Weezdom responds to people calling him a simp

Singer Weezdom has responded to critics who accused him of “simping” after he begged for forgiveness from his on-and-off girlfriend Mylee Staicey.

Weezdom went down on one knee to ask for forgiveness and propose to Mylee in the season finale of their reality TV show “Take Me Home.” The emotional moment did not sit well with some Kenyans, who felt that Weezdom was being too submissive.

In a post on his Instagram story, Weezdom said that he has no regrets for his actions and that he is determined to love Mylee even harder.

“I did what I did because I love her and I want to be with her, I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

I’ve seen that a section of Kenyans are disappointed with my actions vile niliomba dem wangu msamaha na kupiga magoti while proposing to her! Oh Weezdom ni simp! oh weezdom ni nganuthia! Oh weezdom ni punny a* lambistic worefa ohh whips for weezdom oh nsifike mens conference next year.

Mimi ndio najua furaha yangu na maisha yangu niiteni majina zote ila mpenzi wangu nitazidi kumongezea mapenzi kila dakika kila saa…nitamheshimu nitamtunza nitampenda nitamskiza nitamlinda,”

Weezdom and Mylee have now launched a joint YouTube channel, where they plan to share vlogs about their life together. In their first video, they talk about the proposal and their plans for the future.

“We are back for good,” they said. “We are stronger than ever.”

Fans of the couple have been supportive of their decision to get back together, and they are excited to see what the future holds for them.

It is clear that Weezdom is deeply in love with Mylee, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to win her back. Whether or not his critics approve of his actions, it is clear that he is happy and that he is doing what he believes is right.

Weezdom Begs On Bended Knees For Girlfriend Mylie Stacey’s Forgiveness

Former gospel musician Weezdom has publicly apologized to his on-and-off girlfriend Mylie Stacey in an attempt to win her back.

The artiste made the emotional plea during the latest episode of the reality show “Take Me Home,” where he went down on his knees and expressed his deep remorse for the way their relationship had unraveled.

“Please don’t leave me here on my knees. I promise, if you tell me you’ll be with me for the rest of your life, I’ll do anything,” he said.

Mylie Stacey shared her side of the story, expressing that she had joined the show with the hope of repairing their relationship. However, she revealed that Weezdom had been disrespectful and unfaithful to her, which only deepened the rift between them.

“I’ve been through a lot with him,” she said. “He’s hurt me so many times, but I still love him.”

Weezdom acknowledged his wrongdoings and said he was committed to changing his ways.

“I know I’ve made mistakes,” he said. “But I’m asking for your forgiveness. I promise I’ll never hurt you again.”

It remains to be seen whether Mylie Stacey will accept Weezdom’s apology. However, his public plea is a clear indication of how much he cares about her and how much he wants to be with her.

Weezdom Says Kenyan Showbiz Needs Willy Paul Bahati beef

Kenyan singer Weezdom has said that the Kenyan entertainment industry needs to learn from Tanzania if it wants to revive its flagging fortunes.

Weezdom pointed to the recent online feud between Tanzanian music stars Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba as an example of the kind of healthy competition that can be used to generate interest in the entertainment industry.

“If you follow Tanzanian showbiz, it’s very interesting and captivating,” Weezdom said. “There is always some creative gist about their industry, which is what we lack here. What we do here is clout chasing with very silly, stupid stunts that get nowhere.”

Weezdom cited the past feud between former gospel singer Kevin Bahati and Willy Paul as an example of a healthy rivalry that sparked public interest in Kenyan showbiz.

“I enjoyed it when Bahati and Willy Paul tore each other apart,” Weezdom said. “It sparked public interest, which later on created some good business ground for both parties.”

However, Weezdom warned that such rivalries need to be kept professional and not allowed to become personal.

“At some point, they lost the plot, and it became kind of personal and stupid, losing the mojo and flavor,” he said.

Weezdom believes that the Kenyan entertainment industry needs to find a way to generate more excitement and interest if it wants to compete with Tanzania and other regional rivals.

“We need to find a way to be more creative and engaging,” he said. “We need to find a way to get people talking about us.”

Weezdom’s comments come at a time when the Kenyan entertainment industry is facing increasing competition from other regional rivals, such as Tanzania and Nigeria. In order to stay ahead of the curve, the Kenyan industry needs to find new ways to generate interest and excitement.

Weezdom and Mylee Staicey Confirm Reconciliation, Announce New Reality Show

Gospel artist Weezdom and his ex-girlfriend, digital content creator Mylee Staicey, have confirmed that they are back together. The two announced the news on their social media pages, and they also revealed that they are working on a new reality TV show.

The show, which is titled “Take Me Home, (Hizi streets ni rough!),” will be hosted by digital content creator and radio host King Kalala. The show will follow Weezdom and Mylee as they navigate their relationship after getting back together.

