Why Kenyan women cheat on good men

Can Kenyan women be faithful to their men? Not if those men are good men. The thing about Kenyan women is that they craved excitement and the unfortunate truth about good men if they cannot offer this as what they offer is the banality of consistency.  It’s mainly down to the fact these women were not raised in families with stable fathers.


Think about it whenever a woman is dating a guy and the guy is toxic or a “bad boy” Kenyan women have no problem staying faithful to such guys. How many stories have we heard about women taking care of men who don’t have a dime to their name? Men who for all intents and purposes are walking venomous pits?


It’s actually pretty scientific too that women are wired to go after such men and when it comes to third-world shitholes like Kenya that instinct is an overdrive.


It’s internationally accepted that nice men finish last but in Kenya that rings loudly. How many stories have we heard of men who educate their wives only for their wives to turn around and tell them that those men are no longer of their calibre? Kenyan women are notorious for doing even better things such as eating a guy’s money when they ask him for fair but when the bad boy calls they are more than willing to track all the way from Rongai to Kayole.


Aside from nice guys being boring there is the argument women make that they don’t “understand them”. What that simply means is they don’t know to give women the highs and lows of emotional turbulence.


But worry not, because soon enough once these women are done running around and chasing after the bad boys, the makangas and the gangsters, they’ll start looking for the same nice guys that day wouldn’t deign to even sneer at. And that is why we hear a lot of reports of an epidemic of single motherhood in Kenya.


And the cycle will continue because ultimately in Kenya there is a large population of little girls who are raised by single mothers who are now in the dating pool these women have not learnt what it means to be around a good man as either their fathers were the same bad boys or their fathers were absent.

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Why Kenyan women are so upset pastor created a list of qualities he expects from future wife

Kenyan women are quite the trip especially in contrast to a list shared by a prophet and pastor who shared his on social media. You will find celebrities who gladly share an unsolicited laundry list of qualities they want from the man who will woo them and eventually make an honest woman of them. And whenever the often obese celebrities share their lofty list of demands, they are met with a chorus of cheers from other women who believe women deserve the best simply for existing and being.

Unmasking Maverick Aoko: the bane of Kenyan women

Yet, a pastor and prophet declaring what he wants in terms of qualities partner seem to have irked many with Edgar Obare even being asked to share what many Kenyan women termed as “folly” yet he is simply stating what to him is acceptable.

Kenyan women up in arms against this pastor
Kenyan women up in arms against this pastor

I’m Looking For A Proverbs 31 Wife Who Must Meet This Criteria. ‘4;
1. The Woman Must Be Christ-centred
2. Absolutely Gorgeous
3. Can Sing
4. Light Skin With A Stunning Smile
5. Between Ages 22-27
6. Absolutely No Kids
7. Loves Jesus More Than Anything Else
8. Can Cook And Is Tidy
9. An Intercessor
10. Is Between 5ft – 5’4ft
11. Never Been Married Before
12. Submitted And A Great Listener
13. Hospitable & Loves Jesus Christ More Than Me.

If That Is You Submit Your Application For Review And Someone Will Revert At Earliest Convenience.
Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways. Job 22:28

The thing to think about is why women, especially Kenyan women have an issue with men who are setting standards for their personal lives. No one butts an eyelid when fat Kenyan women insists on having a fit man as her partner like Lizzo has done. No one complains when a broke woman dreams of the man of her dreams pulling her right out of poverty but when a man says he has standards for his life partner, Kenyan women lose their minds.

Joe Muchiri’s brilliant satirical tweet exposes Kenyan women’s greed

This is a level of hypocrisy that would be nearly impossible to comprehend if I had no understanding nor awareness of the existence of Kenyan women. It is literally a case of:

“Rules for thee but none for me.”

You see, the pastor in question is a chubby man who is not particularly tall but he is setting his goals for the future. He is in a position of leadership that puts him under immense scrutiny and will do so equally if not worse for his woman. She will constantly be compared with an almost unrealistic standard of beauty and virtue by the women of his flock more than by the men who seldom even bother to slut shame women (seriously, this is almost entirely the preserve of women). So Kenyan women need to give this some thought.

Jalango’s philanthropy proves Kenyan women love money over everything

The thing about all this hullabaloo is that for the women who either do not meet his requirements or do not find him up to theirs, moving on and ignoring his demands is a simpler and more logical approach to this nonsense. But then again we are speaking about Kenyan women…

Why Aunty Boss’ Silprosa is so popular with Kenyan women

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Why Kenyan women are posting more thirst traps on Instagram

I don’t know about you but when I go down my Instagram (from henceforth referred to as IG) timeline, I come across a lot of thirst traps from Kenyan celebs and normal Kenyan women aswell.
And if it isn’t going down on their own IG accounts, then it does when they go live with either Xtiandela or Vera Sidika.


