Kansiime opens up about crazy-hard pregnancy journey

Pregnancy is different to each and every woman. There are those who have an easy time while others struggle from the word go; and the worse part is actually a few weeks to giving birth.

Well, Anne Kansiime who had been praying for a child was recently blessed with a bouncing baby boy; who she named Selassie Ataho which means My sins have truly been forgiven.

Kansiime welcomes baby boy

Having been accused of offering  her womb to Illuminati practices – this was indeed a blessing for Kansiime; until she started joking about her pregnancy journey that may leave a few wondering how pregnancy works.

Most difficult part of pregnancy

Well, apart from the usual morning sickness, cravings and unexplainable fatigue; Kansiime says the most challenging part was when she couldn’t reach her own bum.

True story, when pushing a belly as big as a watermelon- most pregnant women find it hard to reach their behinds; making it hard and uncomfortable to even use the washroom.

Speaking about this, Kansiime said;

It was all fun and games til I couldn’t reach my own behind well well to clean it.


Well, I can bet it’s not only Kansiime who is complaining about such experiences during pregnancy; but I guess she found the birth experience more frightening….compared to the journey experience.