In a joint post on Instagram, Weezdom and Mylee wrote, “We are excited to announce that we are back together! We have been through a lot in the past, but we have come out stronger. We are grateful for the support of our fans, and we can’t wait to share our journey with you on our new reality show.”

The show is set to premiere on Kenyan television in the coming weeks.

Here are some of the things that fans can expect from the show:

  • A look into the lives of Weezdom and Mylee as they try to rebuild their relationship
  • The challenges they face as a couple
  • Their hopes and dreams for the future

The show is sure to be a hit with fans of Weezdom and Mylee, and it will give viewers a unique glimpse into their lives.

Former Manzi wa TRM finally understands you can’t take a man off the streets and turn him to a husband

Caro Leehavi who was popularly known as Manzi wa TRM before dropping the name seems to be facing some relationship problems, a few weeks after she had reconciled with boyfriend, Weezdom.

You see, the two rekindled their old flame months after Caro Leehavi exposed the fella for being a womanizer who was playing both her and Weezdom’s ex Miley Stacey. Whats actually funny is that Caro made sure she had tainted the guys name to a point we never thought they would get back together….but mapenzi ya watu wawili ni ngumu.

Mylee with bae, Weezdom

Anyway, despite the drama – Caro Leehavi still reconciled with Weezdom as seen on several posts (now deleted or archived) shared on her page; and for a minute the two seemed quite in love as they kept throwing pet names like babe, mpenzi around.

Bittersweet love

The two went as far as taking traditional couple goal photos, convincing us that this time around it would end in marriage.

Weezdom with ex, Manzi wa TRM

However Caro has lately been sharing posts about love hurting and why women should always put themselves first….and I am like – wait – tena wameachana? Weezdom amefanya ile kitu tena.

Well, as much as we want to sympathize with Caro Leehavi – I also feel like she got herself in the mess when she decided to take the guy back…..thinking she would make him a better man.

However truth is, no woman can change a grown man hivyo tu. A grown man knows what he wants and will keep doing what he feels is right no matter how much he is loved by a woman.

Again…..if he has real feelings for you, he will adjust his ways to ensure he keeps you but if he doesnt….that man is for the streets, and the sad part is that youll keep trying to fix something you didn’t break until you lose yourself in the mix.

And look…. Caro Leehavi is now dealing with a heartache she would have dodged months ago.

Bahati’s ex manager and girlfriend back to wasting each other’s time after rekindling old flame

Weezdom has been indecisive about the women in his life, which explains his on and off relationship with Mylee Stacey – but one things for sure, he must really like her.

Maybe because she’s a hustler and has been putting food on their table now that Weezdom’s music isn’t paying enough to cover their lifestyle. Mylee on the other hand appears to be making enough through her IG Marketing stories and last we checked – someone said she has a mubaba paying her rent.

Anyway whether true or not – all we know is that Weezdom isn’t letting go of Mylee Stacey and although he abused her on social media ~ calling her wh*r* but as usual – love always wins!

Steady till the end

Well, with everything we have seen the couple  go through since going public with their relationship, let’s just say Weezdom only Hope is in marrying Stacey.

So far most girls he’s been with have exposed him for being cheap and like Mejja put it in one of his songs hawapendi machali wa kuwekwa.

Anyway below are the latest photos of Weezdom with his girl, Mylee.

Weezdom reveals real reason he cannot find a wife for himself

Weezdom must be clowning if he thinks marriage is something he can hack. Not to judge but he hasn’t really been the best boyfriend to exes Mylee Stacey and Manzi wa TRM…not forgetting the fact he has 4 baby mamas somewhere.

Weezdom with ex, Manzi wa TRM

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Wait…the baby mamas. Imagine a man in his early 30’s with 4 kids from different women? Obvious red flags, right? Maybe not to all women judging from how the youngins throw themselves at him.

Remember how he humiliated Mylee Stacey by calling her a wh*re (takes one to one) went on to replace her with Manzi wa TRM? Then…wait, wait – then Mylee still took him back. And now I’m wondering…what does he have or do that has them sprang? Mmmh….

Ready for Marriage

Well, as we try to figure that but out, Weezdom now says he has been ready for marriage but unfortunately remains single.

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This is because every woman he has shown interest in, often opts to sit with the big boys. You know, the ones that don’t move into their girlfriends home or let their women pay off the bills? Something we’ve been told he is good at.

Anyway, he joked about wanting to settle down in a new post as he wrote;

Dear future kids, daddy is ready but mummy still wonna chill with the big boys.

Not surprising really….but is he addressing future kids when kwa ground he already has 4?

Weezdom must really be taking the Genesis 9:7 too serious, but who are we to judge?

