Joey Muthengi reveals main reason why she is finally ready to get pregnant

35 year old Joey Muthengi is still childless; and from her latest post – we have confirmed that her family is also worried about this situation and are hoping that she will soon have a child.

Well, who wouldn’t be worried? At 35 years, we should be talking about a 3rd born but from the way Joey Muthengi loves the soft life; the media personality may be waiting for a rich tycoon to bless her with a kid.

So far we don’t know much about about Ms Muthengi but from the little she posts on social media; all we know is that she keeps looking younger – and fans cannot help but ask   for some tips.

Away from that, the lady recently hinted that it’s finally time to get a baby since her mum remains worried about grand kids. She revealed this in a post where a fan asked to impregnate her and in response, Joey Muthengi wrote;

Oh wait whuuaat? Did my mother send you?

Joey Muthengi reveals that mum is pressuring her to have kids

Joey and Willis Raburu rumored relationship

This comes at a time when many believe that the media personality is romantically involved with one, Willis Raburu.

Joey and willis

Although we cannot confirm, all we know is that these two are quite good at telling each other sweet-nothings in their comments sections; probably to confuse busy bodies – but again, they could also be dating. Aren’t they both single?

Anyway let’s see if in 9 months or less, Joey will have a small mini her.

Thirst trap! Joey Muthengi sizzles in bikini photo that will leave you fantasizing

There is no doubt that Joey Muthengi is one of the hottest female media personalities we have come across in the kenyan media industry. She is not only a beauty but I hear her personality actually matches her looks; and boy is this rare to find.

With all that beauty, fans have been hoping that she soon finds a man that will marry her; but question is – who said she is in a hurry to settle down?

Joey Muthengi

Away from that, Joey Muthengi has just unveiled a never seen before bikini photo leaving her male fans dropping thirsty comments below the photo.

Well, we cannot blame them as Ms Muthengi looked sensational in a multicolored Ankara bikini; which appears to have a lingerie look – allow me to call it saucy.

Joey Muthengi looking saucy in bikini

Why is Joey Muthengi still playing single?

Looking at the photo shared above we cannot blame fans for always asking why she is single; yet her body looks better than that of younger girls; and of course the flawless face too.

Besties: Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi

Well, unfortunately since she is a conservative lady – it might just take us a little bit longer before we meet the lucky man financing and loving this beautiful lady.

Here’s Why Joey Muthengi Is Not Planning To Get Married Nor Have Kids

It’s clear that most Kenyan men tend to have kids as soon as they have the right partner to settle with. Well, most women are not in agreement with this. Nowadays, it’s not a new thing to get a lady who wants to settle but doesn’t want to have their own kids. It’s also not weird to find baby mamas, who just want a kid and settle alone. Ironically, there are some who want none of the above! No man and no kids.

Kenyan actress and media personality Joey Muthengi is one of them.

I had tough days- Joey Muthengi speaks on quitting job
Joey Muthengi-Google

In an interview on Radio Maisha, Muthengi says that she is not planning to get married nor to have kids.

Furthermore, the actress says that she is currently single, but dating.

”No, see that’s the thing. Most Kenyan men uta meet, obviously wanataka kukuoa, wanataka watoto. That’s not in my plan. That’s why I’m saying. I date and I go out socially and things like that. But mi hukuambia hio ni kitu siwezi kupatia… Siwezani. If I wanted that, ingekuwa by now because most of my friends are married or they have several kids by now.”

Muthengi also said that her mother accepted her decision not to have a kid nor to get married.

Most women are now transitioning to celibacy as their alternative option.  Female empowerment has definitely enabled women to be independent.

Joey Muthengi’s alarming before and after photos battling rare eating disorder

It is a sad state of affairs that women both slender and plus-size have been forced into a corner of either keeping up with a certain body size or opting out.

Those that choose the latter, are subjected to constant criticism and cyber bullying for accepting themselves for who they are while those that choose to conform to certain set standards, any slight changes in your weight will attract backlash.

