Why Wema Sepetu will not be adding extra weight anytime soon

Wema Sepetu shocked many back in 2019 after her sudden weight loss that left many wondering whether she had a serious illness!

Others claimed that she had flown to ndia for Bariatric Surgery; which is known lead to significant weight loss and also help improve many obesity-related conditions.

Wema Sepetu before weight loss

Truthfully no one understands how Wema Sepetu shed off the unwanted weight which seems to have disappeared over night.

Sudden weight loss

However according to popular Tz tabloid, Wema did not have it easy while losing all the unwanted weight.

She apparently got to a point where she almost gave up as the medication she was receiving had left her feeling quite week.

However, barely 3 months into her weight loss journey, Wema Sepetu started showing positive results as she had lost a huge amount of weight!

Fans pleads with Wema do add weight

Well, despite her fine figure and curved body, a few of her fans have been asking Wema to out on just a little weight to bring back her old image!


The lady however responded telling her fans that she would never put on extra weight!

Probably this is because she faced one of the toughest moments as a ‘BBW’ – and is not willing to get back to those days when she lost her self esteem. Through her Instagram page the lady talked about this saying;

Wema on weight loss

According to Wema, she is now in love with the person she has since become. She revealed this on her Instagram story where she posted saying;


The body I have right now is the body that I have loved – Wema Sepetu responds

Popular Tanzanian actress, Wema Sepetu has hit the headlines for her massive weight loss that saw her confess she is HIV positive.

Just last week, during her brother´s funeral, she stepped out looking pretty frail and worrying, to masses.

A fan was quick to ask whether she is a HIV victim and Wema shouted:

Nina Ukimwi. [Yes, I have HIV/AIDS.]

Wema with her sisters at their brother‘s funeral


However, in a recent press conference, the Miss Tanzania 2006 revealed that she has no ailment or condition but she just loves her current body size.

I am very fit. I do not have any disease. The body I have right now is the body that I have loved. People started knowing me while I was petite then added weight and when that happened, people spoke a lot.

The award-winning actress, back in 2006 – when she bagged her crown home – was at 59 kgs.

Wema Sepetu crowned Miss Tanzania in 2006

She then hit 109 kgs, and masses trolled her for the weight gain, which was also messing up with her modelling career.

I used a lot of things. I was desperate because my weight was also affecting my career. I took medicine, I starved myself, I dieted for about a year and some months.

Then people shut up and took her as she was.

Wema Sepetu hit 109 kgs, that affected her modelling career

She now believes it will just be a matter of time before the masses get used to her current body size as well.

However, speaking in regard to her ´HIV/AIDS´ comment, Wema said she was prompted by the fan and she responded angrily.

Fans sometimes make us angry. So I read a comment that angered me and I was agitated. At the end of the day, I´m a human being, I have feelings. If you want to diss me, it´s okay as long as I am happy.

Wema Sepetu´s massive weight loss worries masses

Ommy Dimpoz

Bongo sensation, Ommy Dimpoz has also shown concern regarding Wema´s body weight which is not just slender, but disturbingly so.

Yani sio mwembamba umekuwa embamba????.

Ommy Dimpoz and Wema Sepetu, previously

Old age catching up with Wema Sepetu? (Video)

Tanzanian sweetheart must be happy with her new body but her fans are now urging her to take it slow since it’s starting to affect her appearance.

Old age catching up with Wema Sepetu?

After shading off around 50kgs or more, Wema Sepetu now looks like a person suffering from anorexia. Looking at her body one would think it’s that of a super model but her face is not doing her any justice.

Although shading off the unwanted weight was something she had been hoping to achieve – since she also wanted to get pregnant it appears that she took it a bit too far.


Wema Sepetu’s new video

Anyway in a new video shared by several gossip tabloids, we understand that Wema’s new look has left many wishing the lady just maintained her previous body.

Fans claim that she now looks scary and unappealing to the eye. Anyway, the secret behind her sudden weight loss remains unknown to the public but probably it’s time Wema Sepetu started eating again because her new body is a no no!



Wema Sepetu finally shares the secret behind her weight loss

Actress Wema Sepetu has been shocking many with how she has managed to cut off most of her body fat from 109Kgs to 68kgs a whopping 41kgs in less than 6 months.

Speaking about her weight loss journey on a post shared on her gram, Wema Sepetu went on to tell off haters claiming that her current body doesn’t suit her; but at the same time promised to reveal the secret to her sudden weight loss. Wema wrote;

“I will soon Share The Secret to my weight loss na Msijali nitajitahidi kula kula kidogo ili niongezeke hata kidogo tu… Just so you know nilikuwa nina 109kgs na sasa nina 68kgs… Najua kuna watu wengi sana wanasumbuliwa na unene na hawajui nini wafanye… I got you…!!! ????????????”