“Weezdom angenipea ata ukimwi” Manzi wa TRM opens up about relationship with singer

It must really hurt Manzi wa TRM aka Carol to realize that Weezdom only got with her as a rebound and not what she had previously thought or expected – real love. Okay, already I’m sure she has had her share of heartbreaks, I mean isn’t  she a single mum?

Think about it – maybe baby daddy moved on with someone new, leaving her to try out relationships that never seem to work; and just when you think it can’t get any worse – she ends up with a lover like Weezdom. Oh lawd. Anyway I know you get the picture, right?

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Well, days after Weezdom was said to have reconciled with ex Mylee Stacey his other ex, Manzi wa TRM is now kinda paying back by sharing unknown information about Weezdom. And according to her, Weezdom is a broken man, who she had tried fixing but unfortunately failed.

Manzi wa TRM

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But wait…hold up… why do lonely women always try to fix broken men? Is that even possible? I mean, unless you are a psychiatrist or his mummy why would you be playing the ‘fixer’ with somebody’s son?

Manzi wa TRM outs ex boyfriend

Anyway back to the original story… so, according to Manzi wa TRM the one month she dated Weezdom was like a roller coaster ride – going in circles.

From what she said is that Weezdom is not only a heavy drinker who most of times ends up puking on himself among other things…I think I heard something like bedwetter but, si ni effect ya pombe ama?


And the worst part is that he also happens to be a bed hopper. Like, jumps from one woman to another something that Manzi wa TRM says she feared the whole time they dated.

According to the upcoming rapper, there are times she feared Weezdom would infect her with STI’s if not HIV/AIDs. Speaking about this with Plug TV, Carol said;

Unajua kuzunguka yake ni kuzunguka mbaya ni ile kuzunguka ya mtu anaweza kuletea ata Ukimwi. Unajua kuna kuzunguka ya ile let me go to my mother’s place nitulie siku moja, let me go to my uncle’s place, let me go to my brother’s, my friend’s place. But kuzunguka yake sasa ni mbaya, unajua kuzunguka yake ni kuenda kwa kitanda ya mschana mwingine. So yani mimi I feel it’s risky to date somebody like that kabisa. It’s very risky.

Weezdom warns ex girlfriend against using his name on interviews, tells her to move on

These Nairobi relationships never last especially those publicized on social media. If you remember well, about a year and a half ago Weezdom and Mylee were an inseparable couple. These two were all over each other, setting couple goals for the ‘youngins’ and hanging out with the cool kids of the industry.

Bahati and Weezdom with their beloveds

With their love blossoming like wild flowers, fans predicted that this would end in tears – especially with Mylee talking marriage few months after dating. Actually what I remember is fans telling her the relationship will end in tears (obvious red flags) but being head over heels – she literally laughed it off saying;

 To those people saying it will end in premium tears, it will end in ruracio, marriage, and healthy kids. Tears will come from you after missing a plate of food at my wedding.

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Well, barely a year into the relationship and Weezdom was already getting played (allegedly) by the lass. From what we heard is that Mylee got abit too generous akagawa to one of Weezdom’s friends.

Weezdom fed up with ex girlfriend

Anyway since the breakup, Mylee has been quite chatty  about her past relationship – and Weezdom now says it’s time for her to keep his name off her mouth.

Weezdom and girlfriend

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The guy told off his ex in a public announcement shared on his page where he said;

Somebody Tell Mylee Staicey that God Gave Me The Grace To Make You All Know Her.. Na Mimi Ni Mike Sonko Wa industry???? Naishi Na Evidence ya Kila Kitu kuhusu Relationship Zangu So aache Kiki thru my Name.. Staki tuhaibishane????
Wishing Her All The Best.

From what I see is that the only way Mylee will keep her name and businesses afloat is by opening up about her past with Weezdom…but the sad is part is where she uses his ‘short comings’ to entertain fans.

But since two can play the game (According to Weezdom) let’s see what happens with the receipts he claims to have on her.

“The truth shall set the innocent free“ Weezdom weighs in on Willy Paul and Diana Bahati’s scandal

Weezdom is not taking sides (for now) judging by the fact that his two brothers (Pozee and Bahati) are in a word war zone  as seen on social media.

Okay okay, the war is mainly between Willy Paul and Diana Marua; but many are convinced that Bahati is using his wife to fight his battles against Willy Paul since they’ve always had bad blood.

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Diana Marua and Pozee

Well, so far we have an attempt rape case against Willy Paul; as Diana Marua claims he almost forced himself on her a few years back. But most are asking, ‘why telling it now?’ hence making it look orchestrated and more of a payback slap.

Pozee mentions Weezdom in his defence

Anyway as Diana Marua story continues to make headlines all over, Pozee decided to respond and in his defense he happened to mention Weezdom.

