Sexually transmitted wealth! Huddah finally confesses dishing out s@x to rich people changed her life 

For a long time, Huddah Monroe and a majority of Kenyans have been fighting on how she got her wealth.

The socialite was recently on social media to dropped some serious hints that it’s true sleeping with richer men do change someone’s lifestyle. We all know Huddah has risen from the poverty of Umoja Estate to now where she’s, living large abroad.

According to her, women should use their private parts to climb social ladders and should ensure they have a good brain which will help them keep the money they have earned.

“Pussy opens the doors. Brains determine if you’ll stay in, have a sit at the table and change the status quo! From nothing to something!” she wrote in her post.


The post comes just days after Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro called her a slut who is travelling all over the world selling her body while preaching she’s an entrepreneur.


Women are evil. A woman drugged and left me to die- Huddah screams 

Socialite Huddah Monroe might be a lady but clearly understands that women are evil.

According to the socialite, she once almost died because of a lady who drugged her then left her for dead.

She described her as the real Satan and that a woman is the only person that saw Satan.


It’s also not the first time Huddah has revealed her near-death experiences. In her latest post, Huddah asked her fans to be careful about such women.

“People ask why I was alone. But it’s coz of the way women are set up! I was once drugged and left to die by women who I called friends. Did you know it’s only a woman who saw Satan? We love them but a woman is the real Satan. Don’t run away from your demons. Learn their names. And watch out. Laugh, eat, play with them but don’t trust none of them,” wrote Huddah.




Huddah Monroe now ready to settle after travelling around: “Time to choose 1 man out of 900”

Socialite Huddah Monroe is now ready to get a man and started a family after enjoying life and traveling around the world.

In a post she shared on Instagram, the socialite who is currently in Dubai said that she is tired of travelling all the time, and it’s time for her to choose a man to marry her.

“Honestly I’m tired of travelling. Time to choose 1 man out of 900 and give him 5 kids. And settle down. I am exhausted! What have I not seen? Nothing! And still have to do this journey with my kids,” wrote Huddah.


Monroe has traveled in so many of the world since she started her career as a socialite and has gotten to see all kinds of life including the best men this world has to offer.

Scam! Huddah photoshopped herself on the cover of Harper Bazaar

If you have seen the September 2019 cover of US fashion and style Magazine Harper’s Bazaar then you know socialite Huddah is not on it.

The socialite posted a picture on Friday claiming she has been covered by the magazine but she actually just modeled for a few designer brands in an article.

She also spoke about her life in LA and how she’s planning to open a business there.

“Thank you Harpers Bazaar US Magazine for helping me share this experience on the SEPTEMBER ISSUE . I never one day imagined I’d be in one of the Worlds biggest fashion magazine,” she said.  

She later edited the photo to look like she was the cover girl while singer and Grammy award winner Alicia Keys graced the cover of the September issue.

Huddah undress Nyambane: Employing Chipukeezy doesn’t mean you have employed the youth 

Socialite Huddah Monroe is currently abroad and has been seeing all the mistakes in Kenya and Africa in general.

The socialite first complained of how Kenyans are never united and can’t support your business. She also complained that people back home are greedy and the government does everything in it’s power to ensure the youth don’t grow.

Not happy

Huddah has now switched her focus to deputy director in youth programs presidency and cabinet affairs office Walter Mongare Nyambane.

According to Huddah, Nyambane hasn’t done much for the youth and he thinks because he gave Chipukeezy a job, the youths will be okay.

Chipukeezy seats in the Nacada board (National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse).

“Employing Chipukeezy doesn’t mean you have catered for all the youths in Kenya. Mr Nyambane running youth affairs still shocks me,” posted Huddah.  

January manenos! Socialite Huddah Monroe hit by serious dry spell 

Socialite Huddah Monroe is back at it again.

It’s January and although we are just from December, socialite Huddah Monroe already is yawning for another vacation. But this one won’t be just any other vacation, this one will be purely a sexual one.

The socialite took to social media to share that she has been pushing herself so much this January and now she’s thinking of taking a mini-break to get d*cked down.

Huddah has been pushing her cosmetics company so much and now she feels burnt out.

“I’ve been working non-stop since January 1. I feel like the year is over. I need (expletive).” She said.

Later adding: “I need a dickation.”

Sex with love

It’s not clear who the socialite will go for in her Dickation but in another post, she hinted that she’ll go with her “man”.

“Love and being loved is a beautiful thing. Sex when there’s emotion of love is just next level.I never thought i’d ever find anyone worth loving. I love you daddy.” 


