Mwanaume ni pesa: Fans react to Bahati’s baby mamas hanging out together

Bahati recently shared a video showing his 2 baby mamas; that is Diana Marua and Yvette Obura hanging out together. Judging from the contents of the video; we can confirm that Marua and Ms Yvette got to ‘chill out’ together for the first time; 5 years after Bahati left mama Mueni with no notice.

Truth is – fans had been looking forward to this day; but most did not expect such a chilled out meeting but drama. However why waste their energy when Bahati already made his decision by picking Diana Marua; so why would Yvette, cry over spilt milk?

Anyway, having both baby mamas link up – not only left fans excited; but gave most a platform to leave hilarious comments surrounding Bahati’s ‘blended family.’

Yvette Obura with daughter Mueni Bahati

Money solves all problems

Most fans congratulated Bahati for his hard earned money that has been able to bring peace between his two women.

According to most fans, there is no broke man who would be able to pull such a stunt; but in Bahati’s case – at least he helps keep both women and the kids comfortable in terms of lifestyle.

Diana Marua meets Yvette Obura

So far we understand that he pays his daughter Mueni’s rent and school fees as well as her other needs. This is because he understands his role as a dad; and is not interested in whether Ms Obura benefits from his money or not – at the end of the day she is his mother’s child, right?

Well if you think otherwise, then check out the hilarious comments left by fans below.