Huddah shares why young educated Kenyans are joining Al-Shabaab: Najihurumia kuwa mkenya. Youth in Kenya are suffering

Socialite Huddah Monroe has given her two cents on why youth in Kenyans have been opting to sacrifice their lives by joining terror gang Al-Shabaab despite being educated. 

Huddah, who has a few business established, said that the government has not being supporting youth in any way a reason why most have lost hope.

“Doing business in Kenya is the hardest thing you can ever experience. First, the tax is outrageously high. Second, they don’t make it a smooth road for young business entrepreneurs. You want (us) to start whoring for a living, join Al-Shabaab or? When they ask why young graduates are joining terror groups like Al-Shabaab I laugh. Reality is, it’s because the youth in Kenya are suffering. They are neglected and that’s the only route left for most,” Huddah posted on Instagram. 

She added that she feels sorry that she’s a Kenyan because youth are being forced to work a million times harder to achieve little success.

“Najihurumia kuwa mkenya. This place is a jungle, dry and with animals calling themselves human beings. According to what I have seen and experienced there is no future for the youth of this country. You gotta work a million times harder than a kid in the USA, UK and Europe to make it out here. Systems are not opened to helping you grow, just to crush you. Relocating is the only way that can help an ambitious African youth.” she said. 


“Growing up I didn’t have any role models. I had no one close to me to look up to. Everyone around me was extremely broke and poor. They didn’t have hope and the way things are in Kenya, I know why,” Huddah disclosed.

January manenos! Socialite Huddah Monroe hit by serious dry spell 

Socialite Huddah Monroe is back at it again.

It’s January and although we are just from December, socialite Huddah Monroe already is yawning for another vacation. But this one won’t be just any other vacation, this one will be purely a sexual one.

The socialite took to social media to share that she has been pushing herself so much this January and now she’s thinking of taking a mini-break to get d*cked down.

Huddah has been pushing her cosmetics company so much and now she feels burnt out.

“I’ve been working non-stop since January 1. I feel like the year is over. I need (expletive).” She said.

Later adding: “I need a dickation.”

Sex with love

It’s not clear who the socialite will go for in her Dickation but in another post, she hinted that she’ll go with her “man”.

“Love and being loved is a beautiful thing. Sex when there’s emotion of love is just next level.I never thought i’d ever find anyone worth loving. I love you daddy.” 


Huddah reveals why she hasn’t participated in the viral #10yearchallenge

Socialite Huddah Monroe has come a long way from being just another girl from Umoja Estate to the Range Rover-driving woman she is today that men lust over.

The journey hasn’t been easy, just like many other socialites’. Either way, Huddah is not interested in telling her story in photos. The socialite recently explained why she hasn’t been participating in the ongoing 10 years challenge that has gripped many on social media.


According to the petite socialite who likes to floss her curves whenever she gets a chance, she has not posted anything regarding the challenge because she’s a trendsetter, not a follower.

“I don’t follow TRENDS. I set my own trends, and I don’t even keep photos on my phone. After posting I delete them off my phone,” she revealed.

Huddah has done several changes to her body. She has bleached, fixed her death and also done liposuction which has given her the amazing body.


Is this the famous footballer calling Huddah names for allegedly sleeping with other players? 

Socialite Huddah Monroe has threatened to expose on of her ex-boyfriend  who has been abusing her.

The controversial socialite has been tormented by a famous footballer whom she dated several years ago who is now very bitter and always calls her names on her DM. The player is angry that Huddah is allegedly sleeping with other players despite dating him.

“There’s this one Ex of mine who is a very big FOOTBALLER, well known worldwide and once in a while he wakes up to hurl insults at me for no reason. So annoying man, don’t make me expose you,” she said on Instagram.


She then went on and shared the DMs that prove the guy has been sending unimaginable things to her.

 “This man has PMS.” She added,

Several years ago, Huddah shared how she was in love with this very footballer but has always avoided giving out his name. Fans believed that man was Diafra Sakho after finding out that he’s the only popular footballer following her then. He was playing for West Ham then.

“I was dating somebody who was very wealthy, he was a vice-president of an African country after that I dated somebody else who was a footballer in a very big team.” she said. 

Huddah Monroe threatens to expose famous ex-boyfriend who has been

Huddah Monroe talks about her fears of having a baby hours after Vera’s announcement

Vera Sidika confused many people with her major announcement on April Fools that she’s pregnant.  Kenyans are still stuck between believing her and fear of getting fooled but rumors insist that it’s true the flamboyant socialite has a life in her belly.

Interestingly, another socialite –actually Vera’s nemesis — came out to share her own fears of having a baby. Huddah Monroe  recently shared that she fears being a single mother, in what still can be seen as another indirect attack to Sidika.

“It’s just sad that people crave to be baby mommas and baby daddies. No longer – MOM and DAD typa family settings…. and you wonder what’s the next generation gone be like?” said Huddah on Snapchat.

Why she doesn’t have a kid yet

She went on to share why she still kid-less and her biggest fear as a mum.

“For those asking why I’m not having a kid yet…. I’m waiting on God’s timing – plus MY BIGGEST fear in life is to be a single mom. I CANT raise my kids without a father. Or a father figure. It’s important to me that my kids have their dad there,” she said. 


Huddah Monroe attends the birthday of Teo Nguema – the son of Africa’s most brutal dictator and Equatorial Guinea’s Vice President

Equatorial Guinea’s Vice President Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue popularly known as Teo Nguema is Africa’s most extravagant VP.

Teo is the son of Africa’s most brutal dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who has ruled Equatorial Guinea with an iron fist for 37 years.

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The flamboyant Equatorial Guinean Vice President is a seasoned skirt-chaser; he is well known for driving his lovers in a fleet of Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bentley, Porsches among other high-end vehicles. He also parties with his girls in luxury yachts.

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Teo recently turned 48 and guess who was among escort girls at his birthday party? Huddah Monroe travelled all the way to Malabo to attend Teo’s 48th birthday bash.

“On some Crystal at the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea @TeddyNguema birthday ? Thank you for the invite. You are Truly an amazing Man . May God grant you all your hearts desires. ??” Huddah captioned photos she took at Teo’s birthday.