Jeff Koinange: “I have been broke so many times”

Despite the impression public figures like to put forward,  they go through problems just like the rest of us.  It’s usually hard to get them to admit this, but Jeff Koinange  recently came out on his breakfast show on hot 96 to talk about the many times he went broke  especially when he was trying to find his feet after flying out to America.


His co-host Igunza  asked him whether he’s ever gone Broke and Jeff replied


“Many times Man.  You know I lived in New York for several years and that place is a tough town to live in. You have to work to pay your rent, to pay your bills, to pay everything.”


 The message might not be coming across properly in writing,  but I believe Jeff was referring to the High cost of living in New York.  It is one of the most expensive places to live in the world.  According to  which is a website that tracks cost of living in different places around the world,  a single person in New York spends 560,000 shillings every month on basic expenses. Jeff continue to explain the problems he faced navigating this 


“I had like three jobs.  one from 8 to 4,  another from 4 to midnight and another from midnight to 8. Unalala in between. They were 20 minutes apart and I would use the train to go between them.”


He went on to explain that he had to  time his shifts such that he had a bit of time in between to catch a small bite and some sleep. You can catch the full interview below:

 This is the reality of life even for the successful people we see in the media.  They started from the bottom and had to work their way up from there to make it to where we see them now.  If you were going through the same process, take heart. Perhaps you too shall be on our screens in the future like Jeff

Jeff Koinange Claims to not know what Fuliza is

Jeff Koinange, on his morning show on Hot 96, Had a conversation with his radio partner Patrick Igunza  where the topic of MPESA Was brought up. Here’s how the conversation went:


Igunza: “wewe ni msee wa MPESA, ama wee ni msee wa kuswipe?”


Koinange: “yes I do (use MPESA)”


Igunza: “do you use Fuliza?”


Koinange: “who?”


Igunza: “Fuliza”


Koinange: “huyo ni nani? Bro najua MPESA bana”

After that, Igunza  had to explain the whole concept of Fuliza to Jeff. You can see the whole exchange below:



Funny story given how Jeff was auctioned for being 200 million shillings in debt a few years back.  I guess he only goes for the big loans then

I Don’t Know If The Machine Wasn’t Working’-Jeff Koinange Opens Up About Challenges He Faced Starting A Family

Popular Kenyan journalist Jeff Koinange has shared some personal details about his life, including the challenges he and his wife faced in starting a family.

Speaking on the Engage Talk Show on September 28, Jeff revealed that they tried various options, including IVF, but nothing seemed to work for a prolonged period.

“The greatest challenge for my wife and I during that time was having a child. I don’t know if the machine wasn’t working. We tried everything, IVF, the whole shebang, but it wouldn’t work for the longest time,” he said.

Their difficulty was compounded by the presence of children at friends’ gatherings, which served as a constant reminder of their unfulfilled dreams. “We would be invited to friends’ houses’, there would be kids in the yard playing, swimming and it was tough for us,” he said.

Despite the challenges, Jeff and his wife Sonia eventually welcomed their first child, a son named Jamal, in 2007. They have since been blessed with two more children, a daughter named Kiara and a son named Jaden.

Jeff’s story is an inspiration to many couples who are struggling to conceive. It shows that even after facing many setbacks, it is still possible to achieve your dream of becoming a parent.

In addition to his fertility journey, Jeff also shared his memorable meeting with the late Nelson Mandela. He recounted that Mandela recognized him as a descendant of chiefs, belonging to the Koinage lineage. This recognition marked the beginning of a unique relationship between Jeff and the late Mandela.

Jeff’s story is a reminder of the importance of perseverance and hope. It is also a reminder that even the most powerful people in the world are human and have their own challenges.

Jeff Koinange officially resumes duty after 3-week absence (Video)

Jeff Koinange tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday, July 20, asymptomatic but away from work forcing him to self-isolate at home until further notice.

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For the first JKL on that Wednesday, he was turned into a guest in his own show while his colleague, Victoria Rubadiri took over.

Citizen TV co-anchors, Victoria Rubadiri and Jeff Koinange

He was the one to tell us what has been happening, how he has been feeling and how he is coping with his condition.

That came and went. Following Wednesday, July 29, it is not until the 9pm news when we heard his voice and we were utterly shaken. We were like, is this virus a joke or what exactly is it?

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Only for it to turn out he was doing a home edition of his own show. Had everything set prior to and took up the show running. Same case as his Aug 5, JKL show that saw him do it from the comfort of his home library.

However, the following morning his second round of Covid-19 results came out and he tested negative – 17 days after he tested positive for the virus and he could not believe he had just beaten what he called “a monster”.