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Sassy Kenyan media personality, Joey Muthengi shed light on this the more after her recent online conversations with fans, opening up about how she had to starve herself to fit in high school and the media world.

Ms Joey Muthengi

Taking to Twitter, Ms Joey went all in, recalling her time in high school with Caucasian girls where ‘being thin was the thing’, any slight weight addition forced you to the gym.

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Slowly, it got the better of her, battling bulimia – an emotional disorder characterized by distorted body image and an excessive desire to lose weight which results in extreme overeating and forced vomiting.

That became the everyday routine for a dear Ms Muthengi only to land on TV and it got worse. She literally stopped eating to maintain her body, which was goals for many of her colleagues, hardly did they know what she was going through.

I looked great in those dresses they gave me but underneath I was suffering..

Joey Muthengi

Until it got to a point her mum noticed, clothes were no longer fitting in place for her daughter and she was like “I don’t like this job for you.”

She told me I looked like I was sick…

Media personality and actress, Joey Muthengi

Work had piled pressure on her, she lost herself to the world until it struck her it was time to love herself first.

Gradually she is getting there – 2 decades and counting!

…someone might look great on the outside but feel awful inside. I’m still fighting this demon that is rarely spoken about in African culture. But I’m fighting every day.

Former Citizen TV host, Joey Muthengi

The now

These are her looks right now, proudly articulating:

So this is me now. And I am damn proud of myself for making it here and even more proud of myself for appreciating how God made me.

Capital FM presenter, Joey Muthengi
Ms Muthengi
Joey Muthengi looking healthier

Having adjusted from this:

Joey Muthengi
Former Citizen TV morning TV show host, Joey Muthengi

The then

Meet the young and free Joey Muthengi before her bulimia battle:

Flashback of Joey Muthengi with colleagues

“You are a perfect example of fire and light and calmness!” Willis Raburu pours out his heart to Joey Muthengi 

Willis Raburu has left tongues wagging after the special message he sent Joey Muthangi as she turns a year older! As seen on the post shared on Raburu’s page; he went on celebrate and thank Ms Muthengi for being an important part of his life.

To him she was not just a coworker but a friend who has been in his life for years now. Though this is not the first time the two are raising eyebrows on social media thanks to their posts; we also can’t deny the fact that they both have good work chemistry which sometimes confuses fans.

Through his Instagram page, Willis Raburu wrote;

Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi

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Happy birthday to you @joey_muthengi I don’t even know where I can start to describe just how much you mean to me. You are a perfect example of fire and light and calmness wrapped up in a human body! God’s love shines through you and beams across to the world. You go girl! Shine on this world is your stage, keep putting on a stellar performance and when it gets tough just know this your co-star will always be with you on this stage called life. Happy birthday ???????????????????? Young J ????????????❤️❤️

Willis and Joey an item?

Although the two have been confusing fans for a while now; we can’t help but wonder how their relationship works especially now that Raburu and his wife seem to be facing marital issues.

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Anyway, since Willis allows Joey to call him ‘boyfriend’ (just for laughs and giggles); I bet even Raburu’s wife is aware of this tight relationships as the two claim to be nothing more than friends.

And of course I’m thankful for my forever boyfriend @willisraburu. Thanks for being the friend I always need ❤ #birthdayweek. Been my bff thru these last few years. So many reasons, so many seasons. Love you Willis. For now and for then ????????. Always@willisraburu but he’s only a pal cc @holydavemuthengi ????.

Joey Muthengi painfully recalls suffering depression after ugly breakup with US boyfriend

Majority tend to put on a brave face the minute they step into the limelight but with a past that tells of a different story and one that masses hardly get the privilege of knowing until the time is right.

Capital FM presenter, Joey Muthengi is a figure to reckon with in the media industry, one who has inspired generations and one who still continues to break the grass ceiling despite the rough terrain.

Unfortunately, unknown to many, the petite radio girl has been battling depression and anxiety since the tender age of 14 which then compelled her to seek professional services.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety since I was a teenager. I started seeing a therapist at the age of 14 when I was still in Highschool.

