Prezzo’s ex girlfriend beaten black and blue by boyfriend weeks after giving birth

Tanzanian Singer cum socialite Amber Lulu popularly known for Jini Kisirani hit song gave birth about 2 months ago, welcoming her first child. But unlike other new mums getting to understand their newborns; this particular lady is sadly nursing injuries she got after a serious beating from baby daddy, Emba Botion.

The lady who is well known for her wild ways gave birth 2 months ago; but thanks to a video and a few photos shared on her page – we understand that her marriage hasn’t been easy.

Amber Lulu

This is after she exposed her baby daddy for giving her a serious beating; despite knowing very well that her body is still healing is still fragile after the whole birthing process.

Amber Lulu’s scars

In one of the photos, Amber mentioned that this has been happening for a while; adding the most dumbest excuse – that she holds on for the sake of her daughter. The lady wrote;

Navumilia mwisho wa siku nije kumuacha mwanangu mdogo sana

Amber Lulu and abusive relationships

Unfortunately this is not the first abusive relationship Amber Lulu has ever been involved in. In the past, we saw the lady pick some serious verbal fights with rapper Prezzo; but at least they never got physical.

Amber Lulu beaten black and blue

However with baby daddy,Emba Botion – the former socialite says he started hitting her while she was still pregnant; and for another dumb reason – she thought she actually deserved the beating.

Anyway with the many scars to remind her of the toxic relationship; let’s hope she has walked out for good. But again, I hear toxic relationships are quite addictive!