Jeff Koinange

Couple of days later and he is back on set, Live, co-hosting the 6 am- 10 am breakfast show on Hot 96 with Professor Hamo; shaking hands, all excited and prepping up for the session.

Jeff however seemed a little beat weak and worn out from the virus as he announced:

We are baaack! 3 weeks!!! Twende kazi!

Well, that means he will be hosting tonight’s JKL show from the Citizen studios, where he last stood roughly 3 weeks ago. Let’s wait and see.

Seasoned TV journalist, Jeff Koinange

But either way, we are glad he overcame the battle.

His return was welcomed with mixed reactions from fans, some excited, others doubtful.

tonny50200 Someone from isolation na unasalamia hamo na mkono????????????. muache kutuchezea. Ukweli yenye iko you had no corona but you were paid to fake it????????????????


nashiluni Welkam back Jina kubwa Jeff????????????❤️❤️


j_jackson_t Mask is for covering mouth and nose not mouth alone ????


bnjogu64 Back in action ????????????????????


dj_sillioh Oooh my!!! Keep it done ????

Jeff Koinange’s untamed reaction after his second round of Covid-19 results come out (Photo)

Coronavirus has taken a toll on the global population, some infected others affected, no assurance of recovery, and an almost 99% chance of death if suffering from any other underlying conditions.

Those that recovered have told their story, spoken of a monster, non-living, intangible – a battle where you fight an enemy you cannot see and almost cannot explain how it found you but either way, it has ravaged our sanity.

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Jeff Koinange tested positive for the virus in July 20, sending a scare across the media space and the country at large. Forced to self-isolate at home and anchor news in his small library.

Yesterday, he looked frail, quite worn-out, a battle no one knew which direction it was headed until today, his 17th day in isolation as his 2nd test results came out.

Negative! he screamed top of his voice proudly declaring I have BEATEN this MONSTER!

Citizen TV Prime Time news anchor Jeff Koinange

The sound of relief, sound coming from a man who had just had enough! The sound of a long, gruelling Covid-19 battle which despite its robustness, lost its own battle.

Probably jumping on his feet, Jeff assured the public that if he made it, anyone can! Humbly expressing:

Thank you for ALL your Prayers, Kind Words and Good Wishes! TOGETHER can win this WAR against #COVID19 God Bless!

Congratulatory messages swarmed his comment section, some giving thanks, others lauding him for a fight well fought!

lilmuli Thats wonderful dear.
sowairina Amen????????????????
djjammasterjade Congrats man couldnt imagine loosing another icon????

Jeff, twende kazi ????????

wako_official254 All thanks to Almighty God

Jeff Koinange miraculously recovers from Covid-19 days after testing positive for the virus

Jeff Koinange is now coronavirus free as revealed on his social media pages. The Citizen TV announced the good news through his usual pages as he informed fans that JKL is back like it never left.

His fast recovery comes about 10 days after he publicly confirmed about his positive results. Being a deadly virus that spread across the world; Jeff was forced to stay away from work but unlike the usual 14 day quarantine, he only sent 9 days.

As seen on his social media Jeff wrote;

Guess who’s Baaaack?? Taaaanite #JKLive @citizentvkenya at 9pm, we have a TRIPLE HEADER…First up, @KenyaAirways Board Chairman @michaelj2 on KQ resuming Int’l Flights…Then we talk about, Covid-19 & Stigma with @JerotichSeii followed by Dr Frank Njenga on Mental Health! Oh MY!! Spread THE WORD!!

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Jeff Koinange healed from Coronavirus

Of course his die hard fans could not hold back from celebrating the fact that he was now back; not forgetting that he beat the virus like the champion he is.

Robert Alai mocks Jeff

However, blogger Robert Alai says Jeff’s quick recovery seems fishy especially since the Citizen TV news anchor did not quarantine for 14 days like the rest.

Also read; Jeff Koinange narrates harrowing experience battling Covid-19 (Video)

Of course Alai had to find a good reason to question how fast the recovery was; and truth is he may not be the only one who’s wondering what medication Jeff may have used to heal so fast. Alai wrote;

You healed so fast. you people make people doubt your story. Why is the story not consistent? What duration do people and be safe as well as protect others?

Robert Alai questions Jeff Koinange’s quick recovery

Well, although Robert Alai has often attracted controversy with his carefree online criticism… we also can’t help but see his point this time around. But on a serious note, Jeff Koinange’s doctors should probably take care of the other patients battling the virus. Right?

Jeff Koinange narrates harrowing experience battling Covid-19 (Video)

Jeff Koinange yesterday turned interviewee on his JKL show days after testing positive for coronavirus, admitting it has not been anything easy for him.