Joey Muthengi

The Events

Sharing this on Radio Jambo, Joey vividly recalled how she would run away from school every other time, but she would never understand why.

Sadly, at the time, no actual facts had been established about her kind of behavior and unfortunately, depresssion was going to be a part of her life.

I kept running away from school and I didn´t understand why. My parents wakanipeleka Kijabe wakaniambia kaa huko! Walikuwa wanani-drop shule wananikuta home. I went to Rift Valley Academy. And it´s something you struggle with the rest of your life and its not something that can be cured. I have been on medication before but not currently.

Media personality, Joey Muthengi

Speaking of her time in the US, Joey painfully recalled how she sank into depression after dating a white guy who only ended up leaving her and marrying a different girl without even informing the media personality.

Either way, that has been the story of her life but slowly learning the lessons as time goes by.

Sometimes life happens and the way you react as someone who is struggling with anxiety and depression is that you can be a little extra than a regular person. I have been through some dark times.

Former 10 over 10 host Joey Muthengi lands new job at Capital FM 

Former Citizen TV host Joey Muthengi is back on Radio after almost five years.

The sassy presenter, who was forced to resign at Citizen TV following her deal with a betting company, will replace Cess Mutungi on the Jam on Capital FM.


Mutungi has been on the show for 10 straight years. On social media, Mutungi thanked her fans for the support and push all through the decade. She will draw the curtains on Friday, 31 May.

Thank you for a fabulous 10years. Thank you for your love, support and strength. It’s been amazing ????????????” she posted.

Muthengi, who recently also landed another job at Voice of America (VOA) -a US government-funded international radio broadcast with its headquarters in Washington DC, shared on social media that she’ll be start working soon at Capital.


Are Otile Brown and Joey Muthengi getting cosy together?

Controversial artist, Otile Brown has been fanning relationship rumors since his breakup with socialite, Vera Sidika.

The Bongo artist was spotted getting too cosy with former Citizen TV show host, Joey Muthengi.

In an Instagram video, Otile is seen holding the caramel skinned beauty tightly right next to his chest as the two savored the moment.

The pair looked pretty comfortable and smitten and a jovial Joey could not help it but smile.

She delicately rubbed the artist´s fingers all night as the two were engrossed in their conversation.

Ever since partying ways with Vera, Otile´s fans have wished him nothing but to see him happy and get a deserving lady.

Oh well, keep fingers crossed and hope the 10 over 10 show host gets to be Otile´s lost rib.

The model has hardly been open about her private life and tends to keep fine details about men she is dating, concealed.

One mistake made for Otile and Vera´s relationship, was unwrapping the couple´s dating life publicly, one that after the breakup ended up quite messy.

The pair exchanged bitter sentiments online , competing on exposing nitty-gritties of their relationship.

Money hungry gold digger was Vera´s opinion about the Bongo artist saying he was ever asking for handouts time and again.

An attention seeking psycho who was obsessed with sex was Otile´s part of the argument concerning Vera, claiming she brought in the idea of rushing into family life.

Insults were exchanged, screenshots shared, on and on until the couple could take it no more, calling it quits.


Joey Muthengi: I became depressed, suicidal after my first love, a white man, married

Former Citizen TV news presenter Joey Muthengi has disclosed that she became suicidal after a white man she was head-over-heels in love with married another woman.

In an interview with The Unwritten’s Yvonne Aoll, 33-year-old Muthengi confessed that she was in love with a white man while younger but felt like she needed to focus on her career first, a thing that later came to haunt her.

“The love of my life was a white man. I knew him since high school. We were perfect but the logistics around our lives just weren’t matching. We were always traveling on different time zones, different locations and I was so keen on climbing the career ladder,” said Joey.


Joey later found out that the love of her life had moved on and was married a thing that pushed her to depression. Since then, she has remained single most of the time and is not interested in marriage.

“And when I finally got to Citizen TV, when I was finally feeling like ‘I’ve sort of ‘made it’, I started looking for him again and then I found out he got married… through Facebook of all the places,” said Joey.


