Shooting His Shot? Rick Ross Causes Stir Online After Commenting On Huddah Monroe’s Post

Award winning American rapper Rick Ross has shown interest in popular Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe, after commenting on one of her sleek photos. The petite socialite has been enjoying her time in Dubai for several months now.

Hamisa Mobetto’s Replacement?

Rick Ross might be crushing on Huddah but his strategy is becoming known. This was the same stunt he pulled on Diamond Platnumz’s baby mama months ago. Hamisa could always pin Rick’s comments on her Instagram account; which were mostly red heart emojis. Shortly afterwards, Hamisa finally found herself en route to Dubai, where they met.

Hamisa however, maintained that all the hype was not necessary since the two were just good friends and nothing more.

There was sudden silence afterwards; but Rick is now back to hitting on Huddah; who has kept her cool after Rick Ross’s post.

Below are some reactions from fans after Rick’s comment.


Huddah Monroe reveals how her stepdad used to beat her

Socialite Huddah Monroe has confessed about her childhood saying that her stepdad was always abusive.

Huddah, took social media to say that she never grew up with role models and therefore her life as a young girl was really tough.

She, however, urged people not to lose hope and focus on their goals despite their surroundings.

“You don’t need role models to be who you want to be in life! Be yourself! DO YOU! It’s so hard being someone else! Everything I Grew up around was Toxic! I didnt have anyone I could admire and be like.” she said. 


She then went ahead to explain how her stepdad was mistreating her, something that haunts her to date.

“Like My step Dad Used to beat the shit out of my mom like crazy , I can never unsee it! I hated men soooo much , I can’t believe I’m so addicted to them right now ????. I still don’t think I can live with a man in the same house! SCARY MOVIE!

“Also, Nobody liked us , no one wanted to be associated with us coz we were poor and they’d donate their shoes and clothes to us & leave , so we didn’t have anyone AT ALL to look at and even wish to be like one day! LOL! ????‍♀️
Long story short, All I wanna say is your past doesn’t determine your future! Your past is what happened to you it’s upto you to make your present what you ever envisioned! ????You DESERVE EVERYTHING great and more! And never feel bad for it! GOODNIGHT ???? ????

Stop lying Hoedah! Kenyans can’t believe Huddah has just stayed  2 whole months without Lungula as she’s claiming

Huddah Monroe recently made a confession that she hasn’t gotten a chance to enjoy sex for two months.

The socialite took to Instagram to reveal that she really needs some action after staying 60 days without some. Huddah said that she’s really trying to stay away from sex because she’s practicing self-control.

Dry spell


She however also confessed that she’s really thirsting on younger boys.

“I have not had my conjugal rights in two months. Practicing self-control in this sinful world. 18-year-old boys looking like snacks. I want to eat them all” she said.

Kenyans, however, didn’t believe her statements. Given how Huddah has been in the news for sex-related sagas, Kenyans trolled her claiming that there’s no way she could have hit a month.

bellaaluoch They’re only called conjugal rights when you’re married. For single people it’s fornication LOL????

hilly_billy63 HoeDah thinking 2 months is anything to brag about

damn_meemee what in the pedophilia is going on HEEERREEE

Brian Cassie Ile shimo iko apo.nowander she’s been avoided
Vio Wa Kamadi 2months and she’s complaining??? Kwani how often do pipo do this things???? Am counting 6months.. ….mmmmh awouro


Experience! Huddah Monroe warns women against dating Nigerian men because they always cheat and lie

Not many people take Huddah Monroe seriously when she offers business advice. However, people should actually listen to her when she talks about the type of men to date.

The socialite recently took to social media to bash Nigerian men saying they are all trash after singer Burna Boy was caught cheating.


Huddah, who used to diss Kenyan men in the past calling them broke and applauding Nigerian men, has changed tune and is now asking women to stay away from these people.

Huddah shared how Nigerian men abandon the children in Kenya and are bad fathers. Huddah also claims that a lot of women can’t speak up about the issues because they’re embarrassed.

Here’s what she posted:

Huddah slams Kenyans calling her uneducated: I didn’t get a degree but I’m doing well. What have you done with your degree? 

Huddah Monroe has been trying to prove she’s more than a socialite lately but Kenyans are not buying it. Not yet.

The socialite has been preaching on why her businesses have been successful and what people should do to make there’s successful. Kenyans however, have thanked her with abuse of all kinds calling her a prostitute.


On social media, the socialite recently had to fight Kenyans yet again after they called her uneducated. Huddah never went to university but insisted that going to Uni is not a stamp you’ll be successful.

She claimed she’s street smart unlike many who were trolling her and they are just book smart.

One fan asked her, “Hey Huddah, correct me if I’m wrong but you’re uneducated but very successful and I admire that.”

“I have brains more than 99% of graduates. You are book smart. I am a book and street smart. You can’t outshine me ever!” she answered. 

January manenos! Socialite Huddah Monroe hit by serious dry spell 

Socialite Huddah Monroe is back at it again.