Victoria Rubadiri who had taken up the mantle interviewed Jeff as he narrated the tough situation that Covid-19 had boxed him into.

Citizen TV co-presenters, Victoria Rubadiri and Jeff Koinange

Unfortunately, despite being asymptomatic, Jeff revealed he has since lost his sense of taste; he can’t tell salt from sugar, lemon from a mango.

It keeps going and coming back but all the other symptoms zero.

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Talking of his daily routine, now that he was already accustomed to a specific schedule back at Citizen TV and Hot 96, Jeff admitted it has not been any easy one for him.

Complete madness in my head. Coz the clock in my head, still wakes up at 4 am. It’s been crazy trying to adjust but I know I’ll be back on sooner than you think probably. This is only temporary. But this thing is real!

Kenyan revered journalist, Jeff Koinange

The Test

The seasoned journalist recalled how he was compelled to undergo the Covid-19 test after one of the colleagues at Citizen TV tested positive, only for him to get traced as a contact and end up testing positive as well.

It probably happened in the radio station because someone at Citizen was tested positive and I was traced as one of their contacts. My boss, Wachira Waruru came up and told me “Jeff, you gotta be tested” and I said “for what? why? You know I have no symptoms” and that was it.

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He since went into self-isolation but fortunately, his wife and son tested negative for the virus.

Jeff Koinange with his wife and son

Further divulging that Kenyans from all walks of life poured their hearts out, comforting and standing with him and that only uplifted him.

3,000 messages on WhatsApp another 2,000 Text messages and tweets and lots of well wishes, people praying for me. Majority have been incredibly warm to me and its really comforting.

“I have tested POSITIVE for Covid-19” Jeff Koinange

Citizen TV’s news anchor Jeff Koinange has come out to announce that he recently tested positive for Coronavirus; but at the moment he already has doctor’s looking after him.

The anchor announced this through his social media pages where he went on to add that he feels fine; and so is his family who will remain in quarantine for the next 2 weeks. According to Jeff all those he was in contact with have already been contacted and will definitely have to be tested too!

Through his Instagram page Jeff wrote;

Jeff Koinange

Folks, just to let you know, I have tested POSITIVE for Covid-19. I’m doing Good..NO symptoms…and my Family is fine. All my close contacts have been informed. Right now I’m in self isolation. Many thanks to Royal Media Services Management for its Support. Stay SAFE & God Bless!

Papa Shirandula’s death

This comes just a few hours after Papa Shirandula was laid to rest in Busia after he allegedly succumbed to Covid 19. His wife Beatrice, however seems to have doubts about the results and continues to insist that doctors should have tested her late husband for pneumonia and Malaria.

Nilimueka kwa gari (sigh) I went to Karen Hospital. Admission was just another process, Im telling please he needs support as an emergency the time they are still preparing, he passed on while i was with him in the vehicle. He was not even admitted, he passed on seated on the seat of the car. I went to ask the doctor how many tests did you carry out, the doctor only said one…I asked why and they were meant to be three. Why did you concentrate only on one, the weather here is not even conducive to our lives, we have to carry out the three of them pneumonia to confirm also.

However, as for now the public believes that the actor was killed by the virus but oh well, who knows!

Catch The Talented And The Crazy on East Africa Got Talent Show on Citizen TV this Sunday !

“Umenifurahisha sana, una kipawa kwa uhakika….”

That’s a futile imitation of Judge Vanessa at East Africa Got Talent Show judge’s bench. It’s a pity that print hardly gives credit to her voice and the distinctive Swahili lilt when she candidly comments and talks to a contestant. All along she’s remained soft spoken, a little matronly. Let’s see if she keeps her cool on this weekend’s edition of #EAGTPoweredBySafaricom that airs on Citizen TV, 8:00 p.m. EAT.

Never before has this region had such an amazing array of fresh talents and gifts. Most of the talents are innate, while some skills are acquired over time through pure grit and hard work. For instance, the acrobatic group from Dar es Salaam made up of kids from unfortunate backgrounds – they are amazing. All we see is the talent, but really, hard work makes up half of that success.

This Sunday evening, the show will be smoking hot, to paraphrase Kenyan Judge Jeff Koinange – do not be surprised if he tags along his adored red fire extinguisher, from The Bench.

Lots of viewers love the fun side of life, and besides the comic side dish served fresh by the host Anne Kansiime, the stage will sure attract contestants blessed with the gift to make you collapse in stitches. It’s been a while, but everyone recalls Dan from Migori County – The Professional Mourner. Who shall beat that?

