Prezzo’s ex girlfriend beaten black and blue by boyfriend weeks after giving birth

Tanzanian Singer cum socialite Amber Lulu popularly known for Jini Kisirani hit song gave birth about 2 months ago, welcoming her first child. But unlike other new mums getting to understand their newborns; this particular lady is sadly nursing injuries she got after a serious beating from baby daddy, Emba Botion.

The lady who is well known for her wild ways gave birth 2 months ago; but thanks to a video and a few photos shared on her page – we understand that her marriage hasn’t been easy.

Amber Lulu

This is after she exposed her baby daddy for giving her a serious beating; despite knowing very well that her body is still healing is still fragile after the whole birthing process.

Amber Lulu’s scars

In one of the photos, Amber mentioned that this has been happening for a while; adding the most dumbest excuse – that she holds on for the sake of her daughter. The lady wrote;

Navumilia mwisho wa siku nije kumuacha mwanangu mdogo sana

Amber Lulu and abusive relationships

Unfortunately this is not the first abusive relationship Amber Lulu has ever been involved in. In the past, we saw the lady pick some serious verbal fights with rapper Prezzo; but at least they never got physical.

Amber Lulu beaten black and blue

However with baby daddy,Emba Botion – the former socialite says he started hitting her while she was still pregnant; and for another dumb reason – she thought she actually deserved the beating.

Anyway with the many scars to remind her of the toxic relationship; let’s hope she has walked out for good. But again, I hear toxic relationships are quite addictive!

Amber Lulu confesses unquenched thirst to be Diamond Platnumz´ 4th baby mama (Details)

It´s an interesting world we live in, to see just how far women are willing to go to carry a celebrity´s pregnancy and sort themselves out soon after giving birth.

Gone are the days when true love would best define a bond between a man and a woman. Today, it doesn´t matter how many children a couple sires together, or how many sexual partners one has – as long as you are able to survive and get what you want, it seems like that is all that matters.

Time and again, it has been said that Diamond Platnumz is not a man known to stick to one woman or even pledge his loyalty to a specific lady. Not at all!

WCB Founder and CEO

But every other day, there will always be a woman running after the East African superstar – for reasons best known to these women.

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Amber Lulu

So now, having already borne a string of children from his 3 known baby mamas across East Africa, Tanzanian socialite Amber Lulu has confessed she is head over heels for the Bongo Flava artist.

While divulging intimate details during the launch of Producer Mocco Genius studio in Dar es Salaam, Lulu admitted she loves Naseeb. One because he never gives up and second because of his untamed body physique.

Bongo flava socialite, Amber Lulu

She went ahead to admit that every time she looks at Diamond´s body, she grows cold feet, her legs become frail and her body gives in.

Nampenda Mondi (Diamond) kwa sababu ni fighter, hustler lakini pia mwangalie amekata body (rippled). Ukimwangalia, unachanganyikiwa.

Going further to indicate that she is spending more time in the gym, to re-work on her body with the aim of luring Diamond her way.

Tanzanian video vixen, Amber Lulu


Confessing that she admires his baby mamas, Zari Hassan and Tanasha Donna and her quenched desire to be like them and have her own brand like they do.

Akisema ananiona nakubali na natulia kabisa. Sasa hivi najibrand nataka niwe kama Zari na Tanasha. Naenda gym nikae vizuri.

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Surprisingly though, Lulu´s main target is to get pregnant for Chibu and does not mind if any of his other baby mamas get back together with him, because she is always ready to be a co-wife.

Wajua sina mtoto kwa hiyo mimi nataka nizae na Mondi. Naskia Zari anataka kurudi, akirudi tutapambana, tutakuwa wake wenza, tutalea watoto wote.

Co-parents, Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz

Amber Lulu was previously in an on-and-off relationship with Kenya´s Prezzo since way back in 2017, one that only stood strong until early 2019, when the duo bid each other goodbye.

Let´s wait and see whether Diamond heeds to the call.

Micheal Lulu forced to deny wedding to Majizo has been canceled due to domestic violence

Celebrated Tanzanian actress Lulu Elizabeth Micheal has denied that her anticipated wedding with media mogul Majizo has been cancelled following a domestic violence case.

