Amber Ray learns the true difference between clout and fame

Image: Amber Ray

Amber Ray had a club appearance in Dubai that was supposed to bring together Kenyans living in the area who were eager to meet her -her fans- or so the club promoter and owners thought.

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Unfortunately, as has been reported by the likes of Edgar Obare, the event was a complete bust. She could only manage to wrangle up a handful of fans who turned up for the meet and greet.

The club owner found out the hard way that what Amber Ray boasts of having is clout, not fame. And there is a marked difference between the two. Today I want us to look at the chasm that separates the two and it should show us and her (aswell as her fellow “celebrities”) why she just isn’t bankable.

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When you mention a celebrity, Kenyans think of anyone who has more than a handful of social media followers. However, when people speak about celebrities the world over, they are speaking about more than just influencers. They are talking about pop culture thought-shapers who can call on their adoring fans to perhaps purchase goods that they endorse. Or they can actually “influence” people to move and think a certain way about products or services by simply hinting they are everyday users.

Amber Ray is not someone who can boast of shifting the pop culture zeitgeist. She cannot claim to have influenced Kenyans’ behaviour nor can she claim to have helped sell any products -which is why she doesn’t have any of her own merchandise to sell. To put it simply, she is a loud passenger on the bus, not the driver. She is a peculiarity that gives us thirst traps to peruse (she should actually move her antics to Only Fans) but little else.

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If you were to take, say, Sauti Sol for a club appearance in Dubai, Kenyans would come to meet them. Why? Because we admire and want to be associated with them. If you were to take Nyashinski, same deal. But what if you were to take, say, Shakilla? Because let’s face it, she and Amber Ray are within the same bracket.

Do you think Kenyans living and working in say, Cape Town would be looking to come out and meet them? What of Kenyans in Brisbane? Or Helsinki? You would simply be trying to convince Kenyans to visit your club to meet thots… And thots (and hotter ones at that) are a dime a dozen.

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I mean, are, Kenyans will follow them on social media because they are provocative and we know that “gets the people going”. Amber Ray goes online to post a thirst trap or her photos with someone’s husband? Sure, we will follow to check them out because they make for good water cooler gossip but if she told me to drink some pop soda because she likes it, I wouldn’t trust her opinion enough to care for. And the fact that she is a social media celebrity means she only has clout among urban audiences in Nairobi and Mombasa. People in Lodwar don’t care about her.

Amber Ray

And clout is why she always tries to up the ante on social media. It’s why she has to appear online wearing less and less. Because that is the only way she can hold the attention of her thirsty fans. She has to chase clout because she doesn’t have anything else to offer. Meanwhile, Otile Brown will be able to fill up a club in Bahrain by simply walking in because fans know they can be treated to an impromptu karaoke session… Something that’s actually worth their hard-earned coin. he has more to offer than being ogled at. He is a true celebrity. Afterall, if you wanted to sit down and gawk at an entitled (debatably pretty) woman, you don’t need to fly in Amber Ray, you just need to pull in some random woman off the streets given how modern women behave these days.

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