Be sure to tune in to Citizen TV on Sunday 8:00 p.m. EAT and find out.

The knife-thrower and his human targets. Those may be his point of targets, but aren’t they also deadly near-misses? Have you seen a fire-eating stunts man? Will we have less singers and acrobats this week, and have more of stunts men? Who doesn’t marvel at the skills needed to ride a unicycle?

On a personal level, I get thrilled by animal performances. What beats a dog that matches, stands on his hind legs, topples and rolls over on a simple command? That pulls my eyes right out of their sockets! Horses and ponies, too.

It’s relieving that snakes do not feature much in this region, else we would have a snake-performer – Indian style. These brave men are turbaned, and sit cross-legged facing their open basket. They play a flute, and dear Lord, a huge snake rises up. Nine out of ten times, it’s a deadly African Cobra. Scary stuff.

How does that work, since snakes are said to have no ears?

Let’s meet on #EAGTPoweredBySafaricom Show on Sunday, 11th August 2019 at 8.00 EAT, and watch amazing stuff.

The East Africa Got Talent Show on Citizen TV Sunday Evening – Incredible !

The East Africa Got Talent show aired at 8pm EAT on Sunday 4th – Citizen TV – was incredible.

For starters, professional mourning, starring 25 year-old Dan from Migori County.

Clad in a bright red shirt and colorful headgear – excellent regalia for a street carnival, this contestant brought down the entire house in stitches. Dan was confident, had an imposing stage presence, and superbly delivered endearing poetry to the deceased in-law. This performer could not be cut down by the judges banging down the bells!

That hilarious interlude aside, The East Africa Got Talent show indeed had first class, star-level contestants.

The performance bailed by Judge Vanessa as “beyond exceptional” came from Leyna K, a cute 7-year-old girl, from Uganda. She rocked an immaculate sprightly white bridal dress. At first, the judges couldn’t believe she could hack her choice of track – One day at a time, by Daniel O’Donnell – which most gifted vocalists wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Little Leyna K had it beautifully balanced in high and low vocals – which Judge Makeda wryly confessed “has given me goose bumps…”

She unbelievably had all the judges giving her a standing ovation!

The audience broke into poignant tears when her mother rushed onto the stage and hugged her. When, not if, she wins the Ksh 5,000,000 prize money, she wants to buy her brother a watch.

Everyone is awed by acrobats, and more so, when it involves kids. In this show, a group of kids tagged as Safi Theatre Group from Dar es Salaam ingeniously combined music and acrobatic stunts – really unique. Catch them at the semi-finals.

Also quite unforgettable is another group – there’s strength in numbers – of 5 little girls and a lady skilled with drums. It’s a Rwandan group named Uruyange, whose desire their guide hailed as to ‘show the strength of girls’ – and it’s easy to see they’re achieving that goal. Amazing performance.

The back stage was equally lit, with Host Anne Kansiime berating the viewers with endless goofs and comic antics. Her stylist was also on point, dressing her in a lovely off-shoulder African print dress. Kansiime’s girl-next-door mien visibly had the contestants relaxed and confident as they hit the stage, and huge audience.

There is beauty in language diversity, and following Judge Vanessa’s comments in flawless Swahili is captivating.

There is so much more amazing stuff to experience at the next airing of East Africa Got Talent on Citizen TV. Don’t miss!

Why The East African Got Talent Show is a Must-Watch This Sunday !

Hosting the East African Got Talent is no mean feat. After months of preparations, presentations across different countries in the East African Region with thousands of hopefuls submitting their acts, the inaugural #EAGTPoweredBySafaricom show will air this Sunday.  

The resourceful, witty and charming host – Ann Kansiime’s traits flow with ease. Ann is the undisputed, Ugandan queen of comedy. She fits the bill perfectly. 

The East African Got Talent show airing this Sunday 4th August – Citizen TV – at 8 pm EAT will bring an array of acts that will showcase an endless pool of talent in the region. If you haven’t seen talents and gifts bordering on downright bizarre and insane, this is it.

While it’s modelled on the larger Got Talent franchise, the East African Got Talent edition will deliver/showcase the rich due to the cultural diversities in play, and the excitement it has generated across the landscape will bring forth an endless troop of hopeful stars.

The acts range from comedy acts, singers, acrobats and similar stunts. It’s open season, no-holds-barred as long as it borders on safety, sanity and excludes nudity. I expect the show stoppers to be the illusionists and magicians. My bet, though, is whoever wins the Ksh 5,000,000 prize money will be a fire stunts man, or something equally daring – say, a knife thrower?