“I was quite depressed for a long time. Even my family couldn’t understand and kept asking ‘what is it about this guy?” Joey added.

Why Joey Muthengi won’t be moving to the U.S. even after landing job at Voice of America (VOA)

Former Citizen TV news anchor Joey Muthengi will not relocate to the Unite States of America after recently landing a job with Voice of America (VOA) as many had speculated.

Muthengi informed her fans that she will remain in the country since she will be working as correspondent for VOA from Nairobi.

Guys, I’m not moving I’m a correspondent. I’ll be based in Nairobi But thanks to the people who only contacted me thinking I was moving. Y’ all is my real friends,” wrote Muthengi.


Joey first announced that she has landed a job with the international media house via social media after sharing a snippet of an exchange with VOA.

“Joey, English to Africa Service Voice of America has an urgent job request for you, please review on playdesk and accept or decline ASAP,” read part of the Email.

Many automatically assumed that she will relocate to Washington DC where VOA is based after her announcement. Joey interned at the media house after graduating campus while in the U.S.

“Omg. Voice Of America was my 1st internship. While still in college. I can’t even. Look at God,”shared Joey Muthengi.

Husband and wife reunite! Joey Muthengi joins McDonald Mariga in Italy (Photos)

Joey Muthengi and McDonald Mariga have once again set tongues wagging after they were spotted together in Lazio, Italy where the footballer stays.

Mariga and Joey starred in Betin advertisement as husband and wife, since then there have been several rumors that the two are secretly dating.

Joey however dismissed the dating rumors in an interview on Radio Jambo in late November, she insisted her relationship with Mariga was only work based.

“I only said that Mariga is a cool guy, I didn’t say we were dating! I am not moving to Italy I’ll be back there for work. I’m not getting married, that has never been something I wanted to do. I’m not even dating. I don’t think it’s for everyone, even my mother knows,” said Joey Muthengi.


Joey has since flown to Italy to be with Mariga. The Kenyan footballer plays for Lazio based football club – Unione Sportiva Latina Calcio.

In her post on social media, Joey claimed that she had only bumped into Mariga in Lazio. Can you believe that?

“Omg, look who I ran into?! ?? This weather tho… Karibu Betin ?,” Joey Muthengi captioned a photo she posed with Mariga.

Joey Muthengi and McDonald Mariga in Lazio, Italy
Joey Muthengi and McDonald Mariga in Lazio, Italy



Exit Joey Muthengi enters Serah Ndanu Teshna… Photos of the new Citizen TV host

Joey Muthengi quit Citizen TV’s 10 Over 10 and Day Break shows after clashing with her bosses. She handed in her resignation after she was summoned for disciplinary action for endorsing Betin yet RMS has its own betting company – Shabiki.

Joey held her last show on November 9th alongside Willis Raburu, it was an emotional and fun night in equal measure as she said her goodbyes to her colleagues at the Royal Media Services and fans.

Citizen TV has found Joey’s replacement a month after she left the station, the the Dennis-Pritt road-based media house poached a presenter from K24.

Meet Serah Ndanu Teshna
Serah Ndanu Teshna
Serah Ndanu Teshna

Serah Ndanu Teshna has been hired to replace Joey Muthengi in the station’s morning show Day Break. She previously hosted K24 Alfajiri.

Teshna has years of experience having been on TV as an actress in local production since 2011, the 29-year-old also worked at KTN where she hosted Screen Therapy show.



Joey Muthengi: I’m not dating even my mother knows 

Joey Muthengi has addressed rumours surrounding her life with footballer McDonald Mariga yet again saying that people are just misquoting her.

Rumors of the two dating have been getting stronger to a point family members had to speak up and state that Mariga has a wedding soon and Joey should stop entertaining the side shows.

Speaking to Massawe Jappani on Radio Jambo, the former Citizen TV news anchor shared that she’s not moving to Italy as people have claimed.

”I only said that Mariga is a cool guy, I didn’t say we were dating! I am not moving to Italy I’ll be back there for work.


She added that she’s not even willing to get married and shot down reports that she’s in a relationship with a top designer.

