Zari Hassan shades her baby daddy’s mistress, Hamisa Mobetto: ‘It’s not clout but low self esteem’

Zari Hassan might never forgive Hamisa Mobetto for coming in between her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

Fans are convinced that Zari feels that if not for Hamisa Mobetto, then she would still be with her young lover; but thanks to Hamisa Mobetto this never became a reality!

Zari on Hamisa and Diamond Platnumz

For sometime now Zari has been throwing shade at an unbothered Hamisa Mobetto who also seems to have mastered the art of making Diamond Platnumz do whatever she wants!

Diamond Platnumz’s post on Hamisa

Well, just a few hours ago Diamond Platnumz shared a new video promoting his Jeje video. This came as a big surprise since it’s barely been a month since his break up with Tanasha Donna!

He went on to share the video on his page captioning it;

Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond

“Jeje yake mama @Deedaylan @HamisaMobetto… Global vibe. Number one song…#Jeje availabale on all digital platforms…link in my Bio”.

To which Hamisa Mobetto responded saying;

 BABA DEE…!????????????❤️

Zari’s savage post

Anyway the boss lady who was watching from the side lines couldn’t hold back from laughing off at her ex boyfriend’s mistress!

Through her Instagram stories she captioned one of her photos saying;

Zari throws shade

“Its not clout, but low self-worth, low self-esteem…know the difference”.

Well it wouldn’t take a genius to understand that Zari’s often reacts negatively towards anything related with Hamisa Mobetto; but fans can’t blame her for this!

However, other fans insist that she should have stayed despite Diamond Platnumz cheating since Islam allows a man to marry up to 4 wives; and Baba Dee being a Muslim, Zari should have adapted to the new culture.


Fans finally discover who Zari’s new man is after her recent photo

Diamond Platnumz ex-wife Zari Hassan has moved on and now has this new rich man that she calls King Bae. Diamond also has Tanasha Donna and the two have been publicly flossing their love, leaving many, including Zari envious.

Zari has been hiding King Bae’s face since introducing him to the public leaving her fans wondering why she introduced the fella in the first place if she’ll keep hiding his face.

Recently, however, fans managed to finally dig up and find who King Bae really is following a photo by Zari Hassan that kinda gave him away.


While bragging as usual, Zari posted a photo of their pair of shoes and fans went on digging. They finally found the man who Zari has been working so hard to hide his face since introducing him on Valentines Day.

Here’s the photo:

Amewachika finally! Zari out here clearly showing she’s done with Diamond

A lot of people actually believe that Diamond Platnumz is the one who dumped ex-wife Zari Hassan but in reality, Zari actually did. On Valentines day as a mater of of act.

With that said, many still believe that Zari misses Diamond big time and she has never moved on. I actually think that is very true because Zari keeps throwing a lot of shade on Diamond and Tanasha and insist that the two will never make it work.

Moved on

A fan recently asked Zari whether she’ll take back Diamond Platnumz and Zari, who now has another man, was quick to shut him down with an answering showing that she has clearly moved on with her life.

”Zari let me ask, can you forgive Diamond if he comes to you and apologise, can you forgive and take him back?” the fan posed.

Zari replied: Mbona unaleta Uji kwa bar.

This is among many other signs Zari Hassan has put out there trying to prove Diamond is history in her life.

Raining Men!! Zari Hassan shares how men are fighting for her after Diamond dumped her 

It’s raining men for Diamond Platnumz ex-wife Zari Hassan. According to the mother of five who will be hitting 38 soon, men are fighting to replace Diamond’s spot after the two parted ways a few months ago.

“Oh she buying cars coz she miserable. Nah nah sis, see am single by choice. The queue of men waiting to date me is unbelievable but am enjoying my life right now. When am ready ill open up to the next person but right now it’s just me and my babies,” shared Zari Hassan.

Not Interested in the offers


Zari, however, is not interested in all those thirsty offers she’s getting from such guys as Ringtone who have been having sleepless nights thinking of how they can marry her.

She shared that she’s focusing purely on her businesses and that her goal is to open her own fast food franchise that will be a worldwide brand.

