Willis Raburu on why he was forced to undergo gastric bypass surgery

Willis Raburu tried working out to lose some unwanted body fat, but I guess the whole gym idea and feeling didn’t work out so good for him so he quit.

However with or without the gym he had no option but to find a way to shed off the weight since his doctor felt the excess body fat would result to something serious like death.

Raburu flaunting new weight loss

He told me if I was not going to lose some kilograms of the body weight, sooner or later, it would be a recipe for my death

However this is not something he wants now that he has a young family with a son and another baby on the way with fiancé Ivy Namu; hence his decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery to help him lose the weight. Speaking about this in recent interview – Willis Raburu said;

 I went for gastric bypass surgery. I respect people who persistently go to the gym. The gym is a lot of work. I had a good trainer but I would lose weight but I would regain that weight again very quickly.

Body fat becoming a burden

Well another he decided to cut off the unwanted weight is because his clothes also started to become too tight; and above all – his blood pressure kept spiking every now and then making him to lose his breathe.

It’s not fun waking up and trying a trouser and it doesn’t fit you. You equally worry. By the time I was going for the surgery I was not doing well. I was 164kgs I needed the surgery because my blood pressure and cholesterol were high

Willis Raburu’s wife: I hated my honeymoon. Our bed was too high and I had to literally climb it

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu and his wife Marya Prudence were excited to go for their honeymoon after days of planning, but God had other plans.

Speaking on Citizen TV, Raburu and his wife confessed that their honeymoon was a nightmare which haunts them to date.

The two recounted how the room they were booked in did not only have an unusually elevated bed which according to Marya, limited certain activities, but was also infested with millipedes and other reptile-like animals.

“This room had a bed that was too high… I had to literally climb it. And, even if you think of the activity at the junction, there were some things we couldn’t do on that bed. The room also had millipedes coloured black and red. They could appear anywhere. You could sleep and wake up, and see the millipedes on the frame of the bed,” said Marya. 

Almost cried

Willis Raburu

Raburu, who exchanged vows with with his longtime lover at an upscale Runda neighborhood in Nairobi in 2017, added that the honeymoon haunted him most because he was behind it.

“It was chaos! I was like, I have brought somebody’s daughter here and on our first day, she wants to cry. And you know on top of that she was in the zone. So, there was no activity at the junction. So, ni kupendana tu like a brother and sister ( we spent like brother and sister),” he added. 

Pure Love! Here’s how Willies Raburu and wife celebrated their first anniversary 

It’s now a year since Willis Raburu and his wife Maryaprude exchanged vows. The two have endured a lot as a couple as they fought social media severally while defending their love.

Their love has grown stronger from such challenges and Raburu took to social media to prove this sending a lovely message in the process to celebrate their first anniversary.

Still flaming

Willis Raburu and his wife

Here is the post Raburu made to honour their anniversary.

“I am normally very good with words, but it’s only your beauty that renders me speechless. I marvel at your heart and love for God, your love and respect for me…you teach me so much, you inspire me, you pick me up, you are my number 1 fan, you got me and you are even more sexy when you pray. My personal bad girl, my comedian, my best friend. Like I said I get speechless but the words that I am forever grateful I spoke are: “I DO” I love you,” he wrote on Instagram. 

His wife added:

“I Love you so much! It’s one year now to many more I used to wonder what they meant by saying Marriage is a lot of work and it is meant for grown ups,Believe me now I know,” her post read. 

Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu opens up about the main reason he was forced to lose weight

Losing weight sometimes is optional but when the doctor tells you that your cholesterol levels are high – then you are forced to join the gym as soon as possible to avoid getting health issues.

Willis Raburu is one good example of the people who were advised by the doctor to shed off the unwanted weight since as his cholesterol levels were alarming. The news anchor revealed this through an interview with a renown tabloid where he said;

I visited doctor Wangata and he ran a couple of tests and told me I was not doing too well on my cholesterol levels. So I reached out to my trainer now, Evelyn Owala of Eveal Health an fitness and started the Journey

Since then, he has spent a couple of months at the gym – and the results have already started showing.

He also says that having shed off some weight, he now feels lighter and his self esteem (which had earlier been destroyed thanks to the internet trolls) has now increased, helping him love his new body. Raburu said;

Willis Raburu after shedding off 9 kgs

I am more confident now. My esteem is way up, I know it’s hard to believe it was down. It made a difference in my pocket too because now I have to shop for new clothes; but it is a good problem (laughs) plus I have lost about 9 kegs!


Willis Raburu opens up about his weight struggle, fitness journey and the new person he wants to be! (Photos)

Willis Raburu has embarked on an elaborate Fitness journey that is already working if pictures on his profile are anything to go by.

For a long time the TV host and recently radio presenter has been trolled about his weight with many even calling him ” big foot” or ” The elephant in the room” but no more.

Last week Willis announced on his page that he is in partnership with USN Kenya ( healthy supplements) and is being trained by Evelyn Owala a personal trainer , Fitness model and Figure competitor. She is the proprietor of Eveal Health and Fitness.

He is part of a 12 week challenge where he seeks to change his lifestyle and so far has lost about 15 kgs . If the pictures are anything to go by it seems to be working. Willis Raburu is slowing changing from the ‘big foot’ we know into a healthier man now that he has changed his lifestyle for good.

Not quite sure what his wife thinks about this whole weight loss journey but I am pretty sure that she has been supportive hence the positive progress.

Checkout some of his recent photos below;