Weezdom and Willy Paul

According to Willy Paul, his friend Weezdom can confirm about a time he (Pozee) reached out to Diana Marua hoping to meet up and they both spoke so well – you’d have thought they’re friends.

Pozee’s reason of mentioning Weezdom is to prove that the call was made after their (Pozee and Diana) hook up; and from how they engaged on phone – probably there wasn’t any signs of fear, bitterness or anger; which would have been caused by the now alleged rape attempt case.

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Weezdom weighs in

Having been mentioned by Pozee, former gospel singer Weezdom has come out to speak his truth; and judging from his statement looks like he won’t be taking sides against a friend and a friend’s wife.

Through his Instagram page, Weezdom wrote;

Weezdom, Willy Paul and Bahati

Hallo Fam I’m aware that nimetajwa Sana by Pozze about whatever that is going on ..Amidst all the allegations za hii story ya Diana…Bahati na Willy Paul are True Brothers and both are my friends we’ll try to see if we can settle this privately through Friends and Family. Ikishindikana, the truth shall set the innocent free????

But reading in between the lines – Weezdom already knows who the liar is.

“Weezdom can confirm” Willy Paul opens up about his secret relationship with Diana Bahati back in the day

Willy Paul has found himself in yet another scandal involving sexual assault and unlike the times he would maintain his silence – this time around he has decided to fight back and the mess keeps getting uglier.

Well, just a few hours ago Diana Bahati released a detailed video narrating how Willy Paul almost raped her back in the day. From what she says is that they were friends who decided to link up; not knowing what Pozee had planned for her.

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Weezdom, Pozee and Bahati

So apparently the link up turned sour after she got in his car and as they drove he tried touching her sexually. When they got outside his apartment things escalated as Pozee allegedly tore down her clothes (skirt and blouse) trying to get on top of her. Anyway for more details you can watch the detailed YouTube video.

Willy Paul exposes secret relationship

Anyway having been accused by Bahatis wife of rape; Willy Paul has come out with his side of the story where he claims both him and Marua had a thing back in the day.

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Okay, he doesn’t necessarily say they were in a relationship but he bluntly reveals that they’ve been sexually involved; a secret Diana Marua was probably afraid of telling her husband, Bahati.

Diana Marua and Pozee

To confirm this, Pozee drags former gospel singer Weezdom in the scandal; hoping he would back him up about the time Marua was to meet him up after her saloon appointment. From how he speaks, looks like the conversations was smooth; which now leaves him wondering how Diana Marua would have turned against him that fast, changing the story into a rape attempt case.

Weezdom and girlfriend end relationship for the 3rd time, it’s just not working

Bahati’s former BFF Weezdom has been in a not so serious relationship for the past 2 years and it’s just not working especially with the rumors surrounding his girlfriend’s, Mylee Stacey image.

Tbt: Kenyan gospel singer Weezdom and Staicey Mummoh

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The two have however not been steady for the 2 years they dated. And although they tried to make it work in order to bag deals like the Bahati’s, seems like their issues overweighted their love ship.

Well barely 3 months after rekindling their old flame, the two have parted ways again; and the  funny part is that Weezdom doesn’t want to talk about it. However, through his Instagram page he shared a post saying;

Siezani kureply everyone on my DM and comments abt me and Mylee…just to make it clear, tuliachana 2 months ago na sioni ka tutarudiana. I wish her all the best in her endeavors.

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Toxic relationship

Well, with everyone aware about Mylee’s alleged affair with dancer Ezra and his friends, I’m not really sure why Weezdom thought his relationship after the scandal would work.

However judging from the I wish her all the best in her endeavors, I can promise you that this breakup had a touch of drama to it.

But again, what did we expect with all that on and off breaks.

Meet Weezdom’s baby mama, a hot police officer(Photo)

Weezdom has indeed had his share of women in the industry; and the last time we thought he had rekindled old flame with Mylee Staicey.

However unlike the first they shared their love online, these days the two love birds rarely parade their love on social media.

Weezdom and girlfriend

Well, this could be a sign of a new mature love/ or boredom; I mean, don’t we all know what Mylee was accused of doing with FBI dancer a while back? Not forgetting – Weezdom’s photos with Dr Ofweneke’s ex wife? Wataambia watu nini.

Nicah with Weezdom in bed

Anyway, despite living the super star life and getting surrounded by hot women (mostly vixens); turns out that Weezdom is a father and has a cop for a baby mama.

Meet hot cop turning heads

Well, the former gospel singer introduced mother to his son through his Instagram page; as he celebrated the new year she marked.

