Tedd Josiah: The past couple of weeks have been rough. I looking back with tears

Veteran video producer Tedd Josiah has managed to hold things together since his wife, Reginah Katar, passed on leaving him with their barely three months old child.

Though he has successfully managed to run things back at home, it has not been easy. He recently took to Instagram to share the journey has been tough and sometimes even reduced him to tears.

Missing her

Josiah lost his wife Reginah Katar on the morning of Saturday September 30th 2017. Josiah only learnt about what killed his wife after she passed on.

“The past couple of weeks have been rough looking back with tears of woulda coulda shoulda…. Sometimes those thoughts cloud even the little Joys that i have,” he said on social media.

“But one little person #HRH Her Royal Highness #Empress #GummyBear  has constantly done her best in her own little way to bring sunshine into my life and sometimes hold my face or hand as if to say “Daddy we love her, she’s with us, but we’ve got to keep on living cause i need you, You’re all I’ve got in this world”

State Attorney demands Wema Sepetu to be thrown in jail

Back in February actress Wema Sepetu was arrested among several celebrities who were said to be using drugs. The Tanzanian sweetheart unluckily was found with Marijuana in her house and following the Tanzanian rules she was arrested and had to spend a week in police before she was released.

The actress however had a case to answer and for the past few months she has been attending her hearing to see whether the judge would pardon her but things have proven to be hard for her.

Wema arrested

Her lawyer Peter Kibatala who has been handling her case has made it his goal to see that the lady does not land back in jail. In the recent hearing he objected a request Mae by a public prosecutor on Wednesday, September 13 asking the court to order the arrest of Wema Sepetu, since she was caught red handed with the Marijuana in her house.

Mr Kibatala (Wema’s lawyer) on the other hand pleaded with the court to throw away the request since his client had been cooperating with the court and went on to add that the piece of evidence issued against Wema Sepetu by an officer, Inspector Willy, of the Prosecution Department did not have enough proof to warrant Wema Sepetu’s arrest.

Anyway, the judge, Thomas Simba, has moved the next hearing to October 4 when he will give out his official ruling.