Lulu, who recently severed a two-year-jail term after killing her lover following an argument, shot down rumors that the wedding has being canceled after Majizo beat her up.

Engagement ring

It’s also good to note that some of this rumors started after fan noticed Lulu hasn’t been wearing her ring. Speaking in an interview on ‘Joto la Asubuhi’ show on E FM radio station which is owned by her fiancé Majizzo, she said that her not wearing an engagement ring doesn’t mean much.

“Suala la mimi kuvua pete na kupigwa linalosambaa kwenye mitandao ya kijamii ni kama kuniharibia lengo langu la #Save my valentine wala siwezi kulizungumzia na kulipa airtime,” said Lulu.


“The rumor circulating on social media that my wedding has been cancelled and that I was assaulted is meant to derail my objective this Valentine so I won’t talk about it.”

Majizo and Lulu have already done a traditional wedding where by he has paid the dowry and are now gearing for a white wedding which will be some time this year.


Lulu Hassan share how working with husband Rashid Abdalla on a daily basis feels like

Citizen TV news anchor Lulu Hassan has opened about how working with her hubby Rashid Abdalla on a daily basis feels like.

The two, who have been married since 2007 and have three kids now, are both employees of Royal Media Services (RMS) and anchor Swahili news together.

Enjoy it

A fan recently asked Lulu on social media how it feels like to work with his hubby on a daily basis and apparently, Lulu loves every bit of it.

“How does it feel to work with your hubby at the same place to me it’s Kinda difficult,” asked Lamarmilkah.

“@lamarmilkah Imagine it’s fun.. We get to spend a lot of tome together,” she responded.

Lulu joined Rashid recently after going for paternity leave to have their third born.


D*Kmatized! ‘Prezzo’s bedroom skills drive me crazy’ confesses Amber Lulu

Several women have publicly confessed that once rapper Prezzo gets you under the sheets, that’s all you will be thinking about because he’s a beast when it comes to beating the P.

Huddah Monroe started it all saying Prezzo gave her the best sex she’d ever imagined and if there’s one ex on her list she’d go back to, it would be definitely him.

Rapper Noti flow also made the confession saying that Prezzo’s game drove her crazy. She even nicknamed his pipe the ‘Devil’s D’.

In Love

Prezzo’s lover Amber Lulu has revealed that she’s so much in love with the rapper and is even thinking of settling down with him all thanks to his D game.

The Tanzanian socialite said that many people might have dated Prezzo but none has had a truer relationship with him like her.

“You can be with Prezzo, roll with him but you can never be the best more than me. Love is a connection, I understand him and he understands me. I’m not trying to taunt anyone, anyone can date Prezzo, but they can never reach the level of relationship Prezzo and I have,” she told Dizzim Online.

The video vixen also went on to confess of how she’s has been d**ckmatized by the Naleta action rapper in the interview.

“Bila wewe ningekuwa nimebakwa” Prezzo’s ex lover Amber Lulu thanks Mbosso for rescuing her from rapist

Amber Lulu would be telling a different story today were it not for Mbosso. The popular video vixen has come out to reveal the Wasafi singer saved her from being raped.

The Tanzanian video vixen, who dated Kenyan rapper Prezzo for a year, opened up about the near rape incident on her birthday message to Mbosso.

Mbosso turned a year older on Thursday October 4th, the Wasafi singer will be celebrating his birthday this Friday together with his boss Diamond Platnumz who turned 29 on Tuesday October 2nd.

Friendly and kind-hearted

Amber Lulu described Mbosso as a kind and sympathetic person on her birthday message to him. She didn’t divulge more details about the near rape incident but she wholeheartedly thanked Mbosso for what he did for her.

“Happy birthday ???? @mbosso_ kuna watu waachee tu mungu awape roho zao sio za kawaida unakumbuka @mbosso_ bila ww leo katika maisha yangu ningekuwa na stor ya kubakwa ? na Sijawah kusikia popote mpaka leo nimeongea mwenywe happy birthday ?????,” wrote Amber Lulu.


Wee shoga nini! Prezzo’s ex girlfriend Amber Lulu calls out Diamond Platnumz for wearing ankle bracelet (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz stirred up talks on social media after he was seen wearing ankle bracelet during one of his performances in America.