From the caption, it’s obvious to see that these two have a smooth coparenting agreement; and chances are that they are not reaaally done with each other. This is after Weezdom shared playful caption where he wrote;

Clearly the love emojis speak massive and of course – if these already have a child together; then coparenting isn’t the only thing that made Weezdom introduce baby mama to the world.

Weezdom and girlfriend back together months after parting way

Former gospel singer Weezdom says that he is back with his former girlfriend, Mylee Stacey 7 months after their relationship ended in tears!

The couple confirmed the news through their social media pages where they shared new photos; to which Weezdom captioned one of the photos;

Weezdom and Mylee rekindle old flame

Morning Guyysss Ambieni Kamati ya Roho Chafu, Weez & @mylee_staicey Are Baaack????#HatutaachanaTuu

In response to what boyfriend had written, Mylee on the other hand wrote;

 True love never dies @weezdom254 ❤️Changu ni changu,wana pambana sanaaaa????????????

Old flame rekindled

This comes months after the duo parted ways following a few issues that linked Mylee Stacey to popular dancer Ezra; who is also Size 8’a former brother in law.

According to the rumors,  Mylee was being accused of having had a three way with Ezra’s friends watching woi; something that ended up putting off Weezdom hence the breakup.

But like Mylee said, their love is real and I guess this is why the two love birds have finally found way back to each other once again.

Well, looks like it’s that season where couples are mending their broken relationships; but clearly, this is only for the chosen few.

Weezdom’s ex girlfriend addresses break-up a month after alleged bitter separation

Mylee Staicey swore that her relationship with Weezdom would end in a ceremonial event; but fans in the comment section were convinced that it would end in premium tears.

In less than two months after this, the couple that was meant to end in a wedding ceremony allegedly broke up and the two don’t seem to be bothered with each other. This only means that the reason they parted ways is worse than we may expect; but oh well, who are we to judge?

Lovers, Weezdom and Staicey

However since none has come out to reveal the reason behind their break; fans keep asking the female for anwers since they all expect her to share some dirt on her ex.

Staicey opens up

As seen on her latest post, it is no secret that Mylee has lost a few pounds here and there; but we can understand judging from how heart breaks work.

I guess like the rest, she had to battle with that break up phase that left her almost skinny; but she still looks amazing. Talking about her break up with Weezdom, a fan went on to incquire on ‘baes’ whereabout where he wrote;

jossmynar; Kwani where is yours ????

To which Mylee chose to be sarcastic and responded by saying;

mylee_staicey@jossmynar That question ask God????????????????it’s beyond me????

But oh well Mylee… fans had already seen it coming but I wish she was more humble when dating Weezdom.

Weezdom’s ex girlfriend responds to allegations of sleeping with popular Instagram model

Mylee Staecy may have had a tough day following claims of sleeping with a certain Instagram model who doubles up as a dancer for popular Kenyan group FBI.

This is after the dancer’s ex girlfriend shared a few screenshots on her social media exposing the dirt she went through with her former lover, Ezra.

In one of the posts, an anonymous friend goes on to mention that the guy, Ezra had cheated on her with one Mylee Staecy; who is was dating Weezdom before allegedly parting ways recently. The post read;

Mylee claps back

With the stories making headlines on most gossip tabloids; Mylee finally came across the posts and as expected responded.

Well, the young lady has not only denied knowing what Isha is talking about; but blasted her for the cheap stunt – to cut the story short. As seen on her latest post, Mylee wrote;

Bitches out here trying to involve me in their cheap stunts. The disrespect kindly keep me off????????‍♀️ I know nothing about that b*ullshit ????

As of now, we really cannot tell who is telling the truth and who is lying; but chances are these two ladies may have crossed paths somewhere in Nairobi since they were both dating ‘celebrities.’

Isha on the other may be going through the bitter breakup phase….but would she really hit at someone she may have found a threat to her previous relationship? Who knows? Buy women will always be women.


Wueh! Size 8’s in law accused of bedding Weezdom’s girlfriend 

Like they say, Nairobi streets are not to be joked with and down here, celebrities’ share girlfriends and sleeping partners like their life depends on it.

Well, after dumping Size 8’s polite sister Deejay Seven also known as Mary Munyali; popular slay king and dancer Ezra has found himself making headlines after ex girlfriend broke up with him. According to the lady, this particular guy not only physically abused her but also played her and used her money.

She revealed this in detailed posts where she narrated bitter experience with the fella; but since this is a one sided story we cannot really confirm how true the allegations are.

Kamati ya roho chafu doing damage

Although Isha (the ex) who also allegedly snatched Ezra from Mary Munyali continues to tarnish her exe’s name online; their mutual friends who have gone ahead to add more insult to the injury by contributing to Isha’s QnA.

As seen on the screenshots making rounds online; others claim that Ezra was sleeping around with popular Instagram models like Weezdom’s ex, Mylee Staecy.