 I ain’t sure where magicians draw the line, but I’d be excited to see them perform up on the stage. Of course, subject to prior rebranding efforts.

In this show, more excitement comes from the judge’s bench. It’s ably filled in by Jeff Koinange (Kenya), Gaetano Kagwa (Uganda), Vanessa Mdee (Tanzania) and Makeda Mahadeo (Rwanda).

I have hilarious memories of Judge Ian, who made his name bashing contestants in the seasons of a previously popular singing reality show, and am eager what goes down here.

I wouldn’t expect mellow-voiced Vanessa Mdee from Tanzania to be savage, for starters.

It’s an unwritten rule: You cannot be beautiful, and have an angelic voice, and still be nasty. Choose a side.

I suppose Jeff Koinange dons the hooded black cloak and brandishes the scythe, nipping self-appraising jokers in the bud – merciless, shooting straight from the hip, and probably ending childhood grand dreams of fame in an instant.

Gaetano Kagwa is the sympathetic uncle we sought to act as a domestic mediator when we got the dreaded suspension letter in high school. After all, Ugandans are universally known for empathy. I expect he’s the judge who soothes and massages back fragile egos. He should understand empathy: he outlived a lot of peeps riding on it on the first edition of Big Brother Africa.

Well, it all comes down to the wire on split decisions, Rwandese judge – Makeda Mahadeo will be expected to settle stalemates. The media personality, deejay and emcee decides the numbers, who goes home and who proceeds  to the next stages. I’d expect her to hold viewers in suspense and yearning, and either gives the wing to fly or hands Jeff-in-black-cloak-and-scythe the ammo to blow dreams apart.

Plus, she’s gorgeous. Choose a side, remember.

Make a date this Sunday 8pm East African Time to watch East Africa Got Talent on Citizen TV #EAGTPoweredBySafaricom


SMOKING! ¨It´s looong overdue that Africans gave women the mantle¨ Jeff Koinange reveals his solid respect for his widow mother and beyond

Veteran TV Journalist, Jeff Koinange reveals his steady respect for women, not forgetting to mention his own mother, a young widow.

In a candid interview with Yvonne Aoll, Jeff Koinange articulates:

Respect! My mother, again, a young widow, she didn´t remarry, she was committed to educating her children, and she´s still alive, she´s over 70 years old now.

That´s respect right there.

Citizen TV Journalist, Jeff Koinange

The former CNN Journalist not only respects his widow mother, but all women across the African continent, and probably, beyond:

And every time I interview women on my show, I realize it´s long overdue that Africans gave women the mantle.

It should have been done a long time ago.

If women were to run this continent, oh, I tell you, it would be, ´SMOKING!´

Youth unemployment rate

Jeff was then asked of his opinion about talented individuals who are managing side hustles for maximum income:

I think it´s people´s attitudes.

You can make money with whatever you do, you can make money selling newspapers on the streets.

You can make money selling books.

Look, if you don´t believe you can do something, then you won´t do it.

If you believe you can do it…!

I mean, who ever thought the likes of Kipchoge Keino, going on down, that one day, they´d be multimillionaires?

And that´s running only, you talk about us, and what we do?

This, this is a different kettle of fish.

You can make a hell of a lot of money, if that´s your intention, you can.

Jeff is unarguably a renowned International Journalist whose stage set and show drive stands out in the Local media Industry.

Award-winning Journalist, Jeff Koinange

The Citizen TV Journalist also doubles up as a radio show host, on Citizen´s ´Hot 96´.

Jeff Koinange narrates his excruciating struggle with the wife to sire a son

Profound International and local journalist, Jeff Koinange narrates how much of a struggle it was for him and his wife, to have their son.

JKL Live Presenter, Jeff Koinange

We really tried to have him, and when we finally did, we said we´d do our best to give him everything we never had, including the both of us, a father and a mother, which I particularly never had.

Jeff Koinange with his wife and son

Up and Close with blogger, Yvonne Aoll, the veteran Citizen TV Journalist shared.

Don´t step into anybody´s footsteps, don´t try and be like daddy in any way, no pressure to do what your dad did, do what you want to do.

Carve your own path.

This comes in just days after the JKL Live Presenter articulated that he has no regrets for the fact that his father passed on while he was still young.

Jeff explains that, had his affluent father lived longer, he would have been brought up a spoilt brat.

Boniface Mwangi fires at Jeff Koinange for hosting South Sudanese tycoon Lawrence Lual

Jeff Koinange hosted flamboyant South Sudan tycoon Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Jnr on his show on Citizen TV which aired last Sunday.