Popular Tanzanian video vixen Amber Lulu joined the bandwagon that trolled Diamond for putting on the ankle bracelet which is mostly worn by ladies.

Diamond performing, notice the ankle bracelet on his left leg
Diamond performing, notice the ankle bracelet on his left leg
Not enough women at Wasafi

Amber Lulu jokingly asked Diamond to sign her to his record label Wasafi. Prezzo’s ex girlfriend claims Diamond wears ankle bracelet because there are not enough women signed to his label. Diamond’s sister Queen Darleen is the only female musician signed to Wasafi.

“amber___luluSema mzee wa vikuku si niwe tu msanii wako jamani kwani unasubili mpaka uvae kikuku cha pill ???? @diamondplatnumz,” wrote Amber Lulu.





Prezzo’s Ex Amber Lulu now done with relationships since men don’t lover her 

A former lover to Kenyan rapper Prezzo has come out to claim that she won’t be dating any more after her recent relationship went to the dogs.

Tanzanian singer and socialite Amber Lulu, who dated Prezzo a few months ago, has come out to share that relationships have been bad for her since most men want her because she’s just famous and are not in love.

No love

Lulu and Prezzo

“Mapenzi yameninyoosha bora niyapige chini maana wanaume wengi wananipenda kwa sababu ya umaarufu wangu, lakini unakuta hawana mapenzi ya kweli kwangu. Ninaona tu huko ninapoteza muda na kuambulia maumivu, kwa hiyo bora nijiweke wazi tu, hakuna namna,” she told Global Publishers.

Lulu and the flamboyant rapper Prezzo broke up after a video clip leaked online showing the Tanzanian singer getting cozy with a man who goes by the name Nuh Mziwanda.

Aslay denies having sex with Prezzo’s ex girlfriend Amber Lulu

Prezzo’s ex girlfriend Amber Lulu confessed during an interview with Global TV online that she dated Aslay back then when he was still struggling to make it in music industry.

Amber Lulu even described Aslay’s bedroom skills during the interview, she said the young singer was a bedroom bully.

“Kwenye game yuko noma. Aslay kiboko kabisa,” said Amber Lulu.

Lulu further claimed that Wema Sepetu was the reason why Aslay broke up with her. She revealed that Aslay fooled around with Wema Sepetu while they were still dating, and even cohabited for a while at the peak of their illicit love affair.

Amber Lulu and Aslay back then when they were still ashy and broke
Amber Lulu and Aslay back then when they were still ashy and broke

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She’s lying

Aslay has since dismissed Amber Lulu’s revelations as pure malicious lies. The singer said Prezzo’s ex girlfriend was just being controversial.

“It’s just a publicity stunt to create an unnecessary scandal. Nothing like that has ever happened. Nowadays, people just talk the way they want without much thought to the consequences. If you follow me closely, you know I’ve never dated her. I have never been together with her because I respect her and she does the same to me,” said Aslay.




“Wee tafuta mkwanja kwa juhudi zote” Prezzo’s girlfriend Amber Lulu offers Hamisa Mobetto support

Hamisa Mobetto come under heavy fire from Diamond Platnumz’s family when a new song ‘Iyena’ was released. The music video showed Diamond and Zari’s wedding.

Hamisa was forced to call out Diamond on social media for failing to defend her against attacks from members of his family including his mother and sister.

“Lakin ndugu zako hawabebeki its too much talk to Your familia maana wewe ni mwanaume na uwezo wa kunyamaliza…Na pia waambie unahitaji Mke sio House girl wa Nyumba…Mwanamke kazi yake kukupikia Ule … Nk, au nlikua sikupikii tena sio wewe tu na Ndugu zako mkala na kusanza ? … leo imekua hamisa hajui kupika kusafisha nyumba kwahiyo chumba chako tukimaliza lalana huwa anasafisha nani ? Au walitala niende kwafulia vyupi vyao nikimaliza niwapigie deki mpaka chumbani kwao ? Wakishindwa kuniheshimu basi waambie waheshimu damu yako,” wrote Hamisa Mobetto on Instagram.

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Focus on your business

Prezzo’s girlfriend Amber Lulu has come out to offer her support to Hamisa Mobetto. The popular video vixen encouraged Mobetto to ignore the distractions from haters and focus on making money.