Huddah reveals why she hasn’t participated in the viral #10yearchallenge

Socialite Huddah Monroe has come a long way from being just another girl from Umoja Estate to the Range Rover-driving woman she is today that men lust over.

The journey hasn’t been easy, just like many other socialites’. Either way, Huddah is not interested in telling her story in photos. The socialite recently explained why she hasn’t been participating in the ongoing 10 years challenge that has gripped many on social media.


According to the petite socialite who likes to floss her curves whenever she gets a chance, she has not posted anything regarding the challenge because she’s a trendsetter, not a follower.

“I don’t follow TRENDS. I set my own trends, and I don’t even keep photos on my phone. After posting I delete them off my phone,” she revealed.

Huddah has done several changes to her body. She has bleached, fixed her death and also done liposuction which has given her the amazing body.


Nigerian music keeps my spirits high AF.They talk real life situations. Kenyans just sing about s@x and alcohol- Huddah 

Socialite Huddah Monroe has never loved Kenyan men or, Kenyan-anything for that matter. Not once has the socialite lamented about things from Kenya and praised foreign commodities.

Anything Nigerian, just to fair, will fall under her favorite category and with music, we didn’t anything different at all.

Sex and alcohol

She recently dropped her two cents on the on going Play Kenyan music argument and explained why she doesn’t like Kenyan music that much, saying that all Kenyans do is sing about sex and partying while Nigerians make motivational music.

“Do you know why I listen to Nigerian music? It keeps my spirits high as f**k! I hear what I want to hear in their music… Those guys are woke as f**k! The kind of message they pass is not only about taking drugs and f*****g ! They talk real life situations! They motivate me… And that’s what I want to hear… sio kukunywa na kuf**k all day everyday!!!!” she posted. 

In her post, she said only Octopizzo, Nyashinski and Sauti Sol are really putting Kenya on the map.

Here is how socialite Huddah Monroe has managed to avoid being exposed online through screenshots 

Socialite Hudddah Monroe has not been in any expose lately majorly because she discovered a new trick of how she can avoid such drama.

We have seen lovers like Otile Brown and Vera Sidika expose each other on social media through screenshots from their chats on WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

Prominent MPs have also being caught up in similar dramas while begging young girls for sex online.

No phone numbers

According to Huddah, she doesn’t share her number anymore with anyone to avoid such drama. We really don’t know how why she’s afraid of being exposed but with these socialites, you can never tell what they are up to.

“Nowadays I don’t give people my number, I tell them to snapchat me, so when they save my conversation I block them,” Huddah wrote on her social media. 

Well, maybe that’s a trick Vera and others should learn to avoid future embarrassment.

While Vera is out here talking about Otile’s Cassava, Huddah lands major deal with Facebook

Socialite Huddah Monroe continues to push her business ahead and avoid unnecessary drama unlike Vera Sidika.

The socialite has landed a major deal with Facebook after her brand Huddah Cosmetics was selected as the first social commerce merchant on Mula.


Cellulant has recently extended product offerings on its Mula payment platform to include Mula Shops – a simple and convenient online shopping experience for the rising number of micro-merchants (or Hustle-preneurs) on social networking sites. Mula Shops integrates Augmented Reality into the Facebook Messenger where customers are able to discover and try products before they purchase. Brands that leverage social media as platforms for e-commerce can now give their customers a world class one-stop shop service from trial, to payment and delivery, all within Facebook and Instagram. This is a departure from the current disjointed social commerce experience.

“No matter how you look at the future of innovation in Africa- the future is in providing a seamless experience in a space that is currently fragmented,” Cellulant’s Chief Product Officer Faizal Mirza stated.

Huddah was also thankful for the opportunity which will definitely make her company grow.

“I am excited to be the first Hustle-preneur to work with Cellulant and Facebook.” she said. 

Huddah to Vera: I now drive a better car than you

Socialite Huddah Monroe is back to making noise now that she’s dating again and pulling some moves here and there.

And since we are talking competition, Huddah decided to audit herself  and let fans themselves decided who is doing better between her and her nemesis Vera Sidika.

The socialite was on Instagram recently to throw shade at Vera after social media suggested she should stop comparing herself to Vera who has now a serious business going on.

Big things

It seems her makeup business is doing better than Vera’s palour since she announced her latest purchase, a Land Cruiser V8. Vera drives a Range Rover.

People see me alight from my Landcruiser V8 and they wonder, small body big machine. I love big things. Big houses and big cassavas. Big, big, big anything. I was born small, let me have it all big,” she wrote. 

Huddah also confessed buying a new house leaving us wondering how much her make ups brings in a year.