Secret revealed

Anyway thanks to her latest post shared on Instagram, Wema Sepetu went on to reveal that she has been taking some slimming pills from China that have worked tremendously judging from her current body. Through her social media pages the actress wrote;

Wema Sepetu

“Nilikuwa naona Career yangu inaenda kufa, because nilikuwa nimenenepa sana. Na wakati huo nilikuwa natumia dawa za kusaidia ku conceive na side effect yak endo kulikuwa kule kunona sasa. So kuna wakati Van Vicker aliniuliza kama nitaweza kupata hata cast, kwa unene ule. So I was like hii ni read alarm. Nimefanya sana Gym lakini mwisho wa siku mimi nilikuwa na shida kwenye reproductive system yangu. So nilitreat lile tatizo, lakini Doctor akaniambia you have to start losing weight. So nilikuma na huyu mchina amabaye alinionyesha jinsi alivokuwa kitambo na sasana kuniambia Dawa ambazo nilikuwa na tumia ni hizi hapa, unakula kidonge kimoja. So nikaanza kutumia and so for I like it. So baada ya kupungua niliambiwa I have to wait for like 18 months ndo nijaribu kushika mimba tena. Na ufurahia mwili wangu wa sasa, I feel lighter, I feel comfortable, I feel more beautiful, sijiskie tena mzito mzito maana kule nilikuwa naelekea kulikuwa kubaya,”




“I love my new body!” Wema Sepetu to reveal how she managed to shed off her body weight from 109 to 68kgs

Wema Sepetu is not having the negative comments from fans affect her in any way.

In a new post shared by the actress, Wema Sepetu claims that she will not be adding any more weight since most claim that her new body is too tiny and doesn’t match the size of her head.


However, Wema now feels that she will not adjust to anybody’s liking since it took sacrifice to get where she is at the moment. Sepetu wrote saying;

Nilivonenepa mlinisema usiku na mchana nimepungua tena sasa mnanisema kuwa nirudi kwenye ubonge… Aisee binadamu sio wa kuwasikiliza luckily nimepungua kwa kupenda kwangu sio by words of the people na ntawapa siri yangu soonest… I gotta say…I love me nrw Bodeee!

Wema Sepetu

Secret to weight loss

In yet another post Wema Sepetu has gone ahead to promise those struggling with weight loss, the secret of shedding weight.

The lass wrote saying;

Daaaaaaah kutokana na comments za watu wengi inaonekana wengi wanasema ninenepe tena jamani… ila si ni nyinyi nyinyi mliosema nimekuwa Booooooooonge na ilibidi nipungue…. Leo nimeamini Binaadam hamna jema…????????????????




Anyway. I will soon share the secret to my weight loss na msijali nitajitahidi kula kula kidogo ili niongezeke hata kidogo tu…just so you know nilikuwa nina 109kgs na sasa nina 68kgs Najua kuna watu wengi wanaosumbuliwa na unene na hawajui nini wafanye….I got you!


Wema Sepetu finally shares secret behind her sudden weight loss

Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu’s new body is goals! The former model has been shading off her weight at a high speed – living many questioning what she could be using.

Before the weight loss, Wema Sepetu has been struggling for years to shed off weight but it all seemed impossible.

However after losing her pregnancy back in 2017; the lady started seeking medical help which led to her current state. Speaking about the secret to her new body, Wema Sepetu opened up saying;


“Sijawahi kukataa utumbo wangu kama watu wanavyosema, kwenda kwangu India ilikuwa ni kwa ajili ya matibabu ya tumbo langu. Alafu coming back ma daktari walinimbia kuwa I neeed to lose some weight, coz sometime kizazi kinakuwa kinasaraundiwa na a lot fats, whivch makes it impposible kushika mimba. So it’s just eating right, na pia kuna vidonge nimekuwa natumia, kusuppress appetite, some medicine hapa na pale. Kuna vidonge nimekuwa natumia siwezi kukataa hilo, alafu na stress za hapa na pale”

New body new her

Having lost so much weight, Sepetu now says that she feels more lighter and happier. She went on to add;

Na ufurahia mwili wangu wa sasa, I feel lighter, I feel comfortable, I feel more beautiful, sijiskie tena mzito mzito maana kule nilikuwa naelekea kulikuwa kubaya

Baby plans

Wema is however still very hopeful that she will one day have a child of her own. From her interview, the former model revealed that doctors advised her to shed off weight in order to make it easy for her to conceive. She said,

I’m not gone give up , nilikuwa nimesema kuwa 30 nitagive up lakini kibaya nikuwa my love for kids is too much bana, so hata nikifika 35 freshy tu. For the time being am single but ikifika ule umri wa lazima kama sina mtu kuna Njia zingine za kupata watoto.

Wema Sepetu sudden weight loss leaves many asking questions

Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu seems to have lost her weight overnight confirming that she indeed had gastric bypass.

The lady who almost Weight 80kgs appears to have almost lost 20kgs in a span of 2 months. In her latest photos Wema Sepetu now looks like her old self and this has sparked more rumors claiming she is starving herself.

Mange Kimambi fires at Sepetu

Popular Tanzanian activist living in the United States Mange Kimambi couldn’t help but share her opinion after Sepetu shared her new photos.

According to Mange, Sepetu’s new weight only confirmed that her trip to India was to work on her weight the easy way.

Anyway checkout Sepetu’s new look below.