“Mimi namuamini sana Mobetto na ninajua kwamba ni mwanamke anayejiamini kwa kila kitu, kwa hivyo hili lililomtokea ni changamoto tu katika maisha niseme tu kwamba yeye aendelee na biashara zake kwa nguvu zote na kufanya kazi ili aweze kulea familia yake, achukulie hii ndio changamoto ya yeye kukaza buti na kutafuta mkwanja kwa juhudi zote, mwanaume kama anampenda atarudi tu,” said Amber Lulu during an interview with Star Showbiz.



Amber Lulu addresses claims she aborted Prezzo’s unborn child

Amber Lulu has set the record straight in regard to claims that she aborted unborn baby fathered by her Kenyan boyfriend Prezzo.

A source close to the socialite told Tanzanian daily Ijumaa Wikienda that Lulu was knocked up by her boyfriend a while back when she stayed with him in Nairobi.

Apparently Lulu terminated the pregnancy before the baby bump became visible. The source further reveals that the socialite didn’t even tell Prezzo she was expectant.

“Unajua Amber alipopata ujauzito huo nahisi alikuwa hana maelewano mazuri na Prezzo akaona amfiche kwanza kusikilizia kama wataelewana,” the source told Ijumaa Wikienda.

Did anyone see a baby bump?
Amber Lulu
Amber Lulu

Amber Lulu responded to claims she aborted Prezzo’s unborn baby. She refused to divulge any information any saying that no one saw her with any baby bump.

Below is the conversation Lulu had with Ijumaa Wikienda:

Wikienda: Vipi Amber, mbona nilisikia una ujauzito wa Prezzo?

Amber: Nani amekwambia maana ungeniona hapa na kitumbo.

Wikienda: Nasikia uliichoropoa hukutaka kero.

Amber: Kero ya nini sasa maana mimba ningebeba mimi lakini siyo yeye (Prezzo).

Wikienda: Kwa hiyo bado mko kwenye uhusiano na Prezzo?

Amber: Ndio niko naye bado na kuhusu kushika ujauzito siku si nyingi.

Wikienda: Sasa si ulipata ukatoa?

Amber: Mimi sitaki kuzungumzia hiyo habari bwana na wala sitaki uiandike.

Wikienda: Haya nashukuru sana Amber.

Amber: Asante.

“Waliwahi kuishi pamoja kinyumba kama mke na mume” Wema Sepetu and Aslay’s love affair revealed 

Prezzo’s girlfriend Amber Lulu has opened up about her past relationship with Bongo singer Aslay. Lulu says Wema Sepetu was the reason why Aslay broke up with her.

Lulu claims Aslay fooled around with Wema Sepetu while they were still dating. She further reveals that Wema and Aslay cohabited for a while at the peak of their illicit love affair.

“Kama ukiona mtu ako na mambo yake unahitaji kuchill pia, no need to force. Sababu ashakua (Aslay) na watu wengi. Naskia mara ashakua na Nimaa, ashakua na Wema Sepetu na wakakaa nyumba moja kapika na kupakua… Sasa mimi Amber Lulu najua…Alafu kipindi hicho mimi nlikua bado zile nanyapia nyapia so nkaona tu its ok,” said Amber Lulu during an interview with Global TV.

Bedroom bully

Amber Lulu also confessed to sleeping with Aslay while they were dating. She told Global TV that the young Bongo singer is a bedroom bully.

“Kwenye game yuko noma. Aslay kiboko kabisa,” said Amber Lulu.

Watch the interview below:






Prezzo’s girlfriend lands lucrative deal with condom manufacturing company after the drama surrounding her HIV status

Prezzo’s sweetheart Amber Lulu couldn’t hide her joy after sealing a deal with leading condom manufacturer to become the company’s brand ambassador.

The Tanzanian socialite disclosed during a radio interview that the deal involved a lot of money even though she didn’t disclose how much she got from the deal.

Amber Lulu signing the condom deal
Amber Lulu signing the condom deal

“I thank God for this opportunity. I have just signed a good deal with a condom company as their brand ambassador that involves a lot of money. It a very big step for me and my fans,” said Amber Lulu.