According to the post shared by an anonymous informer; he claims that Ezra feasted on Mylee and her friends right in front of him. Wueh.  When we say Nairobi life, this is exactly what we mean.

However we cannot confirm how true the allegations are; but honestly, we cannot wait to hear what Mylee has to say because obviously Weezdom will not keep quiet especially now that he is single.

Anyway, Chris Brown already said it in his hit song Loyal.

“Sisi hatuachani” Mr Seed laughs off after Bahati is exposed for allegedly cheating on wife with Weezdom’s lady friend

Word making rounds on social media is that Bahati; and wife Diana Marua might be having marriage issues following cheating allegations. So far all we know is that Weezdom and his wife Staecy have also unfollowed each other meaning that there is more to the story.

With the information making rounds on social media, Mr Seed who broke his friendship with Bahati a year ago; joined the many Kenyans weighing in on the alleged break up.

The Bahatis

Through his social media pages Mr Seed went on to share a playful video with his wife; but what caught most peoples attention is the captioned used on the photo. The young singer who was clearly mocking Bahati wrote;

Seed exposed by Weezdom

This comes a year after Seed also found his marriage hanging by a threat after Weezdom exposed him for cheating on Nimo. According to the fella, Mr Seed had not only been sleeping around; but had rented an extra apartment for his extra curriculum activities.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by MR.SEED OFFICIAL (@mrseedofficial)

Fortunately for Seed his baby mama did not walk out on him nor did she block; and unfollow him on IG. From how happy they now look, it’s obvious to see that he worked his way back into Nimo’s heart and the two are now raising their son.

As for Bahati’s fate, well only Diana Marua can decided but most probably it’ll end up like Size 8 and DJ Mo.

Brotherly love? Bahati and Weezdom’s relationship questioned after their intimate chats surface

No lie, Weezdom and Bahati have come a long way, for as long they have known each other, they have had each others backs.

But there comes a time when the line needs to be drawn.

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The two, have their better halfs, but a series of their intimate chats that have surfaced, have left masses questioning their intentions.

Bahati and Weezdoms relationship questioned

Just to take you back, during Diana Maruas flashy birthday event at Maiyan, Nanyuki, Bahati disclosed that there is a time he took in so many orphaned children under his care, to the extent that Weezdom became his houseboy.

BFFs Bahati and Weezdom

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Fast forward, today, every event be it a video shoot or an invite-only event the Bahatis host, Weezdom is ever present.

Weezdom even admitted that Bahati frequents his place at Kimbo to the extent that his neighbors do not doubt their relationship.

Well now, the two have raised eyebrows after a series of intimate chats between them went viral.

Artists Bahati and Weezdom

Bahati starts off the conversation, publicly professing his undying love for Weezdom, promising a bond that might never be broken.

With a love-struck Weezdom responding; “I love you more bro. Ukipasua roho yangu, utapata wewe najua”.

To which Bahati asks him to be patient for his gift, asking him whether he prefers a car or a piece of land.

Bahati and Weezdom with their beloveds

Smitten by the lucrative offer on the table, Weezdom gushes over his boss, opting for land first, then the two can go on vacation together.

A conversation that has raised eyebrows among fans, admitting this brotherly love has gone overboard.

Brotherly love? What do you think?

“Wacheni kutupima” Weezdom and girlfriend bashed for parading fake baby bump

Former gospel artist Weezdom and his wife, Staicey Mylee have desperately been looking for a way to make it in the industry; and for some reason they still manage to get their followers talking.

Not once or twice has Weezdom talked about having a baby with his girlfriend/wife Staicey; but everytime the baby bump never gets to grow. The last time the former singer was on an interview with k24’s chitchat; the fella K mentioned that he has no plans to open an instagram account for his soon to be born baby.

Kenyan gospel singer Weezdom and lover, Staicey Mummoh

With this, many went on to assume that there was a baby on board but judging from Mylee’s flat tummy since March; we have every reason to believe that the two enjoy clout chasing…. no wonder they cliked!

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Fake bump?

Anyway this past weekend the two once again went on to leave their fans talking after parading what looks like a baby bump! Judging from the posture Mylee is seated in,once can easily assume that this is indeed a bump; where else it’s just food.

For those who know how a bump looks like went on to bash them for acting childish; while their die hard fans couldn’t help but look forward to meeting their baby soon!

Weezdom’s baby mama

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This comes just a few days after Miley bashed haters for saying her relationship with Wesson was headed for the dumpster. She however clapped back adding that this particular you g man will wed her in a high profile wedding; but oh well, the internet never forget and we shall indeed revisit this!