It’s January and although we are just from December, socialite Huddah Monroe already is yawning for another vacation. But this one won’t be just any other vacation, this one will be purely a sexual one.

The socialite took to social media to share that she has been pushing herself so much this January and now she’s thinking of taking a mini-break to get d*cked down.

Huddah has been pushing her cosmetics company so much and now she feels burnt out.

“I’ve been working non-stop since January 1. I feel like the year is over. I need (expletive).” She said.

Later adding: “I need a dickation.”

Sex with love

It’s not clear who the socialite will go for in her Dickation but in another post, she hinted that she’ll go with her “man”.

“Love and being loved is a beautiful thing. Sex when there’s emotion of love is just next level.I never thought i’d ever find anyone worth loving. I love you daddy.” 


Huddah to Lilian Muli: I don’t understand why you need to say the relationship is over on social media

Apparently, Citizen TV host Lilian Muli dumped her baby daddy, Jared Ombongi just months after the two were blessed with a kid.

On the contrary, Jared came out to refute the claims that he was dumped saying that he actually dumped her because she brings nothing to the table other than a sexy body. According to the rich businessman, all what Muli does is walk around naked in the house.

“When you actually believe someone is true to you only to find out they are community husbands you are safer stepping aside. Nobody should ever tag me in posts about Jared Ombongi who has previously been associated with me I disassociate myself from such links from today. As politicians say “I would rather die” than be linked to a polygamist! Narcissism is real. Stay woke. I speak out because no one will ever embarrass me again,” said Muli. 


Socialite Huddah Monroe had some advice for Lilian Muli who immediately became a topic of discussion after making the announcement on social media. According to Huddah, people should avoid airing their dirty linen on social media.

“I don’t understand why women feel the need to say their relationship is over on social media this is how to catch your Ls.” said Huddah. 

Call a Spade a Spade and not a big spoon. You are either fat, petite or skinny not thick- Huddah 

Socialite Huddah Monroe is currently in Diani enjoying the warm sandy beaches.

The socialite took time to give her take on how people should define women’s body claiming that a lot of people have been doing it vaguely by using the word “thick”.

According to Huddah, people should just use three words fat, petite or skinny  when defining women’s body.

“So, What makes me shook is when people try to body shame women . Especially in this backward society of blacks …Beautiful Skinny women are always being attacked for having no a** for example and FAT women are called THICK to make it sound sexy and not hurt their feelings, LMFAO!
As far as I’m concerned u are either FAT , PETITE or SKINNY! Thick ? are u porridge????.” she said. 

Accept and move on

Huddah said that people who use the word thick are not ready to accept others. She claimed that people should accept their bodies stop making their life hard.

“Call a Spade a Spade and not a big spoon …..I believe Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way that’s why men keep running from 1 to the other ?. Point is, People should just accept Others and themselves for who they are coz Even Your fingers are not the same size, stop making your life hard & go follow who / what you love and forget about what you don’t like!!!! SIMPLE ✌?” she said.

‘I am 0% the person I was three years ago’ Huddah says

As much as we would like to think Huddha Monroe hasn’t changed, she recently explained that she’s no longer the woman she was  5 or 6 years ago.

In a post on social media, Huddah revealed that she would never waste her energy in social media fights like she used to earlier on.

In fact, she’s regretting that she was involved in several online fights in 2011 but now she’s a mature woman who will just let it slide. Really?

“I am 0% the person I was three years ago and I would probably get in a fight with 2011 me,” she said.

“I’d beat the shit out of the Huddah of 2yrs ago. Rants and fights online WTF was you bitch?”

Old Huddah

Huddah used to reply to a lot of things side online about her. She also used to throw shade to guys like Vera Sidika who she’s competed with for the better part of her life.

Huddah warns Kenyan ladies from sleeping with poor guys

Socialite Huddah Monroe is out here giving advice yet again. We don’t know how many will take it home.

The socialite has been having a lot to share lately know that she claims she’s been in a relationship for the better part of 2018. Monroe has asked ladies to avoid giving that cookie to broke guys.

No to brokenness

Dishing advice in her DM on instagram, the socialite warned other female from sleeping with poor men because they might end up with them.

“Money or Love?” her fan  asked. 

She went on to give an intellectual reply.

”No, in life you choose your own destiny meaning you dictate where you want to end up. If you sleep with a Kibra man you’ll end up in Kibra. If you sleep with a king you will end up in a Palace. Don’t let your emotions confuse where you want to go.” Huddah wrote in response.

Well, that’s Huddah’s argument.



Huddah to Vera: I now drive a better car than you

Socialite Huddah Monroe is back to making noise now that she’s dating again and pulling some moves here and there.

And since we are talking competition, Huddah decided to audit herself  and let fans themselves decided who is doing better between her and her nemesis Vera Sidika.

The socialite was on Instagram recently to throw shade at Vera after social media suggested she should stop comparing herself to Vera who has now a serious business going on.

Big things

It seems her makeup business is doing better than Vera’s palour since she announced her latest purchase, a Land Cruiser V8. Vera drives a Range Rover.