Amber Lulu’s deal comes after the drama surrounding her HIV status. Veteran singer TID warned Prezzo to use condom claiming that Amber Lulu was infested with tons of diseases.

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Prezzo and Amber Lulu expecting their first child?

It has been a while since we spotted Prezzo and Amber Lulu together. For a minute it seemed that their love ship had drowned but it seems that they are just keeping a low profile.

Well, I happened to come across a comment left by Amber Lulu under Prezzo’s photo that has left me wondering whether they are set to have a baby.

This is after Amber Lulu commented to praise Prezzo’s mum for her looks and went on to add that she hopes ‘baby Candy’ inherits her grandmother’s looks.

Baby onboard?

From what we know is that neither has a baby called Candy but they could be expecting a baby together.  Not quite sure what Amber Lulu was hinting but if indeed there is a baby involved then the couple will definitely have a cute baby!

Those ladies are just my sisters! Prezzo struggles to save his relationship with Tanzanian socialite Amber Lulu

Prezzo and Amber Lulu’s relationship has been dogged by lack of trust. The Kenyan playboy has been forced to explain why he is always in company of women.

Amber recently questioned Prezzo’s commitment to their relationship. The rapper was seen surrounded by ladies during his trip to Tanzania.

Prezzo and Amber Lulu
Ladies’ man

Prezzo is in Tanzania to promote his new song ‘Hamsa Mia’ with Dogo Janja. He revealed he wasn’t cheating on Amber Lulu during an interview with EATV.

“Uzuri wangu mimi huwa na mademu wakati wote wamenizunguka, shida nyingine mtu akiniona na demu fulani labda ni dada au binamu yangu kwa sababu mimi nina familia Tanzania tayari ni kosa,” said Prezzo.

Watch Prezzo’s new song ‘Hamsa Mia’ with Dogo Janja below:

“It’s now Mrs Prezzo” Amber Lulu takes things to the next level

If you thought Amber Lulu was going to be Prezzo’s girlfriend for a long time you are wrong. The video vixen has already laid groundwork to be Prezzo’s wife.

Amber Lulu seems to be in a hurry to become Prezzo’s wife. The two lovebirds only started dating sometimes in September 2017.

Amber Lulu is already referring herself as ‘Mrs Prezzo’. The video vixen says she now calls herself Mrs Prezzo because she is confident the Kenyan rapper is her prince charming.

“Nimejiamini kabisa wala sina hofu na kujipachika jina hilo kwa sababu najua yule ni wangu tu,” Amber Lulu asserted.

Amber Lulu

He give me peace and happiness

Amber Lulu revealed how much she loves Prezzo in the birthday message she sent the rapper. She referred Prezzo as her husband and said she he gives him peace and happiness that she didn’t have before.

“Happy birthday ???? my lov baba yangu kipenzi changu nakupenda sana mume wangu @prezzo254 Asante kwa kunifanya niwe Na amani Na furaha ambayo sijawah pata kokote cjutii kukutAna na ww happy birthday lov,” wrote Amber Lulu.

Prezzo and Amber Lulu



Amber Lulu’s breakup with Prezzo is now inevitable

Amber Lulu’s break up with Prezzo is no longer a matter of if but when. The Tanzanian video vixen is also anticipating the split with the Kenyan rapper.

Prezzo is a seasoned heartbreaker judging from his past relationships. Any lady who dates him certainly knows she will be dumped at one point or another.

Prezzo hooked up with Amber Lulu sometimes in September 2017. The controversial rapper started his relationship with Lulu while at the same time he was said to be dating Noti Flow.

Amber Lulu and Prezzo

Lulu’s game plan

Amber Lulu is anticipating a breakup with Prezzo and she is already taking steps to cushion herself. The video vixen says she will hook up with her ex boyfriend Young Dee just in case things fail to work with Prezzo.

“Ndiyo siku nikiachana na Prezzo lazima nitarudiana na Young Dee,” wrote Amber Lulu.

Amber Lulu and Young Dee

Amber Lulu used to date Tanzanian rapper Young Dee before Prezzo came into the picture. Lulu and Young Dee broke up in September 2017 before she hooked up with Prezzo.



Prezzo’s new girlfriend already missing her ex boyfriend?