“It will end in marriage” Weezdom’s girlfriend claps back at haters poking their noses in her relationship

Weezdom’s curvy girlfriend has been talking a lot on social media; and if I am not wrong, this lady probably has no idea that the internet never forgets!

As seen on her latest post shared on her Instagram page; the young lady who has been seeing Weezdom for months now went on to share a piece of advice with her haters. This is after a few characters here and there threw shade at her relationship with Weezdom saying that they would go nowhere.

However,Staicey who continues investing in her man brushed this off saying that those hating will end up in tears; as she remains positive about her relationship with the former singer.

Lovers, Weezdom and Staicey

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Through her social media pages, Staicey told off the hate comments saying:

Wale wa it will end in premium tears ???? it will end in Ruracio, marriage and healthy kids???? Teras will come from you after missing a plate of food at my wedding.

Counting chicks before they hatch?

Well, love does wonders and in this case Ms Staicey is assured that the former singer will end up marrying her. Not bad, but seeing how Weezdom dumped the likes of Niccah the queen; we wouldn’t really start talking about wedding right now.

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The last time we checked, Weezdom revealed that his wife was pregnant; only to realize that the two were clout chasing. Anyway, in these streets it takes a smart mind to survive – and the Weedom’s are doing just that!

“RIP! I don’t know if I’ll ever heal,” Weezdom mourns the tragic loss of his ‘mum’ (Video)

Former EMB records signee, Weezdom was born and bred in the slum area of Mathare before gospel heavyweight, Bahati discovered him.

Before then, Weezdom was raised by several individuals, some who took up mother roles or father roles for him, to nurture him and see him get the best out of life’s goodness.

Weezodm losses his mother-figure, Faiz Peters

Individuals whom much has not been said about, but ones who remain an integral part in the singer’s growth. Having once been a garbage collector, drug addict and involved in crime but one who God decided to shine his light upon.

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Through music, the young kid has graced big platforms in the country, won awards he never even thought of but the people who journeyed with him through thick and thin, can no longer be physically present for him, following their tragic death.

Gospel musician, Weezdom

Breaking the news online, the gospel artist grieved;

RiP Mum ???????????? @faiz_peterz ????????
I don’t know if I’ll ever heal from this.

Weezdom mourns the tragic loss of his ‘mum’, Faiz Peters (to his right)

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Identified as Faiz Peterz, Weezdom did not understand why it had to happen this way, leaving behind a void that might never be filled and a wound that might not heal as fast. He cried out;

I must say that the gift of life is the most important thing in this life. I have just received news that I have lost someone who was very important in my life and someone I wished would stay just to see my success. A close friend who became family with time. At my hardest times, she held my hand as a mother-figure. Rest in Peace Faiz Peters.



Fans consoled and comforted him that amidst the darkness, there will be light.

baraka_musiq254 Pole sana kaka

May her rest in eternal peace

???????????? pole sana

Pole sana take heart

????????????aki pole

????????pole Sanaa broo…it hurts Soo much to have such a big heartbreak wallai….wish you well bro…..we stand with you these hard times

pole sana bro this too shall come to pass ????????????????????????

???? my heart’ breaks too, it is well.

“Fanya kazi wacha crap!” DJ Mo unable to contain his anger, publicly blasts Bahati’s best friend

Dj Mo is tired of the circus Bahati and his friend have been parading on social media. For some reason the former gospel singer and his entire entourage feel untouchable on social media; until DJ Mo decided to put an end to it.

It all started after Weezdom left a comment on Bahati’s latest post; and judging from what he wrote, clearly this was aimed at throwing shade at those in the gospel industry.

According to Weezdom, those claiming to be ‘near God or for God’ are the same people refusing to support one of their own, Bahati. This is after seeing Tanzanian brother, Rayvanny, support Bahati’s new project despite the distance.

BFFs; Bahati and Weezdom

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However, Weezdom’s choice of words is what pushed baba Wambo to tell him off on IG. He wrote;


Beef catalyst

Seems that the comment above rubbed DJ Mo the wrong way – as if he knew it was directed towards him. Responding to the above comment, DJ Mo wrote:

BROTHER STOP THIS KUPIGANISHA WATU…. It’s time we matured up….fanya kazi wacha this crap… kindly

Weezdom and DJ Mo drama

Yes, DJ Mo had every right to call out Weezdom but looking at the comments left by fans; it appears that most support what Weezdom wrote.

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Well looking at some of the complaints made by new artists in the gospel industry; you will realize that those who have since made it either had ‘connections or paid’ for some airplay.

The last time, MoSound Events was dragged in a similar scandal…so does it mean that Weezdom knew what he was doing? Did the shoe fit?

Weezdom bags lucrative deal months after quitting gospel music

Weezdom recently called it quits after finding it hard to continue faking his lifestyle; when he knows he cannot stay away from living the fast life!