Kenyans finally ‘uncover’ old mzungu who took Huddah for expensive trip to Monaco

Huddah Monroe has been really enjoying herself lately after heading to the most expensive city in the world, Monaco, for the F1 race and to have fun. In a long time, Huddah has not enjoyed search a trip and has stayed away from Instagram with nothing to post.

Kenyans, however, think they have finally managed to uncover the old mzungu who allegedly took Huddah Monroe for the expensive trip in Monaco and given her renewed life on IG.

Huddah in Monaco

The man behind it all

In the popular group, Chit Chat for Nairobi mums, a Kenyan shared a collage of photos which all have one Mzungu who many concluded is behind the expensive trip and designer cloths.

What do think? Is it true? Here’s the photo:



Surprised? Huddah names the only two reasons why Kenyan women fall in love

Huddah Monroe thinks she has finally cracked the code on falling in love. While many people try to argue that falling in love depends on different factors, the controversial socialite claims that women fall in love because of only two things: the zeros in his bank accounts and his bedroom prowess.

Taking to Instagram, the socialite argued that women fall for men because of either their money or sex game and anything after that should be considered irrelevant.

“Just came to the realization that when you fall in love it is either because of the S*X or MONEY. The rest like personality, behavior, etc. comes after,” she told her 1.2 million fans.

Speaking for herself?

It’s hard to really mention whether Huddah has ever been in love but we can easily state that she has fallen for a few guys here and there because of their cash. Numerous times, she has publicly confessed it.  In the update, she said that she knows what she likes.

“I know what I fall for and I am just flabagasted what makes me fall in love. BAD GAL!” 


Cheating man left shocked after wife secretly marries another man while still with him, leaves him crying

A post of a Kenyan man who was cheating on his wife but later faced dire consequences after his wife played the same game on him has left many online users thrilled.

According to the post, the man has been cheating on the wife with little remorse going out with different women as the wife struggled with pain of being cheated on. The man, who has been married to the lady for three years, claims that he changed his phone password several times to lock his wife out  but she always managed to get his password.

Wife changes

Things however took an unexpected turn after the wife stopped chasing him and suddenly started focusing on herself. She worked on her looks and grew happier in the following days. Little did the man know that his wife had moved on and got married to another man.

Read the post below that has been shared hundreds of times online:

Thika Road Slay Queen chased away from matatau for her ‘poor’ dressing

A lady from Thika Road who decided to exercise her “my dress my choice” soon came to learn that sometimes it can be a little difficult, especially if you are using a matatu.

According a social media post that went viral, the lady was chased away from a matatu because of her skimpy dress.

Better than being undressed

This however, is still better than being undressed publicly as of what has been happening before when a lady steps out in badly dressed.

According to the lady who posted the drama on Facebook, the incident happened around Allsops which created a scene as men screamed and shouted at her as she walked away from the matatu.

Here is what she posted:

The post that went viral


Discussion: Kenyan women can’t just stay silent after giving a man a few shillings 

Can you support your man financial? That was a wild topic on Twitter yesterday after a woman called  during his show to confess how she has supported her man and even gives her money now and them.

The caller initiated a flurry of calls from women who some confessed that they do give their spouse some money, ignoring that they should be the bread winners of the house.

Even after the show ended, the discussion continued on social media as many tried to justify why it shouldn’t happen — or should — whenever two people are in a relationship. Many women argued that a man should be independent financial and never ask any financial support from his woman unless it’s very necessary, while others insisted that you should help your man because he also helps you.


Some many also claimed that women can never shut their mouths once they assist their man and always tell it to whoever’s ready to listen.

“I can’t help a man financially, I will tell him to go get a job, even for mjengo,” said Purity.

Another one said “If it were not for me bwanangu hangekuwa popote saa hii. Mimi namsaidia kila siku Everyday I wake up in the morning namwmbea, Mamabo yote namshugulikia, ile siku nitawacha itakuwa mwisho wake.”

Some men also didn’t want to be helped by their women and would rather suffer before they ask for money from her.

Listen to the full conversation HERE

Huddah Monroe reveals why she does not date Kenyans, you need to read this!

Business woman Huddah has lately been advising fans through her social media pages. Unlike before the socialite prefers coaching youths and the same time promote her business through her gram.

Just the other day Huddah went on to reveal why she doesn’t date Kenyans. According to her she considers them as her brothers and this is because for years now, they have proven to quite stingy!

Also read: Huddah Monroe calls on the rest of Africa to boycott Nigerian music

For her, she prefers dating someone who would support her lifestyle if not her business. And this is why Nigerian fellas have been her cup of tea.

Advice to the young women/slay queens

According to Huddah, socialites should upgrade their games and stop being worth alcohol. She went on to add saying;

Do you agree?