Vivian opens up about her relationship with baby daddy for the first time

Singer Vivian is a mother of one adorable baby girl who she conceived before embarking on her musical journey a few years ago. However she ended up becoming a single mum after breaking up with baby daddy – who by the way – she rarely talks about.

Well, this is probably because she already moved on with hubby, Sam West; or just enjoys keeping her private life (mostly past) hidden from her online community. Which is a good move.

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Tbt: Vivian with daughter

However speaking recently to Mpasho on a one on one interview, Viviane got to open up about her baby daddy for the first time. Judging from how she painted the man as a loving and responsible dad to their daughter; it’s obvious to see both Vivian and baby daddy are coparenting in peace. Something many ex couples continue to struggle with.

Praises baby daddy

Without sharing his identity, Vivian painted her baby daddy as a man that loves his daughter; and one that supports where he can.

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Of course for them to coparent, there must be good communication; hence Vivian’s response after she was asked whether they talk, to which she responded by saying;

Vivian’s daughter all grown up

Yes, we talk. We have always been cordial with each other.He is a good father. We don’t talk all the time but we understand that we have a child together.

Child support

Well having him present in his daughter’s life means supports her one way or another: Which Vivian confirmed as she went on to add;

He helps where he can but he loves his daughter and that’s important because it’s important for a girl to have a relationship with her dad.

Having witnessed how kids from this generation traumatized or even with daddy issues; after growing up in the absence of their father’s, Vivian says having her baby daddy in their daughter’s life; is something she will doesn’t regret.

We are seeing the results huku nje za kukosa baba.