Zzero Sufuri joins Isaac Wais and and others in “Latema”

Gengetone artiste Zzero Sufuri is for sure grasping every moment he has to penetrate into the Industry. The singer has teamed up with others in which they refer to themselves as Dagoretti’s finest 5.

The group of five has jointly released a new hit dubbed Latema.

According to the singer, Latema is a local love song. Also, its focus is on a group of guys in a matatu headed to a hangout invited by a group of girlfriends.

Actually, I must say it is such a great jam. Niko ndani ya Latema nitakatema is some great rhyme giving this song a unique feel.

Zzero Sufuri joins Isaac Wais and and others in Latema

Latema is a love song

Zzero Sufuri has no chills when it comes to his music. He is always dedicated. Honestly, the song is very clean and the words are well sieved. There is no BS seems the group was serious.

In this jam, Latema, there is a girl who is being described and the guys feel that they have hit a jackpot.  Although all the others are doing well, Zzero Sufuri still has the idea of smoking weed.

There is sheng’ used to deliver the message and it is a good thing for the ghetto society who easily relate with the language.

Zzero Sufuri joins Isaac Wais and and others in Latema

In this age, it is clearly difficult for one to get a clear copy that is not talking about women. As many would argue that there is no talent here, I beg to differ because this is very unique. Imagine making a song from normal things that surround us.

Although the others behind Zzero Sufuri are not known to many, he himself is enough to represent the group. Also, talented singer has been able to compete with other Gengetone artistes who sing as groups.

In conclusion, Zzero Sufuri and his team get a rating of 6/10 in Latema.

Video below.

My father is a preacher and he respects my songs- ‘Zimenishika’ Hitmaker Zzero Sufuri

Zimenishika hitmaker Zzero Sufuri has shared with fans that though he might sing some very raunchy songs, his parents still love his work.

Speaking during an interview on TV, Zzero surprised his fans when he revealed that his father is a preacher. He added that his father appreciates his talent and respects his craft.

“I love and adore him, he has brought me this far. He has his own church and respects my hustle like any other career. This is also my church,” said Sufuri. 


Zzero Sufuri on Manzi. This new jam is dope

The rapper burst into the scene after releasing the hit Zimenishika. So far he has released four solo singles – ‘Matisha’, ‘Chuki na Doo’, ‘Matiati’, and ‘Manzi’.


Zzero Sufuri is back with another banger titled ‘Kashikie’ and it’s pure flames (Video)

There’s no stopping for Zzero Sufuri! He’s back with a new jam barely a month after he treated us to Matisha and we are really feeling it!

Dubbed Kashikie, the new release is a collabo a upcoming artist who goes by the name Nuclear.

If you are from the hood then you are probably familiar with the word kushika. Well, if you are not them it means to smoke weed or chew miraa or having a good time (that’s the best explaination that I could offer).

Basically, this song is all about kushika with your friends and just generally having a good time.

Zzero Sufuri

I know what you are thinking, another song about doing drugs? If I were you, I’d not look at it that way, if you focus on the wordplay and rhymes by Zzero Sufuri and Nuclear then you’ll realize that this is a masterpiece.

Although he’s new in the game, I was really impressed by Nuclear’s delivery in this song, I definitely want to hear more of his music.

Of course, Zzero didn’t disappoint in this jam. I wasn’t expecting him to anyway.

The song was produced by Obwar Bwana and let’s be honest, he did a good job. The tempo of the beat is a bit slow but chances are that you won’t even notice it.

Watch Kashikie (Remix) below and tell us what you think.