re still into her but you still like the risque photo that her friend posted -innocently.

Imagine if she loves thirst trapping men online? Or she has an Only Fans account? Now your sanity is constantly tested when she posts herself and a whole host of horny men shoot their shot. How then can you create a successful relationship? You can’t.

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