“I’m not getting married, that has never been something I wanted to do. I’m not even dating. I don’t think it’s for everyone, even my mother knows,” she revealed. 


Meet the person who will replace Joey Muthengi after she ditched Citizen TV

Last week Joey Muthengi officially resigned at Citizen TV.

As Friday approaches, it seem Citizen TV is in a rush to find a replacement for the ever energetic, ratchet, Ezekiel-Mutua-angering 10 over 10 show that kids can’t imagine a Friday without.

Senior NTV anchor and associate producer Trevor Ombija, has just resigned from NTV and rumor has it he might be just the guy coming to take Joey’s spot.

Ombija is head to Royal Media after six years with NTV.

“Yes, it is true, I don’t know how it leaked and tomorrow is my last day at NTV. The media industry is changing and people change too. I have worked at NTV for over five years.” he told SDE. 

New Chapter

In the interview, Ombija didn’t really deny that he’s replacing Muthengi but said he’s excited about his new chapter.

“I would not want to use the word replace. You can never really replace anyone. Everyone brings their expertise and uniqueness,” said Ombija.

Ezekiel Mutua blasts Joey and 10 over 10 yet again as she hosts her last show on Citizen 

Kenyans have agreed with Ezekiel Mutua that Citizen TV show 10 over 10 is promoting immorality and misleading kids in Kenya.

Joey Muthengi was on Friday hosting her last show after resigning and Ezekiel Mutua wasn’t happy. He took to Facebook to complain about the show yet again.

“Joey says to the cheering fans as she signs off her last on 10/10 that she is going to the club after the show. She’s of course dressed the part. These are the role models for our youth. Is it any wonder we have such scary rate of teen pregnancies? 10/10 has promoted immorality among the youth in Kenya probably more than any other program in the country. I am told last night it was scatological obscenity paraded on a studio that is for all intents and purposes a club and a live discotheque. The youths are mobilized from the ghettos and entertained wildly the whole evening, cheering madly as they are being sexually turned on by irresponsible show hosts and artistes,” he said. 


Mutua has complained about the show severally saying that it should be banned because of it’s immorality. This time round Kenyans agreed with him fully saying the show has a bigger and wider impact and is destroying the youth.

“Where do they go and what do they do after the evening of sexual arousal? Your guess is as good as mine. Although this show comes after the watershed period (past 10pm), it’s dirty and putrid. And the kind of rot aired last night is inappropriate and irresponsible given that kids are on holiday and likely to be watching.

“The intention of this show is to sexually turn on the youth. It promotes immorality and the sole purpose for airing it is not to promote music or entertainment. No. It’s a tool for sexual perversion and wickedness. I wish the owners of the station could use the frequencies to promote real creativity within the bounds of ethics. They can defy decency and regulations all they want, but one day we shall have a country where media houses are not platforms for promoting perversion and sexual immorality to destroy our youth.” he said. 

Here’s the full post:

Willis Raburu sends lovely message to Joey Muthengi after she ditched him and Citizen TV 

Now that Joey Muthengi is no longer part of the Citizen TV team after she handed her resignation letter because of her deal with betting company Betin, the host is getting a lot of goodbye messages from her friends and workmates.

On Friday she hosted her last 10 over 10 show which was filled with emotions and hype as she bid Citizen TV good bye.

“Tonight I laughed, cried, danced…sometimes at the same damn time ? Thanks for tuning in to my final 10/10 show. Still hasn’t sunk in yet. So many emotions. Like who cries on national TV??… ???
Finally felt like I could give my natural hair a chance to shine tho (Had shaved my head bald a few weeks before I got my job at Citizen btw ? – fun fact)…talk about things coming full circle,” she said. 

Amazing spirit

Willis Raburu also took to social media to thank her and wish her all the best in her new journey. He penned a lovely letter on Instagram sharing how he enjoyed working with her.

“What a ride it has been. You inspire me with your passion and meticulous planning, your organization and your amazing spirit. Most people don’t even understand our chemistry or how hard it is to find in this industry. Outside of it you are my friend.