“My goal this year is to open up a fast food franchise one ‘LIKE’ KFC… so my effort, energy & thoughts are all invested in this investment not the next guy…dreams are valid right. Let me stay prayed up with hard work and see how God will respond,” shared Zari Hassan on Snaptchat.

Zari shares ‘Tips on how to be a side fool to someone for 9 years’ on her new show, but is she firing shots at Hamisa Mobetto?

Zari Hassan has a new reality TV show coming out as revealed on her social media pages. The lady says that the show is dubbed #LifeofZariHassanthebosslady where she will open up about a few things that life has taught her.

In her recent Instagram stories, the lady shares a post where she is seen addressing the issues of side chicks; however, not in a polite way!

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Shots fired?

From her post she talks about tips on how one manages to be a side fool for 9 years… but this seems to be indirectly aiming at Hamisa Mobetto who sometime back revealed that she dated Diamond for 9 years; but he not even once introduced her as his woman.

Well, Zari continues to add saying that it all comes with self esteem..

Zari mocking Hamisa?

In her other post the mum of 5 once more addresses women who claim to be young, beautiful but can’t get their own men.

Is it just me or is the lady still bitter about Hamisa? Well be the judge.

Dawa ya Mbu ni expel tu! Diamond Platnumz mum and Zari continue to mock Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa Mobetto must be going through a hard time now that Zari and her Inlaws  have been ganging up against her.

This comes shortly after Hamisa Mobetto went ham on Zari about two weeks ago. Their online war however seems to have attracted mama Dangote’s attention as she continues to indulge in a war meant for her daughters in law.

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In her latest post, Mama Dangote goes ahead to mock the video vixen leaving many shocked. She wrote saying;


Zari’s advice to Hamisa Mobetto

With her mother in law supporting her to gang up against Hamisa Mobetto. Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has revealed that she already made peace with her baby daddy’s mistakes and nothing he did in the past will make her leave him.


Baby mamas drama! Zari Hassan claps back after her husband’s ‘side chick’ embarrassed her on social media

The war between Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto will definitely make its way into 2018. As far as the two are concerned, sharing the same man is something that they will not be doing.

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After they both managed to attract huge crowds in Uganda during their parties that went down on 21st December. It has been nothing but shade being thrown around on their Instagram pages.

During the online war, Hamisa Mobetto told Zari that she was already a wife to the singer and unlike her she needed no ring to prove things.

Zari’s post to Hamisa

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This left thousands of fans trolling Zari for having picked a fight with the hot headed video vixen. However what they didn’t know is that Zari and her on and off boyfriend were going to have the last laugh.

The Ugandan socialites post read to say;


Both Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto to party in Uganda this Thursday

So Zari Hassan will be hosting her all white party this coming Thursday 21st November. Well, this is not new as we already saw the lady hype the party that will definitely attract the rich and famous from the country.

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It also happens that Hamisa Mobetto and her crew will also be in Uganda for her own party that is set to go down on 21st November.

Will Ugandas support Hamisa?

Now that both ladies will be hosting the parties, fans have been left speculating as to which event will attract more people. While others claim that it is a bit obvious Zari will have the upper hand, we cannot assume the fact that Hamisa Mobetto has also made a name for herself.

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Anyway, all we can do is wait and see how things go down as both parties will leave many talking!

Zari Hassan’s comments on Hamisa Mobetto’s son

Now that Zari is in Uganda, the lady has had the chance to grace a couple of radio interviews. This has enabled many to see the type of woman she is.

Surprisingly Zari Hassan is not as bitter as portrayed in her posts. In fact she is calm and collected or rather has a good PR team.

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Anyway, after revealing the main reason she parted ways with Ivan Don, Zarinah also opened up about Hamisa. Before the video vixen sneaked into Zari’s matrimonial home, the two were friends. From what we know is that the two were friends but little did Zari know that she was getting played.

About Hamisa Mobetto’s son, Dylan

Speaking during her interview the mum of 5 revealed that she may not be in good terms with Hamisa but she has nothing against the baby boy, Dylan. She said,

“Whatever happened, happened. The baby is innocent the child didn’t plan to be here, he just came.”

The Ugandan lady went on to reveal that she has no problem with Diamond Platnumz visiting his son.