Pure Love! Here’s how Willies Raburu and wife celebrated their first anniversary 

It’s now a year since Willis Raburu and his wife Maryaprude exchanged vows. The two have endured a lot as a couple as they fought social media severally while defending their love.

Their love has grown stronger from such challenges and Raburu took to social media to prove this sending a lovely message in the process to celebrate their first anniversary.

Still flaming

Willis Raburu and his wife

Here is the post Raburu made to honour their anniversary.

“I am normally very good with words, but it’s only your beauty that renders me speechless. I marvel at your heart and love for God, your love and respect for me…you teach me so much, you inspire me, you pick me up, you are my number 1 fan, you got me and you are even more sexy when you pray. My personal bad girl, my comedian, my best friend. Like I said I get speechless but the words that I am forever grateful I spoke are: “I DO” I love you,” he wrote on Instagram. 

His wife added:

“I Love you so much! It’s one year now to many more I used to wonder what they meant by saying Marriage is a lot of work and it is meant for grown ups,Believe me now I know,” her post read.