“Never judging, always protecting and simply put, you get me. Thanks for coping with the noise and for standing with me always in good times and bad (it’s been quite the year) . Listen, God’s got such amazing plan for your life you have no idea. No one can dim your shine. So @joeymuthengi shine on! Imma be here cheering you through it all. God bless you Young J! ???” he said.


Kwisha!!Joey Muthengi quits Citizen TV after falling in trouble over betting deal with Mariga 

Citizen TV host Joey Muthengi has handed in her resignation at Royal Media Services after landing in trouble over her betting endorsement.

The “Day Break’ and ‘10 over 10′ host handed in her resignation on Wednesday after she was summoned for disciplinary action for endorsing Betin yet RMS has its own betting company called Shabiki.

She gave them a four day notice and left the station according to sources.

The source further revealed that Citizen TV wanted to punish her for the actions since she’s seen as a brand ambassador of the station and all their products.

“The thinking was that she is a Citizen TV brand and should not be promoting a rival company,” said the source who spoke to Nairobinews.


Joey Muthengi has been the talk of town lately after landing the advert. Kenyans have also pressured her to date Mariga who she’s endorsing the betting site with.


What Joey Muthengi had to say after Kenyans asked her to start dating Mariga already

Some Kenyans believe Joey Muthengi’s perfect match has finally arrived and it’s time she makes a move before it’s too late.

That man is none other than footballer Mariga.

Kenyans have been pressuring the 10 over 10 star to make her move and tie him down but it seems she’s not into him. Or, she’s just pretending. Or maybe, Mariga is just too young for him–we know the kinda men Joey loves.

A fan posted on Facebook Group Kenya saying that the relationship can be lovely.

Lmao @ Kuchambua. Our relationship already fell apart. I’m sure this will be brutal,” said Joey Muthengi in a post on her Instagram page.


Joey said her relationship with Mariga was purely professional and it stops there.

“No. We are not dating. The Milan outing was a business trip with a betting company (the billboards are up in Nairobi). Mariga is a very good professional friend of mine and our trip to Italy was purely work,” said Joey Muthengi.


Joey Muthengi: Stop tarnishing my name. I don’t love old men, I work hard for my things 

Joey Muthengi of Citizen TV has come out to deny a list of things Kenyans have been accusing her lately.

The 10 over 10 host denied dating a governor as many speculated or that she loves old men. Ever since Muthengi opened up on TV about how she prefers dating older men, people have labeled her as a gold digger while others have connected most of her work to favours from these same old guys.

In a long instagram post, Muthengi explained that she has worked hard since her campus days and after returning to Kenya from the US.

Moral discipline

She also said that she has kissed a lot of ass for jobs and like many other ladies, men tried to take her to bed for some of these jobs but she declined. She has avoided shortcuts in her rise and that’s why she’s enjoying her success.

Here’s her full statement:

“Can we kill that other story now about my non-existent ‘old’ men? It was a bit I did for an entertainment TV segment. Never have I ever nor am I planning on ever dating a known or unknown Kenyan Politician or older man for profit.

“I have worked my ass off in this industry since 2009. I’ve been without a place to call my own, been rejected from job interviews cause I wasn’t dressed the correct way, borrowed money from my bro to go print and distribute my CV… yet everyone stayed silent b/c they didn’t know me, been told I wasn’t the right fit numerous times, been in a Ma3 with nothing but my last 50 Bob,(While I was on my 1st TV Show), hanging around Capital FM hoping they might need someone to voice their next ad…? being rejected for jobs time and time again. I’ve had male potential employers try to meet me at pubs rather than offices.

“Honey, I’ve seen it all. Despite the fact that I’d studied & excelled at Journalism (B.A) and interned at the Voice of America in Washington D.C, It all felt like it had all meant nothing at some point.

“But God’s Grace kept me pushing through. You can do your research and quote me on that. So I kept hustling…and many years later here I am ?. Still standing. I’d like to believe that every job I’ve ever gotten…I’ve gotten it on merit.  Clearly sarcasm doesn’t translate well on Social Media. So I apologize for my delivery but thank you for those who got it. ??. Love you ?.