Malong bragged about wearing designer shoes worth $10,000 (Kes 1,000,000) and a Rolex watch worth $100,000 (Kes 10,000,000) during the interview.

The 30-year-old tycoon also told Jeff that he was currently staying at the Presidential Suite of a top Nairobi hotel where he is paying $2,500 (Kes 250,000) per night.

Source of wealth

Malong is among other well connected South Sudanese who have been accused of plundering their country’s natural resources which include oil and timber.

In his latest documentary -The Profiteers, John Allan Namu shows how South Sudanese elite benefit from corruption proceeds and stash their loot in Kenya and Uganda.

“I got my wealth from my Lord Jesus Christ. My Lord Jesus Christ blessed me; I fly on private jets… I live in Presidential suites… I am blessed,” said the 30-year old,” said Malong when Jeff asked him about his source of immense wealth.

Rights Activist Boniface Mwangi has however castigated Jeff for hosting the billionaire thief instead of South Sudanese activists who decry the loot of public resources.



Stop asking people about their bedroom skills on TV, Jeff Koinange warned by government body 

Citizen TV host Jeff Koinange has been warned by Media Council of Kenya (MCK) to stop questioning his interviewees about bedroom matters on Live TV.

On Wednesday, the popular radio and TV presenter hosted Francis Atwoli and went on to inquire about his bedroom prowess. MCK believe the interview had obscene language that should not be on Live TV.

“The interview kicked of at 9.49pm where Jeff started by asking Francis Atwoli to clear the air about his marriage with TV anchor. Atwoli confidently admits he is married to Mary Kilobi but the host goes ahead to ask questions touching on private aspects like age difference between the two and Atwoli’s performance in bed,” said David Omwoyo the CEO of MCK in a letter to Citizen TV.

Be warned

Omwoyo went on to warn him, in case he repeats it in the future sharing exactly what angered them.

“The questions Lakini bado kazi unafanya, (You still perform well), Katiba bado unasoma (you still read the Constitution) and Kazi unaweza (You can manage the job) are repeated severally in the interview. At one point Atwoli dismisses Koinange reminding him it’s important to be cautious about disclosing private issues for the sake of his children and audience,” MCK said. 


“By this letter MCK wishes to inform you that it reserves the rightto take disciplinary action against the host of the programme and the media in view of the above contravened clauses. In the meantime urgently furnish the council with steps taken to avoid such occurrences in future,” MCK  said. 

Hot 96 resorts to rotating comedians to co-host morning show with Jeff Koinange following Jalango’s exit

Jalang’o quit Hot 96 to join Milele FM where he hosts the morning show together with Alex Mwakidau whom he worked with for four years at Radio Jambo.

Jalas co-hosted ‘The Hot Breakfast’ alongside Jeff Koinange for a year before he finally quit. Hot 96 is yet to find Jalas’ replacement, or perhaps they have adopted a new strategy altogether.

On Monday August 6th Jeff hosted the morning show with comedian Sleepy David. But apparently Sleepy isn’t a permanent replacement per se.

Jeff Koinange on air on Hot 96
Jeff Koinange on air on Hot 96

Rotational hosts

Several other top comedians will also be co-hosting the morning with Jeff Koinange. The likes of Oga Obinna and Professor Hamo are lined up to co-host ‘The Hot Breakfast’ on different dates.





Jeff Koinange’s monthly electricity bill shocks Kenyans…But it’s nothing close to Akothee’s electricity bill

Kenyans on Twitter took Kenya Power to task to explain why Jeff Koinage pays a monthly electricity bill that is more than the salary of an average working class Kenyan.

Jeff pays a staggering Kes 72,000 monthly electricity bill for his Kitisuru home yet he doesn’t even heat his swimming pool.

The celebrated journalist revealed his electricity bill on Sunday Live during an interview with Energy PS Eng. Joseph Njoroge.

Akothee’s bill enough to buy land

Akothee is spending close to a million shillings just to pay electricity bills. The mother of five owns two huge mansions in Rongo and Mombasa whose power bills is driving her crazy.

Sometimes in June 2017 Akothee locked horns with KPLC after she received a Kes 791,223 electricity bill for her Rongo home and Kes 100,000 for her mansion in Mombasa.

Also read: Akothee grumbles as she is forced to pay Kes 723,000 electricity bill after a bitter squabble with KPLC



Jalang’o: No, Jeff did not call me stupid! Blogs edited the video to feed lies 

Comedian Jalang’o had a lot to explain on why he left Hot 96 FM after rumours that co host Jeff Koinange forced him to.

A video has been doing rounds on social media showing Koinange calling Jalas stupid in what seemed like a joke but Kenyans believed Koinange had formed a habit of always abusing the comedian on radio.