So why have we been seeing this of late? The answer is pretty simple really. With the self-quarantine, Kenyans aren’t interacting with each other. That means Kenyan women who are accustomed to being hit on and validated on these Kenyan streets are no longer getting hit on.

zari flaunts her thirst trap results
And the proof of the fact is in all the memes being created poking fun at the sexual frustrations men have.


So what is Caro to do? What are Fei and Nyambura to do? Rather than accept the lack of validation, they have simply adapted and begun seeking attention online. And it is a rather smart way to do it. All you need are bundles and away you go, participating in twerk contests and getting realtime thirsty simps to harp on about how sexy you are. That is why Zari undertook her pillow challenge and why Vera has begun thirst baiting, promising to twerk on her IG live if she gets to her Mpesa donation mark.

zari thirst trap

Indeed, Kenyan female celebrities are at the forefront of this new thottery. And as they do so, they are extra careful to ensure they share the stats of their IG live interactions and engagements. The simps are sated as are Kenyan women.



On this one, however, I guess it simply is a case of life adapting to the digital landscape. Just because Kenyan women cannot be validated in the streets doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be validated virtually. Then again, this is the same lass who will announce to the world two weeks after her life is back to normal with an end being called to self-quarantine, that she is more than her body…



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Ciku Muiruri begs women to take advantage of thirsty bosses  

Former radio presenter Ciru Muiruri is urging women to ask for more money in offices when dealing with bosses who want a piece of them.

The controversial host took Facebook to claim that sexual harassment at work settings was very rampant, with women being the biggest victims.

“Your wife, daughter, sister or niece is currently being asked for sexual favours in the workplace. Personally, I do not know a woman who has never been subjected to this,” she started.


She went on to add that if the boss is all over you demanding sex, then you need to give him a figure that will chase him away.

“Never say no, just quote high… He will never afford you. And if he does, take his money and run for the hills. Who says you have to sleep with him?” she went on. 

MP leaves Kenyan women thirsty and begging for more after sharing weight loss transformation photos

Mvita MP Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir has shared before and after pictures of himself that has left his followers in awe.

It all started after the MP wanted to Skydive while holidaying in Dubai in 2014 but got rejected in each and every venue because of his weight. Most parachutes are made to hold up to 120kg for men but he was 10 Kgs past the limit.

“They said, ‘You are overweight. You won’t defy gravity and the parachute won’t hold you’,” he recalls.

From this encounter, the MP vowed to work out and get his sexy back, managing to cut from 130Kgs to 84Kgs. Now he’s ranges around that weight and he has always encouraged people to live a healthy lifestyle.

Abdulswamad now has a hot body, and, as expected, Kenyan women are swarming trying to get his number. On social media, women have been openly confessing their lust over the 45-year-old married politician.

During his free time, Abdulswamad undertakes a lot of charity work. Through, the Sharrif Nassir foundation, a non-profitable organization, Abdulswamad supports the needy members of the society.

He is one of the most influential and richest men in the coast region. He also does shipping and logistics businesses. Besides that Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Radio Rahma.



“I’m scared of opening his messages” Vera exposes super-thirsty ‘Fisi’ always in her DM

Socialite Vera Sidika has many men…and maybe women too, willing to do whatsoever just to land a date with her and maybe enjoy her goodies like singer Otile Brown once did.

The socialite, we now, gets hundreds of messages on Instagram from thirsty fans who try to get her for a date.

There is however this one fan that has been on Vera’s case for so long that the socialite confessed she’s now afraid of opening his messages because of their content.

Naughty messages

On Instagram, the socialite exposed the Team Mafasi Member sending her thirsty messages almost weekly in a series of screenshots and they are a true definition of thirst.

The fan has been telling Vera how he wants to bed her because everything about her turns hims on.

Here’s the screenshot Vera posted:


Broke Rongai Slayqueen detained whole day by pub for huge bill after boyfriend went ‘Mteja’

A Nairobi lady was recently detained for a whole day at a popular club in Rongai after failing to raise Ksh 3,500 to clear her bill.

The collage student who goes by the name Annette was held at Ladida Lounge after he boyfriend failed to come at the pub as she had promised.

“It is true, I took the drinks, my boyfriend initially asked me to come here saying he would join me later. He never showed up and has since switched off his phone,” she said. 

The young lady also said that she tried reaching her mum for the cash but she was broke.

“I drank whiskey. Now I am stranded I have called my mum and she says she doesn’t have money to pay this bill. I do not know what to do.” she said. 