“To the bloggers…Call me ? (Seriously, nobody has called me for a comment in years ?. Yet the articles keep coming…). Ya’ll know my number. I’m happy to give a comment. The tarnishing of my name is not fair. At all. I’m always happy to clear the air. Just ask ?. Jesus still loves you though..amidst all the chaos.

“So let me end this here. Don’t judge people ?. I’m blessed. And I’m forever grateful. I’m not dating a Governor. It was a joke that started on my show. I work as hard now as I did the day when I had nothing. That is all. Bless up ??.”


“He is a very good professional friend” Joey Muthengi explains trip to Italy with footballer McDonald Mariga 

Joey Muthengi has come out to dismiss claims that she is dating footballer McDonald Mariga. The two recently flew to Italy together sparking the dating rumor.

Mariga and Joey were recently unveiled as a brand ambassador for betting firm Betin. They were also featured as man and wife on Betin advertisement on TV.

Joey Muthengi and McDonald Mariga.
Joey Muthengi and McDonald Mariga.
Just a business trip

Joey Muthengi dismissed the dating rumor insisting that the trip to Milan, Italy with McDonald Mariga was just a business trip.

“No we are not dating. The Milan outing was a business trip. Mariga is a very good professional friend of mine and our trip to Italy was purely work,” said Joey Muthengi.

In a past interview Joey Muthengi also made it clear that she doesn’t date young men, she stated that she is a consumer of old men.

“As a consumer of older men there is just like stability in that, or reassurance that they know what they need out of life, have learnt the lessons that needed to be learnt. They are even able to share their knowledge. These young guys are only good in pictures,” Joey said.




Joey Muthengi comes up with an new idea about sex history after Kamene Goro confessed to sleeping with 27 men

Radio presenter Kamene Goro lost her virginity at the age of 19, but 7 years later after her cherry was popped she had slept with 27 men – an average of three men a year.

The 26-year-old confessed to sleeping with 27 men during a session on NRG with her co-host Andrew Kibe and their guest Prezzo.

“Let’s not judge me. My body counts stands at 27 as we speak,” said Kamene Goro.

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro’s confession was greeted by a strong negative reaction by a large number of people who thought the number of men she has slept with only rivals a prostitute.

Citizen TV host Joey Muthengi has since come out to defend Kamene Goro. The 10 Over 10 host says women are being persecuted by the society when they reveal their sex history while men are applauded for bedding more women.

“Women are judged more harshly in terms of your past and history. It speaks negatively upon us if we are truthful whereas men can get away with whatever crazy number they are working with,” said Joey Muthengi.

She proposed that the number of men a woman has slept with should be reset when it hits 25;

“There should be a reset after 25, you start the count,” she said.

Old men are sweet

Muthengi also caused a stir when she revealed that she was a consumer of old men in a past interview. She claimed that young men were only good in pictures.

“As a consumer of older men there is just like stability in that, or reassurance that they know what they need out of life, have learnt the lessons that needed to be learnt. They are even able to share their knowledge. These young guys are only good in pictures.”




Wazee Mko Wapi? Joey leaves Kenyans in stitches after trolling her ex-lovers

Citizen TV 10 over 10 host Joey Muthengi has left her fans in stitches after posting a photo of her snoozing that was quickly turned into meme.

The host then later took to Instagram to join the fun, giving the image a caption that left many laughing.

“How I pray for my exes. Jesus loves you regardless.” she posted. 

Old guys

The photo which was captured during her sister’s wedding last weekend left many laughing or questing about her exes. Remember, Joey was recently in the news after she confessing she only dates old guys.

“As a consumer of older men there is just like stability in that, or reassurance that they know what they need out of life, have learnt the lessons that needed to be learnt. They are even able to share their knowledge. These young guys are only good in pictures,” she said. 

She added: “ati we are hustling together we can’t both be on the same level. Someone needs to have made it. In fact most of the guys whom you build each other from scratch usually end up leaving the woman for someone else. That is what mostly happens in those types of situations.”

