The East Africa Got Talent Show on Citizen TV Sunday Evening – Incredible !

The East Africa Got Talent show aired at 8pm EAT on Sunday 4th – Citizen TV – was incredible.

For starters, professional mourning, starring 25 year-old Dan from Migori County.

Clad in a bright red shirt and colorful headgear – excellent regalia for a street carnival, this contestant brought down the entire house in stitches. Dan was confident, had an imposing stage presence, and superbly delivered endearing poetry to the deceased in-law. This performer could not be cut down by the judges banging down the bells!

That hilarious interlude aside, The East Africa Got Talent show indeed had first class, star-level contestants.

The performance bailed by Judge Vanessa as “beyond exceptional” came from Leyna K, a cute 7-year-old girl, from Uganda. She rocked an immaculate sprightly white bridal dress. At first, the judges couldn’t believe she could hack her choice of track – One day at a time, by Daniel O’Donnell – which most gifted vocalists wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Little Leyna K had it beautifully balanced in high and low vocals – which Judge Makeda wryly confessed “has given me goose bumps…”

She unbelievably had all the judges giving her a standing ovation!

The audience broke into poignant tears when her mother rushed onto the stage and hugged her. When, not if, she wins the Ksh 5,000,000 prize money, she wants to buy her brother a watch.

Everyone is awed by acrobats, and more so, when it involves kids. In this show, a group of kids tagged as Safi Theatre Group from Dar es Salaam ingeniously combined music and acrobatic stunts – really unique. Catch them at the semi-finals.

Also quite unforgettable is another group – there’s strength in numbers – of 5 little girls and a lady skilled with drums. It’s a Rwandan group named Uruyange, whose desire their guide hailed as to ‘show the strength of girls’ – and it’s easy to see they’re achieving that goal. Amazing performance.

The back stage was equally lit, with Host Anne Kansiime berating the viewers with endless goofs and comic antics. Her stylist was also on point, dressing her in a lovely off-shoulder African print dress. Kansiime’s girl-next-door mien visibly had the contestants relaxed and confident as they hit the stage, and huge audience.

There is beauty in language diversity, and following Judge Vanessa’s comments in flawless Swahili is captivating.

There is so much more amazing stuff to experience at the next airing of East Africa Got Talent on Citizen TV. Don’t miss!

Edrisah Musuuza, alias “Eddy Kenzo” life a testimony

Edrisah Musuuza, alias “Eddy Kenzo” life a testimony. At the tender age of 4, Eddy lost his mother who was everything to him, and was forced to be a street kid for more than 13 years. Kenzo didn’t know his father’s whereabouts. As a homeless child he had to survive on the streets on his own. Music became his safe heaven since he didn’t know anyone from both sides of his family. He  has gotten his breakthrough in music in the whole of East Africa. He Discovered his father who was working as a gate man, but he later died in 2011.

Also Kenzo aspired to be a football something that saw him join football at an early age. Musuuza later joined Masaka Locals FC’s camp at the age of 9. This led him to receiving a sports bursary enabled him join  Lubiri Secondary School in Masaka although he did not finish school.

The Ugandan Musician separeted with his baby mama, Rema Namakula. He has two kids with Rema.

Music Career of Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo has gotten three breakthroughs in the music industry, his freshman hit was a song titled ‘Yanimba’ in 2008 in Uganda. He received international attention after the release of his 2014 single, Sitya Loss and an accompanying viral video that featured the Triplets Ghetto Kids. Sitya Loss got 19,325,035 views.

Below is a link to the Sitya Loss Video.

His song Stamina was used by politicians in 2011 during the Ugandan general elections campaigns. He has goes ahead and established Big Talent Entertainment record label. In addition his work has been greatly received something that has seen him perform in some of the most important functions in Africa. In January 2015, Kenzo performed at the opening ceremonies of Africa Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea alongside Akon.


Further, he has continued to win many awards some of which include;

International Viewer’s choice award- BET Awards 2015
Best Collaboration  – AFRIMA 2016
Most stylish Male celebrity – Abraynz Style and Fashon Awards 2016
Best Video of the year – African Entertainment Awards USA 2016
Kenzo is still doing good in his music career and his recent jam dubbed Raha is doing well just weeks after the release.
To watch Raha click on the link below.

Life Outside Music

Also, he gone ahead and  launched a charitable organization called the Eddy Kenzo Foundation. In this project he has brough on board, Ugandan footballers, Tony Mawejje and Vincent Kayizzi. It is aimed to help donate goods to nursing mothers and staff at the local Masaka hospital.
In conclusion, Kenzo is a testimony that it doesn’t matter where you come from, you can still make it.