Why celebs getting a vasectomy has become all the rage

All your favourite celebrities are talking about undergoing vasectomies. Well, that is a bit of a stretch but you know what I mean. Your favourite celebrities have either outright claimed they are about to secure a vasectomy or their wives have suggested vasectomies for them.

‘He Should Do A Vasectomy’- Pregnant Diana Marua Tells Bahati (Video)

These characters include Bien and Bahati but even more are stoking the fanfare flames around this rather interesting method of family planning. Why is that? I have never been one to chalk things up to coincidences simply so let’s take a step back and try to see the bigger picture.

When we take a look at what is happening on the international stage, we know that Roe vs Wade was repelled. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is essentially the law that allowed abortions in America.

Why DJ Moz and Nick Ndeda vasectomy made headlines

As a result, your favourite feminists are up in arms acting like that affects us. At the end of the day, abortions aren’t legal in Kenya but that doesn’t us from procuring them. But feminists have never been the type to let simple logic come in the way of an opportunity to virtue signal so male feminists have started declaring they will undergo vasectomies inorder to “protect their wives”.

On the other hand, we have women who know they domineer over their husbands. These women also know that they no longer want their husband’s seed. So what do they do? They subtly suggest a vasectomy as a family planning compromise. And their husbands are either too dense to pick up on the subtle manipulation or are so henpecked, that they don’t know the difference.

Bien and his vasectomy will be a disaster

And so the idea is implanted into these men’s minds. But for some reason unbeknownst to them, it doesn’t sit easy. Their lizard brains are rejecting the idea of getting their nads snipped. But they need to prove to everyone they are virtuous so what do they do? They do what Bien did, they come out to tell the world and their adoring fans that they are getting vasectomies and they phrase it in such a way it seems noble. After all, misery loves company.

DJ Moz and Dj soxxy
DJ Moz and Dj soxxy

Think about it, when Bien tells us what he and his wife have decided to do to his gonads, a medical procedure that should, by all means, be private, he is proselytizing so he can convince you he is a virtuous husband and that you too should browbeat your man into accepting this nonsense.

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However, the truth is, a woman who is truly in love with her man, a woman who truly respects her man would never suggest to him that he essentially castrate himself. Ultimately, we evolved to view a man’s nads as a measure of his masculinity and with good reason.
While a vasectomy could potentially mess about with that apparatus as they have been shown to elevate men’s longterm risk of prostate cancer.

“Our results indirectly support the hypothesis that there is an elevated risk of prostate cancer among men who underwent vasectomy 20 or more years previously.”

Or how about this finding from another study:

“…men who had undergone vasectomy less than 20 years earlier not only had a higher dihydrotestosterone level than age-matched controls (1.46 vs. 1.22 nmol/l; p 0.01) but had a lower testosterone/dihydrotestosterone ratio.”


So why would a woman willingly attempt to put a man she respects through this risk? That is a woman who doesn’t respect her man as I had earlier asserted. And we can look at a pattern beginning to form right before our eyes; an open marriage (if the partner’s celebrity crush happens to be in town), falling into your wife’s frame and finally a vasectomy. But perhaps we aren’t ready yet to drink that cup of coffee.



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