Which leaves us thinking, was this message directed to her past wazees? It must be.

Here’s what fans had to say:

Dreams come true! Singer Holy Dave becomes a lecturer and this is what he’s teaching now

He’s a singer, actor, pastor, host and now you can tick a lecturer too. Gospel singer Holly Dave wears many hats, but in all of those, he want to be a lecturer just as bad as he wanted to be a singer.

Taking to Instagram, the singer shared that he has landed his dream job thanks to Nazarene University where’s now teaching Entrepreneurship and Community Development.

“When I started pursuing my PhD a few years back I dreamt of the day I would step into a lecture room as a lecturer…see God. Thanks to my mentor Dr. Peter Kimuru aka @petero_mugash (standing next to me) today I made a debut at the Africa Nazarene University teaching the Entrepreneurship and Community Development course. Today’s topic was Marketing for Entrepreneurship. #TeacherDave #ImaniMovement,” said Dave on social media.

The artists announced in 2015 that he had enrolled for his Ph.D in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development at the University of Nairobi.

Citizen TV’s Joey Muthengi and bother Holy Dave mourning after losing their source of spiritual guidance

Citizen TV presenter Joey Muthengi and brother Holly Dave are mourning after losing their grandmother.

Both of them took to Instagram to share emotional posts and pay tribute. She was 108 years old.

#RestInParadise Grandma, thanks for teaching me the ways of the Lord, for loving me, for believing that I could be something extraordinary. Thanks for being the wisest person I ever knew, for mothering a clan of wonderful people. Go with God. Rest now dear susu. We love you #RIPAnna #SusuMbesa#MbaaMuthengi,” she said in her post.

Her brother, Holly Dave, posted a similar post, saying how his grandma lived her life to the fullest.

“Celebrating the life of the woman who raised the man who raised me. Born in 1910 (108 years old), it’s safe to say you lived a full life! You taught dad and the ruthless focus that he passed down to us. See you in heaven Anna Mbuu, aka Susu Mbesa, the Muthengi Family matriarch,” He posted. 

Joey with her grandmother Anna


Citizen TV’s Joey Muthengi calls out Jalango’s baby mama weeks after Njambi Koikai lashed out at her

Jalango’s baby mama Cheptoek Boyo has once again stepped on the toes of another celeb. Citizen TV’s Joey Muthengi was one pissed off lady thanks to Boyo’s insinuation.

Cheptoek Boyo sensationally claimed Joey Muthengi  had quit her show on Citizen TV in her article on SDE. Jalas’ baby mama even quoted the Joey saying that she was finally ready to move on to the next thing and that she wanted to venture into reporting other news segments.

A furious Joey Muthengi called out Boyo for spreading lies about her. The Citizen TV presenter asserts that she had at no time met for an interview with Boyo.

Joey Muthengi

“Fake news. Fake statements. I have not spoken with any reporter or blogger named Cheptoek regarding anything. So apparently people can just make up quotes these days for clicks. Smdh,” Joey Muthengi tweeted.

Déjà vu

It’s not the first time Cheptoek Boyo is making up stories, she has been exposed before. Njambi Koikai lashed out at Boyo for misinforming the public about her situation.

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Cheptoek Boyo




10 over 10 host Joey Muthengi quits show

Joey Muthengi will no longer host the popular 10 over 10 show that airs on Citizen TV. She recently made the announcement on her social media pages that she has quit, saying that it was time for her to grow.

“I feel like it’s time I grew into the more serious segments of news anchoring, besides, I’m loving it,” said the popular hosts who works along side Willis Raburu.

Looking for a serous image?

At 32, Muthengi, it seems, is moving to a more serious image after she started anchoring the One O’clock news on Citizen TV. She might become a full time anchor and join the likes of Lilian Muli and Janet Mbugua who dominated the field.

10 over 10 has also been marred by some negative controversies with moral cop Ezekiel Mutua always attacking the program for indecency another reason why the host might have left the program.