Tanzanian video vixen Amber Lulu might be regretting for having left her ex boyfriend, Young Dee. The lady shared the hint on her Instagram page where fans couldn’t help but laugh off at her on and off relationships.

Before involving herself with Rapper Prezzo the lady had been dating another rapper Young Dee from Tanzania. The two always gave people a reason to talk thanks to their public display of affection.

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Looking at her photos with Prezzo, Amber Lulu also started pulling similar stunts. However, seems that Prezzo’s chilled out lifestyle is too boring for the lady who now admits to missing her ex man. She wrote saying;

Nimemic baba ake T ??ila ndo bhas tena ?

Young Dee and Prezzo

Judging from their age difference, it’s obvious to assume why Amber Lulu all of a sudden misses her spontaneous young man.

Or did Prezzo dump her?

Amber Lulu: Stop comparing my love Prezzo with Young Dee

Tanzanian socialite has warned people against making comparisons between Prezzo and Young Dee. Amber Lulu says the comparison is a mockery to Prezzo.

For starters, Prezzo is dating Amber Lulu while at the same time he is said to be romantically involved with Kenyan rapper Noti Flow.

Amber Lulu used to date Tanzanian rapper Young Dee before Prezzo came into the picture. Lulu and Young Dee broke up in September this year.

Amber Lulu and Young Dee

It’s an insult to Prezzo

Amber Lulu says comparing her ‘husband’ Prezzo and her ex Young Dee is an insult to her sweetheart. The video vixen says Young Dee and Prezzo should not be compared because they are two different people in different levels.

Amber Lulu and Prezzo

“Usimfananishe mume wangu na watu wengine kwa sababu unakuwa unamkosea adabu, kwa hiyo Young Dee ni Prezzo usiwakee kabisa pamoja kwa sababu ni watu wawili ambao hawezi kuendana hata kidogo,” said Amber Lulu.



“Don’t use a man to forget another one, use 3 or 4” Noti Flow advises fans!

At this rate we can all agree that controversial rapper Noti Flow is one of a kind. She rarely filters what comes out of her mouth nor what she posts on her Instagram page.

The rapper a few days ago shocked fans after sharing a caption teaching them how to move on after a nasty breakup. Through her Instagram page Noti Flow was Keen to tell her fans the importance of juggling different men at the same time.

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Well, this comes shortly after she dumped Uncle Muss for Prezzo who later left her stranded for a Tanzanian socialite, Amber Lulu. Judging from how Noti Flow has been acting, we can all agree that Prezzo indeed hurt her feelings as she seems to have fallen hard for him.

However, after getting his way with her Prezzo walked out like nothing had happened leaving Noti Flow with mixed feelings.

Prezzo and Amber Lulu

What Prezzo did to Noti Flow may seem unfair from a lady’s point of view but this was not a surprise either. Prezzo has not managed to settle down for years now and this is something Noti Flow should have paid attention to. Anyway, hopefully the rapper will get over the fella since he seems smitten by Amber Lulu.

“We koma mali yangu” Amber Lulu sends dire warning to Noti Flow

Amber Lulu and Noti Flow want to tear each other apart because of Prezzo. The Tanzanian socialite has warned Noti Flow to keep off her sweetheart.

Prezzo is spoiled for choice as the two socialites are determined to win him over. A fortnight ago Noti Flow threw major shade at Amber Lulu.

“You are talking about that bi*** calling herself Amber Rose. Who even calls herself Amber Rose when we all know that there can only be one Amber Rose. The truth is that Prezzo was not in Tanzania to see her but to record collabos with the likes of Fid Q and other hip hop guys. Besides, I know b****s keep on chasing him the way nig*** chase me and so I wouldn’t be shocked if she hits back and claims he was with her. Thing is, girls…bi****s should keep off my man as they know where his heart is,” Noti Flow said.

Keep off Prezzo

Amber Lulu has since hit back at her Kenyan rival. The Tanzanian socialite shared a photo of Prezzo and captioned it with a warning directed at Noti Flow.

“We koma mali hii ya amber lulu. Baba mwenye nyumnba kasema,” wrote Amber Lulu.


“That bi** keep on chasing after him” Noti Flow takes a swipe at Amber Lulu as she declares Prezzo is officially hers

Prezzo is spoiled for choice, who will he choose – Noti Flow or Amber Lulu? Noti Flow has officially declared war on Amber Lulu as she aims to keep Prezzo for herself alone.