Police case

The club manager said that the lady will have to pay for the bill in one way or another. If not, they’ll have to call the police to settle the issue.

“She will have to pay the bill or we will call the police. If she is not in a position to pay, then we will also question the waiter who sold her the drinks,” said the manager. 


Fool! Woman who called Radio Jambo and confessed killing husband’s side chick arrested 

Police have managed to track down and arrest a city woman who confessed live on air of how she killed her husband’s mpango was kando.

The woman called Gidi and Ghost of radio Jambo and went on to confess of how she managed to kill the lady in a hotel room after learning she was in a secret affair with her husband.

“10 yrs in my Radio Career, this is the most chilling call that I have ever recieved ?…#CrimeOfPassion #GidiNaGhostAsubuhi,” said Gidi. 

Police have managed to track down the lady who goes by the name Linda Namukuchu Urandu who was arrested in Kasarani estate in Nairobi on Thursday, November 8.

She confessed of the crime on October 6. The crime was committed six years ago.


Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti spoke of her arrest on Citizen TV saying they have been searching for her since then.

Urandu confessed on radio that she paid a male friend and a bunch of workers at a lodging to facilitate her plan.

“One day I told my male friend to take the lady to a lodging I had already paid for. The woman was very drunk so I told the man to leave the room and allow me to go in. I paid the receptionist a handsome amount to keep her mouth shut and disable the CCTV cameras,” she said. 

Listen to the recording below of her confessing.


Kenyan women flaunt their deep cleavages on Facebook after man promises to give 20k to the best(photos)

There was excitement on Facebook recently after a man going by the name Zack Opondo had a promise that Kenyan women found irresistible.

Opondo made a buzz while trying to create cancer awareness by promising to pay Ksh 20,000 cash to any lady who will get the most likes after posting her cleavage.


Photos and likes started pouring after Phenny Awiti, an HIV Activist whose photo took the lead.

She was followed by Judy Oginga and a lady called Nyar Adongo.  Though most of the posts were done in lu0, Kenyans ladies flocked to compete for the 20k while men were the judges. Push up bras, Opondo stated, were not allowed and ladies had to be in a normal bra when posting the photo.

Lydia Oginga also got many likes. She complained after not winning the cash

Pheny Awiti won the competition but many claimed it was clearly rigged since– her cleavage wasn’t that distracting.  Awiti is also the same lady that won Akothee’s single mother’s challenge another thing that raised eyebrows.


Gold diggers to bite the dust after court declares no 50-50 wealth share after divorce 

Lazy Kenyan women who have always used marriages as away to enrich themselves are now in trouble after The High Court of Kenya on Monday, May 14, threw out a petition seeking to have spouses share matrimonial property on a 50/50 basis in the event of a divorce.

Only what a spouse has contributed to the marriage – be it the wife or the husband – will walk away with upon divorce after the High Court ruling.

Gold diggers nightmare

Women have been accused of using men for personal gains whereby they marry them and later divorce them, walking away with half their property.

“The beneficial share of each spouse as the law on the division of matrimonial property stands in Kenya ultimately depends on the parties’ proven respective proportions of the financial contributions either direct or indirect towards the acquisition of the property,” said judge Justice John Mativo. 

The Federation of Women lawyer (Fida) is not happy with the ruling and has promised to challenge it calling it unfair discrimination against women.

“Many times a spouse who is not contributing financially is normally the spouse who is contributing indirectly in form of taking care of children, estates, properties and love.” said John Chigiti.  

Discussion: Kenyan women can’t just stay silent after giving a man a few shillings 

Can you support your man financial? That was a wild topic on Twitter yesterday after a woman called  during his show to confess how she has supported her man and even gives her money now and them.

The caller initiated a flurry of calls from women who some confessed that they do give their spouse some money, ignoring that they should be the bread winners of the house.

Even after the show ended, the discussion continued on social media as many tried to justify why it shouldn’t happen — or should — whenever two people are in a relationship. Many women argued that a man should be independent financial and never ask any financial support from his woman unless it’s very necessary, while others insisted that you should help your man because he also helps you.


Some many also claimed that women can never shut their mouths once they assist their man and always tell it to whoever’s ready to listen.

“I can’t help a man financially, I will tell him to go get a job, even for mjengo,” said Purity.

Another one said “If it were not for me bwanangu hangekuwa popote saa hii. Mimi namsaidia kila siku Everyday I wake up in the morning namwmbea, Mamabo yote namshugulikia, ile siku nitawacha itakuwa mwisho wake.”

Some men also didn’t want to be helped by their women and would rather suffer before they ask for money from her.

Listen to the full conversation HERE