5 Hottest cross dressers in Kenya

Cross dressers and transgenders are often said to b the same thing but others insist they are different in that Transgenders are ‘women’ or ‘men’ born in the wrong bodies. Mostly men who feel they should have come to the world as women.

Cross dressers however nikama kina Eric Omondi and the rest who wear women clothing for marketing purposes or for comedy….but like i said – its confusing to figure out why men cross dress….or is it a fetish?

Anyway having said that, below is a list of well known male cross dressers in the entertainment indutsry who dress better than some of your women.

Dennis Karari

Dennis Karari

Although Dennis Karari started off as a Kienyeji cross dresser, we’ve literally watched him morphe into a classy sassy lady living like a socialite after her new man upgraded her lifestyle. However truth is, there’s still room for improvement for Ms Karari – that is looking at what other cross dressers are bringing to the table.


Ghai….do you know the first time i came a cross a photo of Kinuthia – i couldnt believe he is male. Yes…that is how good he is, he is good at dressing his bbw body and moves her waist better than most women out here. With that, i want to believe that he is among the hottest cross dressers in the country – because he already embraced the person he truly is.

Eric Omondi

Okay let us just say Eric Omondi is a low key cross dresser because of the many times he has stepped out in women’s clothings. I mean for a straight man – Eric Omondi really likes his diva side….and what better way to show her off than dressing up for the part, right? But anyway whether a fetish or a marketing strategy Eric definitely delivers well.

Oga Obinna

Let us just say Obinna is forced to cross dress inorder to push his music – since yall can’t go to his Youtube channel unless he teases you with cross dressing stunts. And although he is horrible at it – ill give him a 3 stars for the effort. No?

Latoya Johnson

Comedian Dave Chapelle will tell you that out of the LGBTQ community, the T people are the ones who face a tougher time the most. And believe me Latoya Johnson can tell you the same. However despite the hardships she has had to endure, one thing she has managed to do is love herself and doll up. This is why we now have her name among the hottest cross dressers in the entertainment industry.

Why Eric Omondi keeps us guessing about his sexuality

Eric Omondi is a smart man. I know by now maybe you dont agree with me on that statement but truth is – Eric Omondi’s PR team is working overtime and whether you like it or not – this comedian will keep you saying his name every now and then – and look youre already doing it.

Anyway – despite having a girlfriend who recently suffered a miscarriage people out here have been asking alot of questions regarding his sexuality….like is he straight or gay man.

Well we can’t really blame them for feeling this way judging from the huge number of gay married men living with their wives (yes women) out here. Yes you read it correct, gay married men living with their wives….!

Which is which?

So yea, with Eric Omondi pulling transgender stunts online – you can’t help but wonder what category he falls under the LGBTQ community or wait….any other community because – is he straight or not…..and if straight – is there anything like a straight cross dresser?

Well that being a question he alone can answer, i guess what we can now do is accept and embrace the diva he is exploring for now. But again….this is something making him good money.

Eric Omondi steps out in bikini

By now I’m pretty sure we understand that Eric Omondi is willing to go do anything just to remain relevant in the entertainment industry.

Well, the reason I say this is because for the past few days he has given fans a reason to think he might be a cross dresser (still in the closet) but thanks to advertising – he gets to let this side we know nothing about come out to play.


Sounds like something from a movie right? Well between the makeup and women clothing I don’t know what is pissing most people off; but what I know is that Eric Omondi can walk better in heels than most women out here. He nails it.

Eric in Bikini

If you thought he has shown us everything with his divalicious persona – wait until you see Eric Omondi in a bikini. Although he wore a two piece swimsuit, Eric Omondi didn’t show much on the lower parts of his body….and I think we know why.

Eric Omondi

However – with the bikini photos – I guess it’s only fair if Eric Omondi to accept he is a cross dresser, cause hey his secrets are starting to show!

Eric Omondi cross dressing
Erico in bikini