Vera Sidika talks about ‘Size’ weeks after breaking up with Dr Jimmy Chansa

Socialite Vera Sidika and Jimmy Chansa are no longer an item! After dating for close to a year, the two called off their relationship a few weeks ago before Vera Sidika jetted off to the states.

Word however had it that Jimmy Chansa had other options on the side; and since Queen Vee is not one who shares her men, she then decided to walk out on him.

Vee throwing shade

The two have so far deleted each other’s photos from their Instagram pages and continue to focus on their lives separately. This break up wouldn’t have seemed legit if Vera Sidika wouldn’t lashed out as she does every time she dumps a man.


Well, thanks to her latest posts shared on her Instagram story; it is obvious that she is now throwing shade at Jimmy Chansa or wants to inform him that her sex life is now better than it was. She shared a meme that read;

Vera Sidika’s post

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika’s break up

Most people remember how Vera Sidika and Otile Brown’s break up went down thanks to the socialite who spilled private details about her former relationship.

Otile and Vee

According to Vera, singer Otile Brown has been living her hanging or rather was not sexually satisfying her. Vera went on to share receipts showing how she tried teaching Otile Brown sex tips but sadly she never got satisfied.

Exposing this however left Otile Brown battling depression on the low and if Jimmy Chansa is not careful; he will end up in Otile’s shoes!

¨The Babu Owino mode!¨ Vera Sidika´s latest update gets fans teasing

Voluptuous socialite, Vera Sidika decided to release the pressure by flying out to the US. Guess what she was spotted doing, she had gone shooting in a gun club.

In an Instagram update, the riveting lass was clinching to a rifle, with a caption that read:

I’m only loyal to them niggas that’ll bust Guns for me ????

A post she seemed to direct to someone, with most assumptions going to her Tanzanian doctor, Jimmy Chansa.

Vera and Tz boyfriend, Jimmy Chansa allegedly split

The two are rumored to have broken up, after cheating allegations were shot the medic´s way.

Others teased her Kenyan ex, Otile Brown for not duly satisfying her in bed, therefore Vera opted for a ´bigger gun´.

Vera Sidika and her Kenyan ex, Otile Brown

Well, what do you expect when you are a celebrity, especially a socialite and relationships don´t seem to be your cup of tea?

Vera is currently on vacation, apparently all alone in Hollywood Hills West, Los Angeles, US.

Mized reactions

Read some of the hilarious comments below:

Chuma nazo uliaza kushika kitambo . The only difference is , hii inalipuka na sauti????


@queenveebosset this is wt we call @he.babuowino mode


Enyewe ulikataa toothpick..vitu kubwa


@queenveebosset atleast the world knows????????


You those who bust a nut or guns ?????


Are Tanzanians still our inlaws? ????


Looking good boo… But kunaendaje Aki…. Bado tuko tz ama tuliboeka


Vera hautawai settle.ulichuja yule chali msupa tena??????


That’s next level gangster ????????????


Come with a white shimeji


Kwani brown skin guy ako wapi…ulimshoot pia…????????


Do you plan to shoot Jimmy?

Vera Sidika’s boyfriend responds to break up rumors

Word making rounds on social media is that Vera Sidika and her handsome Tanzanian doctor boyfriend are no longer together!

This was first announced by Juma Lokole (a close relative of Diamond Platnumz) who is popularly known for his hot scoop when it comes to celebrity gossip!

According to Juma Lokole, the couple seems to have gotten tired of each other and are at the verge of breaking up. Through his Instagram post the fella wrote announcing the alleged break up but seems like he later pulled it down.

Jimmy Chansa responds

Anyway one fan from Vera Sidika’s boyfriend’s camp went on to confidently ask the Doctor whether rumors about him and Vera were true.

This was just to confirm whether he is still together with the lady or he was seeing someone new? However turns out that Jimmy Chansa also did not know anything about his alleged break up with Vera Sidika. He sarcastically responded saying;

Jimmy chansa

Although his answer did not fully answer the question; Instagram fans feel that there is something Sidika and Chansa are not being open about; since Mr Lokole’s scoops always end up being true!

¨Mimba yangu ilitolewa coz she doubted I´m light skin enough¨ Otile Brown blasts Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika recently insinuated that her Tanzanian boyfriend and her are expecting a baby but her ex, Otile Brown believes she terminated his because of the baby´s dark skin complexion.

In a long cryptic post, the ¨Nabayet¨ singer called out on individuals like ´Vera´ who are basically dating ´light skins´ just to get that ´cute´ baby who might turn out darker than expected.

Some people are sick. Mtu yuko so obsessed kuzaa mtoto mcute forgetting that chalii na dem wanawezakua light skin and still mzae mtoto mweusi. Have seen it with my own eyes.

According to Otile, Vera terminated his pregnancy because she was unsure whether Otile could give her a ´cute´ (lightskin) baby.

Yangu ilitolewa coz she doubted I´m light skin enough for the baby to come out light skin.

Otile Brown calls out Vera Sidika for going for ´cute´(lightskin) babies

The singer went ahead to pose: ¨what´s going on in the world?¨ Before facing Vera head-on, telling her to her face ¨By cute we know you mean light!! Daah¨.

Otile advises Vera that if a ´cute´ baby is what she is looking for, then she should just get a white man and her doubts will be cleared.

Yani you´d rather be with a wrong guy as long as he can get you a cute baby (light skin) what´s going on in the world. By cute we know you mean light!! Daah. Then for sure bet get a white man.

The RnB sensation called Vera ´a liar´and cautioned her that her biasness might not see her and her boyfriend go so far.

So when you´re light skin, you´re considered cute?! We know you and we know it bothers you, we can see through your lies. Sick sick sick and y´all will end up bad.

This comes days after Vera´s caption addressing her Prince Charming, Chansa, that read:

We definitely gonn make one hella cute baby ????????❤️


Vera Sidika expecting her first child with boyfriend Jimmy Chansa? (Video)

Word making rounds on social media is that Vera Sidika is heavy with her first child!

This is after a never before seen video of the socialite emerged on social media and looking closely you can’t miss the bulging ‘baby bump’ showing from her figure hugging dress.

Vera Sidika pregnant?

If indeed Sidika is pregnant with her first child, this will not be a surprise since she has been trying to start a a family of her own – but things were not working in her favor back then until recently when she met her prefect match.

Sidika and fiancé, Jimmy Chansa

So far Vera Sidika seems to be enjoying her relationship with her Tanzanian boyfriend who also happens to be a doctor.

Vera pregnant?

The two have since been touring around Dubai and from the look of things…Jimmy Chansa is not like Sidika’s ex boyfriend’s who never got the chance to enjoy Vera Sidika’s company like Jimmy is.

Anyway, if indeed the two are pregnant then I bet this is just the beginning of their lifetime journey together!