Prezzo hooked up with Amber Lulu last month when he visited Tanzania. Some people including TID warned Prezzo against dating Lulu who has a bad reputation in Tanzania.

The Kenyan rapper however seems to have fallen for the Tanzanian video vixen. He keeps on posting their romantic photos on social media.

Prezzo and Amber Lulu

Noti Flow throws major shade

Noti Flow talked trash about Amber Lulu in a recent interview with Pulse. The controversial rapper says Lulu is a desperate ‘bi**h who is trying to win Prezzo.

“You are talking about that bi*** calling herself Amber Rose. Who even calls herself Amber Rose when we all know that there can only be one Amber Rose. The truth is that Prezzo was not in Tanzania to see her but to record collabos with the likes of Fid Q and other hip hop guys. Besides, I know b****s keep on chasing him the way nig*** chase me and so I wouldn’t be shocked if she hits back and claims he was with her. Thing is, girls…bi****s should keep off my man as they know where his heart is,” said Noti Flow.

Noti Flow and Prezzo

Prezzo’s has fallen for me

Noti Flow says Prezzo’s heart is for her. She explains that she has been with Prezzo for a while and that she understands how he thinks.

“Since I knew him a lot has changed and that is why am calling it work in progress. I will have us sit down and discuss all this. I like a lot many things about him, especially that he works hard. Now, to all those who have questions about us all I can say is that we will be doing a joined media tour and have all those questioned answered then.”

I am not looking for a mama’s boy

Noti Flow

Noti Flow says she doesn’t like the fact that Prezzo is a mama’s boy. The Nairobi Diaries actress reveals that Prezzo tells his mother everything they talk about.

“Yes! That is something I don’t like about Prezzo. We discuss a lot of private things and every time we have a little issue he tells her and she’d call me asking me what is going on. I don’t like that. I also don’t like men who talk to their mothers too much leave alone living with their mothers.”



Drama in Tanzania! TID warns Prezzo to use condom when sleeping with Amber Lulu as Gigy Money calls him ‘chawa’

Drama king Prezzo left Tanzania in shambles following his romantic escapade with popular Tanzanian socialite Amber Lulu.

The controversial Kenyan rapper was in Tanzania a week ago and he’s already dominating headlines in Bongo for all the wrong reasons.

Prezzo hooked up with popular Tanzanian  video vixen-cum-socialite Amber Lulu the moment he touched down in Dar es Salaam. The two lovebirds were seen in public display of affection at various places including hotels and bars.

Amber Lulu and Prezzo

Prezzo’s involvement with Amber Lulu prompted onetime Bongo superstar TID to warn him. The ‘Siamini’ hit maker advised Prezzo to use a condom when making out with Amber Lulu who has a bad reputation in Tanzania.

“Prezzo kula bata mwanangu fanya mambo na Amber Lulu, Prezzo pole sana jiongeze mtu wangu, tumia mpira (condom) ya gharama zaidi ambayo hujawahi kutumia kabla, kwa sababu sehemu unayokwenda ni moto,” TID said.


The Kenyan rapper told EATV that he was disappointed by TID decision to warn him in public, he said that the singer ought to have called him because he had his contact.

“Namshangaa mshkaji wangu, kuna watu huwa wananiingia kwa kona mbaya, ukiingia kwa kona mbaya mimi ni msela nitakuzingua, kitu ambacho sijafurahia ni kwenda kutangaza kwenye TV, yeye ni mshkaji wangu angenipigia simu akaniambia, na sio kuniharibia ‘mood’ yangu”, Prezzo said.

Meanwhile another Tanzanian socialite Gigy Money was not pleased that Prezzo hooked up with fellow socialite Amber Lulu. Gigy Money told EATV that the Kenyan playboy was a louse (chawa).

Gigy Money

“Prezzo chawa tu kama chawa wengine tunaweka, we kamshobokea katoka Kenya kuja Bongo unashangaa nini, umemuona Lulu ameenda Kenya mzuri huyo sio mbaya kwa hiyo nyiye tulieni tu na wengine watakuja kutoka Mardagasca, UK,” said Gigy Money.