Jalas in a statement, said bloggers edited the video to make it look like his recent move to Milele FM was due to the so called harassment from Jeff, something that’s wasn’t true.

“I have received so many calls asking me why I left Hot 96 and why I parted ways with Jeff when the show was such an amazing gig and everything was just perfect. Now here is not why I left! There is this story doing rounds that Jeff abused me or called me stupid and blogs have picked it and making everyone be live that it’s the reason why I left!” he said on social media.

“No, Jeff did not call me stupid! What the blogs have done is pick a Part of our conversation and edited it to feed this lie! Jeff and I had and still do have the best relationship ever! Jeff actually knew that I was leaving and wished me well. I have since called Jeff and we had the best conversation and the show must and will go on without me Hot 96 is a big brand. So let no one lie to you that Jeff abused me…he would never do that because of the respect we have for each other.”


Some Kenyans believe Jalang’o ditched Hot 96 because Jeff was always insulting him(video)

Jalang’o is no longer part of the Hot 96 FM team after hosting the breakfast show on the station for almost a year and a half alongside veteran journalist Jeff Koinange.

Though the comedian took time to personally thank each and every person on the team that made the show possible, and then proceeded to leave in peace for Milele FM, some Kenyans believe he left the show because Koinange was always disrespecting him.

Stretched joke

A clip has been doing rounds on social media showing the two presenters arguing live on radio and Koinange jokingly calls Jalas “stupid”. Jalas orders him to stop but Jeff goes on to do it again.

Some argued that the joke went too far while others claim it’s something Jeff has been doing for sometime. Both presenters have not addressed the clip.

“Damn… Now I understand why Jalang’o has left Hot 96 for Milele FM…. Imagine having to put up with this kind of disrespect every morning ?????Btw being a co-host on radio is one of the hardest jobs in life, mtu anakuja studio na stress zake?‍♂️,” said a fan. 

Watch it below:

Jeff Koinange and Victoria Rubadiri, hit or a miss?

There has been a major media realignment over the past few months, Citizen TV raided NTV and poached its entire Swahili desk that comprised of Nimrod Taabu, Jamila Mohamed, and Rashid Abdalla.

Other celebrated journalists like Mashirima Kapombe and Victoria Rubadiri have also joined Citizen TV from KTN and NTV respectively. Citizen TV also lost journalists like Kanze Dena who took up a government job.

Both NTV and Citizen TV have since formed new teams to anchor news. Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows had chemistry on the first day they anchored news together on NTV.

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Jeff and Victoria

Citizen TV has paired up Jeff Koinange and Victoria Rubadiri to anchor Sunday Live together. The duo is yet to convenience the audience they have chemistry on screen.

Victoria Rubadiri and Jeff Koinange
Victoria Rubadiri and Jeff Koinange

Victoria and Larry Madowo used to be the most captivating duo on TV before they quit NTV altogether. Their fun moment on TV has even been shown on American comedy show which airs on Netflix.

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Guess only time will tell whether Jeff Koinange and Victoria Rubadiri will have such kind of chemistry we used to see on NTV when Larry and Victoria took to the screen.





July 12th 2018: The day Jeff Koinange and Jalang’o almost fought live on air

Jeff Koinange and Jalang’o have chemistry having worked together for over a year now. ‘Jeff And Jalas On Hot 96’ is arguably the biggest breakfast show in Kenya.

But on July 12th Jeff and Jalang’o had a serious squabble on air that almost resulted to a fist fight. The two were discussing the recent spate of violence and arson at secondary schools across Kenya.

School fires

Jalang’o argued that violence and arson could be justified under certain circumstances but Jeff insisted the whole idea of burning schools was just totally stupid.

Jeff went on to repeatedly call Jalas stupid and he got offended by the slur. Jalas changed mood and warned Jeff against insulting him.

Jalas: No single day did we ever burn school because we feared exam

Jeff: Because you are stupid

Jalas: No, don’t use that word on me again. That’s the last time
(Jeff clicks his tongue)

Jalas: Don’t click by the way

Jeff: What? (clicks his tongue again)

Jalas: (Angrily) Jeff!!

The tension was eased after someone called to contribute to the topic. Watch how the whole drama unfolded in the video below:


Jeff Koinange ditches his Mercedes Benz and heads to studio on a horse(video) 

Veteran journalist Jeff Koinange is known as a man who cruises around in a Mercedes Benz G wagon. The car, priced at 12 millions, always steals the show with it’s looks and comfort.

This time round, however, the Hot 96 breakfast show presenter opted to go to work in something less comfier: A horse.