Well, after 2 months of no job the former singer has bagged a new deal with Bahati as he now takes up the role of EMB manager. The young man announced this through his instagram page where he went on to write saying;


Bahati and Weezdom

Indeed now their friendship makes sense since they will be both benefiting from EMB since rumor. To congratulate his new manager, Bahati went on to write;


In the comment section, Diana Marua went on to cheer her man for the new developments in his empire saying;

 “….. I’m here to Cheer you guys on!!! @bahatikenya Good job! @weezdom254 Well Done…. tunataka team building kwanza ????????????????????”

Weedom quits gospel music

His promotion comes just a few weeks after he quit making gospel music. According to him, he was now done with the petty fights which at the end of the day did not benefit him in any way. He went on to say;


Been getting so many DM’s watu wakiuliza why I have edited my Bio… Soon I will be explaining why but for now, chenye najua tu ni Kwamba I’m no longer doing gospel music. Nimechoka na vita na chuki za gospel industry ya Kenya. God will give me another occupation, mahali nitakuwa na peace #Teamweezdom I love you

Well, this could be a good move for Weezdom who did not have a permanent job like most of his peers. And now that he is a married man, I guess he now has extra bills to pay!

“Dr Ofweneke ni bro yangu na namrespect sana!” Weezdom

Weezdom finally confirmed that he did date Niccah the Queen who was once Dr Ofweneke’s wife! Details of their secret affair were however disclosed by an unknown person who leaked several bedroom selfies of Weezdom in bed with Niccah.

As expected the photos left many discussing the two; while others bashed Weezdom for not observing the bro code! However it turns out that Weezdom weighed his options quite well after realizing that he had developed feeling for Niccah.

Speaking during his latest interview, Weezdom went on to open up saying that he had no ill intentions while hooking up with  Niccah. His biggest fear apparently was publicizing the relationship which would have sparked different reactions from social media fans; who in turn would have dragged comedian Dr Ofweneke into the mess.

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Weezdom speaks highly of Ofweneke

When asked why the relationship never made it to his social media pages; Weezdom was kind enough to reveal that he had no plans of making things weird between him and Dr Ofweneke.

Speaking during the Chat Spot show, the former gospel artist went on to speak highly of Dr Ofweneke who he says he respects; and did not mean any disrespect with the leaked photos. Of course it’s hard for the two men to be friends after Weezdom explored Niccah despite Sauti Sol singing bibi ya wenyewe is a no go zone.

Dr Ofweneke with ex wife, Niccah

However Weezdom learnt about this after it was too late and the young man has no option but be humble even when speaking about Ofweneke. During his interview, Wisdom went on to open saying;

Mimi narespect sana Dr Ofweneke ni bro yangu mkubwa ni msee amenisupport. and that is why atakama nilikuwa na Niccah sikutaka kuonesha niko na yeye.

Not quite sure how Dr Ofweneke feels about all this but I bet any man in his position would really be having it rough!

Baby on board! Weezdom shares new details about his pregnant wife

Mylee Staicey who is currently the official wife to weezdom is pregnant with their first child as revealed by former gospel singer Weezdom.

The singer announced this during his K24 interview where he mentioned that he has no plans to open an instagram account for his soon to be born baby. According to him publicize his baby like most of the celebrities in the world have been doing. He said,

Actually mimi nilikuwa nasema juzi, sko sure kama mtoto wangu nitamueka IG

Well, since no one expected him to drop such a bomb; one of the presenter quickly cut him short just to confirm what she had heard Weezdom say it’s true. The presenter asked;

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Kunae anakuja

Weezdom’s confirms wife is pregnant

Although this is the first time we can all agree that Weezdom spoke like a grown man; it appears that he is also ready to now raise a child of his own. However, unlike most celebs in Kenya i.e his friend Bahati who have instagram accounts for their kids; Wezzdom went on to mention that this will not happen in his home.

He went on to add that his child will decide on whether to join Instagram or not when he is old enough to figure it out on his own.

Eeh anacome lakini siko sure kama nitamueka Instagram mimi nataka agrow, akitaka kujoin IG ajoin. ju mi sidhani atawezana na msalamba wangu. Msalaba yangu ata saa hii inalemea wife ju wale watu wanitusi daily wanatusi wife yangu na hajui ni nini wanamuuliza.

Too soon?

The pregnancy news comes barely a year after the couple went public with their relationship which leave us wondering how long they have been together. However, there is no perfect planned time to have a child therefore it is not my place to raise a finger at Weezdom and yummy mummy Mylee!

Weezdom’s wife

Anyway, with all the pressure and insults Weezdom receives on a daily basis; we hope that this will not affect the young pregnant lady.

Watch the video below courtesy of K24’s switch TV.