People see me alight from my Landcruiser V8 and they wonder, small body big machine. I love big things. Big houses and big cassavas. Big, big, big anything. I was born small, let me have it all big,” she wrote. 

Huddah also confessed buying a new house leaving us wondering how much her make ups brings in a year.

Huddah finally confesses losing to Vera Sidika? Look at what she had to say 

Either the competition grew tougher than she anticipated, she has better things to do now, or she’s just growing old but socialite Huddah Monroe is not trying to keeping with other socialites. Not any more.

On social media, the socialite confessed that she previously tried keeping up with everyone but realized it was an endless chase.

Her comments come just days after Vera Sidika, one of her main competition, launched a high-end spar and Huddah posting her make-up launch.

“Ever since I found happiness within myself , I became a changed woman . Nothing bothers me anymore. I am just taking life a step at a time,” she said. 


She added that people should stop comparing her to all these other socialite since they are cut from different clothes.

“Stop comparing yourself to others because no matter what you do, you can’t be them,” she went on. 


Photos: How Rick Ross concert went down

Kenyans enjoyed a night of thrilling performance at Carnivore Grounds as rapper Rick Ross took stage for the better part of the night. Unlike most concert involving international artists, this one had a smooth feel with little or no drama.

Ross took stage on time and exhibited professionalism unlike what we have been seeing from most international celebs.

Other artist who performed include: Khaligraph Jones, Camp Mullah, Fena and Nyashinski.

Here are some photos:

Rick Ross to Kenyan: You are as stupid as those stupid a$$ demands 

NRG Radio, the organisers of the highly anticipated #NRGWave concert which will see American rapper Rick Ross perform at Carnivore on 28th of April, have denied the rapper is a diva and has made outrageous demands ahead of the concert.

Rick Ross has also backed this up by shooting down the false allegations that left Kenyans shocked. On Twitter, the rapper was forced to fire back at one Kenyan who insisted that he’s demands were too high. Also, he (the fan) wanted him to know we have the best rapper, Khaligraph Jones, who might win the crowd if he fails to impress.

A Tweet showing what the rumor said

Stupid demands

Rick Ross seemed also stunned with the demands and fired back with a savage reply saying the  demands were just stupid and unbelievable.

The rumor stated that Ross demanded a presidential suite reserved for the “Boss”, three entire floors of a five star hotel, 5 Star rooms, round the clock services of a butler and a personal chef, preferably Michelin starred. It also demanded for a helicopter, 30 air tickets with 10 of them first class, four vans that are tinted and driven by licensed chauffeurs, shutdown of two major roads, 1,500 fresh towels and 3,500 bottles of premium alcohol.  Stupid right?

Popular rapper Rick Ross to fly to Kenya for NRG Radio’s anticipated party 

It has been a rumor flying around for almost two years but now it has been confirmed: rapper Rick Ross will be in Kenya in a few weeks time.

The rumour started milling almost two years ago though the details were very sketchy. Rick Ross is expected to arrive in Kenya in April for the highly anticipated, second NRG Wave concert which will be on April 28, 2017 at the Carnivore Grounds.

NRG Radio has made a few posts already to officially confirming this and sources with inside information confirm that they have been having sleepless nights planning for the gig and flying in the mega star.

Rick Ross has with Diamond during Waka Waka’s shoot

Has worked with Diamond and Huddah

The first NRG Wave concert was a huge success and we hope also this upcoming one will make history. Locally, Rick Ross has worked with singer Diamond Platnumz for a collabo and indirectly with Huddah Monroe, who are all Luc Belaire brand ambassador.

Ross made to the headlines recently after a health scare which saw him rushed to the hospital in serious condition after a dangerous bout of pneumonia and was allegedly under life support for a few following days.  A number of local artists will also perform in the event.

Huddah Monroe shares the last time she was in bed with a man and it’s pretty surprising

While most people have been led to believe Huddah Monroe is some kind of “sex machine” which can’t last a day without getting or giving some, the opposite might be actually true. Or at least she’s working towards achieving that.

No action for three months

The socialite took to snapchat to share the last time she got some action under the sheets and, it was a shocker. She has stayed three months without sex and hopes to clock at least half an year before she can be ready for any intimacy again.

She urged her fans to join her for the remaining three months though mentioned men on Snapchat are really hot and tempting her celibacy.

Huddah’s post on snapchat


Huddah Monroe’s reaction after Rick Ross posted her photo on his gram

She might have started off as a socialite and a video vixen but Huddah Monroe has now graduated to a wealthy businesswoman trying to make her money the right way.

Huddah now owns her own make up line and has also landed a couple of jobs as a brand ambassador putting her name out there. A few hours ago, she uploaded a photo to announce that American rapper Rick Ross had shared one of her photo on his Instagram page.

Judging from her caption, it is clear to see how excited the lady was as she went on to describe herself as a boss now that she is dinning with big shots in the entertainment industry.

Anyway, below is the photo shared by the American rapper: