Magix Enga fires shots at Harmonize in new jam ‘Twa Twa’ featuring Zzero Sufuri, Nuclear and Mkadule (Video)

Talented Producer-cum-singer Magix Enga has escalated his ‘beef’ with Tanzanian singer Harmonize after throwing shade at him in his latest release featuring Zzero Sufuri, Nuclear and Mkadule.

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The song dubbed Twa Twa was inspired by a viral clip that showed a pastor known as Susan Munene of Overcomers Hope Ministry in Kasarani.

She urged couples to engage in intimacy anywhere and everywhere claiming that it was the only Game that was made by God unlike football, netball and rugby.

Zzero Sufuri

“Kama kuna kitu inatufanya tuwe kitu kimoja na pastor ni sex, us we can have sex anywhere, kwa gari ni twa twa kwa kitchen twa twa everywhere,” Munene explained.

As you would expect, many Kenyan artists decided to jump on the bandwagon and have been releasing songs to take advantage of the viral clip. The latest of course, is the one by Magix Enga.

Out of all the Twa Twa versions that I have heard, I think this the catchiest one. It just flows. From the moment you hit the play button you just know that it;s about to get lit.

Apart form the fact that Magix Enga is rapping in this song (we are used to him singing), I also loved that he mocked Harmonize days after he issued a copyright strike on the latter’s latest release dubbed Uno.


As you would expect, Zzero Sufuri came through on this jam. He really aced his verse. Seriously though, when has he ever disappointed us? This chap is a legend.

I also liked Mkadule’s verse. This guy has some mad rhymes and cheeky wordplay and you just want to keep listening to him as he goes about his business.

The beat was also on point. Anyway, I was not expecting anything less seeing as it was produced by Magix Enga. Can you trust him if he can’t make a dope beat for himself? I guess not.

Watch Twa Twa below and tell us what you think.

Zzero Sufuri is back with another banger titled ‘Kashikie’ and it’s pure flames (Video)

There’s no stopping for Zzero Sufuri! He’s back with a new jam barely a month after he treated us to Matisha and we are really feeling it!

Dubbed Kashikie, the new release is a collabo a upcoming artist who goes by the name Nuclear.

If you are from the hood then you are probably familiar with the word kushika. Well, if you are not them it means to smoke weed or chew miraa or having a good time (that’s the best explaination that I could offer).

Basically, this song is all about kushika with your friends and just generally having a good time.

Zzero Sufuri

I know what you are thinking, another song about doing drugs? If I were you, I’d not look at it that way, if you focus on the wordplay and rhymes by Zzero Sufuri and Nuclear then you’ll realize that this is a masterpiece.

Although he’s new in the game, I was really impressed by Nuclear’s delivery in this song, I definitely want to hear more of his music.

Of course, Zzero didn’t disappoint in this jam. I wasn’t expecting him to anyway.

The song was produced by Obwar Bwana and let’s be honest, he did a good job. The tempo of the beat is a bit slow but chances are that you won’t even notice it.

Watch Kashikie (Remix) below and tell us what you think.