During a guest appearance at the World Cup Barn Show on Citizen TV, Koinange rode a horse to the studio leaving many stunned including Mwiki FC which was present on set.

The ban

Matching decor

The ban, which has studio set up to be like a real ban has fodder hay, artificial grass turf, wooden barrels, and wooden packaging boxes in its decor, a reason why Jeff opted to go with the horse.

Watch the video below:


He loves them exotic! Jeff Koinange opens up about his Japanese ex girlfriend, his first love

Jeff Koinange started dating when he was only 6 years old. The Citizen TV anchor reveals that his first girlfriend was a Japanese girl who was his schoolmate at Hospital Hill.

Jeff opened up about his first love on his show with Jalang’o on Hot 96. He says his girlfriend Yoko Seki used to be driven to school in a black Rolls Royce.

“Seki’s dad worked for JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). So Yoko and her sister Megumi were very good friends with the Japanese Ambassador’s kids who used to drive in a big black Royce. Yoko and her sister would always join them because I think they lived somewhere close to each other. So this huge black Rolls Royce rolling into school in 1972, imagine, just picture that you are 6-years old…” Said Jeff Koinange in part.

Love letter

Jeff says his relationship with Yoko Seki kicked off after she wrote him a love letter. The Hot 96 presenter asserts that the letter was the sweetest thing to him back then.

“She was dying to talk to me. So she wrote me a letter, but she wrote it in conjunction with some other girls. And in the letter they put some chocolates you know, like a chocolate bar and it was the sweetest thing I had ever seen,” said Jeff.

Listen to Jeff talk about his first ever girlfriend in the video below:


Drama as Jeff Koinange and Senator Kipchumba Murkomen face off on Twitter

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has been rattled by Jeff Koinange’s past interviews on Citizen TV. The lawmaker chose to confront Jeff on Twitter.

Murkomen feels Jeff is orchestrating attacks on DP William Ruto by hosting Kikuyu businessmen and politicians who are openly opposed to Ruto presidency in 2022.

The senator expressed his frustration with Jeff after he hosted Tony Gachoka and Koigi Wamwere on Citizen TV. He took to Twitter to sarcastically asked Jeff who he will host next to attack the DP.

“After Tony Gachoka & Koigi Wamwere who do you think my brother @KoinangeJeff will call on #JKLive this week to attack WSR ?” Murkomen tweeted.

WSR stands for William Samoei Ruto


KOT quickly tore into Kipchumba Murkomen over his sarcastic tweet. Jeff however replied as asked Murkomen to bring the DP to be interviewed on Citizen TV.

“How about WSR himself, my Brother??? Bring It On!!!! #JKLive,” Jeff tweeted.



Come pick your son! Man claiming to be Jeff Koinange’s long lost son demands audience with him

Tony Gitere wants an audience with his father who he claims is none other than Jeff Koinange. The public only knows the Citizen TV anchor has one son – Jamal Mbiyu Koinange.

Ok, it all started with president Uhuru Kenyatta now Jeff Koinange!! A few days ago 18-year-old Tamara Rasheel caused a stir when she carried a placard claiming to be Uhuru’s daughter. Tamara was arrested but Jaguar bailed her out.

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Tony Gitere is following in Tamara Rasheel’s footsteps to demand an audience with his father. The middle age man took to social media to announce that Jeff is his dad.

Tony Gitere


Tony claims to be Jeff Koinange’s long lost son. He threatens to carry a placard describing himself as the Jeff’s son just like Tamara did.

“Jeff Koinange we need to your long lost son #ifikie jeff koinange ama nibebe sign board hadi royal media,” wrote Tony on Facebook.



“You poke fun at human rights abuses because tyrants have you on their payroll” Miguna fires at Jeff Koinange over Miguna Challenge

Miguna Miguna challenge has been trending ever since a video of police trying to force the NRM general into a plane emerged. Kenyans have been re-enacting the scene at JKIA just to make fun.

Jeff Koinange, Jalang’o, Willis Rabura and Sauti Sol also joined the bandwagon making fun of Miguna’s chaotic deportation. They were trying ‘force’ Jeff to work against his will.

Shame on all of you!

Miguna Miguna, Babu Owino and KOT reacted angrily to the video posted on Twitter by Willis Raburu. The NRM general cautioned Jeff and his colleagues against poking fun at egregious human rights abuses.

“@WillisRaburu, @KoinangeJeff and Company: You are part of Kenya’s main problem. You enjoy, joke at, mock and poke fun at egregious human rights abuses, torture and tyranny because the tyrants have you on their payroll. Shame on all of you!” Miguna tweeted.